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Untold Story of TV Buff, Dayo Adeneye’s 3-Star Hotel Launch in Lagos + How Music Icon 9ice starred the event + All the unheard details here first …Why Kenny Ogungbe was absent

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An exclusive room for a hard day rest inside the DC Suites
Penultimate Monday July 28th was a public holiday in Nigeria in honor of the recently concluded 30 days Muslim fasting and prayer exercise which culminated in the celebration of the Muslim’s Idel-Fitri festival. It was also World Hepatitis Day (HPD).
But for Nigerians living in the Mile 12, Ketu and Ikorodu area of Lagos state, South West Nigeria, it was a day to behold in good memory as Television buff and Prime Time Television Co-Producer/Presenter cum Grammy Awards visitor, Otunba Dayo (D-One) Adeneye and his lovely wife, Barrister Caroline Adeneye (Nee Negbenebor) launched their new 3-Star hotel and recreation center famously called DC Suites and bar situated inside Bako Estate along Mile 12-Ikorodu Road in Lagos for business.  The hotel is a 20 room’s affair with a recreational center which has a three segment bar session for all classes of patrons. The all night event which started at 9 pm dot had the presence of Africa’s Hip-Hop Folklore Music icon, Abolore Agbolade Akande aka 9ice  who performed alongside other acts like Jaywon, Mingin, Klever Jay and other locals in Lagos state. The music icon, 9ice whose presence drew the attention of the high and mighty in Corporate Nigeria, Lagos and Ghana social circle including fans from  Ikorodu, Mile 12, Ketu and Alapere areas of the state to the event gave a very impressive performance that left fans and critics asking for more. Your African Number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika was at the ten hours non-stop fun-filled event and brings you behind-the-scene scoops that will serenade your read appetite. Sit and take a sip of your best wine as we regale you with one of the events that shook Lagos in the month of July.
Dedicated staff of DC Suites will always honor the yearning of customers with a high sense of duty
About the Hotel
DC Suites and Bar which is the brain child of Dayo and Caroline Adeneye was finished in the later part of May and was opened for business early June. The hotel which is situated on three plots of land with a big recreation center and bar attached to the structure is situated on number 19-23 Okeowo Street inside Bako estate by Irawo bus stop along Mile 12-Ikorodu Road, Lagos. The hotel is twenty rooms’ affairs with majority of the rooms named after the couple’s children like “Jasmine Suite”, “Nicole Suite”, “Bryan Apartment” and “Ashley Suite”.  The initials “DC” are derived from the couples’ First names. D emerged from Dayo’s name and C from Caroline which shows the deep connection between both as they share love, life and business together. The hotel which boasts of state-of-the-arts equipments at affordable price is the first of its kind in the entire Bako estate in Mile 12. Locals who include Okada (Motor Cycle) men and shop owners prefer to call it Hotel D-One or D-One Hotel.
Ayo Shonaiya, Steve Ayorinde, D-One, Hennessy's Amar Agada with a guest
Okeowo Street comes under heavy security
Starting from 6pm, the entire Okeowo Street, venue of the event took a new shape as stern looking and heavy body built security men took over strategic positions on the street to ensure a hitch-free event. The men numbering about ten were led in by security expert Prince Adebisi Adewale (MSSPN, MIIPS) of Advance Team G Nigeria Ltd. He is reputed to be one of the leading experts in General Security, Industrial security and events and VIP Protection security sector as his men who are tall, hefty and fiery did a perfect job through out the night ensuring miscreants were totally thrown out of the vicinity of the event as only a quality crowd of guests and fans were allowed in after picking their tickets which is in form of hand badges. The Advance Team G forces were supported by a team of stern looking police officers from the Mile 12 and Ketu Division of the Nigerian Police Force with some Mobile Police men from the Lagos Police Command who complemented the security strategy for the all night event. The security was just too tight for any funny stunt by a fragile mind.
Dollar with Man-about-town, Prince Aseperi
How the venue was branded
Right from the entrance of the bar and recreation side of the hotel down to the upper side of the bar it was branded all through with spaces (Chairs and Tables) allocated for all classes of dignitaries and patrons that attended the event.  The bar side which is segmented into three arenas had the lower side for the regulars who had the white bands on their wrists while the upper side which was manned by stern looking security personnel is specially designed for top dignitaries who adorned the Yellow and Pink band on their wrist. On the upper side of the bar is the exclusive all-air-conditioned suite for the VVIP (Very, Very Important Personalities). This room which was opened around 2:30 am after 9ice’s performance boasted of only the Hennessy brand of drinks with lots of fast-finger meals. The venue was branded by Sierra Global Communications owned by Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye and the Moet Hennessy Company whose officials were at the event.
Dollar and D-One
The Plasma screen effect
On the four corners of the bar section were Plasma TV screens fastened to the wall for all eyes to see. The simple task for these screens was to show the celebrity side of the owner of the new structure as the screen beams with still-pictures of Dayo Adeneye (D-One) with various famous world celebrities in America, London, Barbados, Bahamas, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. It was such a beautiful scene as many patrons of the bar on this night didn’t only see D-One live but could see his pictures with global celebrities across the world. Some of the locals who were lucky to get his signature were proud to be at the venue as it was like a dream come true for them.
9ice dances for the Adeneyes
The economy of the event
Despite the fact that the event was organized on mainland Lagos, it still carried some elements of a high class event with all the trappings of good patronages from the ordinary folks from Ketu, Mile 12 and Ikorodu axis of the state up to the highest of the elites in town. For the ordinary folks who couldn’t afford the price of watching 9ice at a very close range, they paid a token of a thousand naira which earned them a white band (Regulars) that guaranteed their entry into the venue. For those who could afford the price of a Yellow or Pink band (VIP & VVIP) which is the highest (It goes for between N2:500 and N4:000) they were allowed to sit at a very close range with the cream of society at the upper lounge of the bar with a slight demarcation while other patrons who bought tables of four chairs which ranges from N30; 000; 00 to N25; 000:00 had the most strategic position.  Guests were allowed to make demand for drinks which goes for very affordable prices except the class of Hennessy and Champagne brands which comes with some higher cost implication. Fast finger meals were also in abundance at prices friendly with the pocket.  Organizations that purchased tables included City People Media Group, UBA, Skye Bank, Diamond Bank, Topmost Limited, Primetime Entertainment, BHM and a couple of other organizations in the corporate sector.
Baba Oloye-D-one with Klever Jay
The 9ice T-Shirt “Efizy”
One thing you should respect the Adeneyes for is their high sense for branding anything brand-able. For the night, all the DC bar team including the team leader, Otunba Dayo Adeneye and his wife, Barrister Caroline Adeneye wore the 9ice branded T-shirt which came in several colors of pink, white and green with the face of the artiste donning the face of the T-shirt.  Others who wore the T-shirt are those fondly called “The Real Baba Oloye Boys” (Reference to D-One’s Otunba title), they include his personal assistant on private matters Mr. Sanyaolu Oladimeji formerly of Lagos state internal Revenue, Mr. Dayo Ogunleye his personal assistant on public matters and the entire staff of the twenty rooms hotel. Some guests were seen asking for the T-shirt at the venue of the event but since it was a limited edition they couldn’t lay their hands on one.
9ice digging it down with Yeye Caroline Adeneye
What was written at the back of D-One’s wife’s T-Shirt
You will never believe this; the 9ice branded T-shirt for D-one and wife were the only one granted the permission to have a name tagged on the back side; and what did we have on the back of D-One’s own?. We simply had D-One written on the back while Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye’s own carried the tag “Yeye”. Wao! So, next time you see the Sierra Global Concept boss, don’t forget to add the prefix “Yeye” to her name. Remember Yeye Funke Daniels the immediate past first lady of Ogun state? So, when next you want to call Dayo Adeneye’s wife, just call her Yeye Caroline Adeneye. Period! Or else; me I no wan go back to village o.
A crowd of Fans & Funseekers raps Klever Jay
How the Hennessy brand “stole” the event
One thing that characterized the opening of DC Suites and bar is the rough battle between several Nigerian brands and organizations to steal the attention of dignitaries and patrons who attended. From Nigerian Breweries, UBA, Skye Bank down to Moet Hennessy Incorporated, it was a battle of sort. But it seems one brand that won the space battle was the Moet Hennessy brand which branded 69% of the venue of event with logo of the brand conspicuously spread all over the place including the VIP and VVIP arena coupled with a  generous supply of free Hennessy drinks and lovely branded gifts for guests and patrons. On grand to make things happen was Moet Hennessy big boy Amar Agada who is the trade representative for Mainland North of Lagos, West Africa. He arrived the venue at 6pm and didn’t leave until 5 am the next day. He personally shared Hennessy branded I-pad leather cases, Hennessy branded wallets, phone cases and other lovely gifts.    
9ice sings for Baba Oloye, D-One and his Yeye, Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye
How NB PLC shared Sallah Rice and other items
The second organization that probably made impact at the 9ice spiced DC Suites and bar launching is Nigerian Breweries PLC which supplied numerous gifts ranging from bags of rice, 32 inches TV sets, DVDs, Micro Waves and several other gifts that were given out in a rally to patrons who bought the event tickets via social media two weeks earlier.  All the gifts were in honor of the mood of Sallah celebration. The raffle draw was conducted by gifted Master of Ceremony, MC Don; the dreadlock wearing gifted master of ceremony really brought lots of enthusiasm and fun into the event as he dragged out some pretty ladies from the crowd to pick the raffle tickets and call names of winners who made it. Those who couldn’t make it to the event after purchasing their ticket lost immediately as another name was called and asked  to come forward for the gift.  The gift presentation segment courtesy Nigerian Breweries PLC was fun-filled as many dignitaries were thoroughly entertained.  Other organizations that made it down to the venue are Talk-A-lot represented by Yinka and Gas Promotion under the leadership of Mr. Ayo Odunsi.
9ice on stage
And the DC bar Babes shorn like Northern Stars
They all came looking trim, fresh and ready to serve all. They are called the DC bar girls who made sure the crowd of guests had their order delivered in time without delay all night through. In the line of duty were Yemisi Olorunda, Titilope Ajayi, Kehinde Yussuf, Chidiebere Akah, Ganiyat Iyiola, Funmi Ajibade and Funke Jolaosho. They were all dressed in the branded 9ice T-Shirt which was the official uniform for the event. The Manager of the hotel, Mr. Anuoluwapo Loyinmi, a marketing expert was overheard giving orders to the security men at the gate not to allow his girls to move out of the premises as he wouldn’t tolerate anyone ‘stealing’ them off duty for the night.
Ambassador Dayo Adeneye poses with a Moet Hennessy branded Pouch
Deejay Fremedy serenade emotions
He was the man that turned the Jockey table for the night and he got everyone’s mood jiving with joy and expectation as he reeled out both old and new school music that soothes the mood of all. His name is Deejay Fremedy of 101.5 City fm and presenter of the famous Hip-Hop Ride with K-Show program on the station from Monday to Friday (8:30pm to Midnight). The Owoh, Ondo state born sound maker with real name as Oluwafemi Oguns made sure his hand never slacked as he raved his trade in between the show until the man of the night 9ice took the stage at 12:15am.
Ghana Big Girl Seme Azumah storm Nigeria for the launch
She is a very good friend of Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye and on few occasions that this very beautiful Ghanaian lady has visited Nigeria, it has always been at the behest of Mrs. Dayo Adeneye. Seme Azumah was the cynosure of all eyes at the event courtesy of her striking beautiful physique which made many Nigerian guys turns their head tactically in her direction. She is one of the leading fashion designers in the city of Accra. She arrived the venue 6pm of June 28th and didn’t leave until she danced her waist off in the early hours of June 29th. She left Nigeria with the first flight on Wednesday June 30th. All through the event she didn’t leave the company of her friend, Yeye Caroline Adeneye.
Mrs. Tola Akintola too….
She is also a very good friend of Yeye Caroline Adeneye, Mrs. Tola Akintola is the MD/CEO of Cloud 9 Outdoor Catering Services in Lagos. This very beautiful light complexioned lady was in company of Caroline Adeneye and Seme Azumah until the event proper started around 10pm when Caroline and her love, D-One  were seated on their fancy seat at the right hand side of the bar.
9ice the Chief entertainer in his element
Meet the Chinko Comedians
If there is one thing that characterized the launching of DC Suites and Bar Center, it was the outpour of new entertainment acts from the Ajegunle, Mile 12, Ketu and Ikorodu axis of Lagos that all throng in to give their best of creativity for the success of the show. One of such acts is what fans and celebrities later termed the “Chinko Comedians” made up of Adiala Iyanu aka Chinko and Gbenga Ayodele aka desktop. While Adiala Iyanu (Chinko) made his presentations in Pidgin or broken English, Gbenga Ayodele aka Desktop interpreted it in a very funny China (Chinko) tone which made many to laugh their jaw off. The two who came on several intervals at the event really made the show an interesting one. One if the big boys who really paid attention to the Chinko Comedians was famous TV Buff and pal for life to D-One, Idowu Ogungbe aka I-D-on-the Street. He not only showered them with money but equally interjected in their stunts each time he feels they hid something in their Chinese translation. It really seems to many fans that ID Ogungbe himself, understand Chinese.
A fan give 9ice a close embrace on stage
And the big boys fell in one by one
It is Lance Armstrong the actor that says “Knowledge is power, Community is strength and positive attitude is everything” and this axiom can only define one person perfectly, that is Otunba Dayo Adeneye aka D-One who was the biggest celebrity of the night. At exactly 9:45pm, the big boys started trooping in with the likes of TV buff, Idowu Ogungbe aka ID-on-the-street leading other very important celebrities like Abass Ellams, the head honcho of Marketing, Sales and Research Department of DAAR Communications Ltd, Dele Esan aka Baba Nee of Primetime Entertainment and his team member John Uklueleigbe.  Others are Los Angeles based Property big boy Abimbola Ogunmowo who travelled down to Nigeria for the event in company of his younger brother Dayo Ogunmowo.  With them came Sola Fajobi the producer of the Super Mum television series and owner of Troy Event Center. Another big boy that was at the event was AFRIMA (All African Music Awards) proprietor Kingsley James who stormed the event in Adire attire.  They all made their appearances as the crowd of celebrities kept swelling by the night.
The Steve Ayorinde club too.
The crowd of celebrities were still taking their seats when former National Mirror Executive Director and Media big boy Steve Ayorinde stormed the venue with lots of other friends like social media expert Prince Yemi Aseperi, Mike Dada of PRM Africa, Ayo Shoaniya of R70 Records, London with big boy Adeniyi Adelaiye; all of them took a strategic position at the upper arcade of the bar as their arrival changed the mood of the event.
Amar Agada the Hennessy Man in the House
Why Kenny Ogungbe couldn’t make the event
One very big personality many fans of D-One expected to see at the venue of the Hotel launch was D-One’s twin brother and business partner for life, Kenny (Baba Keke) Ogungbe. Immediately, ID Ogungbe stepped in, crowd of fans who came to see not only 9ice but D-One were anxious to see Keke but unknown to them Baba Keke was not in town.  According to an unconfirmed report, the new GM of the Radio arm of DAAR Communications PLC was out of town for a very important business on behalf of his organization Raypower where he is instrumental to the creation of Faaji FM on Raypower 2. Although other reports has it that the World famous Baba Keke was a bit tired and maybe under the weather due to the stress of creativity which he has brought to Raypower and which takes lots of his time these days but another source close to the media giant who does not want to be named told this blog that Baba Keke was simply out of town on business deals. This blog later learnt that Keke had initially planned to storm Mile 12 for D-One as this is not his first time of doing so but his inability to do so on that day made him send in a blackberry message wishing Otunba and Yeye Dayo and Caroline Adeneye a successful outing.  


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