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I Once Sacked A Driver For Feeding Me With Information About My Husband & Women

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GDA in session with Sir Shina Peters' wife
As we promised you forty eight hours ago, your Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, asabeafrika serves you the concluding part of the no-hold barred 54th birthday exclusive interview of wife of Music star and Afro Juju creator, Sir Shina Akanbi Peters, Sammie. It is a red hot life changing encounter from a woman who has seen it all when it comes to marrying a celebrity. Enjoy the revelations as brought to you by asabeafrika
Marrying a huge personality like Sir Shina Peters comes with lots of heart ache and headache as many female fans and women generally would like to have a share of him; how does Sammie handles that part of her husband? “People who are very, very close to me know I don’t appreciate things like that. Even if you see my husband outside with a lady or something, don’t come and tell me. I don’t want to hear. They know me for that. No, I am telling you the truth, Dan, I don’t pretend. You have heard this several times and I think you should know by now. If you lie today, your lies will always change but this is me. I stand on the same fact.  I don’t dabble into what will ruffle my emotions. For, example, sometimes ago, my husband employed one driver like that before he got his new driver. So anytime the man drives my husband out and they are back home, he will say to me “Madam, E ma ku iroju. Ah, lati igba tati jade, oga nlo lati ile obinrin kan si kan ni” (Madam, I salute your courage o. since we left home, I have been driving my master from one woman’s place to another). I said ah, ah, what is this and how is that your business? I mean it is his life, how is that your business? I mean he is a musician, he has several fans and business associates. So, after he kept doing that to me, I called my husband one day and I said to him “Do you still want me alive? He said ‘what do you mean?’ I said no, just answer my question, do you still want me alive? You want me to live long? He said ‘of course I do’. I said “Ok, send that driver away”. He said what did the poor man do? And I told him what he has been doing. I said I am sorry I had to tell you to sack him, because he is not minding his business. He is here to drive you; he is not here to monitor you. And I don’t want to hear all these things that he is telling me because if one continues to hear things like that, automatically, no matter how patient you are, you won’t be happy anyway. What you don’t know can’t hurt you. So, I was able to convince my husband and he asked him to leave the second day. And that was it. And since he employed Shakiru, his new driver, he doesn’t tell me things. I don’t hear things. Happy go lucky guy. I think that is the way one can live a life. I don’t want to hear evil in my ears because If you pay informants to get you information on your husband, you are only getting an invitation to heart attack, an information to poison your heart, to worry yourself, to break your home? So why use your money to buy trouble? You won’t see women where there is poverty; you will see them where things are rosy. So, if your husband is comfortable you need to be more patient. That is the law of marrying the rich and famous (Laughter)
Sammie in her element
“The real problem is ego and lack of maturity, they will say I can’t take this, I can’t take that and you if you can’t take this and that you lose everything. There was a time I wrote something on my wall on facebook, I said “a woman who wants to live long and who desires to have a happy home, a heaven on earth marriage, would have to learn to see but pretend as if you didn’t see. You have to hear and pretend as if you didn’t hear, in doing that you find great happiness”. So, one lady started attacking me on facebook. That such act is an act of pretense, how can you be pretending? I had to educate her that it is not pretence; I am only talking to you in parables. I am not telling you to pretend but when you pretend as if you didn’t see something, then, you won’t argue about it. You won’t fight over it. In marriage, you assume a lot. I came into this house four days ago and I ran into my husband having a phone discourse with someone. When I ran into him he changed his tone. The tone he was using to speak before I came in changed but believe you me, instead of getting upset and quarreling, I felt honored. Because if he went ahead and started talking as if ‘well, I am speaking with my girlfriend, what the hell can you do?’ one would have been totally diminished. Ile aye e nii ke! (It’s his life) he can live it the way he wants. Our life is a gift; you can’t say because a man is married to you, he must be forcefully changed.  You are the one that need to change your attitude; a man is always a man. Believe you me; a man will always be a man. Men are inquisitive by nature. They are cheats by nature. They do it at times not because they love the lady in question but because they want to have fun. So, the moment you realize that your husband want to have fun, he want to behave like the rest of his friends. If he decides to be odd among them, they will say “Ah, oti di gbewu dani” he will be termed a nonentity. As if he is not social or he is a dullard. So, you must let him be and have a life. After my husband, I have another life that I live like any other woman. I have friends, my families are there, I socialize, I have my own little-little events that I attend. You might not find me at the very elaborate ones but hey, I party. I read novels, I listen to quality music, and I watch movies. If my husband is not around, believe me, I am still as happy as when he is around because I am engaged with lots of activities. Of course when I see him, I am happier, but when he is not around I am still happy. He can decide not to call me for days if he is engaged, that is his life. I do not care and I am not pretending. As a woman, you say I can’t take this, I can’t take that, automatically, you will end up living alone at the end of your life because a man will continue to be a man, and you can’t cage him. He can not become a prisoner because he is married to you. Because he is married to you, he shouldn’t go out? I don’t know, that sounds so funny. That is why you see so many marriages breaking in town these days. At time, I ask myself what is going on in this country. So, I advise my daughter on a daily basis. I advise her to be patient and prayerful; there was a day she called me and said “Mummy, I just caught my husband”. I said what did he do? And she said “He was pinging a woman!” I said ‘Ehen?’ Nigbayen tu nko? Would he be pinging a man? Just stop that. Is he a pastor? Please, let me hear word. What were you doing on his phone? Why were you checking his phone? She was just laughing and she said “Mummy, you are always supporting him”. I said “I will support him because he is a man”. And she said “Mummy, my husband is not like your husband o”. And I said “Well, my husband is a man, your husband is a man what is the difference” (Laughter). You will only be deceiving yourself to say ‘oh, it is because he is a musician’. There are men that are not musician that are worse than a musician. So, why don’t you just let him be? Give yourself peace of mind and by doing that, believe me, you will be happy. Your husband too will be happy. Allow him to fill guilty. When you give all the peace in the world to him, he will feel guilty. He will talk to himself and say what am I doing? I am just hurting this good woman for nothing. His conscience will sort him out and heal him. But today, you will fight him, tomorrow you will quarrel with him, you are Harding his heart against you, he will just label you a witch. So, we shall keep advising our women to learn to ignore. No Juju does it, no Babalawo can do it; it is only peace and patience that can do it. And always ensure that your home is neat. Keep yourself beautiful for him, don’t be a cake without icing. Make yourself beautiful and ensure that the house is very neat. You look at your environment, make your house beautiful. Myself and my husband are going to be 32 years of marriage  this year and anytime my husband is coming back home I will still be running up and down as if we just met yesterday. I will look for the best bed sheet color I will lay on the bed for him; I will look for a very special delicacy that he loves, his favorite dish and I will cook for him. So, tell me, how have I done it? Why would my marriage break? Go to any length and do your Juju and I will be patient. When the juju is working, I am here keeping quiet, I won’t even say a word and before you know it, the Juju will wear off. And everything would be back to normal. I think that is the secret. Patience does it.
Sir Shina Peters relaxes in the family swimming pool facility.
This very tricky question made Sammie pause for three minutes before she could gather her thoughts together; and this is what she said “Well, maybe sleeping with my best friend. That could really get me upset, but it is never a reason for me to divorce him. I mean sleeping or having a fling with someone I trust so much and someone I can travel and say please be at home and look after my man for me, trusting both of them to be able to stay through and the person now turns behind and stab me emotionally. That could be really, really bad. I thank God; my husband is a very decent man. He will never do such a thing because he is someone that hates to see me get upset. When I am upset, my husband does not like it because he knows I don’t get upset too often. So, when I am upset he feels it and he doesn’t like the experience. He is a man of peace..
Sammie in the heat of the talk.
This was another question that tasked Chief (Mrs.) Sammie Peters’ mind but the Iyalaje of Shasha Land, Lagos had an answer for us “I can really call it my six turbulent years, I am actually looking at the opportunity of putting the whole experience in a book later. I thought my marriage was going to break then as a lot of things cropped up. My husband was engaged with this particular lady who decided to stay on for so long. And the story was everywhere that he had legalized the relationship with the lady; I was not particularly bothered about their relationship but what baffled me was the way and manner my husband changed during this period. He was no more laughing with me, anytime he visits this house, you may see him laughing from outside the house but immediately he steps into the house his face goes hard. He would keep a straight face all through, we call it Ogboju-okunrin, but the interesting thing was that it went for years and I didn’t like the experience. At a time I even contemplated leaving but God intervened. However, the irony of it all was that it was during this most terrific moment of our marriage life that my husband gave me some of the monies for my school project. He gave me all the finances during this very turbulent moment of our marriage. That is why I said keeping a home is 90% of a woman’s effort and 10% of a man’s effort. But that 10% is the deciding factor. So, that was my most challenging moment in the marriage”.
“I made it a point of action to be so humble and dedicated to him at that time, it was even at that time I brought myself so down for him; when he comes home I would cook different delicacies. Spend more money and take care of myself the more. If I hear the horn of his car at the gate, you will see me rush----grrrrr! , anything on the table I pack off and start cleaning everywhere to ensure he finds the environment attractive and welcoming. I didn’t want him to complain about anything; I was extra-careful for all those years, extra careful in the sense that when he is talking on the phone outside, I am inside. When he is talking on the phone inside, I am outside. I was trying to avoid problems. But he eventually came back home apologizing, telling me SORRY. He said all the things that happen were part of his trying times. I said I know; it is now by-gone.

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