Sunday, 15 March 2015

Joke of the Day: Okoro the intruder

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A prominent Yoruba Chief, Chief Ilemakin Orunla in one of the big towns in Western Nigeria was indebted to an Igbo man, Prince Okoro Ohaku who is living some meters away in the same quarters. The Yoruba Chief owed the Igbo man five hundred naira.

Each time the Igbo man come for his loan refund from the Chief, he always met a brick wall. He was always told that the Chief has gone out. After several failed attempts, the Igbo man had a premonition that the chief could not always be outside his residence morning, afternoon and night.
The truth was that anytime the Yoruba Chief saw the Igbo man coming to his house from afar off, he would run into the confines of his wife’s inner chambers, with the strict instruction to members of his household not to disclose his whereabouts to the Igbo man.
The game of hide and seek continued until that day that the Igbo man decided to approach the Chief’s residence via the back door. On sighting the Igbo man a few meters to him, the Chief ran inside his house. The Igbo man wasted no time in pursuing Chief Orunla into the inner chambers of his house.
Seeing the ugly scenario, the Chief’s household members descended on the Igbo man and gave him a thorough beating.
As if that was not enough, the Yoruba Chief dragged the Igbo man to the customary court, accusing the Igbo man of desecrating the sanctity of the Muslim Pudah system by entering the chambers belonging to his wife and daughters. At the court where the jury comprises colleagues of the Chief, the following dialogue emerged:
Court Judge 1:       What is the name of the accused person?
Igbo man        :         My name is Okoro
Court Judge 2:          Okoro?
Court Judge 1:           Yes, that is what he has called himself
Court Judge 2:           Ti Oko ba n ro e, se awon eleha ati omo oloye….loye ko lo ba ni?
Court Judge 1:           Oloye, se won lu u daa’da?
Yoruba Chief:            Beeni, Owo ba die
Court Judge 1:           O da baun!
Court Judge 2:     Wo o, Oko ro, you have no right to enter Chief’s Pudah. You will go to jail.
Court Judge 1:      (In whispers) Oloye, e lo wa bi eo se san owo ti e je Oko ro yi o

 (Culled from the book First Hundred Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)

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