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My Life as publisher of Admire Magazine—Warri based Publisher, Glory Ebbah ..Sets to storm Lagos with Warri talents show

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The Publisher, Glory Ebbah with the GDA display a copy of his magazine
Glory Ogheneburie Toritsemeregbemi Ebbah is a young man with a rare zeal to excel in his chosen profession-journalism.  A native of Warri, Delta state; the Anambra State Polytechnic, Oko graduate of Marketing is the Publisher of leading Warri, Delta state-South-South Nigeria based Celebrity journal, Admire.
Fondly addressed as G.O.T. Ebbah among his circle of friends in Warri, Delta state, the big boy was in Lagos penultimate Wednesday (August 13 precisely) for a special encounter with leading African Fashion icon, Mudiaga Clement Enajemo of MUDI West Africa. This dazzling young man whose publication is like a hot cake among the successful ones in Warri, Delta state opened up to your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika at MUDI Lagos pavilion as he told us the humble story of his publishing career and how publishing became his number one passion.  Some of the issues we raised with him were duly treated as he told us more about his career, lifestyle, ambition and passion. Enjoy the excerpts.  

Glory T. O. Ebbah... What i intend doing is to bring the best of Warri talents to Lagos
Why I Publish Admire?
“Actually I started publishing from Warri in Delta state. I was born and brought up in Warri which is my base. When I started the publication it was not easy because of the lack of awareness in Warri where we don’t have that kind of journalistic awareness and perhaps the kind of publication we do which is more of soft sell with major interest in celebrity and event reporting. We needed to see and pronounce the idea more to our people who seem to be more politically enlightened than giving a hoot for celebration. But the zeal to do something new kept me going on and it was really at this junction that I decided to give the project a bit of Lagos touch.
We started flying into Lagos to get stories of Delta celebrities living in Lagos and back-grounding it with stories of success makers back home. Of course Lagos became our news hub because this is the place where you see the real people who can push you to act and achieve an all round success in your endeavor. Well this new development allowed us to move 80% of our editorial concentration to Lagos and I can tell you that we are doing well in Lagos right now”.
G.O.T. Ebbah.....Admire magazine is all about looking good

More about Admire Magazine
Admire is strictly a celebrity and event magazine with a slender preference for news analysis. We are not majorly into politics because we don’t want to build a base of critics than we have admirers. Like the name of the magazine implies, we are to admire people and their worldviews irrespective of who you are or which political party you belong. A lot of people already have bias for which personality you pick on in terms of interviews and news preference. We don’t want to have critics as a result of political reports. Yes, apart from reporting celebrities and events, we also have a flair for reporting fashion. Fashion is one area that attracts global attraction than any other segment of reporting; and since Lagos is the capital of fashion you will always see us in Lagos. Today I am with Mr. Mudiaga Enajemo of MUDI West Africa who happens to be one of the biggest investors in fashion business across Africa. He is a marvelous inventor and investment expert in an industry that is likely to compete with oil economy in the next one or two decades. Admire magazine will always celebrate the ingenuity of people like MUDI. 
Admire is not only about writing stories about society events or society people but about promoting fashion and style because at the end of the day you discover that everyone want to dress fine and look good in their fashion garb. We will always be there to promote what you wear and how you wear it” “We are also into show business, we report entertainment with so much gusto and very soon we will be hosting a show in Lagos tagged “Admire Warri Boys”, we will be importing raw talents from Warri into Lagos because Nigeria seems to be aware that when it comes to the discovery of raw talents be it in comedy, music, acting, fashion and general entertainment, Warri have always contributed the highest quota to Nigeria. The show will come up very soon in Lagos and we will be having lots of entertainment icons from Delta State and Warri in particular that will grace the event. We are already talking to sponsors and by the time we have it, we will show Nigeria how powerful Warri is in terms of raw talents”
Glory T.O Ebbah.....Warri has given Nigeria more creative people

Me, me, me,
I used to be a professional printer and I can say that was my first business. And because I meet clients every day in Delta, I kept meeting a lot of influential people who I later discovered were yearning for something more than the printing job they offered me. These were people who had several good ideas but lacked the platform to launch their ideas; some had good wardrobes that were not well reported and you know Nigerians are stylish people. We are a cream of people who like to achieve and equally tell the story of our success in order to encourage others. When I saw this niche, I decided to go into publishing and fill this yearning gap of our people. It is to the glory of God that we were able to do exactly that and we have not regretted it. Admire is a platform where people can inform, educate and motivate.
I graduated from Federal Polytechnic in Okoh, Anambra state. I read marketing but today I am in journalism because I taught there is a need for me to create my own brand and make a niche for myself. That is why I went into publishing. Beyond that, I like dressing well, I like looking good and since that is my hubby, I said let me equally do something that will not only propagate my idea but will equally propagate my personality.  And in going into publishing I decided to look at the genres and picked the one that suits my interest. We have the hard sell and the soft sell genre but I choose to go for the soft sell. My magazine belongs to the soft sell genre. In reporting fashion, we attend events and meet people who look good and who dress well in order to be able to report them. We attend real society events. This is the sole reason for establishing Admire.
Glory Ebbah....from printer-to-publisher

Me & family
“My full names are Glory O.T. Ebbah; Glory is my first name given to me by my dad while the O is for Ogheneburie which is an Itsekiri name and T is for Toritsemeregbemi, it is a name given to me by my paternal grand mum. She is from Itsekiri, I don’t know the actual meaning because I didn’t stay long with her to ask questions but Ogeneburie means God’s Decision for me. I am the last born of 4 children from my mum; I don’t want to talk much about my step siblings because I am actually from a polygamous home. My mum is late but dad is still much around in Sapele.
Our family is a large one in Warri.  I grew up in Warri but Lagos has been a place I have traverse in the last two decades. It is my second best destination in Nigeria. Truth is that I equally have my sources in Lagos and it has always been a good time here. Lagos is where you run into the real news; Warri is where you sell the news. Yes, we equally have a good market base in Lagos but don’t forget that foreign stuff sells better at home. We take from our people in Warri, we take from our people in Lagos and we sell it back home and else where. News is news, the platform is what differs”

Glory Ebbah....Admire is a magazine that admires good things in people

Me and E-journalism
“I don’t subscribe to the fact that there is no reality on ground that internet or E-journalism is taking the order of the day but I think we still have lapses when it comes to the issue of computer literacy and even the use of the internet itself. How many Nigerians are into brownsing and can be said to be dedicated to the use of the internet? The number is very slim. Even our internet system itself is not functioning well, that is a minus for the economy of internet investors. Sometimes when you are browsing the thing just goes off.
So, I think the E-journalism thing is still not grounded in a country where 80% of its crowd is not yet computer literate. For me, there will always be a need for the hard copy. The hard copy will always sell because you can access it, hold it and document it in a library.
For up coming entrepreneurs in the magazine sector, you need to be serious and diligent with what you do. Don’t joke with the opportunity because you never know who is watching. They should be meticulous with it and create their own niche”
Glory Ebbah....I saw the need to give people a platform to express themselves

Style according to me
“Style to me is looking good and it tells who you are. Looking good is my passion. Honestly, it is my passion. Even if you look at our editorial for this issue 8, the topic is “Looking Good”. We cherish looking good and we do our best to promote the act of looking good. For those who read Admire, they should expect to see more about fashion, they should anticipate more quality event reports, personality interviews and quality analysis. In this present edition you saw how we brought to you the exclusive birthday gig of former Miss World Agbani Darego and some other lovely stories like the funeral of late veteran actor Justus Esiri from beginning to the end.  
On our next edition we will be running series of interesting stories about life with major emphasis on health issues as it affects celebrities. You need to know more about your blood pressure and how you can manage it so that you won’t become a victim of sudden blood surge which we call high blood pressure. We have interviewed some professional experts on that field and you will marvel at what we have to reveal to the world. We equally have other very interesting articles that will thrill our readers. Keep a date with Admire

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