Friday, 31 July 2015

Joke of the Day: Awolowo is a good Conductor of Heat

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Mr. Uragbai taught us Physics, which we new boys found quite tedious. Mr. Uragbai however aided our slow digestion of his new subject with politics, which we found most interesting. He was a great admirer of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and imprinted upon our youthful minds the great gulf that divided the Action Group Party, which Awolowo led, from the NCNC (Under Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe) in terms of practical achievements and realistic programmes.
He sometimes uses long words the meaning of which we did not know. All the same, we enjoyed the ease with which these multi-syllable words rolled up his lips, and we wondered if and when we could become as ‘erudite’
One particular morning, Mr. Uragbai had disposed off the little Physics he meant to teach us and had already settled down to the much mutually acceptable tits-bit in Nigerian politics. Gradually he warmed up to the subject. Soon, not only our class but also all in the adjacent classroom and in the corridor outside had become involuntary listeners to his lecture.
“The hegemony of the Action Group vis-à-vis the other political parties in the country is undoubted” he asserted.
“But Awolowo…..” He stopped as both he and we all looked in the direction of the door. The tapping on the door was repeated. Then the door opened and the Principal, Mr. Ephraim W.B.C. Wappa peeped through!
We all became tensed, as we were nearly curtained that the Principal must have heard the name of Awolowo from the corridor. We wondered how Mr. Uragbai will finish the sentence still hanging in the air.
But Mr. Uragbai was a man full of (Intellectual) resources. After the briefest hesitation when he has seen the embarrassing presence of the Principal at the door, he said, very coolly---“is a good conductor of heat”
The Principal closed the door quietly, and when we were certain that his foot steps had died away in the corridor, we all burst into uncontrollable laughter, shouting “Awolowo is a good conductor of heat!”
(Culled from the book First 100 Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)

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