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Gospel Music star Kenny St Best-KSB shares her political dreams with Asabeafrika ...Says “After Music, Politics is it”

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KSB listening to a question from the GDA
Kenny St Best –KSB (formerly Kenny St Brown nee Ogungbe) the estranged wife of the former lead singer of the defunct Remedies Music Group, Asiedu Brown is moving up big time into politics with a new philosophy that says“Old things are past away and new things back in place”.
The very talented and vibrant Nigerian gospel act who is equally the Vice President of leading music record lable Kennis Music and founder of KSB Ltd is vying for the slot of a representative for the people of Ikeja Constituency 1, Lagos-South West Nigeria. Today Tuesday September 30th she will declare in the presence of selected politician of the All Progressive Party (APC) and stakeholder in Ikeja. Few days ago, KSB hosted your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika inside her Opebi GRA, Ikeja- Lagos-South West home where she shared her dreams with us on why politics is the next way to go at this point in time. Enjoy the excerpts.
KSB....'APC's creed aligns with my philosopy of Turn-Around'
Kenny St Best: This is my best Decision
So, why is Kenny St. Best taking the decision to join the soap box at this time of her life? We opened the conversation with the gospel music act “Thank you very much Gbenga for coming around and equally giving me the opportunity to express myself for people to know why I am going into politics or why I am in politics. I will say in every step on the way, I have always been a leader. To some extent, I have always been in the service of the public either as an entertainer or as a gospel artiste or better still as a youth developer especially in the area of talent discovery, artistry development and brand development. In a nutshell I can say that I have been a public servant.  if my job have always been to satisfy the public, to make them happy and elevate their pains and also be contributive to the talent development of young Nigerians and also added my own contribution to the revolution in the entertainment industry especially in the area of music development.
KSB.....'My contribution to the development of the Nigerian talent industry is a worthy credit for my political endeavor'
With all these I will say I have been able to be a conscientious public servant with the brief of making people glad and equally  turning out hits after hits for over 16 years now; and equally being a part to the development of other people’s children. As the Vice President of Kennis Music, for every talent that went through that institution (Kennis Music)  and that have become a super star and ambassador to this great country at home and abroad, my contribution and expertise has been there. You can’t take it away, and today that industry has suddenly exploded and everywhere I go people look up to me as a role model and all these put together gives me the joy to present myself for the task of leadership at the political level”.
“Could you imagine that as expensive as the last national confab was, as loud as the confab was, as serious as that confab seems to be, no slot was given to Nigerian youths, no one represented the Nigerian youths in any way, we had other organizations and groups from various strata of the society but no one raised the question of the youth. Is that not a very sad reality?”
KSB.....'Ikeja Constituency 1 is my home and charity must begin at home'
KSB...'I have developed talents at Kennis Music and it is time to replicate the gesture in politics
My role @ Kennis Music & the need to go politicking
Can we say KSB’s role as the Vice President of Kennis Music is not more tasking any longer hence the need to go into politics? She reply swiftly “That is not the issue, Kennis Music is an octopus but again we could say that particular industry has become big in a way that it now comes with its own challenges” she stated verbatim and continued “Kennis Music has become more of a philosophy rather than a concrete stock, we have created an industry that has given birth to so many other industries and even Baba Keke as the Chairman has paid his dues in a very big way. Right now we can’t say we want to bring up hundred stars at a time except for a few ones at a time. At a time it was Jaywon, then Minjin and now we have Joel. Before we used to have eight to ten artistes at a go but now the story has changed so what happens to the rest that we cannot get on board? A lot of record companies have started and folded up because they exaggerated the fortunes in our business only to come into it and got their fingers burnt. It is expensive to manage an artiste in fact to even develop one to a point that the artiste will start making money for you.  So, what do I now do as a talent hunter?
KSB....'My going into politics will translate into a big deal for the youth'
KSB...'We need to push for a platform for the youth to express themselves
There is a gap between the Nigerian youth in the area of artistry development and youth economic development. Besides just becoming a graduate we told them to go to school, now they have gone to school. We told them to serve the nation at youth service level, they have served the nation; where are the jobs? The jobs are not there but from our own end at Kennis Music we have been able to make few of them look inward, to see that they have natural talents that they can develop for their economic independence. And for me, this is my call; my specialty is alleviating the pain of the people in society. I have a lot of things to change in the society and the only way for me is to be part of the system and if you are going to be part of the system, then you have to run. You have to become a politician; as far as I am concerned if this makes me a politician, I am ready to be a politician for a long time to come because there are so many Nigerian youths out there whose raw talents are crying for development and God has given me the enablement to develop those talents.
This is the gift God has given me and my brothers at Kennis Music, even when we were not making money from it we were still developing artistes, we were still making people superstars year in year out. We don’t even need to know their parents; their parents don’t even need to know us. So, it is a natural calling for us which I am now taking to a larger scale because Baba Keke will not go into government to do it and mere noticing that there is a gap between the Nigerian government at the local government level, state level and national level and the youth of the society and equally knowing the yearnings of the legion of our youths, these are the reasons I am obeying the call of duty to resume into full politics”.
Kenny St Best

The Youth issue that is driving my new passion
KSB wants everybody to wake up to the reality that the Nigerian youth community has been cheated and forsaken out of the developmental plan of the Government and for her, that is the drive for her new passion-politics. Hear her  “Another reason (For her decision) is the fact that the Nigerian youth does not have a ministry that attends to it, the youth ministry is either attached to the sports ministry or attached to the women affairs ministry or attached to the arts and culture ministry and you now see that if our leaders as critical as they seems to appear in the task of building a greater Nigeria of tomorrow forgets to give a dedicated attention to the youth then who are the new leaders to take over the affairs of tomorrow? You mean there is no ministry to face and build the minds these young people who are the leaders of tomorrow? Then you say there is insurgence, why won’t there be insurgence? How can we stop the insurgences, why won’t there be insurgences and militancy in the land when those young heads are left to wander about without a committed effort to build them? Could you imagine that as expensive as the last national confab was, as loud as the confab was, as serious as that confab seems to be, no slot was given to Nigerian youths, no one represented the Nigerian youths in any way, we had other organizations and groups from various strata of the society but no one raised the question of the youth. Is that not a very sad reality? And we are talking of a national deliberation where new laws and rules are to be made with the benefit for a new constitution of the 21st century brand.
KSB...'At Kennis Music Baba Keke is in charge but here I am on the field as Vice President-at-large
The GDA meets Kenny St Best
The old constitution is what we have been grappling with till date and you are talking about making a new constitution that will run with new and advanced trends of the 21st century and you forgot the youth constituency, the most important part of society and the engine room of our society?.  It is only a country with this crop of leaders that will do this kind of mistake and feel no shame for it; all this things stares me in the face, I want to be the face of the Nigerian youth for a major ideological transformation. Check it out, I have been a part and parcel of the revolution in the Nigerian entertainment industry and I can replicate it in politics. It is possible and I am offering myself for real service of transformation”.
KSB....'I have made an impact at Kennis Music and the idea comes handy in politics
Why I am starting from ikeja
With her pedigree, you would think Kenny St Best should have started from a bigger slot at the federal level but she is quick to educate you why the process has to start from home “It is simply because I have been a part of my immediate constituency especially my local government area which is Onigbongbo LGA. I have been working with this local government area for over six years under the able leadership of the former chairman, Honorable Idowu Obasa. I have also been a part of the Lagos state youth reforms through the office of the first lady of the state, Her Excellency Dame Abimbola Fashola; every year I am the face of leadership at their children party and most recently I have had the rare privilege to work with the office of the governor, His Excellency, Barrister Babatunde Raji Fashola (BRF) in conjunction with his Special Assistant for Youth and Student affairs in the person of Mr. Hakeem Animashaun. And let me also let you know that my immediate constituency Ikeja 1 is the hub of entertainment business in Lagos state; Lagos as a state and the sub-total of the country houses 90% of the Nigerian entertainment industry. The desire of every creative Nigerian youth graduating from any university across the nation is to storm Lagos; their first dream option is Lagos. Lagos! Lagos!!l Lagos!!!. Be it a painter, a sculptor, music, Lagos is their last bus stop.
KSB....'The last National Confab didnt have a youth representaion'
Lagos accommodates even if you are coming from England or America, the first place is Lagos because they know that Lagos will be a big brother. In Lagos, anything can happen; their dreams can become reality, their dream will happen and they can become anything in Lagos. So, if I am really true to my calling, I think I should start from home. That is why I am starting from Lagos. If Lagos can get it done well, other states will emulate. Look at how Lagos have been able to turn around our environment using agencies like LAWMA and today other states are coming to understudy Lagos state. We are the entertainers; as entertainers we intercede for the mass of the people through our creativity and we are the ones that knows where the shoes pinches, there is no budget from the federal government for entertainment practitioners to carry out initiatives and the one they even released for development in the entertainment industry, the bank is seating on it and asking you to go and bring the head of your father and mother before you can access the funds. But Lagos state accommodates ideas, if I can start from Lagos and achieve something, other states could learn from it and see how to use their entertainment stars to achieve transformation. I am proud to start my political career in Lagos right here in my constituency of Ikeja”.
The GDA in the heart of the encounter with KSB
Me, Kennis Music & politics
With politics as the center of her career does it mean that KSB has stepped down as the Vice Chairman of Kennis Music which is run by her elder brother, Kenny Ogungbe. She has an answer for us “Like I told you earlier, Kennis Music is an octopus and Baba Keke (Kenny Ogungbe) is the chairman and president of Kennis Music I am just the Vice President but even as the Vice President of Kennis Music I still run my own company KSB Limited and under KSB Limited we have KSB Foodies, we have KSB On-Air consultancy. I have enough liberty with Kennis Music to run my own business and activate ideas and going into politics is part of activating a new idea and using it well. Right now at Kennis Music we now have fewer artistes, we face one artiste at a time, a lot of companies that joined us on the way have packed up. I don’t need to mention names but this is a game that we have played for 16 years and we know right now the new e-music revolution is rubbing off on sales and distribution but because we have a passion for building youths and enlarging the industry we are still there for the Nigerian youth. So, right now most of us are Pros (Professionals) for instance Essence (Gospel Music act) is a Pro and she can even run her own record company and because of our liberal culture you discover that Kennis Music is a company that allows you to grow and run your own company even while still under its umbrella. So, for me, it doesn’t slow down anything for me. I am the Vice President-at-large”.
KSB....'My biggest agenda is to pinpoint agendas that will emancipate youths and women in Ikeja land'
Why I joined APC
KSB is running under the umbrella of the ruling All Progressive Party (APC) in Lagos; she shared her reason with asabeafrika “Because of what I am clamoring for which is transformation for Nigerian youth and transformation for young Nigerian women and another word for transformation is “Change”, and if the slogan for APC is “Change” then I am for APC. I am operating on the platform of the APC because we share the same philosophy. 
Kenny St Best explaining a point to asabeafrika
One of the awards given to Kenny St Brown in honor of her generous deeds to society from The Sickle Cell Foundation in Nigeria
KSB's wall of awards and pictures of her children
(Watch out for the Kenny St Brown exclusive part 2 “My deal with the Prostitutes” on this blog in the next 24 hours)

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