Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Joke of the Day: Stealing a Hat

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There was this lay-about man, Lanwa Adekogbe who had misplaced his hat and could not figure out when and where last he wore it. He felt that the simplest way to replace it was to go to church and steal one from the cloakroom where ‘lost but found articles’ were kept.
On the fateful Sunday, when he was in church, he listened to the vicar’s sermon on the Ten Commandments. After the service, on coming out, he was greeted by the Vicar. Then he said to the Vicar,
“Do you know you have saved me from committing a sin? I came here this morning with the intention of stealing a hat, but after listening to your sermon, I changed my mind”
“That’s great” said the Vicar, feeling elated. “Please, let me know what I said in particular that made you change your mind?” “When you said, “Though shall not commit adultery”, I suddenly remembered where I have left my hat at Aunty Becky’s place and I decided against stealing another person’s hat”
 (Culled from the book First Hundred Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)

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