Friday, 13 March 2015

Joke of the Day: Man must not live by Bread alone

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Akin was lucky to have gained admission to Government College at the time he did. Everybody in his village looked at him with awe since they all believed that, for him to have passed the competitive entrance examination to the prestigious college, he must have been exceptionally brilliant and intelligent Whenever he came home on holidays, many of the young boys and girls milled around him to seek answers to all sorts of questions that bothered their minds.
One day, a primary school pupil came to Akin and asked, “Why did Jesus say that man should not live by bread alone?”
Since Christian Religious Knowledge was not taught to the students at Government College during his time in the college, Akin was not versed in what Jesus was quoted to have said or why He said such. He did not know the answer to the small boy’s question! But he had to cook up an answer if only to prove that he was truly a scholar from Government College.
“Jesus said that because He believed that bread was not nutritious enough. It had to be eaten with butter and jam as well as with tea or coffee” Akin said after a few seconds. “So every time one eats bread, it must be with butter and tea or coffee?” Jide, the primary school pupil, asked.
“Yes o” Akin affirmed.
(Culled from the book First Hundred Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)

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