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TV Buff, Dayo-D-One-Adeneye becomes NDLEA Ambassador ….Shares success story with a brand new Bentley Continental + Exclusive pictures of the new car Inside Says “Every One should be able to wait to own his success”

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The GDA in a hearty discussion with D-One inside his Lagos home
World famous entertainment buff and Co-CEO of Primetime Africa, Otunba Dayo (D1) Adeneye was among top celebrities who were chosen as NDLEA Ambassadors under the auspices’ of Nigerian Celebrities Drug Free Club which is to promote the ethics of living a life devoid of drug abuse among young people across Nigeria. 
The Nigerian Celebrities Drug Free Club will from time to time go for advocacy visit at Government Houses, Media Houses and other organizations to sensitize Nigerians on the need to stay off drugs under it high flying campaign called The Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign. The Ambassadors who were decorated with the Substance Abuse Awareness Symbol at the Lagos office of the anti- drug agency last week Thursday are to use their good image and career credibility to speak to the Youth and every other Nigerians on the need to stay off drugs and live a substance free and happy life afterwards.
 Dayo Adeneye led other celebrities like Femi Aderibigbe aka Kwame of Orisun TV, famous actress Monalisa Chinda, Star actor Fred Amata, Grace Amah, Prince Ifeanyi Dike and star actress Ibinabo Fiberisima to the NDLEA office in Lagos where they were all decorated with their emblem. Speaking on behalf of the lucky 7, D-One who just returned from a trip to Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirate said the honor was strategic “For quite a long time, the NDLEA has remained a very dedicated organization. Every now and then if you read the crime pages in the newspapers you see NDLEA securing at least 65% percent of exploits before any other security organization in Nigeria. For majority of us here (Role Models) Consistency and credibility has been the hallmark of the game. We have all achieved our successes by standing firm with the right value and ethics and without playing to the high jinks of substances. Today, NDLEA has recognized that and we are proud to be associated with NDLEA in such an all important project like “the substance abuse awareness campaign”.
The GDA with Mr. and Mrs. Dayo and Caroline Adeneye
Recently, D-One who in conjunction with his bosom friend and brother, Kenny (Baba Keke) Ogungbe changed the face of the Nigerian entertainment industry in the last twenty years clocked 49 and even though his very beautiful wife, Caroline Adeneye made a low key celebration for her darling of 15 years romance, the occasion didn’t go unnoticed by fans and associates who stormed D-one’s Lagos home for a measured celebration. The peak of the event was when your Africa’s Number 1 encounter Celebrity blog asabeafrika pulled out a 2012 model Bentley Continental Flying Spur series out of the world famous and United Nation’s Peace Ambassadors’ garage in Lagos even against his own wish. But because of what we are to celebrities, D-One and his darling wife Caroline honorably permitted our cameras to snap shots of the exterior and the interior of the car. This was few weeks before he was decorated as Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency Ambassador alongside other celebrities. But like a youth ambassador that he is, D-one spoke on so many ways young people can achieve success without abusing substance; the merit of hard work and demerit of laziness and drug abuse. Enjoy the million naira exclusive from asabeafrika.
D-One sharing a point with GDA
I and Keke in the City People Hall of Fame
 We opened the chat with D-One’s induction alongside his brother partner, Kenny Ogungbe into the City People Magazine Hall of fame at a recent grand occasion in Lagos and D-One began with a smile “What can I say? I am very, very delighted. I am happy. As you get older, you learn to appreciate these things more. I am sure we have had numerous awards but you learn to appreciate each one. We are really grateful to Dr. Seye Kehinde and the City People Media Group. He has decided to honor us once again; like I said on stage that day, he was one of the first people to call us and said ‘look, I want to honor you guys’ and I said ‘for what now?’ We are just doing what we love and that is what we enjoy doing’. 
If you find something you have a passion for; something you wake up everyday and you look forward to doing it, if you are passionate about something, you won’t give it up easily. People interview me all the time and say ‘oh, don’t you think it is time for you to retire and hand over to the younger ones?’ and I am like ‘this is what I do for a living’. Oprah (Winfrey) is thirty years in the business and Larry King is almost ninety and he is still in charge of his experience, it is because they love what they do”
And he said ‘no, no, no. you guys don’t seem to understand. You have changed the face of this business. You deserve to be honored’. And that was about twelve years ago. And for him to call us again and say, ‘look, I want to push you into the hall of fame’. It is tremendous. It means a lot. We can’t but say ‘thank you’ and continue to encourage him because he didn’t have to do it. He is in print media, it is not his business to honor people who have done well in music and entertainment but for him to take it upon himself, it means a lot. He is doing what Government is supposed to be doing and we have to appreciate him and say ‘thank you’.
Ambassador Dayo Adeneye
The journey of success so far….
Asabeafrika asked how it feels to be identified as the pioneer of a very successful idea and industry that has become so big and this is how D-One feels again “When I look back, I can’t but smile. When we started the whole thing (Twenty Years ago), we got into it innocently. We started as young boys, just trying to do something we are passionate about, which was music and entertainment. We just wanted to do something very different, haven gone to school in America, haven lived in Hollywood for a few years and haven mixed with Music moguls and entertainment buffs, people in entertainment, actors, and actresses in America. And seeing the impacts they had on their society, the charitable works they do and the kind of impact they have on their economy. If one movie grosses three to five hundred million, you know how many people are employed from script writers to producers to directors to stage hands. So, we just felt that if we can do half of that in Nigeria, we would have done well. So, when we saw that gathering of actors, actresses at City People Entertainment Awards, it was tremendous. And I feel very blessed, I feel very grateful to have been able to play a small role in the re-making of that sector”.
The Owner, D1 communicates with the Bentley
A legend @ 49; so what next?
On how D-One feels to have achieved such a humongous success at 49 and equally bequeathing great legacies to the young ones, he said “We give God all the glory, man proposes they say God disposes. You can have all the ideas and put in all the efforts if God doesn’t bless it, if the people don’t embrace your idea, you will just be paddling up stream and struggling. But we thank God for blessing the works of our hand, God blessed what we were doing and Nigerians embraced us; Africans embraced us. They could have said ‘no, no, what are they doing?’ But, we thank God for that, it feels good to be able to contribute to my community, to be able to contribute to my country. I always smile and say, look, for every Idris Abdulkareem that makes it, for every Tuface that succeeds, for every D-Banj that had a breakthrough or every Rita Dominic that succeeds, they are only doing one thing---putting Nigeria in good light. Because wherever they go and they are being introduced and they say ‘O, I am from Nigeria’ or ‘The Winner is’ or ‘All the way from Nigeria, Performing next is’, it is positive news. It is good thing about Nigeria and that is what entertainment is doing for Nigeria. It takes the negative stories away, from the Boko Haram, from the Kidnappings; people are hearing at least, something positive; our movies, our music. It is a positive development. It is a positive, positive impact on the country. And that is why we have to encourage these artistes and the government, we would continue to say, should do more for the industry. The government should do more because this is the only sector that is painting Nigeria in good light”.
GDA, D1 and Ashley in dashing mood
If it weren’t Keke and D-One, Who else?
We got D-One’s brain cracking when we asked him to tell us what could have happened if himself and Keke had chosen to ignore the call to come down to Nigeria and change the rule of the game in the entertainment sector? Could any other person or group of people have done it like they did?  “Well, the universe would always find a way. The universe aligned and it found a way for us to be in Nigeria at that particular time. God has a purpose for everything, God had a purpose for taking us out of Nigeria to go study abroad, to mix with certain people, to influence some certain development and God also paired us together and had Dr. Raymond Dokpesi locate us, bring us back just like he told the story of how somebody helped located him while he was in school in Poland and brought him back to Nigeria to come and contribute to Nigeria. So, he felt he needed to do the same with us and we have also done our part in encouraging others. The likes of D-banj, the likes of Weird MC, Banky-W, we have all talked to all of them and influenced them to come back home, home is where you can make it. Home is where they can feel your impact and we give God the glory that they listened. Majority of them came back home, the likes of JJC, Tiwa Savage and others came back home and said ‘Ok, if Keke and D-One can make it, I too can do it’ and I think more people will come. So, we can’t say if Keke and D-One hadn’t done it, nobody else would have done it. We feel great and we feel humble that God used us as a vessel. The universe used us as a vessel to light this candle and let it shine”.
The GDA has a feel of the car first.
A portable yet roomy car with convinence as its hallmark
So, what is the Secret of Keke and D-One’s friendship & business?
 Dayo Adeneye who is also a traditional title holder of Otunba of Odogbolu land in Ogun state didn’t find it hard to give us the straight answers to this question “It is simple. The most important thing is to find your calling, and when you find your calling you won’t have to struggle. If you find something you have a passion for; something you wake up everyday and you look forward to doing it, if you are passionate about something, you won’t give it up easily. People interview me all the time and say ‘oh, don’t you think it is time for you to retire and hand over to the younger ones?’ and I am like ‘this is what I do for a living’. Oprah (Winfrey) is thirty years in the business and Larry King is almost ninety and he is still in charge of his experience, it is because they love what they do. If you love and you are passionate about something, if they wake you about 2 am in the morning, you would be happy to do it because it is not work for you, it is your passion, and it is your life. So, to answer your question, some of the people that are short lived went into it for the wrong reason, weather their friends went into it or that was the trending thing at that time, so, let me too do it. Or they went into it for the money, I need to make money, I want to make some cash—so, two months later, they are out of it because the money doesn’t come. They abandon it because they were only looking at the material side and not the passion. But you are doing something you love, weather you are a doctor, you are an architect, you are a musician, if it is something you love, weather the money is coming in or not, you will keep doing it because it is something you love to do---it is something you look up to doing. Look at you, you enjoy journalism, and I am sure if they call you at 5AM and say ‘Dan, you need to come and cover this story’, you won’t complain because that is what you are passionate about and that is the most important thing. If you find your calling, you won’t have to work again for the rest of your life because the work will be easy for you while it is difficult for others”.
Dayo and Ashley Adeneye
The GDA inspects the Bentley Car
The Story of my Bentley Car
By the time asabeafrika asked D-One a question about his newly purchased Bentley Car, he felt reluctant to speak further. But when this blog made it clear that the impact of the story is to drive entrepreneurship and a sense of hard work among young ones in the larger society, he burst into a wild laughter before igniting the attitude to reply the question). “Look, I have always told myself, look, I am not afraid to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I work smart, I work hard but I play even harder. And anybody that is in this industry knows how hard we work. We work Weekends, we work holidays. We work new years’ eve, we work on Christmas. So when you put in the hard work, you shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy the fruit of your labor. I mean, I don’t see the big deal in owing a Bentley at this age; it is just a comfortable car. It is just a way to ride around in comfort. Sure, you might say it is a bit expensive but if I don’t ride it now, when am I going to ride it? When I am 70 or 80? I have always prided myself in getting the things that makes me happy. And I thank God to be so blessed to be able to acquire one”.
Front View of the Bentley Flying Spur
Side view of the inner control mechanism
Between My Hummer and My Bentley
 We made D-One laugh the more when we asked him to define the comfort ability of one of the earliest of his costly cars, a hummer jeep and the newly acquired Bentley, he replied after the laugh interval “You are talking about two extremes (More laughter), the Hummer you buy in your youth for ruggedness and just rolling around town. The Bentley is more of a comfort car, you sit and you relax in it. It is not for hurry-hurry. You don’t drive a Bentley when you are in a hurry. Most people say it is a status symbol but I just like it, I think it is a very comfortable car and of course it holds its value in terms of investment”.
You will like to drive the car
The Thrills and Frills of a Bentley Car
Wao!” that was the first word that came from D-One when we asked him to tell us some of the special benefits of driving a Bentley Car “For one thing, you don’t have to service that car (Bentley Continental Flying Spur) for every four years, you just have to service it once in every four years. Secondly, it has satellite navigation and its own GPS. It is just a very, very, very, comfortable car. Very fast on drive than a big car---it is 0 to 60 in about six seconds. It is a very fast car. But I can tell you it is a very, very, very luxurious car. It is a nice thing to own”.
The back seats are made of the finest leather for confort
I am bigger than Bentley
 When we informed D-One that he was one of the very few Media personalities, if not second to own a Bentley car after Ovation Publisher Chief Dele Momodu, D-One frowned and said “Well, that says something of our industry. There should be more of Bentley owners in Nigeria. With the amount of work and the amount of efforts that we put into this work, there should be more. I shouldn’t be the first, I shouldn’t be the second. I mean, we should have more celebrities buying Bentleys. If you look abroad in developed countries, you will see stars of twenty one, twenty two riding Bentleys. The likes of Eddy Murphys of this world at twenty one, twenty two started riding all those things. It goes to show you that we still have a long way to go, we are developing. The entertainment industry is still developing, it is still growing but we thank God that our artistes, the people in entertainment, actors, actresses, producers, songwriters, are beginning to be rewarded justly for their works. And there will be many more, many more good things to happen in the industry. This is just the tip of the ice-berg. I mean, we would go places and make exploits. I mean John Travolta (An American Actor) has his own plane. He has a Boeing 747 as his private air plane. Tyler Perry has his own private jet. He is a producer, he writes movies. So, we are not there yet. We shouldn’t just be celebrating a Bentley. We should be celebrating D-One buys his own Forker Air Jet that is the level we should be right now at my own age”.
Back View of the new wonder machine.
A befitting Super Car with the convenience of a Spa parlor
I want a Rolls Royce next…
 On why he chose to buy a Bentley car for his 49th birthday, D-one said that was never his initial dream. Hear him “To be honest with you, I actually really wanted a Rolls Royce and I am still working on that. I know God knows what I want and my God always give me what I want and I am not afraid to work for it. I actually wanted a Rolls Royce, I wanted a Rolls Royce Ghost but now I have even changed my mind, I think I want a Phantom. I have a very good friend in America (Yinka Adesokan) who always says ‘look, always aim for the best, your God is a God of abundance. Don’t be shy to ask God for what you want. Don’t think God will feel that you are bordering Him. Ask God for what you want. So, I am asking God for Rolls Royce Phantom before the end of this year and I know He would do it, then we can hand over the Bentley over to Madam. (Laughter)”
Ambassador Dayo Adeneye
The Steer-Power Technology at best
The NDLEA Message
Even though it was few weeks to his indoctrination as an NDLEA ambassador alongside other celebrities, D-One seemed to have intuitively started to act the ambassadorial role while waiting for the confirmation of the honors. Hear his advice to lazy and confused young ones “One of the things is what I said earlier. I said, whatever you do, go into it for the right reasons. I wouldn’t advise anybody to go into any business because they want to ride a Bentley. Just go into it; look, when I got into this, I never thought I am going to make money. I just knew that if I work and I am diligent at this thing, it would put food on my table, it would take me places. I could have gotten this Bentley years back, I could have gotten it years ago but you have to look at your environment. Look, there are lots of people that need help. There are lots of people that you could help, there are lots of issues you could solve but at the same time, you must not deprive yourself of your own happiness. You help those that you can, do what you can for the less privilege ones and you thank God and you testify because also, when you succeed, you are sure it is a glamorous life. But if it is not glamorous and you don’t succeed in it, nobody would want to be like you. You have young people who look up to you as role model. Remember, when we were growing up, everybody wanted to be a Doctor or a Lawyer because doctors and lawyers were the ones that have the nice cars. Your parents will say ‘ah, ah, ooo ri Doctor Tayo ni’ (Ah, ah, cant you emulate Doctor Tayo?) and they drive you to a medical school. But we thank God that today, that everybody want to be a P-Square, everybody wants to be a D-Banj, they want to be like Keke and D-One because the industry is now glamorous, they can see you in nice cars. They can see you in plane flying first class and wearing nice clothes. So, it is very important that we also project the positive image so that children and young people can aspire to be like us and say ‘yes, I can succeed in this area, it is not just for riff-raffs”.
When your car has its own GPRS, then driving anywhere won't be a trouble

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