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Lagos Biz Woman Alake Oshun’s son KAYODE SOFIDIYA weds Actress Moji Olaiya’s Niece

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Love wan tin-tin between Olarike and Kayode

Sunday April 26th  will remain indelible in the minds of the families of Lagos business woman and real estate merchant, Chief (Mrs.) Alake Olurotimi Adejonwo Oshun Founder/CEO, Jonshland Royal Castle and Suites, Gbagada, Lagos and her husband, Otunba Fatai Rotimi Oshun, Chairman/CEO, CIV Built Nigeria Ltd as family,
friends and well wishers joined the astute business woman in the early hours of the day for an excursion with her son, Barrister Kayode Sofidiya to the  home of the Olaiyas in the same Gbagada neighborhood to ask for the hand of their beautiful daughter Olarike Yetunde Olaiya in marriage. Father of the bride is Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya while her mother is Princess Funmilayo Olaiya Kuti. She is the proprietress of the Lagos based Home Economic Center for learning and Handy Craft Center. The atmosphere of the gathering for the historic traditional marriage of Alake Oshun’s son was spiced with laughter, style, fun and festivity as the train of joyous friends and family members took off some minutes after 9am from her Gbagada, Lagos place to the bride’s family home in the same Gbagada neighborhood. Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog Asabeafrika was invited to cover the event and we bring you snippets from the one in town event. Enjoy the excerpts.

Groom, Kayode waiting anxiously for his bride, Olarike
Here come Olarike the bride...
Lagos Society women in early morning rise for Alake Oshun
As early as 8 am of Sunday April 26th some eminent friends of the very reputable business woman Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oluwarotimi Adejonwo Oshun stormed her Lagos facility, Jonshland Royal castle and suites various automobiles and dresses for an onward journey to the bride’s family’s house where groom’s family in line with tradition are expected to carry out necessary traditional rites that will enable them ask for the Olaiya’s daughter’s hand in marriage. One Alake Oshun’s influential friend who arrived as early as 9:10 am is the Ondo state born woman of enterprise and founder, First Royal Oil and Gas, Princess Roseline Omolara Osipitan. Osipitan whose daughter got married to Kwara state PDP gubernatorial aspirant, Senator Simon Ajibola last year March arrived in a classy wagon car in the midst of the preparation and later joined the convoy of various automobiles that filed to the Olawale Dawodu, Gbagada-Lagos home of the Olaiyas. Another influential friend of Mrs. Alake Oshun who joined the convoy is Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele, the APC woman leader in Ojokoro LCDA. She stormed the venue in a brand new Prado SUV. Others are Chief Mrs. Abiola Bamgboshe, Alhaja Alake Shonibare, Alhaja Sekinat Ifetuga, Alhaja Iyabo Adeyinka and few others who joined the trip to the Olaiyas’ place for Olarike’s hand.
Chief (Mrs) Alake Olurotimi Adejonwo Oshun with father of her eldest children, High Chief Olumuyiwa Godwin Shofidiya
A jolly lady Alake Oshun dances away as her daughter, Oreoluwatomi & Friends looks on
Alake Oshun’s stylish appearance
Looking gorgeous and stylish in her purple colored Aso-Ebi attire marched with other attendant paraphernalia of fashion, Alake Olurotimi Adejonwo Oshun, the Iyalaje of Aiyede Ekiti and Otunba Boroji of Egbeda Land came down at 9:20am in preparation for the journey to her in-law’s place where the traditional rites of the nuptial were to be observed before the bride is formally brought home. Accompanying her into the ambience of waiting guests was her first daughter and her look-alike Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeosun. Both mother and daughter wore happiness and celebration on their faces as they marched out for the day to get a wife for Kayode. Alake Olurotimi Adejonwo Oshun is a royal princess of the Ijaiye-Kurumi dynasty of Abeokuta and Bamgbose family of Lagos.
Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya unveiling his beautiful jewel, Olarike Yetunde Olaiya unto his in-laws
Groom with elder sister, Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeosun
Yam & Stew Meal for Guests
Guests, family and well wishers who made the early morning arrival at Alake Oshun’s Gbagada home were treated to a sumptuous meal of yam and fish stew for breakfast and washed the meal down with soft drinks, tea or water (Depending on your preference)  before the journey to the bride’s parent’s home.  The Oshun family ensured everyone had something to eat and drink before leaving for the traditional marriage ceremony of their son.
Finally, Olarike names her 'Olowo Ori' as she wears the cap for Kayode with applauses from onlookers..
All big hearts for Kayode & Olarike...Chief Olumuyiwa Godwin Sofidiya, Madam Alake Oshun & Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeoshun
Why Jonshland Hotel was closed down for the event
Apart from the fact that many guests who travelled down from all walks of life were housed in the 36 rooms’ 3-star-hotel Jonshland Royal Castle and Suites, the hotel also has a two-thousand guests sitting capacity event center/hall where various organizations in Gbagada and environs hold their events. The hall which is fitted with state-of-the-arts apparatus has 8 super unit Air Conditioners which works at maximum speed and a big podium which is modeled after MTN Project FAME brand. On this special day, the Oshuns closed down the entire facility as a large signboard placed at a vantage position outside the hotel informed all customers about the usage of the facility for an entire week by management and only to be re opened on Friday May 1st.

Bride, Olarike arriving into the ambience of her groom & In-laws
Bride, Olarike with her lovely parents
Tight security @ the venue
Apart from a team of stern looking police officers and LASMA officials who took strategic positions on all the streets leading to Sakiru street venue of the event, Oro, Kwara state born private security expert Olawepo Hakeem’s security outfit Super Secure was in charge of security as a team of hefty stern looking bouncers took strategic positions at both the interior and exterior parts of the venue.  Guests were screened to the letter as strict security measures were equally taken to wade off any unwanted guests from the venue of event.

'Baby, you are going to Dubai with me for Honey moon' Kay whispers to his new wife, Olarike
At the gate of the Olaiyas, the Sofidiyas arrives with style and razzmatazz
Why the Attah of Aiyede Ekiti stormed event
It was at the moment of departure when Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun came down from her diplomatic suite inside the hotel facility to pilot her guests to her in-laws’ place did he emerged from the inner recess of the 3 star hotel with his Olori (Wife) and first son (Arole). That is His Royal Majesty, Oba (Alhaji) Adebayo Orisagbemi the Attah of Ayede Ekiti in Ekiti state, South West Nigeria. A blaze of trumpet sound heralded his appearance with his pretty wife, Olori Kudirat Orisagbemi and Arole, Prince Adebayo Orisagbemi (Jnr.) with some of his aides who came along with him from Ekiti state. He was ushered into a waiting Benz Wagon car that took him alongside the convoy of cars to the Olaiyas family house. Unknown to some of the guests who graced the event, the Attah of Aiyede Ekiti is the first traditional king in Yoruba land that gave a traditional title to Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun, the groom’s mother. Till date, Chief (Mrs.) Alake Rotimi Adejonwo Oshun is the Iyalaje of Aiyede Ekiti.
'Daddy, dont worry. I will continue to make you proud even in my new familly. Dont shed tears for me as i am going for multiplication' Olarike seems to be telling Dad
HRM Oba (Alhaji) Adebayo Orisagbemi, the Attah of Aiyede Ekiti with his Arole
Why Elegbeda of Egbeda came
Another royal guest who made it down to the Oshun/Sofidiya/Olaiya Wedding was the Elegbeda of Egbeda land, HRM Oba (Dr.) Samson Alade Balogun, the Ilemobade Omoya II, the Elegbeda of Egbeda Kingdom. The Kabiyesi who is alleged to be out of town during the ceremony sent in his Royal staff of office accompanied by some privileged title chiefs to escort Mrs. Alake Oshun and her well-wishers to her in-law’s place. Again, history has it that the Elegbda of Egbeda is the second traditional ruler in Yoruba land to honor Mrs. Alake Oshun with a traditional title. Alake Osun is the Otunba Boroji of Egbeda land in Lagos, South West Nigeria. The Kings’s Olori (Wife) Olori Bukola Balogun later arrived for the reception.
Chief Mrs. Alake Rotimi Adejonwo Oshun with HRM, Oba (Alhaji)Adebayo Orisagbemi, the Attah of Aiyede Ekiti with Olori Kudirat Orisagbemi with the Arole
Bride's parent Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya with wife, Princess Funmilayo Olaiya-Kutu with Engineer Adewale Olaiya (Behind)
Groom’s family Storms Bride’s parent’s home in convoy of over 15 cars
The Olawale Dawodu neighborhood of Gbagada-Lagos came alive with great awe with the arrival of several high flying automobiles that stormed their ambience in the early hours of that glorious Sunday morning drawing their attention towards the exterior of their apartments. Residents going for early church service and those returning from early mass were forced to stand and watch the Hollywood-like display of grace and elegance as royalties, celebrities, politicians and ordinary citizens of the country came down from various cars to knock at the door of the Olaiyas seeking the hand of their first daughter, Olarike in holy wedlock. The convoy of cars eventually took over the entire street and adjacent streets in the neighborhood as the Olaiya family from Ekiti state joyfully welcomed their august guests/in-laws of Egba and Lagos origin with pomp and celebration.  
A happy-go-lucky Sofidiyas & Oshuns ask for the missing rib of thier son with a cheering arrival at the home of the Olaiyas
Nollywood Actress Moji Olaiya with Deacon Debo Olaiya
Bride is Nollywood Actress, Moji Olaiya’s 1st Niece
One of the popular faces who stood with bride’s family waiting to welcome the groom’s family was Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya. Unknown to other guests at the event, Moji Olaiya is a junior sister to bride’s dad, Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya a top executive at Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). Therefore, the bride is Moji Olaiya’s first cousin and she is the first daughter of Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya from Ekiti state and Lady Funmilayo Olaiya Kuti a Lagos born Princess and educationist.  She was educated in Lagos.
The very stylish Otunba Boroji of Egbeda land, Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun steps into her classy Wagon Benz car on her way to the Olaiyas
Barrister Kayodo Sofidiya speaks to the GDA as he arrives groom's home
Meet the groom
The groom is the second son of the very dynamic business woman, Alake Adejonwo Oshun. Very cool, calm and collected, Kayode Sofidiya an Egba blood by all standards is a trained lawyer and alumnus of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye. He is well known in the Lagos social circle and famously called “Warrior” by his friends and admirers. Kayode Sofidiya is an Executive Director of Jonshland Royal Castle and Suites. His league of friends from Lekki, Ikoyi, London and other parts of the world also stormed the event to honor him. His love for Olarike Yetunde Olaiya is said to know no bounds as he openly showed it at the occasion.
Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun with the Egbe Bobagbimo of Ijebu Land
The newly wedded Mrs. Yetunde Olarike Sofidiya (Nee Olaiya) engrossed in the bossom of in-laws
Meet the famous Olaiya family of Ekiti
As you dig deep, you soon find that the Olaiyas are blood relations of the High life music maestro, Dr. Victor Olaiya aka Evil Genius. The father of the bride is the first son of one of the Music maestro’s elder brothers now late. Sources claimed Dr. Victor Olaiya was to grace the event but couldn’t make it down due to some urgent health related maters but he sent in some leading members of the Olaiya family to represent him. Leading the team is Dr. Victor Olaiya’s immediate younger brother, Deacon Debo Olaiya who came from the Olaiya family church, African Church, Bethel on Broad Street- Lagos. On seat to usher Solomon Ekundayo’s daughter into marriage is equally Engineer Adewale Olaiya, MD/CEO, Ade-Mol & Associates and the senior lady of the family, Pastor (Mrs.) Remilekun Idegbekwe (Nee Olaiya). Another of the Olaiya’s sister is Funmi Olaiya, a caterer and trader who is an immediate younger sister to bride’s father, Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya and last of the Olaiya stars is Nollywood actress Moji Olaiya who drew attention of guests at the event
'IGBEYAWO' (Wife-Carrying) Barister Kayode Sofidiya carries his bundle of Joy to the admiration of families, friends and well-wishers
Barrister Kayode Sofidiya arrives his in-laws home in grand style
How the Oshuns & Sofidiyas showed strength of love
Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun, mother of the groom is a woman of timber and caliber loaded with enough diplomatic gusto. She displayed this virtue at her son’s bride’s place when High Chief Olumuyiwa Godwin Sofidiya, the octogenarian father of her lawyer son, Barrister Kayode Sofidiya arrived. Despite the fact that the highly respected lady is no more married to the Itoku-Abeokuta high chief, she gave him all the respect deserving of the father of her eldest children. The great man who also displayed a high level of commitment and diplomacy not only shared the same Aso-Ebi with the mother of his eldest children but equally showered respect and high sense of candor to Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun as they both danced, sat and prayed for the couple together. The two of them sat and act the role of a great and wonderful parent on that day. Despite his advanced age and fragile health, Chief Olumuyiwa Godwin Sofidiya displayed a high level of pleasure, happiness and celebration with his ex-wife playing along to the admiration of family, friends and well-wishers. He was officially handed the bride after the paying of bride price and other activities by bride’s father, Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya
Time to go get Kayode's wife, Chief (Mrs) Alake Oshun steps into her car
First Royal Oil and Gas founder and CEO, Princess Roseline Omolara Osipitan
How First Royal, Ojugbele supported Oshun
Although Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun, the no nonsense founder of Jonshland Royal Castle and Suites has many influential friends that influences her social and business decisions but two among them comes big; they are Princess Omolara Osipitan, the founder of First Royal Oil and Gas who is famously called “First Royal” among their clique of friends and Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele, the APC Woman leader of Ojokoro LCDA and wife of estate merchant and elder statesman Chief Lamina Ojugbele. These two powerful women with their conglomerate of friends stood behind Alake Oshun on that special day to make things happen for her.
Three powerful friends of Alake Oshun; L-R; Princess Omolara Osipitan, Alhaja Alake Shonibare with Alhaja Iyabo Adeyinka
Chief Taiwo Adewunmi
Alake’s Oshun senior brother offered Christian Prayer
Anytime you see this elderly man beside the Jonshland Hotel boss, it is always her lighter moments as the man serenade her with quality philosophy and elderly advise. His name is Chief Taiwo Adewunmi. He is a senior brother and head of her family. He was the one who ushered the entry prayer at Bride’s family home, putting all activities unto God’s hands and dedicating the event to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The lanky Chief Taiwo Adewunmi who is a former executive of Julius Berger Construction later ushered members of the Ijaiye-Kurumi/Bamgbose Lagos born Alake Oshun, her friends, family and well-wishers and the Itoku-Abeokuta born Chief Olumuyiwa Godwin Shofidiya, father of the groom and his entourage into the ambience of the Olaiyas as blaze of talking drum and dancing steps ushered them into the compound after paying all sorts of “friendly levies” demanded by the Alaga Iduros.
The very beautiful & Gorgeous Madam Alake Oshun
Bride's imediate younger sister, Motunrayo Alice Olaiya reads the letter of intention from her in-laws asking for her sister's hand in marriage
Meet Alhaja Shukurat Titilola Onitiri
Alhaja Shukurat Titilola Onitiri is the impeccable Alaga-Iduro who coordinated all the actions at the traditional engagement ceremony. This Abeokuta born lady who is gifted with the gift of native intelligence and brawn dazzled guests at the traditional marriage ceremony with the way she coordinated the event. Learnt she has been working for the Oshuns for a long time and was the one who coordinated the wedding ceremony of Chief (Mrs.) Alake Oshun’s first daughter, Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeosun to Lagos city developer, Prince Adewale Adeosun 19 years ago.
The newly wedded Olarike Olaiya showcases her new Carat Gold Ring
The Olaiyas of Ekiti finally hand over their precious daughter, Olarike to the Sofidiyas of Abeokuta
Bride’s sister reads groom’s marriage proposal
The marriage proposal from the Oshuns came smelling with style, panache and glamour as it was written on a golden slate. The proposal was read by bride’s immediate younger sister, Motunrayo Alice Olaiya, a science student of a leading higher institution in the country. She read the intention of the groom’s family who came with several gifts items like yam, fruits, home utensils and a holy Bible, seeking her sister’s hand in marriage. It was after she read the letter that several other traditional rites followed before the bride was led down by a group of Obinrin-Ile (Home women/ladies) who cheered her to the open theatre of the occasion.
The groom, Kayode Sofidiya alights from his car in grand style into a warm reception from the Olaiyas
The Groom with his in-laws
How bride’s dad shed ‘tears’…
The reality of the general belief among Africans that a girl child has her emotion tilted towards  the father while that of the boy child is tilted towards the mother came to light at some minutes pass 12 O’clock when the bride was led out to meet her groom who had already perfected all the necessary rites before the bride’s family. As Yetunde Olarike moved close to her dad for fatherly prayer after the veil on her face was opened, she suddenly burst into a joyful emotion with tears of love rolling down her face and what happened next? Both her mum and dad cautioned her and drew her to each other with a hand of care and affection. It was obvious Chief Ekundayo Olaiya was equally moving to emotions. However, at exactly 12:40 pm while handing over Olarike to High Chief Olumuyiwa Godwin Shofidiya (Groom’s dad) Chief Solomon Ekundayo Olaiya (Bride’s dad) nearly, finally lost his manly posture as he strived hard to resist tears as he handed over the hand of his “beloved daughter” Olarike Yetunde Ekundayo to the Sofidiyas. It was such a moving moment mixed with emotion, joy and great fulfillment. It was a very happy Sofidiyas who took their new “daughter” with great pride while groom’s mother, Alake Oshun offered prayers for the bride asking God to make her give her son twins seven times. There was a very loud A-M-E-N to the prayer
APC Woman Leader, Ojokoro LCDA, Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele
Olarike Yetunde Sofidiya with sister-in-law, Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeosun
How Attah of Aiyede Ekiti “blessed” the couple
One man who drew attention with his traditional prayers for both the bride and the groom is the Royal Father of the Day, His Royal Majesty Oba (Alhaji) Adebayo Orisagbemi, the Attah of Aiyede Ekiti who from time to time offered some very important prayers in both native language (Yoruba) and always ending it with Islamic verses to which the Muslim faithful among the guests will chorus AMIN. The Royal father indeed re-defined the moment as he prayed with his traditional African religious faith which he inherited by his position as an Oba and equally backed it up with his Islamic faith which he inherited by birth. It was such an interesting sight to behold as Kabiyesi called Olodumare and Allah to bless the union…
Olarike picks her best gift among the deluge of gift items given, a holy Bible.
Olrike the bride in a tete-a-tete with the groom before the traditional wearing of cap which is symbolic in the Yoruba traditional marriage
Why we are happy for Kayode---Friends
Some friends of the groom, Barrister Kayode Sofidiya who stormed the event had wishes for the groom. One of them is Olumide Olusanya a business man who runs a casino on Lagos Island, Lagoon Casino Ltd and married for 8 years; he said Kayode’s decision to marry Olarike was a worthwhile decision “I think today is a great day for Kayode for him to have made a bold step for the next level, everybody is excited about it. We have been waiting for this long time ago”.  The casino baron gave his word to Kayode “Marriage is about patience and I advise him to be patient and both of them should be tolerant of each other, you must realize that it doesn’t come that easy, you have to be patient and always seek God’s face for direction“. Dele Samson is another friend who spoke to Asabeafrika about the groom “Kay is actually a wonderful person, he is not just a brother he is a blood brother. He is my family and I wish him great married life” Bode Olumofe an auto dealer who had the groom as his best man during his wedding some years ago equally gave his special wish for Kayode Kayode was my best man during my marriage and I am happy for him as he takes his turn today. Marriage is a long study and the Bible says he that finds a wife finds a good thing and would find favor with God, I guess God has favored him”. Shina Salau MD/CEO First Firm Enterprises was the last groom’s friend to speak to Asabeafrika “Kayode is a great friend and marriage coming at this time is a great thing. I wish him all the best in a happy married life” 

The Holy Bible Gift from the Sofidayas to their new Iyawo
The heiress to the Alake Oshun dynasty, Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeosun

The all gold marriage proposal waiting to be read by Motunrayo Olaiya

Some of the gifts from the Sofidiyas to the Olaiyas for the hand of Olarike

Olarike taking her vow after accepting to marry Kayode Sofidiya

Olarike Sofidiya steps out in great style

Nuptial gifts from the Sofidiyas to the Olaiyas
Friends of the groom take a pre-wedding photo shot with groom

First in-law of the Sofidiyas, Prince Adewale Adeosun with his father-in-law, High Chief Godwin Olumuyiwa Sofidiya

Families & Well-wishers serenade Alake Oshun with cash after her son got a brand new wife
Chief (Mrs) Alake Oshun blessing her daughter-in-law

The groom receiving prayers from his dad and mum

The Celebration continues as friends & Well-wishers celebrates with Groom's Mother, Alake Oshun for a successful outing

The bride moves to honor her groom with the traditional cap wearing as guests looks on in awe

The brand new couple in town, Barrister & Mrs Sofidiya

Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeoshun with Alhaja Shukurat Titilola Onitiri, the Alaga-Iduro who conducted her own wedding several years back and who is presently conducting her brother's (R) with a big aunt

Mr. & Mrs. Sofidiya

Madam Alake Oshun, groom's mother with her elder brother and ex-Julius Berger Top Shop, Chief Taiwo Adewunmi
Madam Alake Oshun with first daughter, Mrs. Oreoluwatomi Adeosun

Lady Alake Olurotimi Adejonwo Oshun

Kayode honors Olarike's gold wearing finger with a brand new kiss...
Kayode honors Olarike with a brand new Carat gold ring

Kayode blessing Olarike his wife with new crisp naira notes saying 'Thanks for honoring me'
(Watch out for “Why I married Moji Olaiya’s Niece” by KAYODE SOFIDIYA on this blog tomorrow. Keep a date with us with more pictures from their Wedding reception)

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