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Joke of the Day: God is missing

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There was a pair of identical twin boys, Nsofor and Nonso aged 12, who were notorious for getting into mischief. They were always getting into trouble, and everybody in the village linked them up with and held them responsible for all mischievous acts in the village.
Their parents were greatly worried about the boys’ behavior. One day, their mother got the information that the vicar of the village church had a good record of handling difficult children and she thought that he would be in a good position to put her boys on the right path to righteousness. She requested the vicar to intervene. The clergyman agreed and expressed his wish to have a chat with the boys, albeit, individually.
Nsofor was directed to see the vicar in the morning while the afternoon was scheduled for Nonso.
“Where is God?” The Vicar asked Nsofor in a rather stern manner that threw Nsofor off balance.
“God?” Nsofor replied with a question in his treacherous bid to find something to say. “Yes. I say, where is God?” The Vicar asked vociferously, bending over the boy as if he was going to pounce on him. Nsofor opened his mouth and could not close it for what seemed like eternity. He could not answer the question.  The clergy man stood up and paced up and down the length of the room for about 15 seconds; and all of a sudden turned round and barked at Nsofor, “Where is God?”
Nsofor was frightened and he screamed. Without thinking, he took to his heels and ran out of the vicarage as fast as his feet could carry him. He made his way to the roof garden on getting home. Nonso who saw his twin brother ran hurriedly into the house and followed him to the roof garden, asking
“What happened at the vicarage?”
“We are in hot soup! God is missing and the vicar kept asking me of His whereabouts. He is angry and he, just like everybody in the village, thinks we are responsible for His kidnap”
(Culled from the book “First 100 Jokes of Our time” by Olaleye Falore)

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