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Breaking News: Anxiety in Abuja over Oil Baron Jide Omokore’s health | …"Heart Attack" Alleged

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Bashorun Jide Omokore
The leak
If information reaching asabeafrika is worth to be taken serious, then one of Nigeria’s top oil barons, Bashorun Jide Omokore’s health might be in danger.  The Kogi state born oil baron and very intimate friend of the government in power was alleged to have fell down in the bath-tub inside one of his choicest properties in the capital city of Abuja while bathing and initially went into coma.  A very influential source who spoke with us last weekend confirmed the allegation “Yes, it is all over here in Abuja, they said he had high blood pressure and while bathing he fell down and suffered some cardiovascular challenges” claimed the source who asked not to be named. “Right now, we even heard he is receiving treatment at a private hospital in Ikoyi area of Lagos” the source spoke further.
This information is coming up exactly ten months after the June 8, 2013 super wedding carnival involving Jide Omokore’s son and the daughter of a Jigawa state born permanent secretary at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources -Abuja, Ambassador Abdulazeez Musa. The talk of the town wedding ceremony which was witnessed by over four hundred Nigerian celebrities and political big wigs on Omokore’s bill to Dubai, later led to the redeployment of his in-law, Ambassador Abdulazeez Musa from the ministry of petroleum resources to an obscure ministry. Ambassador Abdulazeez Musa whose daughter met Omokore’s son in the United Kingdom some 8 years back and had the first leg of their wedding in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital before the last leg in Dubai, capital of the United Arab Emirate, with an extravagant celebration was asked to report to the office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation Alhaji Aba Aji Goni for immediate redeployment.
Although, three reasons were bandied around the Nigerian social circle for the disgrace witnessed by AbdulAzeez Musa who is a Muslim by faith; one was that the Presidency frowned at the extravagant nature of the wedding ceremony due to Abdulazeez’s pedigree as a Civil Servant.  Second reason was the fact that, Jide Omokore who is a Christian and supposed friend of the government of the day allowed lots of opposition party stalwarts to grace the occasion which was chaired by a former Police Affairs Minster and Governor of the old Western Region, Major General David Medayase Jemibewon. One of the prominent opposition leaders that graced the occasion is APC national leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and a host of other politicians considered to be “enemy” of the government of the day.
Bashorun Jide Omokore's wife
Lastly, some powerful Abuja sources told the media that Ambassador Abdulazeez’s removal from the juicy ministry of petroleum resources a week after his daughter married Omokore’s son was as a result of petitions sent to the presidency by some oil marketers alleging that Abdul-Azeez was using his position as a permanent secretary in the Petroleum Resources Ministry to fuel plum opportunities for his in-law, Omokore who is a major oil marketer. However, the Omokore Dubai wedding became an albatross for the Jigawa state born Civil Servant.
Gale of Misfortunes  
Unconfirmed allegations at our disposal made it known that the recent health challenges suffered by the Oil baron is just one of the many issues that has affected his life since the auspicious event staring his son and the permanent secretary’s daughter in June 2013.  Omokore who is a Kogi PDP stalwart with high connection in Abuja is said to have lost face with the first family who initially held him in high esteem because of the auspicious wedding of his son in Dubai where guests were housed in a four thousand dollars per night hotel. Secondly, his oil businesses are said to be going through distress at the moment due to some financial constraints with a major new generation bank.  Lastly, his new wife, Angella Ebagua who is a top shot at Access Bank Plc is also alleged to be having high blood pressure and has also been on medication in the last couple of weeks. A source who claimed to have seen her around the Abacha estate in Osborne area of Ikoyi couple of days back said ‘she looks stressed up”. Another source who witnessed the Dubai wedding last year added her opinion “I think Angella brought him a lot of misfortune at the occasion. She was not only rude to guests but she equally turned some guests back at the occasion. Can you imagine guests who took the pain to travel all the way from Nigeria to Dubai and you rudely insulted them and turned them back because you said they didn’t show up with their invitation cards or didn’t dress in Aso Ebi. I think the Dubai event was just an opportunity for that Edo girl to rubbish people” confirmed the source. Another very powerful lady whose husband is an ex-military top brass and whose husband was one of the lucky four hundred Nigerian guests that slept in the four thousand dollars per night suite in Dubai lamented how shrewd the billionaire was “In fact, my husband even said he begged him to hand over the four thousand dollars to him and let him sleep in a cheaper hotel but he refused. You need to see how that boy spoilt money in Dubai; the hotel is a very hi-tech one and he didn’t mind spending that kind of money to spoil everyone silly. They even imported Brazilian dancers to entertain guests. It was a money show event. No Nigerian journalist was allowed to take pictures, they only engaged whites”
The olden times
As for Omokore and Angella Ebagua, their romance started sometime in 2006 after Omokore had a misunderstanding with his first wife who was then living in Kwara state with their children. Blessed with a captivating beauty, Angella who was just rising at the marketing department of Access Bank at the time had Jide Omokore to thank for her dramatic rise at the bank first, to the post of a General Manager and now a director as the oil baron who was then into Iron rod business facilitated huge deposits for Angella from both his company and associates companies.  Angella who was squatting with a banker brother on the mainland side of Lagos in 2006 was later elevated by Jide Omokore who got her a luxury apartment in the Victoria Island vicinity where she met and played with the big players.  She later took charge of both Jide’s business and love life to the extent of hiring and firing staff on his behalf at his then office, Vivatech Ltd situated on the 9th floor of a high rise building on Adeyemo Alakija, Victoria Island, Lagos.
What next? 
With what allegedly befell the billionaire oil baron last week, there are indications that he might be flown abroad early next week for extensive medical care as the illness is said to have weighed him down. Conflicting reports to this blog says he is recuperating at a private hospital at Ikoyi area of Lagos South West Nigeria while another one that hits us some forty five minutes before this post claims that the Business Administration graduate from Kwara State College of Technology now Kwara Polytechnic is recuperating at his Abuja home.

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