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World Exclusive! | Why MKO Abiola sacked Buhari/Idiagbon – Chief MMO Abiola, Younger brother | How he fired Shagari + Multi million Naira deal that tore him & Awolowo Apart

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Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika....'I was privy to many of MKO Abiola's deals'

Chief Mohammed Murthala Olanrewaju Abiola hardly talks but when he does you are bound to hear something new in the pattern of historical facts. The Younger sibling of the late business mogul and politician Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola is an accomplished accountant and sports administrator.
The 72 years old statesman is presently the head of the Moshood Abiola family of Abeokuta, Ogun State South West Nigeria. He was appointed after his immediate elder brother Alhaji Mubashiru (Hadjy Bashy) was deposed four years ago over issues of lowly representation and downgrading of the esteem of the family in high quarters. Since then, Chief Muri Abiola as fondly addressed has taken up the role of “Head of Family”. This blogger has interviewed him on three good occasions but our last encounter with him in Lagos on Wednesday March 25, three days to the Nigerians Presidential election was the most revealing encounter that ever happened with such important member of the highly respectable Abiola family. The purpose of the encounter was to pronounce the family’s endorsement for the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) party, General Muhammad Buhari. As the authentic head of the family, Chief Murhi Abiola who was the former administrator of his late brother MKO’s football club Abiola’s Babe gave a marching order to the family to support General Buhari. However, your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika went further to ask the veteran Abiola Patriarch some salient questions concerning the roles his late legendary brother played in certain decisions that had an impact on Nigerian polity. For the first time in history, it was revealed through no one else but a blood brother of the late symbol of democracy that indeed,  Bashorun MKO Abiola, the man who died for the present democratic reign in Nigeria had his interest in certain political happenstances that defined the fate of Nigeria.
Chief Murhi Abiola
Let us meet you, sir?
Thank you very much. My name is Chief Mohammed Murthala Olanrewaju Abiola. I am a younger brother to late Chief MKO Abiola and I used almost half of my life working with MKO Abiola. I will define myself as an elder statesman in sports. I was the one managing Abiola Babes (MKO Abiola’s football academy) and I represented Nigeria in major football contest in Africa. We won challenge cup for peace three consecutive times. My brother MKO Abiola has been in politics since he was in ITT. During the civil war era, it was MKO that assisted Nigeria to win that war.
“After winning the war, the Nigerian government was to pay for the contract but Awolowo as the Vice President and minister of finance refused. He said the money was too much, knowing fully well that the contract was awarded in Pound Sterling”

Chief Muri Abiola....'Nigerians need to be sincere to their own problems by voting in Change'
How do you mean, sir?
Role MKO played in Nigeria Civil War
MKO was the Chairman of ITT, Europe and Africa. Towards the end of the war, through General Ramat Murthala Muhammed who was the minister of communication under General Yakubu Gowon, he gave a military contract to MKO and he (MKO) introduced a gadget that can help them win the war. You know ITT is an American company and since MKO was Vice Chairman of ITT and chairman, Europe and Africa, he was earning his salary in pounds sterling which was times fifty of Nigerian Naira at the time. That was where MKO’s wealth started. The Federal Military Government used that war gadget from America to detect all this rebels from the eastern region because the Biafran Soldiers were using Chinese soldiers as machineries’ but that gadget will detect where they are and the Nigerian troupe will go there and capture them just like they are capturing Boko Haram rebels now. That is how they end that war.
Are you telling us that MKO was very instrumental to the success of the Nigerian Civil war?
Of course, he started politics right from there and it was that issue that cost the rift between himself and Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
Can you expatiate on that?
After winning the war, the Nigerian government was to pay for the contract but Awolowo as the Vice President and minister of finance refused. He said the money was too much, knowing fully well that the contract was awarded in Pound Sterling. But for Awolowo to pay naira now, the money became multiplied and he felt that was too much and that is where his rift with MKO started.

“MKO fueled the coup. Babangida was a good friend of MKO, I say I don’t want to mention names, but I think there was one Aribisala and one other one from Ilaje area of Ondo, I can’t remember his name. MKO had many friends in the army because he was a civil war contractor and his friendship with the army was great”

Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika....'MKO has always been in Politics right from when he became a big shot in ITT
How Awolowo fell into MKO’s bad book
You mean MKO met him one on one and he refused to pay MKO’s contract money?
Yes, that was the beginning of their rift. You know Murthala was the then minister of communication and he was ready to release the money but Awolowo didn’t allow the Federal military government to pay. He refused to approve the money. Then I was working with my brother and I was privy to many things between him and the government. There was hardly anything he was doing that I didn’t know. So, after the take over from General Yakubu Gowon’s regime by General Murthala Mohammed and Murthala to Obasanjo we now had the constituent assembly of 1979. My brother was there, he wanted to be a member of that assembly because they were voted to represent Nigeria there but he was defeated in Abeokuta. Somebody else won to represent his constituent. But MKO Abiola wanted to go and sponsor a bill on concept of running government in Nigeria either as executive president or prime minister. MKO was trying to sponsor a bill to influence the adaptation of parliamentary system of government instead of presidential way of running government because we are trained by British and British run their government on parliamentary system of government not executive president. MKO wanted us to adapt the system of our political mentor, Britain. But people due to greed, chose executive presidency which is causing big problem for Nigeria today. So, the constituent assembly of 1979 would have solved the political problem we are facing today. January last year, Nigeria celebrated 100 years of amalgamation but that is what MKO fought for then. Abiola family is not saying Nigeria will break because MKO himself is a symbol of unity in this country and he went as far as using his blood as sacrifice for the democracy we are enjoying today but they are not running the democracy in a way that will benefit the masses of ordinary people in Nigerian.
Muritala Muhammed

Chief Murithala Abiola....'Late President Yar Adua wanted to help us get MKO's money @ World Bank but he died'
How OBJ “Killed” MKO
What do you mean by that sir?
The ruling party call themselves People’s Democratic Party but democracy is about figures, minority and majority but right now, PDP is in the minority. One, we say we are one Nigeria no Hausa, no Yoruba, no Ibo. Once you say you are a Nigerian, dialect doesn’t count. What counts is your geography. You are a Nigerian and that is the definition we understand in our own family. But right now, we are almost separated to the extent that they created the ministry of Niger-Delta. Who is Niger Delta? Are they not Nigerian? We in the west are we not Nigerian? Our brothers in the north are they not Nigerian? So, why didn’t you give us our own ministry of western affairs or ministry of northern affairs? So, PDP has always operated a minority policy since 1999 when this democracy started. Everybody knows that the 1999 election was not a genuine reflection of the Nigerian people; they said they wanted to pacify the Yorubas for the death of my brother, when they knew fully well that Obasanjo was a former military head of state. They only used him to manipulate us in the west. Babangida came to Abeokuta and said they want to use Obasanjo and he (Obasanjo) told them in Yoruba dialect, he said “Bi Oba kan o ku Oba kan o le je” (If one king does not die, another one can not reign). At that time my brother was still in detention, which literally means he was asking them to kill my brother first before he will accept their proposal. So, it is a simple statement.

“So, MKO had to ask his friend because the King of Saudi Arabia then was a very good friend to MKO. It was the king of Saudi Arabia that wrote to invite (General Tunde) Idiagbon because they know that (General Muhammad) Buhari has no stamina like (General Tunde) Idiagbon”.

Chief Muri Abiola...'Nigerians must chose the right path by endorsing General Buhari not President Jonathan'
What Abacha offered MKO
Are you saying that statement was the harbinger of the death of MKO Abiola?
Of course, that is the simple instruction. Abacha didn’t want to kill my brother because we approached Abacha and he said our brother was the one that is rejecting his proposal. Abacha said he wanted to make my brother the Prime Minister while he, Abacha will become the president. You know Abacha wanted to metamorphose into a civilian president from military head of state and he strongly intended to use MKO as his Prime Minister.  But my brother insisted that he wanted his mandate and the reason for that is that MKO knew a lot of Nigerians especially the masses repose a lot of confidence in him and they equally trust him to deliver genuine dividend of democracy. It is just like General Muhammad Buhari, his dream is like MKO’s dream. If people vote him into power, Nigeria will change. (The interview was conducted on Wednesday March 25th before the elections). If people vote for Buhari this time Nigeria will change.
Chief Murithala Abiola....'I am the head of Abiola family because I have a good resume'
How OBJ, MKO rift started
You just told us now that General Obasanjo used a Yoruba parable to ask IBB and other political suitors who wanted him to run in 1999 to “settle” your brother before he accepts their proposal, so what is the genesis of the rift between your late brother and Chief Obasanjo?
I have said it once, I think in the Punch. We hail from the same area with Obasanjo that is Gbagura (A town in Abeokuta). Obasanjo’s mother is from Gbagura, his father is from Owu. Our own fore fathers welcomed the Owu people from Orile. So, our family house to Obasanjo’s family house is just a stone throw. Because it is at the boundary of Gbagura and Owu, we lived together. Obasanjo and MKO went to the same Owu Baptist Day school together because it was the Christian that were building the early schools of those days before the Muslim started building their own. The two of them equally attended Baptist Boys High School owned by the Baptist Church and they passed out same time, so they are one, they are brothers. I think the whole rift started when my brother became rich. When he suddenly became a millionaire and what I think cropped up was rivalry. Because this one is life story, I used this my two hands to receive a three million naira cheque from MKO to Obasanjo as dash.
Are you sure and which year was that?
I am 72 and I don’t think I can now start to lie at this age. That was around 1991/1992 before the 1993 election. 
“Maybe Segun Osoba will achieve that in his dream. Senator Ibikunle Amosun is an epitome of creative governance and his work speaks for him all over. He is not just a consummate politician but a humanist”.

Chief Muri Abiola with Gbenga Dan Asabe of Asabeafrika and Christianah Anyanwun of Daily Sun
Olusegun Obasanjo
You mean MKO dashed OBJ three million Naira in 1992?
Yes, then OBJ had nothing. He was broke but MKO reached out to him. But what I think is responsible for their rift is rivalry. Nothing more than that, that rivalry escalated when he saw that MKO was making move to become the president of Nigeria and I think I have said this in the past. He didn’t want MKO to become president. When the 1993 election started, there wasn’t any violence, the process was free, fair and credible because they used option A-4 we lined up and we were counted and our names documented. So, that process gave MKO out as a popular candidate across the country, beating his strongest opponent Basir Tofar in his ward and state in Kano. So, he was accepted through out the country because of his philanthropic gesture. Before the election, he has been with the Hausa people, before election, he has been with the Yoruba, Ibo and all other tribes. If people like you, nobody will fight but when you want to force yourself on them, they will reject you. Nigerians are very sensible and intelligent people. No amount of harassment or intimidation what they want to do they will do it particularly in Abeokuta. When they wanted to vote out (Segun) Osoba, Osoba was busy sharing money from house to house yet he was rejected and they voted him out. So, that is how they are going to vote Jonathan out this Saturday.
Muhammadu Buhari
No member of Abiola family endorsed Jonathan
But we are hearing that some members of MKO Abiola family took money from President Jonathan to endorse him for a second time?
I am not aware of anybody collecting money from Jonathan. But in every twelve, we will always have a Judas. Maybe the Judases in the Abiola family could have done that but I can authoritatively tell you that MKO Abiola family is solidly behind General Buhari. I am speaking authoritatively as the head of the MKO Abiola family.
So, what happens to Alhaji Mubashiru (Bashy) Abiola?
My (Elder brother) in Abeokuta (Alhaji Bashy) was chosen to head the family but he lacks intelligence and he is not learned. What he is doing doesn’t befit our family, all he does is to solicit for money everywhere, and even when MKO was alive all he was doing was money, money, money. He has no job but he moves around claiming to represent the family. Today, I am the head of the family because I was chosen to lead. I am an accountant by training. I worked in the University of Lagos, I worked in Mandilas, I worked in Kingsway I worked in LUTH at Idi-Araba and I was a football administrator of many years. I have my resume and I am proud to tell you that my family is a principled one. Uncle Bashy didn’t go to school; he dropped out at primary 6. I had my school certificate at Premier Grammar School, Abeokuta and I did my accounting studies on part time at the University of Lagos and I was doing a correspondence course for cost and management accountancy and that is what has earned me a good grade today and I have managed several organizations.
Chief Muri Abiola......'My brother's role in the civil war was never appreciated by Chief Obafemi Awolowo
How PDP Killed MKO and Kudirat
Are you saying right away that MKO Abiola family is supporting General Muhammad Buhari?
Anybody doing otherwise is on his own not for the family. Let me also tell you the reason why our family is rejecting PDP government. First, I assume and I know that the people in PDP killed MKO. That is one. Secondly, they are the ones who killed Kudirat his wife. After the death of Kudirat we the family were arrested and locked up in prison without compensation. Knowing fully well that we knew nothing about the death of Kudirat and they were the ones behind that death. When we now tried to establish that they killed Kudirat and my brother, they told us they have arrested Almustapha. They tried him, after several years, a court jailed him and said they should execute him. But at the end of the day, the same PDP government worked out the appeal and released him.
So, when you heard Al-Mustapha was released how the family did took it?
That is why I call them oppressors. It was a big shock because they shocked us with Almustapha’s release. I want to use this opportunity to beg Nigerians who lost children, students, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers during the June 12 crisis, they should kindly forgive us although it is not our fault because what MKO wanted to do then, that is what General Buhari want to do right now. Because when the powers that be saw that the election is free and fair, they said ‘Oh, MKO used about a hundred million naira to campaign and that it is too much and that is the allegation they used to cancel that election. But today, PDP is using more than fifty billion naira for election, are they going to annul this election or are they going to kill their own candidate? That is an irony. So, for me and the entire family we say no to President Jonathan’s regime. Nigerians should vote General Buhari if you want the hope MKO promised which is now Change.
Chief Muri Abiola...'MKO wanted to create a Nigerian state runned by Nigeria but his HOPE was dashed by the Military'
World Bank & FG has MKO’s money in their care
We also learnt that your family is angry over certain money of money owned your late brother by the Nigerian government, how true?
It is true. Apart from the money he borrowed the Federal Government he has some large sums of money at the World Bank about three hundred and sixty million dollars.
Such a huge money, is it his or government’s fund?
Personal funds not government money. There was a form you must fill before you can transfer such funds abroad; it is that form the World Bank said we must get alongside the appendage of the Federal Government before they can pay the money out. When Obasanjo was president, he promised to help but because of the rift he later abandoned us. It was only President Yar Adua who took genuine steps. He invited us over to Aso Rock, Abuja. We filled a form, we swore affidavit that he is going to help us so that they can retrieve that money but around that time, he fell sick and died and that was the end of that decision.
Goodluck Jonathan
What about Goodluck Jonathan, did he try to help?
Jonathan? Does he know us? Jonathan doesn’t know us.
But he named University of Lagos after your brother, MKO?
That is why I said PDP people are oppressors. Is it University of Lagos that was enacted with a decree that they should name after MKO when they knew fully well that the institution was created by a decree; some people even moved motion in the National Assembly that they should name Abuja sport stadium after MKO. Now, if you talk about naming a school in Lagos after MKO and naming a sport stadium to his name at Abuja, you know there is a very huge difference. That action was a grand politics. I reject it totally. The family rejected it because that is highly insignificant to the sacrifice of saving Nigeria from breaking with his blood. I will only appeal to Nigerians to change the government on March 28, not just an ordinary ‘change’ but a ‘progressive change’. That is why I am against the word ‘Change, Change’ we don’t want ordinary change. We want “Progressive Change”. Nigeria must progress. The youth will soon take over and that is when real peace will reign in this country. General Buhari will create the platform that will give a leeway to the youth of this country to come on board and sanitize the system. Nigeria has been re-cycling old expired adults in the last 40 years and we need new wine in new wine skin. When Baba comes he goes, his son will come and go another son will come. It is annoying because you can’t tell me that it is only few people that can do it in a country of over one hundred and fifty million people.  Some people are even deceiving us that they are collating two million signatures for one single person who have been there for six years without a concrete result. What is he still doing there? Are we saying there is no other person that is smatter and intelligent than Jonathan? So, we need change.
Chief Muri Abiola....'Shagari duped my brother and the military sacked him'
How MKO made IBB
So, what is the relationship of MKO Abiola’s family with IBB knowing fully well that he is the one that annulled the election?
You see that Babangida, we only hand him over to God to judge because it is MKO that made Babangida. Before Babangida came to power, I wouldn’t confirm but I know that MKO knew about the coup that brought Buhari and Tunde Idiagbon. Because that night I was with him and he was telling us that there is going to be change of government. He practically told us that there was going to be a change of government in the sense that he was in NPN when Awolowo was in UPN. They made Adisa Akinloye the chairman of the party from the west; that is NPN the party that brought Shagari to power. Shagari promised my brother chairmanship of the party but after collecting his money and making him to spend so much, they gave that chairmanship title back to Adisa Akinloye.
You mean President Shehu Shagari equally duped Chief MKO Abiola?
That is why he planned that army should drive Shagari out of power.
You mean MKO knew about the coup that unseated Shehu Shagari?
Yes. Now, when Buhari and Idiagbon came to power they tried to put everything straight but Nigerians don’t like anything that is strenuous and straightforward because they were doing well but at the time the Hausa people were taking allocation for rice and they will sell it and they were almost running the country aground. But when Buhari and Idiagbon came, they tried to straighten up everything and they were getting on well.
Why Buhari/Idiagbo were sacked
So, why were they kicked out despite their good plans?
One, they kicked them out because of the kind of policy they are trying to introduce. Initially, this drug thing was unknown to many Nigerians, nobody knew about heroin, cocaine or marijuana even if you go to police station and you put it on their counter they cant recognize it but maybe some of the military officers were making a big fortune out of it, one of the top military brass was even making business out of it and that is where he made his money.
(Cuts in) Maybe you want to say IBB?
I wouldn’t mention names. It was when it became open to all that some top army brasses were involved in the business and we had a military government that was very strong and doesn’t want anybody to tarnish its image. So, they enact a law that anybody caught with hard drugs should be killed of which some people are accusing Buhari now. But I can tell you that Buhari is not a lone dictator and he does not take actions by himself. He has a team of government managers under the Supreme Military Council and most of the laws enacted were collective ideas. So, we cannot come out and say Buhari was the only one taking decisions. But Nigerians will always twist facts when they are looking for lies.
Ibrahim Babangida
How IBB got MKO’s attention to sack General Buhari
But the coup that unseated General Buhari was said to equally have the backing of your brother MKO; why did that happen? Did General Buhari also offend him like Shagari did?
MKO fueled the coup. Babangida was a good friend of MKO, I say I don’t want to mention names, but I think there was one Aribisala and one other one from Ilaje area of Ondo, I can’t remember his name. MKO had many friends in the army because he was a civil war contractor and his friendship with the army was great. So, it was those military personnel that were complaining bitterly because it was like their source of livelihood was being threatened and the military government was not paying attention to their plights. And most of them were using civilians as couriers to carry drugs and since the government has enacted a law that they should be killed if caught, they were looking for ways out of their predicaments. So, it was him (Didn’t mention name) that asked my brother that he should sponsor another coup.
Do you mean IBB?
I don’t know.
Oh, you don’t want to mention his name?
Better. So, MKO had to ask his friend because the King of Saudi Arabia then was a very good friend to MKO. It was the king of Saudi Arabia that wrote to invite (General Tunde) Idiagbon because they know that (General Muhammad) Buhari has no stamina like (General Tunde) Idiagbon. So, it was when Idiagbon went (on Pilgrimage) to Mecca, before he came back they changed the government. So, that was how IBB came to power.
Chief Muri Abiola to Asabeafrika...'The Army complained to MKO over the policies of General Buhari & Tunde Idiagbon
And yet he still disappointed his benefactor MKO?
Yes, because my brother depended on him, trusted him. In fact, Babangida cannot spend a week without coming to Ikeja to see MKO. In fact majority of IBB’s overseas trips were sponsored by MKO. Because MKO has more than enough wealth overseas, he will withdraw pound sterling and take to this Hausa Bureau de change people to change and because I am the intermediary, I see everything.
You must have missed him a lot?
A lot, even I just take heart. I supposed to have killed myself and follow him. I am 72 now, MKO died at the age of 61. He senior me with clear 7 years, he was my benefactor in so many ways. So, I miss him so much.
When he was in prison, were you going there to visit him?
We were equally detained. We were detained at Ikoyi here; the government arrested us (Over late Kudirat Abiola’s death). Of course before then, I visited him about twice because initially when he first went on exile, I told him some things because at that time I was not only a national delegate but equally the financial secretary of SDP in Ogun state. So, you can see that I am part of all this processes I am telling you about. I was a politician because I campaigned before I was elected to a party position. I am a member of the party executive in Ogun state. I attended many meetings with Baba Ajasin then. The program of MKO then was social welfare and that is why he started it; his social welfare was to say ‘if we say we are all Nigerians, everything under or beneath our soil should automatically belong to us all. Call it oil, gold, uranium or anything, it is a common wealth. And anywhere you are in Nigeria, you remain a Nigerian by the fact of geographical privilege not by dialect and ethnicity. So, you were a full fledged Nigerian for the sake of your birth. I remember a meeting we had with late Ajasin and Baba Gana Kingibe when he wanted to run the manifesto for SDP, I have the full detail of that meeting with me. The main ideology was for Nigeria to go socialist.
Chief Muri Abiola....'MKO Sacrificed his blood for the democratic liberty we enjoy today'
MKO’s plan for Nigeria
You mean MKO’S plan was to make Nigeria a socialist state?
Yes, so that everybody can have access to the common wealth of the nation. Once you are born by a Nigerian, from childhood you belong to the state and the state will start taking responsibility for your growth. Your education from kindergarten up to the university level will be taken care by government and once you are out you are fixed in a ministry or office created by the government. You won’t lack anything. It is just like what we have overseas. Even in Britain, I also benefited from their social welfare package when I was living there. Then, I wanted to attend Cambridge University for accounting but I was not admitted. I was living there for a whole year and very early in the morning, if you open your door you will see tin of milk at the door dumped there by the state free of charge. Despite the fact that I am not a Briton, I was getting allowance every week. We will get Five Pounds to eat so that you don’t constitute nuisance to their country, you can imagine a non indigene like me enjoying British wealth yet here in Nigeria we can’t enjoy our common wealth. Then you will treat some people with special preference at the detriment of the majority. That is why today, we now have the ministry of Niger-Delta.
I thought the ministry was formed to compensate that part of the country for laying the golden egg?
We equally have more than what is in their oil wells and the oil is even going down now. If the oil now dry up and our own resources come up and we lay claim to everything, what have we become? It is just bad administration on the part of government. You should treat everybody equally.
Will you say the massive support of your family for General Buhari is a kind of compensation for the role your late brother played in removing him from government even though he is no more alive?
Not really but everybody is free to exercise his or her own opinion on the matter. My own opinion may be different from MKO’s opinion if he was to be alive now. But as the head of the family now, and for what the government of the day has done to us, we endorse (General) Buhari to the core.
Chief Muri Abiola....'I have every reason to believe that PDP killed my brother and his wife, Kudi'
Do you see any correlation between your late brothers’s HOPE and the present CHANGE being canvassed by APC?
But when MKO was contesting, we had HOPE 93 there and it nearly came to pass but people didn’t allow it to manifest. Buhari was in government for 20 months but he was just like Nnamdi Azikiwe under Tafawa Balewa, it is ceremonial. Tunde Idiagbon was the one ruling. Obasanjo during his military rule was ceremonial; it was General Yar Adua that was in charge. Yar Adua was the one ruling. That was their military style then, the number two man was stronger than the number one because they go out on assignments while the head of state is concerned with the ceremonial aspect of the administration. The head of state does not go out; he is always in the office to solve diplomatic problems and other assignments. It is the next rank that is politically relevant; we had it like that under General Buhari and General Obasanjo’s military governments.
Chief Murhi Abiola
Many also fear now that if Buhari returns, he might not fully be in charge just like he did in his military days as head of state?
It is because the people in political power now don’t trust each other. Even presently, you will think Goodluck Jonathan is in charge. But it is not possible; he is not the author of most of his actions. He only takes credit for the success and get the blame for the failure. And General Buhari himself said it, that it is Nigerians with intelligence that will govern this country with him. That has been his biggest campaign slogan because you cannot be a carpenter, a bricklayer, a painter at the same time. Like what is happening now, Jonathan’s professional background is teaching. He is a teacher. So, what can a teacher do with an electronically challenge? It is someone who went to school to learn about electronic appliances that can understand the solution. So, it is a collective effort that can build a government. I will even prefer that we return to the parliamentary style of government and cancel this executive or presidential style of government, we are not ripe for it. The Americans who practice it have been in government for over two hundred years, we are just above fifty. We need to be creative with the way we run government. We can’t be doing what our experience can not carry. So, if you say you have a ministry of work, you must employ someone who read civil engineering or mechanical engineering to handle such a ministry. It is when it comes to education, maybe then; Jonathan can come in because he is a teacher. You cannot give a medical doctor a teaching portfolio.
So, you think General Buhari is the best candidate for the March 28 election?
I am appealing to Nigerians to shine their eyes and they should not allow anybody to lie to them because all we are seeing is pure lies. Somebody is telling you that ‘na me alone can do it’ yet twenty million signatures cannot prove it; that is one. Secondly, how democratic are you? Two PDP members attempted to take a presidential form but you stopped them. Is that democracy? Why is Jonathan telling us lies, saying I will do this, I will do that and you have been there six years and you didn’t do it; so, it is now you want to do it, that shows clearly that he is telling lies, he cannot do anything. Some PDP members came to me to preach “Continuity” and what that simply means is that ‘they are angling to continue doing what they have been doing since six years; they want to continue it for another miserable four years that is the reality. Don’t let anyone deceive you again, enough is enough. We need a better government that will take care of the masses across board because they say they have SURE-P but they have fraudulently used the money to empower people in PDP. I am not in PDP and majority of Nigerians are not in PDP, but are we not Nigerians. So, this deception must stop hence forth.
Chief Muri Abiola meets the GDA
What is your take on Ogun state election, do you think Chief Olusegun Osoba’s party SDP will dust Senator Ibikunle Amosun in the April 11 gubernatorial election?
Maybe Segun Osoba will achieve that in his dream. Senator Ibikunle Amosun is an epitome of creative governance and his work speaks for him all over. He is not just a consummate politician but a humanist. Among all the Yoruba governors of the South West, he is the only governor that has done so much for the MKO Abiola family by appointing a member of the family as one of his kitchen cabinet member. I am talking of Hafsat Abiola Costello. He is very humble, humane and genuine. His great stride in Ogun state within four years can only be compared to what Great men like Olabisi Onabanjo did in their days. As the leader of the MKO Abiola family, we throw our support behind him and we call on every progressive indigene of Ogun state to go out and vote for Senator Ibikunle Amosun on Saturday April 11. Don’t just vote for him alone, please VOTE APC across board and you won’t regret you did.

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