Thursday, 15 May 2014

How Journalism Died in Nigeria---Ex-Publisher

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Moffat Ekoriko
 “For the past couple of years, we have not had many very professional newspapers. So, it is a matter of one politician having a political interest and setting up a political newspaper.
So, what we have is that we have more political party’s newsletters masquerading as newspapers than we should really have newspapers because if you are a newspaper you can’t also be partisan…….In Nigeria you don’t just set up a news paper, you have to set up a logistics company as well. Buy vans to run the paper all over the country or you are not serious. You have to become a utility company as well in order for you to be using your electricity and water. You have to become even a bank to your staff, granting staff loans so that people can pay their house rents. And then you have to become a social welfare department again that must be able to sort out personal problems of staff, If they are getting married, if they are burying their parent or doing any social outing, you must be the social welfare office to draw money from”
----Moffat Ekoriko, Publisher of defunct The Moment Newspaper in first exclusive outburst to a blog since the paper left the news stand in Nigeria.

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