Monday, 16 March 2015

Joke of the Day: The Bragging Women of St. Louis Catholic Church

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One of the things Nigerian women are fond of doing is bragging about how successful their children are or how important they are in the society.  You can never be tired of hearing them claiming to be mothers of millionaires or mothers of commissioners or ministers. That is if they are not mothers of police or service chiefs.

After Mass in the premises of St Louis Catholic Church, four elderly catholic ladies were engaged in conversation about their son’s achievements.
The first one told her Catholic friends,
My son is a priest. You only need to see what happens anytime he walks into a room! Everyone calls him ‘Father, even the elderly ones do so”
The second Catholic woman smiled and with some air of pride around her, she said cheerfully,
“My son is a Bishop, every where he goes, people will say ‘Your Grace’
The third Catholic woman said, with abundant feeling of accomplishment “My son is a cardinal. Whenever he enters any room anywhere in the world, everybody, weather European or American or Asian or African, would say “Your Eminence”
The fourth Catholic woman, with an amusing (though disappointing) smile, said “My son is a very handsome, light complexioned, tall 6ft 6inchs muscular stripper! Whichever room he walks into, people there always say, “Oh my God! Aah! Aah!!
 (Culled from the book First Hundred Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)

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