Thursday, 2 April 2015

Joke of the Day: Second Opinion

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A Nigerian Medical Doctor, Dr. Abanikanda and his non-Nigerian wife, Royce Abanikanda (Nee Rose Peters) had a misunderstanding early in the morning that got dragged to the dinning table at breakfast time. The wife kept nagging while the husband was fuming, each uttering unprintable statements.

In a rage, the husband said, as he stormed out of the house, “And you are not good in bed after all”. At the office, the husband could not concentrate while attending to his patients, he felt sorry for the way and manner he had talked to his wife that morning before leaving for the Hospital. He then decided to call the wife on the phone to apologize. The phone rang many times before the wife came on line. The husband was worried and asked the wife
“Why did it take so long a time to answer the phone?”
She said, “I was in bed”
“Still in bed now?” The husband asked
“But why?”
“Getting a second opinion! I needed to seek another opinion on what you said this morning about my performance in bed”
(Culled from the book “First 100 Jokes of Our time” by Olaleye Falore)

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