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Celestial Crisis Latest: Mobiyina will not be reinstated - Prophet Marcus Tibetan | Says, “Tosho should pray against hired assassins”

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Prophet Marcus Tibetan

Less than 48 hours after Asabeafrika published the reaction of the Celestial Church of Christ’s Board of Trustees on the recent crisis rocking the church between two sons of the late Pastor founder, Rev. SBJ Oschoffa over the control of the church leadership, a reaction has come from one of the church’s fiery prophets, Prophet Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan.

Speaking to this blog from Tampa, Florida-United States of America yesterday evening, Prophet Marcus Tibetan who is the Shepherd in Charge of CCC, Elisha Parish, Dublin (Republic of Ireland) said although the BOT has done well by rejecting Tosho’s rebellion but God has equally rejected the BOT due to their hanky-panky games with the destiny of the church”  The man of God who recently called for a 21 days National Conference of spiritual re-birth  among top leaders of the church between June and July  to enable the Holy Spirit to choose the next leader that will run the affairs of CCC Worldwide said the Board of Trustees should be blamed for everything that transpired in the church right from the time the founder passed away in 1985  as they (BOT) have consistently deceived the church without regard to the role of the Holy Spirit in the leadership of the church.

“The foundation of the church lies on love, transparency and truth, it is quite unfortunate that some of these elders are liars. For instance late Reverend Bada lied that he was the next person to be the Pastor after the founder. He did it in a wrong way and few days to his death he confessed all he did because the Lord punished him”.

Rev. EMF Oschoffa

What’s happening?
The crisis began with a High Court judgment which ruled that the self-proclamation of one Godwin Bolanle Shonekan who is proclaiming himself as Pastor is illegal and unconstitutional. The judgment also ruled that the appointment of a pastor to lead the church should be sequel to creating a new constitution and thereby halting the leadership of the present Pastor, EMF Oschoffa.  Despite appeal by the Church’s BOT another tussle between Senior Evangelist Tosho Oschoffa, a younger brother of the present Pastor and PA of 12 years erupted with the former laying claims to the position of the later.
What the Prophet is saying
“I want to let you know today that no amount of meeting called by the BOT can give the church a new leaf except the national conference we prescribed because the BOT as a body is a Goliath disturbing the peace of the Celestial Church of Christ. BOT is a goliath which has sword, spear and javelin but can’t use it to win any single war until it was struck down with a stone of confusion. They (BOT) can never give Celestial Church peace because they are the real problem disturbing the church”
BOT’s Appeal will fail
On the possibility that an appeal filed at the Ilaro High Court in Ogun state by the CCC BOT against a stay of action verdict given on March 26th 2015 terminating the present leadership of the church after one Godwin Bolanle Shonekan contested the role of Pastor against Reverend Mobiyina Oschoffa,  Prophet Marcus said the appeal was not only going to fail but it is equally a ploy by the BOT to stay longer and stash funds from the incoming harvests across parishes home and abroad “The BOT cannot win that case. They will loose the appeal” Prophet Marcus declared. He added “This BOT People are only using the case to prolong their stay in office and to equally pack the proceeds of the incoming harvests across parishes. They know we are coming to the end of the year and many Celestial Parishes will starts celebrating their adult harvest, they are only interested in the harvests proceeds made from Bazaar sales and anointing oil nothing more. They are going to lose that case until they learn how to go about it the right way”

Tosho Oschoffa (L)

BOT is CCC Goliath
Prophet Marcus went ahead to describe the Board of Trustees of the Celestial Church of Christ as the church’s Goliath. He drew his analogy from the book of 1st Samuel 17 verse 45-50 “The BOT are like Goliath who has a sword, a spear and a javelin but couldn’t use them to win a single war until it was felled with a small stone. Today, they are all confused but they are the harbinger of their own confusion because Papa Oschoffa told them before he left that the church does not belong to anybody, not even member of his family but to God Almighty and only He, God through the Holy Spirit can appoint a new leader. Celestial Church is a spiritual church not a brain or knowledge based church”.  
The Prophet who recently appeared on Ben Television which is Europe’s first minority television channel in London has more hard words for the Church’s leadership “The BOT members have no respect for God if not they won’t take the church to cleaners like they are doing right now. If you have a good family, a good wife and good, well behaved children, you won’t be fighting at the Motor Park or train station. A good family man will never fight in public but with what they have done with Mobiyina and Tosho fighting in the public over what does not belong to them, we can say the BOT is the real problem of the Celestial Church because their action has always brought disgrace to the church”
Elders without Purpose
Prophet Marcus who predicted the successful election of President Muhammad Buhari and that of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos last December, 2014 described the CCC BOT as elders who cannot sow good fruits “They are probably suffering from greed and they lack the ability to sow good fruits. We should give kudos to the Holy Spirit and the people of Nigeria who have made the church to stand till this moment. If it were to be for them, the church would have fallen. The BOT should remember Proverbs 13 verse 6; they should equally remember same Proverb 13 from verse 10 to the end. They should not forget what the Lord told them in Proverb 16 from verse 10 to the end. This people have sat on the development of our church for a very long time, they have created several devious means to embezzle and siphon the Church’s funds. Till date, Celestial Church has no theology school, no university, no farm, no housing scheme, no hospital and we say we are the greatest church and at 68 years the Celestial church is still crawling. Of course we are great but some people are seating on the fruit of our greatness and it is time they get up and do what is right or else the Lord will visit them with his wrath before the end of this year. They said they are Oschoffa’s seed but they are not of Oschoffa, they should read the book of John 8 from verse 38 till the end, if you are of Abraham, if you are of Oschoffa, you will do what will uplift the Holy Spirit and not the flesh. You will not destroy the work of the prophet by telling lies”

Prophet Marcus Tibetan

Beware of BOT
Prophet Marcus warns the church to watch out for the activities of the BOT “We must beware of them or they will sink the church. They are the ones behind (Pastor) Mobiyina’s ascension to the throne; they are also the ones behind Tosho’s claim to leadership. Yes what Luke 20 verse 17 said is true about them, ‘The stone which the builders rejected has now become the Chief cornerstone. Whoever falls on that stone will be broken but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder’ “The Celestial Church is a spiritual church not a brain work and the BOT should know better but they chose to deceive the church, the Lord says their time is up”
“The foundation of the church lies on love, transparency and truth, it is quite unfortunate that some of these elders are liars. For instance late Reverend Bada lied that he was the next person to be the Pastor after the founder. He did it in a wrong way and few days to his death he confessed all he did because the Lord punished him. The day Bada lied that he was the Pastor to be, God gave him three loads of cancer, which he contested with before he finally died. Celestial elders should learn from this that you cannot rule by brain work except by the spirit. And if you remember how MKO Abiola, Abacha and other great men died, you will fear God. They should remember Psalm 127 verse 1&2
Prophet Marcus called on all Celestial members worldwide to beware of the church’s BOT “Like He said in the book of Luke Chapter 20 from verse 45 to the end, In verse 46, He said “Beware of the scribes, who desire to go around in long robes, loves greetings in the market places, the best seats in the Synagogue and the best places at feasts. Who devour widow’s houses, and for pretence make long prayers. These will receive greater condemnation”
What BOT must do before Peace reigns
Tibetan who called for a National Conference of Spiritual re-birth last week Sunday while speaking with us from London re affirmed his position while speaking to us from Florida saying until the BOT calls for the conference, the crisis rocking the church will only degenerate and major actors in the crisis will be taken away by God due to their indiscretion to leadership matters. “If this National Conference fails from within, Celestial will bury Banjo, Owodunni, Oshin and Ogunremi” Tibetan warned.

Page of Prediction 2015 where Prophet Marcus foretold the elect

How Celestial saved OBJ, Others
 “In 1976 after the Dimka Coup that killed General Murthala, General Obasanjo ran to Papa Oschoffa and Papa prayed for him and Yar Adua and the military establishment gave him power. The Hausas had agreed that Yar Adua will rule while Obasanjo deputize but the Lord did it through Papa Oschoffa. In 1999 when there was crisis of leadership in Nigeria, it was a Celestial Prophet in the person of Prophet Marcus that God used to see the vision and pray for Obasanjo to come out and rule. Even in 2015, when majority of the Prophets in Nigeria said Nigeria won’t have a peaceful election as Jonathan will return to power, it was still a Celestial Prophet in the person of Prophet Marcus that God used to douse the tension. The Lord said there was going to be an election and that the election will be peaceful and that Buhari will emerge and it came to pass. Are we saying Celestial has lost that power or are we saying the Holy Spirit that dictates things in the church has departed us? No, if these BOT people refuse to heed the call of God for this National Conference between now and July, they should be ready to pay dearly for it; and all the people we mentioned must be invited for the 21 days spiritual meeting with Celestial Prophets at Imeko.”
“The BOT keep bringing all sorts of people to lead the church just because they are getting lands, free money and other benefits from such shoddy system. Today they are using Oschoffa’s children to create crisis in the church. Most of these kids criticized their father in his life time; they said he was worshipping snake but today because they are jobless, they are back to take up their father’s job. Except Edith Oschoffa who keyed into that vision, who among these Oschoffa kids supported their dad in his life time? So, why should the BOT force them on the church? God is speaking to the BOT in the book of Jeremiah Chapter 5 verse 20 to the end. The leaders are busy sharing lands amongst themselves instead of building schools, hospitals, maternity homes and seminaries, the Lord is also warning them in Galatians 5 verse 1 to 5 and if they forget the warnings in the book of 2nd Corinthians 12 verse 5, they should remember that the Bible said it somewhere that ‘Your sin shall locate you’; their atrocities shall definitely locate them”
A  Prophecy foretold
In his book Prediction 2015, which was launched on Saturday December 20th, 2014, Prophet Marcus  surprisingly predicted the current crisis rocking the church and added with a clincher which is still a big surprise to many who describe him as “Nostradamus of our time”; on page 177 of the book and paragraph 7, Prophet Marcus predicted vividly the new crisis rocking the church “The Lord said by September 29th, 2015, all Celestial Prophets, home and abroad will show us the next Pastor” The man of God added “The next Pastor will be between 50-57 years of age and will be recognized through out the world” “The Lord will elect a new leader and all those who forcefully installed Mobiyina as Pastor, will turn against each other. They will want the headship position for money”
In one line of the last paragraph of the page, Senior Evangelist Tosho Oschoffa who is presently at loggerhead with his senior brother, Reverend Mobiyina over the post of Pastor was given a stern warning.   Tosho who scammed Mobiyina by making him to sign a document ascribing the role of Pastor to him due to his brother’s impaired sight and as a result of the Ilaro High Court judgment instigated by Bolanle Shonekan got a strong warning on assassination; “Tosho should pray against hired assassins”.
(You can Reach Prophet Marcus Tibetan on +18727314097 in Florida, USA or +353-8996-09994 in Republic of Ireland or better still through his Nigerian office on 080-37171-730 over Celestial Church matters).

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