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Last minutes order: Dad asked me to give some people lands before he passed away--- 1st Scion, Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede. Says “Dad’s Shoe is not too big for me” (Gal. 4:1)

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Scion of the Ogunorunalyede dynasty, Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede lead
guests to Dad's casket during wake-keep.
Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede is the first born and scion of the spiritual dynasty of the late Shepherd and founder of the CCC, Calvary Parish (1-6) Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunaleyede.
The shepherd of CCC, Calvary Parish 3, Prayer City, Itele Road, Ota, Ogun state, South West Nigeria is one man of God gifted with the gift of Biblical Theory and the knowledge of God’s miracle through the over three decade of spiritual mentorship under his late Dad coupled with his own incursion into  theological teachings which has aided his knowledge of the Celestial Culture as a shepherd in the vineyard of God. In a no hold bared 2 hours interview session with asabeafrika, Apostle Ogunorunlayede took us through the genealogy of his late Father and that of his mother, Mother Celestial Felicia Abegbe Ogunorunlayede of blessed memory who passed on a year earlier before her husband at age 68. His rendition is like a mini auto-biography for two people who meant the world to him. The man of God also shared the very last minutes of his father’s earthly sojourn with us.  Enjoy the story direct from the horse’s mouth.
Sir, we will like you to describe your father as the scion of his spiritual dynasty; who is your father far from the view of every other person in the world?
First and foremost let me tell you that my father’s demise is a great loss to the entire Celestial (Church) fold and the Calvary family. How are the mighties falling, that was the first statement I made when I entered the hospital and saw his body lying. But I can also tell you that he has come, seen, fought and conquered. He was more than a conqueror in death. The vacuum he left behind nobody can fill it; only Christ can do that for us because he is a special father and if I have to define him like you asked me to do, I will end up publishing a hard cover—a novel. But to God be the glory that he has put me on the right lane and the right place even though I didn’t want to follow it initially but he made it clear to me that if I fail to follow this part, this is what is going to happen. I had to follow him and all what he said then has come to pass especially now that he has left us alone. Those things have started  manifesting  especially Galatians Chapter 4 verse 1, the day my father quoted it and asked me to read it; he said a day will come that I will remember this verse and now it stays with me.
Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede with Dad's wife Madam Funmilayo
 Ogunorunlayede and younger brother, Segun Ogunlade
There is a general belief that while your father was still an Anglican, you became a Celestial member ahead of him, how true is this perception?
I cannot be the first because he is the one that is leading me, both of us stayed together and as a father he has never for once left me alone. Weather with my mother or without her, he has to hold me. I have been staying with him during that time when he came back one night and said he met his senior brother (Uncle Ayinde Tinubu now Most Superior Evangelist Ayinde Tinubu of CCC, Agege Parish) that he want us to go and see him and we proceeded there to see the man; and from that day henceforth, we started attending the Celestial Church of Christ.
We learnt that it was actually you that preceded your dad by being a professional drummer in the fold before your dad joined?
No, it is the other way round; my father was the first to start in the choir before I joined him. Because that his senior brother (Baba Tinubu) is a choir master. Baba Tinubu was the choir master then and his church had eminent people as parishioners and my father was one of his men in the choir. We equally started the Sunday school session in the church, so my father acted as Sunday school leader and Choir leader and was trained by Baba Tinubu. A lot of things that I know about Celestial  Church today is Baba Tinubu that taught me, we are his baby (I and my Father) teaching us the act of Sunday school; it was after my dad left the choir that he asked me to join and because I was very rascal at the time, during the service I will be somewhere playing football. So, my joining the choir was like a deliberate action by my father to put me through. So, he asked me to go and replace him at the choir. Now, talking about my drumming talent, I am gifted with the art of talking drum because my mother is from a talking drum family in Osun state. I inherited it, it is in my gene. I inherited the gift from my mother. It is a natural gift. When my mother was given to my father in marriage, the natural custom is to put a talking drum inside her loads and I am the one that must inherit the talking drum as the first son. That is the culture and tradition of my mother’s home; I grew up playing that drum. At the church I do the talking drum, I do the samba, base drum, double drum. I did all that as a small boy and the experience was very interesting.
Maybe you should even tell us something about your late mother, Mother Celestial Felicia Abegbe Ogunorunlayede’s family heritage?
In Osun state, my mother’s family is famous for talking drum. They are from a place called Ikoyi, the native land of Ikoyi, when you get to Ikoyi, ask for Lawani Compound. The Yoruba dialect pronounces it as “Lawani” and English calls it “Lawal”. Lawani Compound, Ile Obe that is my mother’s family house. I partly grew up there because my father and everybody were living there at a time before we relocated to Lagos. I do follow those beating drums at events as my maternal grand father will lead the outing.  In the entire Osun and Oyo state of the old time, he was the leader of the talking drum tribes then. In fact he was the Chief talking drummer to the Onikoyi then who is also one of the paramount rulers in Osun state.
What is your maternal grand father’s name?
His name is Prince Lamidi Lawani, he is late now.  He was the chief talking drummer to Onikoyi of Ikoyi then and I started playing those things in the church after learning at his foot. From there I graduated from playing the native talking drum to playing drum sets, from there I started playing guitar, lead guitar, solo guitar, rhythm guitar, playing trumpets and to cap it up I started singing around 1990. My first outing was at Ikoyi again, I was asked to go and lead a band for the funeral of no other person than the same man that gave birth to my mother, Prince Lamidi Lawani. It was another unique and historic experience that I can never forget.
What about your father’s family at Idi-Emi, how would you describe them and what relationship exist between you and them?
Ha, ha, (Laughs) I have strong relationship with them. My paternal grandfather was born into the family of Ogunlade. Ogunlade himself was a Cocoa merchant; he went to Ishaga-Orile to go and plant Cocoa and that was where my paternal grandfather was born. My father was equally born there; after the Cocoa business collapsed and Ogunlade passed away, they relocated to Obada Idi-Emi. They are originally from Ile-Olukosi in Imala, their compound name is Olukosi in Imala but when they returned to Idi-Emi they got lands and started planting oranges, Cassava and general fruit farming and in no distant time they started exporting Garri to Lagos, exporting Oranges to Lagos. For your information my father was the only son for his father, he is the only son and his father was so over protective of him and that was why my father had to leave the home early; he decided to leave to go sow his royal oats elsewhere and that was what brought him to Osun state where he started working at the Rediffussion Nigeria Ltd which later metamorphosed to Western Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (WNBC). My father wanted to study against farming, and being the only son, after his modern 3 certificate there was a strong need for him to be at home and around his father. But that was not his wish, so he left home to sow his royal oats in Oyo state. It was there he got married and once you give birth to your first male child it is traditional that you let the home front know,  his father asked him to send both his wife and Baby to him; so, my mother took me down there and we spent three years there. After which we returned to Oyo state. It was a familiarity course to enable us knows each other and I can tell you that we know each other from my father’s family, all his nieces, cousins we all know each other because we lived together under same ambience when we were kids. The bond remains till date because of our grand father, we stayed with him and often go to church with him and it was just one big happy family. So, we had it like that with my paternal grand dad, my maternal grand dad before we relocated to Lagos where we met my Uncle, Baba Tinubu and started attending the Celestial Church of Christ.
Before your dad became a full fledge Celestial Church member what was his religious life like?
He was an Anglican Church Person because he grew up being an Anglican; his father was a patron of the church in Idi-Emi and he was an Anglican boy but when he got to Lagos and met Baba Tinubu his senior brother, he changed to Celestial Church. That was 1973, since then he didn’t depart from CCC until his final breath. In 1980, he became a full shepherded. Before then he was working at the United Bank for Africa but in 1980, he resigned his appointment with the bank and started sitting with God in the church till his death. 
What were the initial challenges you guys witnessed at the initial stage of his work in the vineyard?
There was no money to send me to school; the school authority will send me down from school and my dad will say I should sit down that God will provide money. And a whole term will go and there will still be no money to give me for school. Maybe somebody will just come and say ‘ah, ah, why is Kayode not going to school’ and after hearing us out, the person will be the one to take me to school and do half payment and I will start all over again. The same thing applies to my junior sisters. Yes, those were indeed crucial times because it is not easy to start a church without financial backing from anybody. It is such a hectic decision. We rented a room apartment three streets to this place that was where we stayed for a long time. We shuttled between there and here but a time came my dad decided that we should stay in the church even without roof. So, he started building a small shelter; he bought the zinc and carved it out as a three room apartment and gradually we faced that desert experience before he was able to build a comfortable apartment for his family.
Did you ever thought in your wildest imagination that you will follow suit one day and become a Shepherd like your dad?
Of course no but everything around me pointed to the fact that I was going to be one. I never stopped studying the scripture. I love reading the Apostolic Faith tracts; I love reading their tracts and making notes out of it. The same thing with Jehovah Witnesses Strong Tower tract, I read those tracts and make lots of points out of them. At a time I said, ‘oh, let me follow my music I don’t want to do this job, I started following musicians before I established my own band but yet there was still something in me that wouldn’t let me miss church. There is no amount of money you will pay even if it is a million naira that will make me not to come to church on Sunday. Even if you want me to come and play for you in Abuja, if the show will affect the church, I will not go because if I go I will not have peace of mind. Something will keep poking my mind and that was what led to the fall of my band because there were lots of lucrative shows that we got which falls on Sundays and I will just cancel it. And that made all my boys get angry and left. They said ‘we cannot understand this Kayode, all the time church, church, church’. So, for me, the path to the vineyard has always been a stone throw.
What is your experience so far as a shepherd in one of your father’s cathedral, Calvary 3, could you share some with us?
It was a very big challenge and still a big one; I never knew shepherding a church was as hard as that. When I was in the mother parish here I didn’t know I was enjoying because he (Dad) has suffered for me. Anybody that is working with him will not suffer because he has paid the price. But when I stood on my own, I now saw the challenges. To put people together under a commission is not easy, even to invite people to become your member is not easy. Even the brand of the church you profess is not helping matter, they will say ‘ah, Cele?’,  In fact I have some pastor friends from Redeem, Winners and some other Pentecostal denominations, when they come to me, they will say ‘Ah, but you are too sharp to sit here as a Cele now, we like the way you pray, the way you preach, you don’t do like Cele, come to us and let us affiliate you’. They all said I should change the church to Pentecostal that they will finance me but I told them it is impossible. You must understand where your call lies. We are part of the chosen generation for the rejuvenation of the Celestial Church of Christ. That is why in 2005 when I fell into a deep sleep, I heard somebody call me “Apostle”. That ‘you are an apostle to the world; that you should go and preach, heal and mold. Then I went to see my mentor Dr. Omololu Oladosu of Maranatha International Ministries, when I stepped into his ambience he said “My Great Shepherd” and I said “Sir, I am not a shepherd, I am an Apostle” and he said “have it as you said, may God bless you” and since then, I have been addressed as an Apostle till now. I was in his school between 2005 and 2007; it is an interdenominational Bible Institute with teachers from different denominations. They teach Bible not Doctrine.  They teach you the word of God and how to apply it; they teach you theology, communication and how to develop the church. They teach you how to adapt to the modern challenges of running a modern church.
But don’t you think some of these modern teachings you are talking about are directly in conflict with the Celestial doctrine?
No, it is on its own and the doctrine and the callings of the Celestial Church are on their own. There is something we call culture, Celestial culture, we have culture which is this (touches his garment) you put on the white, set the altar, burning incenses, lighting the candle, put on your girdle or wearing of loins, that is the culture. The other way round, it teaches you how you can relate with your audience from the pulpit. You don’t just talk to them as the man there; you must know them psychologically and know what to say. You speak from the Bible not from your head, you must do exploit with the word.
Are you saying this does not stop the Celestial culture of carrying out special interventional prayers where necessary and as directed by the Holy Spirit?
Not at all; sprinkling of water, sprinkling of perfume is our real culture that can not be erased. When you go to the Catholic Church they have the charismatic arm but the Catholic culture is still there where you see them burn the incense. In our own case, there are Celestial angels when you sing their song they will come down, when you born their incense they will come down. They are military angels that are assigned to work for signs and wonder.
What did you learn from your dad that is still working for you till date?
Perseverance, see and do as if you don’t see. You endure even though the issue is bordering you but you just have to endure. Even if the experience is challenging, you must endure it; application of wisdom. That is what I learnt from him. And he was given an award, Grand Commander of Spiritual Healing. God has given it to him and he will teach you because you have to learn it. He will teach you how you can operate on that level of spiritual healing. We thank God that he took us through it.
Will you say your dad is a very strict father or a pampering dad, does he spank?
Initially he was like that, a very strict man who can beat the hell out of you. That were those days, I am talking of late 60s to early 70s but as from 1980, no; and he told me that he must not use his hand to beat anybody again because it has been empowered. That he must not be angry with anybody again because if he does,  it will lead to dangerous consequences for the person and he will be charged divinely. Because his anger alone will wound that person, so he must not get angry and whatever you do, he must take it peacefully so that he won’t get boiled. Even if you annoy my dad, he will just be calm and will let the steam of anger stifle out of him before he relates to you. He will even tell you ‘sorry’ because he knows what it means to even be angry in the first place.
What are his favorite hymns and literature?
His favorite hymn is “E bawa yo Ara Ninu Christy fun Orire ta’a niCelestial Hymn 276, of course he loves several other hymns like hymn 90. My father is always with pen and paper, at times they give it to him in his dream and he will call me and say “Kayode, do you know this hymn?” and I will say no. he will order that I make the choir sing it right away. ‘Go and learn it and teach the choristers and they must sing it on Sunday morning’. He has inclinations for spiritual songs, you can not just sing any song for him, he will not accept. Talking about literature, my dad loves Biblical books, Christian literatures. He has over two hundred thousand books in his study. He has been acquiring those books right from his time at UBA. He will tell you the day he started reading it and he will equally attach a jotter to signify the day he finished reading each book. He is a meticulous reader and he respect documents so much. But in 2010, he came down to my parish and said the Lord has answered him because at a time he looked at those books and started crying that ‘God, who is going to take up these books, am I going to waste them? ‘This my boy now is facing music, so who is going to read all these books?’ and he said he started praying, praying and praying but now he can see God has answered that prayer because he saw that I am so much interested in reading books. Because in most cases I will come and meet him and say, ‘Daddy, there is a book I saw in your study so- so year’ and he will say ‘ok, I have it, go and open so-so place and search for it’ and you find the book there; Yoruba Dictionary volume 1, 2, 3 and 4. English dictionary, advance dictionary, he will give them to me. He was the one that encourages me to always read my Bible side by side with dictionary. If you are reading King James or any version of the Bible, you must keep your dictionary by the side so that if you encounter some words that are alien to your understanding, you can look at your dictionary for proper interpretation and it helps you to preach properly. I used to exhibit those gifts in my church and so many Men of God that visits will say ‘but Celestial preachers are not like this. I went to Ido Ajinare Mountain in Efon-Alaye and spend 7 days for praying. The man of God there said since the day you arrived here you have been busy reading but Cele people don’t read like that, and you put on your white garment, which kind of Cele are you?’. And I said, “I have been used to it, I can’t do without reading and writing. I need to read, I need to write” and because of that small thing I did before him the very busy man of God came down from Efon-Alaye to visit me in my church at Ota. Ido Ajinare Mountain is where the late Joseph Ayo Babalola went to pray for 40 days/40 nights and as he was sleeping, a big snake crawled over him and the snake dried up without any effect on the man of God, the place till date has been circled and it is called “Power Land” nobody can pass through it if you are not clean. You are a woman menstruating, you can’t even come nears because another thing can happen.
There is a wide perception that your dad knew he was going to pass away soon; what were the last encounters you shared with him? 
During his last moment, he brought out all his documents and called me and said ‘I want you to have all these documents. He equally called Sunday my junior one including Segun, we his male children were present. All the landed properties, he gave us the documents and he equally said there are some people he wants to give part of the lands to, he gave me their names. He said I may hear it in his will that some properties should be given to some people, that he doesn’t want me to hear it from any other person or source; so he needed to tell me by himself. That this and this and this are for so-so and so, he equally handed over to me the entire documents of that church where I am now that I should take it. He said ‘keep it o, keep it o’. It is for you and I took it. He told me a lot of things and at a point I became worried and I asked ‘why are you telling me all this?’ and he said ‘I just feel like opening up to you’. He also showed me the projects he wanted to do in this place (Calvary parish 1) he showed me the plan, even the Cathedral he want to build. He has the plan of the cathedral he wants to build; he has inculcated the structure into the land mass. He said he is doing it to me because that is how David did for Solomon. That now, I want to go, Solomon see this, do this and ensure this because anytime I might not be here again. You are now up to the level spiritually where a father can open up to you.  Take care of your junior ones, all of them are your children. Take care of them and don’t look down on any one of them. Even if you don’t have money, give them the rapport, call to know their well being.
(Cuts in) Were you afraid when he was saying all these to you?
I was not afraid because my faith does not permit me to do so; even when my mother died I didn’t feel like crying because I saw everything from the spiritual perspective. Because the Bible says there is season for everything, the season of death is what we should expect. When it comes, it comes. No crying.
At the time he was opening up to you was it beginning of last year or towards the end of the year?
It was middle of 2013, after the juvenile harvest. And I came back again after the juvenile harvest because I came to ask him about the criticism that followed his tagging the adult harvest “Jesus at Golgotha” I made him know that the theme was not in tandem with celebration, and he said to me that ‘this year Calvary 1 is 33 years and his own ministry as a full shepherd is now 33 and Jesus died at the age of 33 and nobody ever forgets him, that Jesus made a landmark as he finished the work at Golgotha at the age of 33 and because we are Calvary, we must celebrate Golgotha at 33” and I said ‘okay, no problem’. He said ‘well, that is what everybody is asking him, so what is wrong in Golgotha? And I told him “Sir, it doesn’t go with Christmas or Adult Harvest, it goes with Ester when Jesus was killed and rose again. If you talk about Easter, you talk about Calvary, Golgotha, and Resurrection because the crown of thorns was put on him at Golgotha and the blood was gushing out. But he said ‘that is how they showed it to him in that vision and he must not allow anybody to do it for him, he must do it by himself’. In fact he was the one that designed the banner.  When they called me that my father was ill, I became a bit worried because we were planning one year memoriam service for my mother. He said when he returned from Imeko, we will do everything together. When he came back, I called him and he said ‘okay, let’s meet after the new year’ that I should come, and that we should go and do the tilling of the place before January 22 so that by 22 we will do the Amisa Service for her. That was our last discussion at December 27th. I said ‘okay no problem Daddy’. But on the 3rd of January they called me on phone “Daddy cannot eat o, he has been rushed to the Hospital” I said “Haaa?” I thought it was his normal routine old age illnesses, thinking he was going to bounce back.  I even said it could be as a result of his several journeys to Imeko and Christmas activities coupled with the harvest anniversary stress which took place on the first Sunday of December. But my mind was troubled at the same time, my wife said ‘why are you so disturbed like this?’ and I said “The way they told me baba is, I don’t like it”. That night I took off to the hospital, I got in, I looked at him. I called him he didn’t respond. He just opened his eyes and looked at me and later he closed his eyes. I moved closer to his ears, I said ‘Daddy, it is me Kayode’. He opened his eyes again, stared at me and uttered nothing. I quickly went to a Prophet friend, Senior Prophet Olulana Okesangunje, he is CAC prophet, I went to the mountain to pray with him, I urged him to pray for my dad o because I don’t want to lose him now because we still have a lot of things to do. You can see that Calvary 3, we are now writing “Prayer City” on that building, there is something we ironed out before it was agreed that we put that tag of “Prayer City” on the church. 
“During his last moment, he brought out all his documents he called me and said ‘I want you to have all these documents. He equally called Sunday my junior one including Segun, we his male children were present. All the landed properties, he gave us the documents and he equally said there are some people he wants to give part of the lands to, he gave me their names”.

We still have a lot of projects to carry out to ensure total success, so I said ‘Dad must not go like that o’. Second day, I left the place and came down to the hospital, I looked at him, he has changed a little bit. I called Taiye my son, ‘how is Grandpa doing?’ He said he is now talking that he said they should go and bring his tape as he wanted to be listening to songs and that he is now eating. They said he has just finished eating as I was getting in, and that he is resting. But on the third day, the Doctor invited me over saying that he has called the Council of Elders, that they should equally come. But we all arrived different time and the Doctor discuss with us. He said my father is not responding to the treatments again. So, my junior sister became anxious, she insisted we should move him out of the place to another place. But for us, that was not the solution then because the pace was well equipped. By the time I got home that day, I knew he was gone…he has gone.
So how did the news hit you?
By the time I received the call few days later that I should start coming, I didn’t even ask what happened because spiritually, psychologically, I knew he was gone. When I got there I asked them, can I take him out to the mortuary. I called Baba Tinubu and Baba Tinubu said ‘are you there physically?’, I said ‘yes, sir’. He said then ‘do the necessary thing’. Myself and Uncle Dave (Memeh) and Baba Secretary (Baba Abioro) we sought for an ambulance and moved him to the mortuary. That day was a Sunday, when I returned home, I was in the bathroom and I just heard something like his voice that I should go and tell them to play music in the church compound. It came like an order,’ “Go and tell them to play music for me” and I drove down from Ota to come and inform Baba Secretary here (Ogba), that we should open the office and play music, that this is what I heard when I was bathing in the bathroom, that we should play music.
How big is your father’s shoe and do you think you are prepared to wear it?
(Kept Quite for a while) That if I am prepared? It is not big for me to put my leg in because it (Shoe) is going to be there for me always. That is why the Yoruba said “Ile Baba Omo kii Bo’mo Leru” (Nothing can scare you off your father’s estate). Because before he died, ironically he has started giving me some certain things. He showed me quite a lot because he didn’t want me be a theoretical shepherd, he wants me to be a practical and experienced shepherd that is why he sent me down to the field. When I got there (CCC, Calvary 3) I now knew what it meant to stand with God, before then I thought you will just sit down and things will be falling down for you but I got to know it is not like that, you have to toil to get there. I got there with two cars and in no time, I couldn’t maintain them again, so I have to start trekking on leg. After four years, somebody came one day and said ‘Shepherd, can you manage a motor cycle?’, I said ‘no problem’ and he gave me a motorcycle. I used it to run up and down, I did that for two years and when I came to complain to him, he said ‘that is the work, keep it up. Go there, face it’. One day, I said “Daddy, I woke and my entire back is aching” he said ‘ok, go and take anointing oil and rub it there’. But you must go back and face it and do it the way I normally do it in your presence”. And with God, all things are possible. It is God’s favor and grace.
Can you say a word for your dad’s admirers and spiritual children around the globe?
All lovers and well-wishers of Ogunorunlayede Akande Joshua the great commander of Spiritual healing, people see him from different perspective but one thing is very certain about my father and that is Christ. They should see Christ in him; dedication to the Celestial work and tenet. The way he dedicated his life to the work and the church, he was not after hierarchical positions; ‘they should give me this or that, he will tell you ‘your work will speak for you. Keep on doing the work, even if they don’t see it today, they will see it tomorrow. And don’t you ever put a man in the front saying without this person, I cannot do anything. Don’t ever put a man before you, instead, put Christ there; after Christ, it is you and the people behind. Because Christ you put before you will instruct them to follow you. You are not the one to instruct them but Christ. They are not following you but following Christ. Pa J.A Ogunorunlayede is a pace setter and whenever they are in trouble they can call on the grace God bestowed upon him and they will get results. That is why his name was changed from Ogunlade to Ogunorunlayede. Ogunlade is a different person. Ogunorunlayede is a different person, in all my certificates except the Bible school certificate I put Ogunlade. But I was instructed spiritually that I should bear that name and let it be known that I am Ogunorunlayede. All my younger ones are Ogunlade but I am Ogunorunlayede because a lot of things have been revealed to me; this uniform I am putting on was the first mission given to my father, it was the first mission given to him. But due to experiences of life and other things surrounding him he couldn’t move with the vision. He need to drop it and followed others because when God gives you a vision, people will come and fight it, there is no way, they must come. 
But my father is a kind of person that doesn’t like to offend people. He will drop it and follow the one that reckons with the culture. For him to be given the Grand Commander of Spiritual Healing, that one is still part of the Celestial Culture. For one to have almost a thousand prophets under him was quite unique, no shepherd can do with just ten prophets because they will fight and destroy the church but God gave Ogunorunlayede the wisdom to manage them all. He is the only shepherd that doesn’t demand workers from the headquarters instead, he gives them workers. My father did that only once when he was inaugurating Calvary Parish 2 and because some of the workers then were not experienced and he wanted an experienced prophet with age, Baba loves working with elders. So, he got one elderly prophet from Ketu (CCC, National HQ) the man’s wife is a Hausa and she is a prophetess, very sound woman. That was the only person that was given to Calvary from HQ, after that, no.  He has been raising Prophets and establishing them until his demise.

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