Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Joke of the Day: Ghost! Ghost!! Ghost!!

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In the student vocabulary, the habit of reading into the night after official lights-out is termed ‘ghosting’. It is a disease from which generation after generation of boys and girls suffer. It is most prevalent at the approach of examination.

Again succeeding generation after generation of Masters has preached against ghosting, pointing out the futility and ineffectiveness of the habit. But in spite of the stiff penalty attached to ghosting, most senior boys are addicts and are exponents of the fine art of ghosting without being caught. You so shade your hurricane lantern leaving the narrowest slit through which only a fraction of the page of your textbook was illuminated.
On a fateful night, the Swanston Housemaster Mr. Varigiz Owodunni Riyazh went round on a surprise check after lights out. That was unfortunate, most unfortunate, for Alabi Abagbon the prefect in charge of Ibile Dormitory. The housemaster was only a short distance away before Alabi realized his peril. In the very short time he had, escape was impossible.
As the Housemaster took purposeful steps towards his bed, Alabi immediately dived into bed. He covered not only his body but his head under his blanket.
“Alabi, get up” the Housemaster said angrily.
Alabi did not get up.
“Alabi get up, I saw you reading just now”
Alabi did not get up. Rather he snored, pretending to have been fast asleep for some time.
“Alabi, get up, I say. Your hurricane lantern is still burning!’
The telltale hurricane lantern! Alabi had forgotten it. Now the game was up. But as he was about to get up to surrender, the resourceful school boy had a brain wave.
“Ghost!  Ghost!!  Ghost!!!” he yelled from his bed. Immediately after, he sprang out of bed and trotted down the walkway between the two rows of beds in the dormitory. There was immediate confusion in the dormitory as students, woken hurriedly from their sleep, scrambled from their beds and fled in all directions, except in the direction of the “ghost” that was imperfectly illuminated by Alabi’s hurricane lantern. In a short time, the dormitory was empty except for the highly embarrassed Housemaster looking every inch like a ghost in the imperfect illumination by Alabi’s lantern. 

(Culled from the book, Read & Laugh: First 100 jokes of our time by Olaleye Falore)

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