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Ex-Minister of Science & Technology, General Sam Momah expresses fear for Nigeria in new book +Why he Published “Nigeria on the Brink” 10 days to election

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General Sam Momah....'Nigeria needs a rescue team'
Just few days to the March 28th election, veteran policy maker and former Minister of Science and Technology, General Sam Momah (CFR) has released his sixth book titled “Nigeria on the brink”.
The two-time minister of science and technology (1995-1999) and pioneer commandant of the Nigerian Army War College who have consistently intervened in the affairs of the nation through intellectual research and policy driven literatures is writing his sixth book based on the current fear in the polity due to the level of the Boko Haram Insurgence; giving few urgent rescue imperatives that could salvage the situation before it degenerates into a bigger monster of a crisis that could lead the country into a 50 years civil unrest.
General Sam Momah

The General and his books…
It is a great irony that General Momah who titled his last book “Nigeria: Beyond Divorce” which was published to commemorate his 70th birthday on Saturday July 6th 2013 is releasing a new one with a fearful title “Nigeria on the Brink”.
The 222 pages book with 30 chapters did an elaborate analysis of the birth of Nigeria before the 1914 amalgamation (Forced Marriage) by British colonial managers, tracing the high and low moments of the 100 years marriage of northern and southern Nigeria into the 1960 independence.
 The book did a high level intellectual research into the stunted democratic flow of a racing nationhood through military interventions in the last 32 years and the political coloration of the 350 ethnic nationalities that kept seeking the center as a means to break nationhood than mold upon the work of heroes past.
“Nigeria on the brink” treated several issues ranging from massive corruption by drivers of the economy both in the military and civilian era, epileptic and inept leadership at the center, stranded educational policies that has relegated merit to the background and uplifted mediocrity to the front row. Militia ethnic threats which the author fears might be the real albatross for the break up of a one indivisible Nigeria after hundred years of marriage (1914-2014)
Issues of the moment…
The 72 years old statesman and veteran of policy making who was one of the best Nigerian ministers of science and technology during his tenure between 1995 and 1999 raised some very strong questions that needed urgent answers in the book. Hear him; “With the ongoing savagery and reign of terror by Boko-Haram, Nigeria has never had it so bad. Indeed the unfolding macabre and the collapse of Nigeria’s defenses without a fight prompted the writing of this book. It is the author’s wish to alert fellow patriots on the formidable threat to Nigeria’s corporate existence. As at today (31st of December 2014) the threat has become deadly serious considering the ease with which Boko Haram captured towns and villages in the North East. Their guts in declaring Islamic Caliphate, the affront in renaming the towns of Gwoza and Mubi, the insult in hoisting their flag, the humiliation in raping our daughters and wives, the savagery in slitting the throats of our brave men, the temerity in taking our women in their vehicles to the battle front, and the impunity in invading prisons close to Abuja and releasing their colleagues plus other prisoners are very disgusting. These brazen actions make one wonder what happened to our once formidable Armed Forces of Nigeria-The Giant of Africa? Why are the forces collapsing like a pack of cards? Why are hunters now our first line forces? Why are the authorities so concerned in dancing and seeing in election jingles while the reason for the election is now a mirage? Why is our council of state staring into space while the ship of state is sinking? Why are Nigerians keeping mute and not even a passive demonstration? Why are people just praying without backing it up with action? Why are our legislators being tear-gassed by police in the National Assembly premises? Why are Boko Haram so brazenly confident and the Nigerian Government so confusingly despondent? Why has Ekiti State House of Assembly without forming a quorum impeached its speaker? Why is the Naira so battered in value that dirty naira notes are being sold at huge profit for mint notes? Why are the lower denomination of N5, N10, N20 and N50 so scarce that businesses at the grass root have been paralyzed? The situation is so bad that sweets, chewing gum and Tom-Tom are now being given in place of unavailable lower denominations. Why is Nigeria in this disgraceful and embarrassing trade by barter in 21st century “oil rich” Nigeria? Why has governance at the federal level gone comatose? Are we now in a banana republic?
The above questions and many more are some of the cogent reasons General Momah who himself has been a stake holder in the affairs of nation building put together the book with accurate answers, suggestions and solutions on how to tackle the problems at hand. The author recommends the new book for leaders and policy makers across the length and breadth of the country, saying “it is an urgent document for leaders and policy makers to digest at this trying moment. Especially those that seek to take the country out of its present doldrums”
General Momah who for the first time made a mind blowing exposure of his close shave with the April 22nd Orka’s coup in his new book also treated the issues of Power, Poor Army, Poor Economy, Boko Haram, Oil boom and oil doom, Incredible Census, Election rigging, National Confab report and other serious issues at the heart on bringing Nigeria down.
The author proffered solutions that he feels could halt the break down of a great country. He equally suggested the establishment of a United State of Nigeria (USN) through an independent source of income with Agriculture as the major driver of economy.
What we need to do on Saturday March 28th, 2015
“It is hoped that the content of this book will stimulate a discourse towards finding an immediate solution in pulling Nigeria out of the brink. Undoubtedly, the shortest way to succeed in solving the problem will be to vote in 2015 for a president that is principled, incorruptible, and with impressive track record. He should have the strength of character to be able to lead by example. He should be a courageous patriot that will crush Boko Haram within months and thereafter, chart a new beginning for the Nigeria of our dream…..The situation calls for a change from our present way of doing things to a new way of doing things; from our present business-as-usual to a new business-as-never-before, the details of which are catalogued this book”.  General Momah noted.
The book is dedicated to founding fathers of Nigeria and those who laid down their lives during the course of the war against Boko Haram.
About General Momah
General Sam Momah was the Minister of Science and Technology (1995-1999). He retired from the army after 36 years of meritorious service. He is a graduate and post graduate of numerous tertiary institutions at home and abroad including Royal College of Defense Studies, London. He has PhD in Strategic Studies, a Fellow of War College (Fwc), First Class Honors Degree in Civil Engineering, a Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers, and a member of the National Institute (Mni). The General and Gentle man was conferred with the National honor of Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFR) in 1998.
Nigeria on the Brink is his sixth book. He has written in the past, five high profile books, which are (1) Global Strategy; (2) Global Disorder and the New World Order; (3) Technology is Power, (4) Nigeria: Beyond Divorce and (5) Amalgamation of Nigeria—Mistake or a Mission.
He is happily married with five children, four of whom are practicing medical doctors. His leisure is mainly reading, writing, fulfilling actively his role as a public analyst and also, giving talks on contemporary issues in seminars and conferences
General Sam Momah....'The Present Government in Nigeria has created sleepless nights for some of us'
Our Part on National Rescue Mission
Meanwhile, your soar away Africa’s number 1 celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika has received the instruction of the author of the book “Nigeria on the brink” to start publishing the contents of the book for mass readership across the world in order to make evident the ills at hand in our nation and the necessary solutions at hand.
The instruction which was given to this blog by General Momah through one of his Daughters, Dr. Amaka Momah seeks to make the content of the book bare to all patriotic Nigerians home and abroad in order to help us make great decision during the next election.
The series from the book will start running on this blog from Monday March 23rd. Join us as we release the book “Nigeria on the brink” in facts and details for your benefit on Asabeafrika blog. Stay tuned.
General Sam Momah

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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