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Baba Ogunorunlayede’s Protégé: Ogunorunlayede is my Elijah -Prophet Judah + “What Baba told me the very day he died”

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Prophet Judah Adetoyi Jimoh is one of the budding Prophets in the entire Celestial Church of Christ fold and a protégé of the late Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunalayede. The very young and dynamic Prophet who is an alumnus of the University Of Lagos (UNILAG) is one man who speaks truth to power never minding whose ox is gored.
Very unique, dynamic and gifted; he was one of the young prophets who were close to the late man of God before his passage unto high glory. In a heart revealing encounter with asabeafrika inside Calvary cathedral in Ogba, Lagos the young prophet told us some moving revelations about the role of his spiritual mentor Dr. J.A Ogunorunlayede in the reformation of the Celestial Church of Christ. He spoke to us few days to the veteran shepherd’s funeral rights. Enjoy the excerpts.
Sir, you are one of the young and promising prophets that have evolved through the dynamic personality of the late Baba Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede. How will you evaluate his personality as a man of God?
First and foremost my name is Prophet Judah Adetoyi Jimoh. I want to thank God for the life of our father in the Lord, His eminence Most Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akanda Ogunorunlayede. A lot of people will call him Akande but personally I call him Akanda (Enigma) because by the grace of God and to the glory of God alone, I was able to know him in the spirit. I know Pa Ogunorunlayede in the spirit I don’t know him in the flesh. He is my father in the spirit and even in the flesh. For me to evaluate or to try to define who Ogunorunlayede is; aaahh! Jesus Christ! I don’t think I can and I don’t think for those whom the Lord has given the grace to understand his person I don’t think anybody can truly say they can. You can not define Pa Ogunorunlayede. First of all, let me tell you that I was born in the spirit through the teachings, lectures and the mentorship of solely Most Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Akanda Ogunorunlayede.
“But suddenly, I heard the voice and a tap. He tapped me “Ma sise lo! Ma sise lo!! Ma sise lo!!! Ise Ni Pataki, ise Ni koko, e maa base lo” (Keep working! Keep Working!! Keep Working!!! Work is of more essence, work is more important; don’t be lazy), that voice was Ogunorunlayede’s voice and I sprung up and immediately recovered all my lost confidence and I continued the work”.

 I knew nothing about Jesus, I didn’t even know my way in life how much more to say I know Jesus. And I heard people saying that Jesus is the way the truth and life and nobody goes to the father except through Him. I never understood the meaning but my father Pa Ogunorunlayede showed me the path to Christ.  And till tomorrow and till I die, I am forever grateful and indebted to his teachings and to his mentorship. I am bold enough to say to you and to everybody in the world that I was nobody. And still I am nobody, and everything that I am today and everything I believe I will ever become in life through the gospel of Christ was tutored and was mentored by the great Joshua Akanda Ogunorunlayede. That is the only thing I can say as regards Baba Ogunorunlayede.
What do you think his demise portrays for the Celestial Church of Christ particularly the Calvary parishes he founded?
Well, I will not call it unfortunate but I will also say it is unfortunate; I wish he could live forever, honestly I speak from my soul not even from my heart, I speak from my spirit. I really wish he could live forever but God takes His people and we don’t have a choice. He has left a very, very big shoe and nobody can ever fill it; anybody who tries would fail blatantly. So, nobody should even try to wear his shoes, you can emulate. You can aspire; you can try to be like Christ through Ogunorunlayede. But you can never walk in his shoes. I can tell you that Celestial has lost a great man and Calvary has lost a father. I say Calvary has lost a father because….hmmmm! (Kept quite for a while before speaking again) there is no father like Ogunorunlayede
When I look at Ogunorunlayede, the next person that I see is Jesus Christ. I am not saying this to exalt him in any way, far from it. I am not saying this to massage his memory; I am saying this because it is the truth. I am not saying this to try to make name let me be quoted even in heaven. Let me be quoted even before the throne of grace. After I see Ogunorunlayede the next person I see is Jesus Christ. Pa Ogunorunlayede is a carbon copy of (SBJ) Oschoffa.  He taught us the tenets of Celestial Church; he re-defined the essence of worshiping God to us. He made us to understand that indeed, there is power in the word. Because he fed us with the word of God; Celestial (Church) has lost a son, Calvary has lost a father and I pray that his good spirit will eternally dwell among us. And I pray that the great works that he has done on the mountain of Calvary from one up to six parishes going unto seven, I pray that those works will never diminish in the name of Jesus.
 On the day your spiritual father passed away where were you and what exactly were you doing at that moment?
Okay, I will share this with you. My brother, I was in the service of God doing God’s work when I received the call at about 11pm. I was not in Calvary but at another church doing God’s work and when I heard that call, my spirit, my soul, my body-everything just went blank like a white sheet of paper. I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t know what to do. But just gradually, within few minutes, it began to dawn on me that “Judah, you have lost your father” and I am like ‘really? Is that true? Then I began to feel like Jesus, I can storm the hospital and wake him up because I did not want to lose my father, because I felt that it was too early. Because I have been praying continually that God should strengthen and prolong his life; so for minutes I was blank and when I was blank, I tell you this, I am pointing to the altar of God as my witness, as I was blank, it began to dawn on me and I began to lose faith. I asked ‘who am I going to run to in times of need?’, who am I going to run to for spiritual supplement? Who would I seek in the times of trouble? I know I have Jesus but when you see a physical Jesus it enhance your confidence. So, it began to dawn on me and I started becoming weary and even the work of God I was doing, I almost couldn’t do anymore. But suddenly, I heard the voice and a tap. He tapped me “Ma sise lo! Ma sise lo!! Ma sise lo!!! Ise ni Pataki, ise ni koko, e maa base lo” (Keep working! Keep Working!! Keep Working!!! Work is of more essence, work is more important; don’t be lazy), that voice was Ogunorunlayede’s voice and I sprung up and immediately recovered all my lost confidence and I continued the work. I summoned courage and said ‘well, he is not dead. He is alive, I will keep working, I will get to work’, you know? And I tried from that night and when I left that church about 5:30am in the morning and while I was going home, people were going to their offices and I was working on the road and people were looking at me wondering what is wrong with this young man? I wasn’t crying. But when the reality hit me once again, right there in the middle of the road as early as 5:30 to 6am, I burst into tears, I couldn’t hold it anymore.
I didn’t have the spiritual comportment to hold myself any longer. I didn’t have the spiritual stability to say ‘I am strong’ because even till now I am not strong. I weep every day in my soul but I rejoice because my father is in heaven. I have no doubt whatsoever. And it has given me the courage and the view that if you serve Christ, that if you worship in spirit and in truth, it has given me the tenacity to know that no matter how heavy the cross is, I will carry. I will go on, I will march on, I will follow the path he has laid down. I will do that which God has told him to tell me to do in life because at a point in my life I had no direction. At a point in my life, I knew nothing, I had nothing. I didn’t know what I was to do but all I knew was that God was calling me. And all I knew was that God wanted to use me but I didn’t know how. It was like a baby with a toy or like somebody buying a new television set without a manual. But God used him (Ogunorunlayede) to show me my path in life. I thank Jesus Christ, I thank Jehovah God and I thank God for making me pass through this great man. 
Ogunorunlayede is not dead for the records; the body has gone to the dust but the spirit lives among us; quote me anywhere. I will tell you; his works will not diminish, his works will not spoil but he will continually guide us as a father, as a shepherd. We will continue to be the flock of Christ and we will not leave Christ, we will continue to follow in his strides, in His stead, we will continue to follow suit with everything he has taught us. And I know that by the grace of God, just like Ogunorunlayede is seating in the right side of Christ, we are also going to sit in the right side of Christ if we do not turn back. And I pray for every one under the spiritual tutelage and mentorship of Ogunorunalyede that it is well with us. Let me share this last thing with you, in 2005, when I was struggling to know God, I met a man of God because he said God called him. 
And the man was quick to tell me that if I did not recognize him as my Elijah that I will not get to my place of glory. And I told him immediately ‘sir, you are not my Elijah’. But when I came on the mountain of Calvary in 2006/2007, Ogunorunlayede did not tell me “I am your Elijah”. I told OgunorunlayedeSir, Father, you are my Elijah” and I am proud even before the host of Heaven, I am proud even before the throne of grace, I am proud from eternity unto eternity that Ogunorunlayede is my Elijah, my final word to you sir, “My Elijah! My Elijah!! My Elijah!!! Rest well.”

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