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Abuja Textile Merchant, Honey Bee stages classy Wedding bash for daughter in Ilesa | Drags ex-Defense Chief, Ebenezer Obey, Others to Iwaraja | + The Untold story of her heritage (Part 1)

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The groom, Beejay giving a special ring to his bride, Tope after the traditional wedding

How do you describe the luck of being called “Esther” and having your wedding bash on a weekend leading to “Easter” celebration? That was the lot of the Jegede family of Oke-Ana Quarters, Iwaraja, Ilesa- Osun state, South West Nigeria as one of their illustrious daughters, Princess Bunmi Jegede, Chief Executive Officer of Abuja based textile company, Honey Bee Textiles staged a classy wedding bash for her daughter, Princess Temitope Esther Jegede who married her fiancĂ©, Engineer Mobolaji Jolayemi aka Beejay in a classy three-in-one event penultimate Saturday April 4th

It was the first Saturday of the month of April and dignitaries from all walks of life found the pleasure to join the Jegedes in ushering their precious daughter Esther Temitope, an Abuja based fashion designer into wedlock. It was going to be a memorable occasion as visitors to Iwaraja later found out in the course of the one day ceremony which bellied the traditional marriage, white wedding and after-event party in few hours.
'Here comes the bride' as family finally releases Tope after a hectic wait by the groom
Beejay & his men ready to go down low to claim Tope
For starters, the day opened up with a great celebration as traditional drummers welcomed the groom’s family to the bride’s place inside the Bride’s mother, Princess Bunmi Jegede’s Court, Iwaraja, where they came to pay the bride price and observed every other customary activity heralding the union. The next stage was the white wedding which took place inside the church which is directly flanking Princess Bunmi Jegede’s Court. The story of the church is unique; it was built in honor of the Jegede’s Patriarch, the late Reverend Samuel Ojo Jegede who passed away couple of years back at the age of 80. It is an Anglican Church and very eminent Nigerians including former Defense Chief, Oluseyi Petinrin were in attendance. The last stage was at Upper Spring Event Center where the reception took place. The place belongs to bride’s aunt, Princess Omolara Adelekan wife of Dr. Iyiola Adelekan, the MD/CEO of Macmillan Books, Lagos. Your soar away Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika was specially invited by the Jegedes to Iwaraja to capture moments of the event.  Here we bring you behind-the-scene tales that you will never read anywhere from Oke-Ana, Iwaraja, Ilesa, Osun state. Enjoy the excerpts  
And the groom take away his bride for a new life
The GDA speaks to Dr. Kayode Timothy Jegede
Welcome to Iwaraja
Iwaraja is a small town which has its southern border to Akure in Ondo state and its western Border to Iloko-ijesa the historic town of late banker turned traditional ruler, HRM Oba (Dr.) Oladele Olashore who died on May 2nd 2012. The late Oba Oladele Olashore is the founder of the prestigious Olashore International school which is the most prominent educational institution in Iloko. The town is 5 kilometer away from Ilesa town with farming and general business as the main source of livelihood. The people of Iwaraja are very accommodating and assiduous. Beautiful sites like smoking hills and mountains with green vegetations adorn major parts of Iwaraja which rates the town as a tourist attraction area in its own right. One of the modern monuments in Iwaraja is the 2000 sitting capacity state-of-the-art air conditioned Upper Spring Events Center built by the younger sister of the Honey Bee Textile boss, Princess Bunmi Jegede, Princess Omolara Adelekan two years ago.
'I have seen the light' Beejay seems to b saying as he adjust his dark shade for the second time'
Bride Tope Jegede receives massive prayers from parents as she moves to matrimonial space
A trip to Honey Bee’s Court
Not many people are aware of the fact that the Abuja based woman of valor Princess Bunmi Jegede aka Honey Bee has a well-furnished state-of-the-art country home situated inside her Oke-Ana quarters, Iwaraja-Ilesa Osun state place of birth until the occasion of her daughter’s wedding calls for it on Saturday April 4 2015. Honey Bee arrived Iwaraja on Thursday April 2nd from her Abuja abode in company of personal aides and domestic staff and started receiving guests from all walks of life on Friday 3rd of April who came to greet her for the all important occasion. The house which is a 5 bed room (All room en-suite) brown colored edifice with an eye pooping flowery exterior has its interior laced with modern furniture directly imported from Italy inside the living room with other extra-ordinary apparel of comfort which makes the house look more like her Asokoro, Abuja mansion. Some local women were sighted cooking in the compound as every guest who made a visit to Honey Bee’s Court had a meal of Pounded Yam and vegetable soup with assorted meat and Fish for welcome.
Bride receives blessings from her In-laws, the Jolayemis
Bride with Cousins Olakunle & Olawale Tonade
About Honey Bee’s family Church
Another story which prop up during our journey to Iwaraja was the story of how prominent the Jegede family are in this town. To show how powerful their father, a prominent clergy is, a church is built to his name adjacent Honey Bee’s court. The church named after the Jegede’s patriarch late Pa Reverend Samuel Ojo Jegede is famously known as “Rev. S.O Jegede Memorial Anglican Church”. The Church was said to have been built in 2008 few years after the demise of the famous clergy man who was said to have won several souls for Christ during his life time. Asabeafrika learnt from a local source that the late Jegede patriarch had instructed his children through his WILL, to build a church to his name after his demise as that was the only dream he couldn’t fulfill in his lifetime. He left behind 8 children (3 men, 5 ladies) with a widow, Lady Evangelist Juliana Jegede.
Tolulope, second daughter of Dr. Kayode Timothy Jegede reading the letter of intention from groom's family
Beejay appeciates the drums men with monetary gifts
Meet Honey Bee’s siblings
They can be described as the pillars of the Jegede dynasty of Iwaraja. They were the ones who supported their elder sister, Princess Bunmi Jegede aka Honey Bee and their elder brother, Prince Segun Jegede who is the father of the bride to achieve the objective of the day. They are Princess Omolara Adelekan, CEO Larry Heights Fashion and Accessories and founder of Upper Springs Events Center, Oke-Ana. Princess Omolara is married to Dr. Iyiola Adelekan, MD/CEO of Macmillan Books Ltd. Mrs. Dayo Akinbobola is another of Honey Bee’s sister who equally played a big role at the event and the last of the Jegede sisters is Mrs. Bosede Tonade who equally stood through the event. Others are her cousins; Gbenga Olusesi married to a banker, Bosede Olusesi, his sibling Dele and Biodun Olusesi who all stood like pillars to make the event successful. The Jegedes and Olusesis are brothers and sisters and are united for one cause; to make Tope and Mobolaji’s day a huge success.
Abuja Big Girl, Princess Jane Nwabuzuba
Beejay set to carry out all details before his in-laws
How Abuja big girl, Mary Eyo Ita stood by Honey Bee
She was one of the first guests to arrive Oke-Ana at Iwaraja, Ilesa for the Honey Bee’s daughter’s wedding. Her name is Mrs. Mary EyoIta. This beautiful Edo State, South-South Nigeria born physician and fitness expert has come a long way with the bride’s mother and she truly showed it that very day. The American trained fitness expert is the MD/CEO of M&E Synergy Ltd, Abuja. She stood with Honey Bee at the Honey Bee’s Court to look after high profile guests who kept trooping in from Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country. She really played the role of an assistant chief host as she made the challenge lesser for Princess Bunmi Jegede who already had much on her sleeve concerning the event.
Asabeafrika's Gbenga Dan Asabe with Princess Bunmi Jegede's only son, Prince Oluseyi Ajayi
Bride, Tope in a glance of love from behind the curtains
All Hotels in Iloko & Iwaraja closed down for Honey Bee
Major hotels in Iwaraja were booked as a result of the event which drew guests from all walks of life for both the Jolayemi and Jegede family. One of the most expensive hotels, Angels Apartment along Iloko-Ilesa road with over forty rooms was booked down by Princess Bunmi Jegede who lodged her guests there. Other lesser hotels in town also received business boost as Princess Jegede’s guests from Lagos and Abuja arrived town for the traditional wedding which was to take place in the early hours of Saturday April 4th. Another town which witnessed boom in terms of Hotel business is Iloko, the royal town with the best educational facility, Olashore International School. Major Hotels in Iloko were also booked on the night of Friday April 3rd.
Bride with in-laws, Chief Adedayo and Mrs. Olarike Jolayemi
Beejay & his men goes pustrating before his in-laws in order to claim his bride
Hotel where Commander Ebenezer Obey slept
Many who stormed Iwaraja on Good Friday 3rd of April were surprised to see the equipment van of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey the Chief Entertainer for the event inside the premises of Upper Spring Events Center but none could say if the veteran musician who clocked 73 on that same day was around in town. However, impeccable sources squealed to this blog that Princess Bunmi Jegede already booked a diplomatic suite for the Juju Music icon turned Evangelist at Royal Park International Hotel, Iloko. The hotel is owned by the late Oniloko of Iloko-Ijesha Oba Oladele Olashore who is also the founder of the Olashore International School. The room which cost a hefty sum of amount was empty until the next day when the septuagenarian Juju Music King arrived from Lagos. He only rested there after his performance on 4th and left in the early hours of 5th.
'Am i seeing her correctly, is she coming now' Beejay seems to be asking as he adjust his expensive sunshade
Beejay arriving his in-laws place with majestic dancing steps
Meet Honey Bee’s Kitchen Cabinet members
They are the ones who made all arrangement simple and straight for the busy Abuja business woman. Apart from Mrs. Mary Eyoita the fitness expert who assisted Honey Bee at home, others who made her schedule less challenging are her Abuja based driver of many years Mr. Oluropo Ogunleye aka Baba Ijesa who knew all nooks and crannies of Ijesa land and Iwaraja town in particular. Baba Ijesa made sure all Honey Bees’ guests were driven to the best hotels to sleep as they arrived town in the evening of Friday 3rd. Another person in the Honey Bee inner caucus is Mr. Israel Afeare, an Edo State Southern Nigerian born smart man. He is Madam’s private secretary who equally made sure thing went out well during the event. Mr. Afeare who used to work with Senator Daisy Danjuma worked hand in hand with Baba Ijesa. Lady Evangelist Kemi Odeyemi from Isapaye-Odeyemi Compound of Ilesa is one of Honey Bee’s trusted allies at Iwaraja. This beautiful and unassuming woman of God helped Honey Bee in fixing her guests in reputable hotels in town.  She equally worked with Honey Bee’s Abuja staff to handle the logistic aspect of the event.
A flowery interior of Princess Bunmi Jegede's Iwaraja country home
'I surrender my love to you darling' Tope seems to say as she crash her beautiful head on Beejay's heart
Meet the Couple
Mobolaji and Temitope met through Tosin, Temitope’s sister, couple of years back. Although Tope studied chemistry at the University of Abuja, Northern Nigeria but Mobolaji Jolayemi famously called Beejay studied Engineering at the University of Maryland, USA.  He is the third son of Chief and Mrs. Adedayo and Olarike Jolaymi from Ila-Orangun, Osun state. The very handsome, Ila-Oragun, Osun state born Civil Engineer fell in love with the Jegde girl after they met couple of years back in Abuja.  Although a man of very few words, Mobolaji who was all smiles during the event said he met his wife in a “Very Holy Way” when Asabeafrika accosted him for a chat. He equally described her as a “Very Loving Soul”. Tope is the first daughter of Princess Bunmi Jegede’s elder brother, Prince Segun Jegede. The Honey Bee boss adopted her right from baby when she lost her mother and raised her from childhood to adulthood. Tope a very brilliant lady who is into fashion and style business in Abuja grew to know Honey Bee as her mother.
The new couple cut their wedding cake
Beejay speaks to the GDA
Why Governor Mimiko’s aide slept at Honey Bee’s court
Barrister Toyin Aladegbemi a Senior Special Adviser to Ondo state Governor Dr. Rahaman Segun Mimiko was one of the special guests who stormed Iwaraja on the night of Friday April 3rd. By the time she arrived, it was already late as the Bride’s mother, Princess Bunmi Jegede aka Honey Bee was already on bed and had to jump off her bed to welcome the very important guest. But unfortunately for the young barrister, all hotels in town were already booked and she had no other option than to pass the night at Honey Bee’s Court. Although sources told Asabeafrika that a standard suite was already made available for her at Royal Park Hotel, Iloko Ijesa but the security situation at that hour of the night was not guaranteed hence it was agreed she should pass the night at Honey Bee’s Court and leave for her hotel the next day to change.
The traditional marriage
If there was one thing the Jolayemi/Jegede wedding did to the psyche of eminent Nigerians who stormed the event, it is the knowledge of how to package a three-in-one wedding event in a most accurate and unique way without wasting funds. The traditional marriage which was to start at 8 am of Saturday April 4 didn’t start until 9:15 am when the Alaga Iduros arrived with a set of native talking drummers who beat their drums into the Honey Bee’s Court where the event took place. The Alaga Iduro segment was handled by popular Ilesa born event planner, Mrs. Deborah Alajo of Joy Sweet Praise Events and Decoration. The three ladies on the train really made the event thick as bride’s family comprising the Matriarch of the Jegede family Lady Evangelist Juliana Jegede, Engineer Segun Jegede, Dr. Kayode Jegede Timothy, Princess Bunmi Jegede, Princess Omolara Adelekan, Mrs. Dayo Akinbobola and Mrs. Bose Tonade waited for groom’s family to come for the bride.
Bride in blast of expression with siblings & Cousins
The bride, Temitope Esther Jegede who was already awake as earlier as 7 am of 4th April was serenaded with the presence of her siblings and cousins alike as they took pictures with her inside the living room of Honey Bee’s Court and equally threw banters with their sister who was signing off from spinsterhood. They are Tosin Jegede, Tomi Adekunle, Yinka Jegede, Joke Adeyemi, Olakunle Tonade, Jide Jegede and Wale Tonade.
Ex-NTA Director, Moji Makanjuola
Celebrities who stormed the traditional marriage
They arrived the Honey Bee’s Court as early as 9am from their different hotel suites in Iloko and Iwaraja looking regale for the event. Some of the top celebrities who stormed the traditional marriage ceremony of Tope and Mobolaji are former NTA Abuja big girl, Moji Makanjuola. Moji Makanjuola was one of the early callers at the Honey Bee’s Court as she took her seat on the bride’s family side and left for Kogi state almost immediately after the event. Another important guests at the event is Abuja big boy and textile merchant Barrister Demola Oluwayemi MD/CEO of Beautiful Fabrics Ltd, although he came an hour into the event but he was able to make it. Princess Adejoke Momoh, daughter of the Onikare of Ikare land in Ondo state, Oba Akadiri Momoh was also at the event. She is the MD/CEO of Unique House of Beauty, Lagos. Mrs. Funmi Babajide, MD/CEO Sulab Hair Care, Ibadan, Oyo state equally made it to the event with some of her close friends. Others are Mrs. Mary Eyoita and some other top ladies from Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country who came to celebrate with Honey Bee.
Here Comes the Ila-Orangun In-laws
It was grooms’ parent who first arrived at 10:45am, Chief Adedayo Jolayemi the father of the groom in company of his beautiful wife, Madam Olarike Jolayemi with members of their family from the Ile-Oba Nla, Ila-Oragun, Osun state arrived the venue with pomp and celebration as they danced to the rhythm of the traditional drummers and equally showed their happiness with the dropping of wads of Naira notes in a basin put across by the Alaga Iduros. It was a joyful moment as the grooms’ family who also came with lots of goods like tuber of Yams, fruits and other articles of expression stormed the venue of the traditional marriage. Chief Jolayemi and his family later gave a traditional salutation to the Jegedes as they waited for their son’s arrival.
Bride's aunties Mrs. Dayo Akinbobola with Princess Omolara Adelekan
Groom with Dad & Mum, Chief Adedayo Jolayemi & wife Madam Olarike Jolayemi
Personalysis of the Groom!
Decked in a traditional wine colored Aso-Oke attire with his groom’s men which comprised of Lagos big boy Abiodun Ajayi who works with Lagos State Government and others, Mobolaji Jolayemi aka Beejay danced to the rhythm of the talking drummers and equally dashed off some wads of brand new Hundred Naira notes to the drummers. His arrival elicited a kind of revival from the Alaga Iduros as they demanded for all sorts of levies from him for keeping the bride’s family waiting for so long. He later surprised them when he started spending only the American Dollar notes to the surprised of his in-laws to be. He was asked to go take his seat before a “letter of expression of intention to marry Tope” was read from the groom’s family by Tolulope Jegede, Second daughter of Dr. Kayode Timothy Jegede, Honey Bee’s younger brother. It was after the letter that Beejay was asked to come forward with his men to do the necessary actions of prostrating and salutation in company of his groom’s men as a sign of showing how determined he is to marry Tope Jegde. However, the man, Beejay is a man of few words, great temperament and intuitive intelligence. He displayed this with his dancing steps, his generosity to the traditional talking drummers, his jovial expression to the Alaga-Iduros and his dollarization of the entire occasion. He was such a vey stylish and jovial groom. Though very shy, when Asabeafrika met him for an interview his voice quacked but he managed to say little and by the time his idiosyncrasy manifested, his beautiful and more relaxed wife was on hand to grab and modify his temperament. His is such a man of many part and many great temperament. If Beejay were to be in the army, he would have turn out to be either a TY Danjuma or Olusegun Obasanjo. s
Groom with in-laws after the traditional marriage
Here Comes the Action Man; Beejay ordering his men to comply with his flow
The Ring of Love from Beejay to Tope
The bride who was ushered out at exactly 9:50am was quickly led to the groom who has done all the necessary traditional exercise to show his seriousness and affection for Tope. She was handed over to him after the veil covering her face has been removed. It was an interesting moment as Beejay stood to the glare of in-laws, friends, family and well-wishers to give out a very unique gold ring to Tope showing a mark of his love for her. The event was sealed with prayers from both families as they blessed the couple with a wish for wedlock. They later cut their traditional wedding cake.
Beejay, a generous fellow dashes the drum's man wads of Nigerian Naira Currency for his creative rhythms
Daughter, Princess Tope Jegede gives Mum, Princess Bunmi Jegede an affectionate look of appreciation on her wedding day
The traditional wedding cake is mysterious!
Those who crafted the traditional wedding cake must have done a lot of work as the creativity that went into the cake was humongous. The cake which was designed with different kind of fruits like Banana, Water melon, guava, oranges, apple and several other fruits was very symbolic to the prayer that comes with the marriage which is a prayer of fruitfulness and multiplication. The upper side of the cake was inserted inside a lower side which is a basket. On the lower side of the cake was the name of the couple boldly written “Together For-Ever”; Temitope and Bolaji”
Bride with sister, Tosin Jegede who introduced her to Beejay
Bride's Sisters, Tosin, Tomi & Yinka serenade Tope with great expression on Wedding Day
Bride’s family speaks with Asabeafrika
Tope is an invaluable cousin---Oluseyi Ajayi
Mr. Oluseyi Ajayi, a Federal Government Contractor and APC chieftain is the only child and scion of Princess Bunmi Jegde’s dynasty. He attended the vent from his Abuja base. He expressed his love and passion for Tope and how he felt about her marriage to Mobolaji “My cousin happens to be one of the lovely cousins I ever had. She is so caring, so loving and I will say ‘I love her so much’. But when you have a grown up girl that have stayed with you for like twenty years you will discover that the affection is strong. She understands me so much and I understand her so much. In letting her go today, it is like a minus to my life. I just have to say it my brother. It is like a part of me is going but my consolation is that she is going for good. Everything that happened today is for the best of our family because we are adding another family (The Jolayemis) to ours and I really appreciate God for that”. “The most important thing about marriage is that the husband should be patience. Yoruba has an adage which says “Suru la’a fin soko Obinrin”. We need to be patient with our women because they are our mothers and they know more than us in some instances of life. Her husband should be calm with her; Tope is industrious because she is well trained. I love Temitope Jegede and everybody around her loves her too”.
The Groom receives massive prayers from his in-laws as he respectfully pustrate before them as tradition demands
Dr. Kayode Timothy Jegedee of NTI, Portharcourt
Tope is a special daughter—Bride’s dad, Prince Segun Jegede
The father of the bride, Prince Segun Jegede was full of excitement when he spoke to Asabeafrika “I feel good that my daughter is getting married. I really enjoy today, I enjoy my family and friends. Temitope is one of my best kids and I love her so much. I want to advise the couple to stay together in great understanding. Understanding each other is the greatest act of mankind. I am sure they will leave well and become great in their life endeavors”
Bride with Aunty, Mrs. Bosede Tonade
Bride with Grandmother, Mama Juliana Jegede
Bride’s grandma sang a song of advice
The matriarch of the Jegede family, Mama Lady Evangelist Juliana Jegede who is equally a seasoned choir sang a song to drum up her own advice for the new couple when Asabeafrika approached her “E kare (Well done) Ma’a Damoran (I will advise them) Mama said before she sank into a treble voice tempo with her song which is to illustrate her advise Bolaji o (2x) Oko Iyawo o dowo re, itoju aya re, o dowo re. Bolaji, Oko Iyawo O dowo re. Iyawo (2x) Odowo re, Itoju Oko re, o dowo re. Iyawo, iyawo o dowo re. Bibi le o ma bisi o yeye o, pupo le o ma posi (2x) ah, eti wole ola, ola yin o ni womi. Eyin mejeji eti wole ola, ola yin o ni womi (Amin) (Bolaji the groom, it is left to you to take care of your wife (2x) Bride, it is equally your responsibility to care for your husband. You will have more than enough children (Prayer) you have entered a wealthy home and your wealth will continue to multiply”

Beejay's dancing step mexmerized his in-laws to bits
Bride’s Uncle Speaks to Asabeafrika
Bride’s Uncle who is a Ph-D holder equally spoke with Asabeafrika “My name is Dr. Jegede Kayode Timothy I am the NTI (National Teacher’s Institute) Coordinator for Rivers State. By the special grace of God, the daughter of my brother that is getting wedded today is a very nice girl. She is very humble, very respectful and I wish her the best in her career. She is a lady to be proud of; she is much disciplined and very assiduous. She knows what she is doing and very dedicated. My prayer to her is that God will continue to be with her and strengthen her; I want to advise that she should be humble with her husband. She should be conversant with what the Bible says about husbands, that the husband is the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church. She must be very humble, and she must be very dutiful and very supportive. So, I wish her the best in her marriage endeavor”.

'I have seen the light' Beejay seems to b saying as he adjust his dark shade for the second time'

Honey Bee's Driver, Mr. Oluropo Ogunleye aka Baba Ijesa

Here comes the groom & his men

'Let us take a dance together' Mr. and Mrs. Jolayemi took their first dance

Mama Juliana Jegede with her first son, Prince Segun Jegde who is also the father of the bride

Matriach of the Jegede dynasty of Iwaraja, Mama Lady Evangelist Juliana Jegede

Mrs. Bolanle Jegede, Mrs. Funmilayo Jegede & Mrs. Oluwatoyin Jegede

The GDA speaks to Bride's grandma, Mama, Lady Evangelist Juliana Jegede

The GDA speaks to Bride's father, Prince Segun Jegede

The Fruit & Basket Cake decorated to illustrate the traditional prayer for 'multiplication of the union'

The Bride's Aunties, Princess Bunmi,Dayo & Omolara waiting for the groom

The groom asking for the bride from his in-laws

The Groom, Beejay arrives Honey Bee's Court to commence process of taking his bride

Venue of the traditional marriage before arrival of both families
Watch out for Part 2 of the Princess Bunmi Jegede’s daughter’s wedding and “What Ex-Defense Chief told the Couple” on this blog tomorrow)

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