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Untold Story of how Quincy Ayodele & siblings buried Father in Abeokuta (Part 1) | What they wont tell you about the June 20th Event

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The Sodimus, Ayodeles, Shopades & guests after church service
Saturday 20th of June 2015 was the day the Sodimu family of Abeokuta, Ogun State-South West Nigeria invited the world to the celebration of good life as they gave their late patriarch, Chief Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu a befitting funeral which started with a Wake Keep Service on Friday June 19 at the deceased’s No 2 Gbokoniyi Cottage, Onikolobo near Iyana Oloke, Abeokuta.
The second day, Saturday June 20th was the funeral service at African Church Cathedral, Idi Ape, Abeokuta. The event which witnessed the presence of dignitaries from all walks of life was a grand one as Baba’s children, in-laws and grand children spared no cost in making the event a talk-of-the-town brand. Your soar way Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika was there to get  behind the event snippets from the funeral of the 88 years old Egba high chief who is also the father of top herbal slimming expert, Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele . Enjoy the excerpts.
The Shopades & The Ayodeles
Pa Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu
What you don’t know about Quincy’s Dad!
One of Baba’s daughter’s is Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele the renowned herbal slimming expert and founder of Quincy Slimming Herbals.  However, the truth is that late Chief Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu was a well known figure in Egba land during his life time. Fondly called “Gbokoniyi” he was born on October 20, 1926 by late Madam Mabel Sodimu and Mr. Gabriel Abiola Oyinbo Sodimu at Olorunshogo/Gbogbo village Agbole Lika, Igbein Abeokuta, Ogun state. Baba attended Baptist Boys High School Owu, Abeokuta. He was said to be a very brilliant chap while in school and that earned him the appellation of “Sodium Chloride” because he was an outstanding student in chemistry subject. He later went to Cooperative College then at Nigeria’s premier university, University of Ibadan.
His first job was that of a Local Government Secretary at Egba Owode District under the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s administration of the Old Western region. He was transferred to Ila- Orangun District in Osun state from where he proceeded to the United Kingdom to further his education. He read law at the Cambridge College, London.
Baba's 2 son, Mr. James Oluwole Sodimu with wife, Onyi Sodimu
Baba's eldest kids; Dr. Mrs. Flora Titilayo Shopade & Dr. Mrs. Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele
His Early Marriage & Kids
Baba, Chief Oluwole Sodimu aka “Sodium Chloride” according to facts made available to Asabeafrika started building a home very early in life. According to local history, Baba loves sharp/beautiful “gals”; so, he decided to marry a beautiful girl-Madam Susan Olufunke Sodimu from a distinct family of Pa Fatoki/Soyoola from Agbole Elenu Menumo of Someke Village in Igbein Abeokuta. They both went to London together and lived in the UK for 12 years; they were blessed with 5 powerful children, Reverend (Dr.) Mrs. Titilayo Teleola Shopade, Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele; Mrs. Omolara Abidemi Oluwalogbon, Dr. Babatunde Olugbenga Sodimu and Mr. James Akinwole Sodimu Jnr.
Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele with wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasunbo Ayodele
Filling out of the church during a heavy downpour
Why he married a 2nd wife
Pa Sodimu was said to be a one man one woman person to the extent that it took his children by his first wife, very many years to convince him to marry his secretary several years after the demise of their mother.
He then later married Mrs. Christiana Toyosi Sodimu and was blessed with 3 children through her-Mrs. Abimbola Atinuke Olanrewaju, Dr. Oluyomi Sodimu and Pharmacist, Mrs. Comfort Mosunmola Adeagbo.
He was survived by 8 wonderful children, 30 grand children and 4 great grand children.
One of Baba's grand daughters at the church event
Baba's casket sets for final resting place
His Exploits
Baba is alleged to have travelled to so many countries even when going abroad was a luxury in those days to broaden his knowledge.  “Education is the key to success” was one of his favorite sayings. He is said to have given scholarship to a lot of Nigerians to study abroad.
He empowered a lot of people-young and old including communities because of his guiding principle which states that “Ise ni omo alase jeun, owo ni omo alase la” which literarily translate to “Paid employment can only feed you but it is only commerce that can enrich you”.
Condolence letter from Former president Olusegun Obasanjo

Condolence letter from Former president Olusegun Obasanjo

“I remember when I graduated from high school (Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro) in flying colors and the school wasn’t going to release my result because we owed school fees. You went to borrow the money from Sabo. You were 7 days late to pay back (the loan) and the consequence was to beat you with Koboko for number of the default days and in my presence (Tears in my eyes), you were beaten for my sake in order to give me education”.

Doctors Flora Shopade, Dr. Quincy Ayodele & Eng. John Ayodele during the service
(L-R) Olori Gbadebo, Rear Admiral Jubril Ayinla (rtd) and a guest
Why he was called “Gbokoniyi”
Baba was a professional business man with a focus to redeem the masses especially his Egba people from poverty. Many believed that the late Baba Gbokoniyi must have come before his own time because majority of his ideas were alien to his generation. People of his time saw them as impossible but he knew they were possible. As Nigeria and Africa is advancing in technology today, most of Baba’s early thoughts, according to family source are unfolding as possibilities.
For instance, he was said to have started what is today known as “The Gbokoniyi Entrepreneurship” in the early 70s packaging Nigerian locally made food stuffs in a decent way, branding the content and selling at both home and abroad. He was one of the first if not the first to package bean flour, yam powder inside move-able packs and containers to make life easy for women and named the brand “Gbokoniyi” (Exalt your husband) a brand name that stuck to him like glue until he bade the world farewell at 88 on January 28th.
The Keeney Boys' Show; Obaloluwa & Oluwatishe Keeney gave grand dad a piece of action
Sea of Camera men battle amidst pall bearers to capture Baba Sodimu's final moment on planet earth
….The Jonny Walker in “Sodium Chloride”
In real estate business, Baba was equally said to be one of the first people to start a real estate business in Yoruba land. He started the Ade-Egba Estate as early as 1974 to make it easy for low come earners to own their own homes at that particular point in time. Baba didn’t stop at real estate business alone; he was also an addictive mineral researcher. He researched and located mineral resources in various locations in Nigeria. Many years before his demise, Baba was said to have lamented bitterly in an interview saying “It is sad that we are all sitting on gold and other mineral resources yet we are poor”. Until he passed away, he kept talking about Nigeria’s mineral resources being wasted. He lamented about how the Oyinbos (white men) kept coming around to take our mineral resources away in broad day light. He was said to have seen the future 30 years ago and most of the things he tried doing three decades back and were thought impossible are now manifesting with the advancement of technology.
Because of his numerous business ideas Baba was appointed as Olori Aje of Egba Gbein (Minister of Commerce and Industry) by the entire Egba Igbein community of Abeokuta to coordinate commercial activities in Egba area. A position he held till death.
For his children, his guiding philosophy to them at all times is “Simplicity cost you nothing but buys you everything”. He was said to be kind, very generous and highly focused.
Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele seeking wife's consent on next line of action...Since it is her father's funeral
How he became a born again Christian
Pa Sodimu according to sources was a conventional Christian. In his later years on earth, he was alleged to have been led to Christ by his Pastor daughter-Reverend Dr. (Mrs.) Titilayo Shopade and his son-in-law Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele. He surrendered his life completely to Christ singing “Amazing Grace how great though art” with Pastor Sam and Pastor Mrs. Kofo Babatunde of RCCG City of David Parish leading the service in Lagos weeks before his demise.
The entire offsprings of Pa Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu with their in-laws pose for camera after church service
Tete-a-tete between Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele and  Daughter, Dr. Tobi Ayodele Keeney as Dr. Babatunde Sodimu and wife, Oluwatobi looks on
How he spent his last days….
As if he knew his time was near, Baba Sodimu was said to have visited all his children in London, USA and Nigeria in his later days on earth, taking pictures with all of them as if he knew he was going to die. He returned home after his numerous trips and went to sleep in his Onikolobo-Abeokuta home called Gbokoniyi Cottage with his first son and first daughter beside and around him according to his wish on January 28th, 2015. Baba was said to pass away in his sleep few hours after reading his favorite newspaper, Daily Times. What a privilege way to pass away?
Pall bearers in their traditional costume danced round Baba's casket
Engineer John Ayodele with 2nd grand son, Oluwatishe Junecup Keeney & In-law, Dr. Babatunde Sodimu
Meet Baba’s 30 Grand Kids & 4 Great Grand kids
Baba was an all-round achiever in his life time and he was survived by 30 great grand children which were given to him by his 8 great children. Asabeafrika took the pain to get their names for your read. They are; Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Bolade Owoeye; Engineer Trevor & Dr. Mrs. Tobi Ayodele Keeney; Mr. Adekunle & Barrister (Mrs.) Marita Oluwatola Abdul, Engineer John Temiloluwa Ayodele; Mr. & Mrs. Barbara F. Fadeyi; Mr. Victor Taiwo; Miss Victoria Taiwo, Mr. Henry Adewole; Miss Stella Fajimolu, Miss Olugbemisola Sodimu and Engineer Abayomi Sodimu. Others are: Miss Oluyinka Sodimu-Jones, Miss Olunike Sodimu-Jones, Miss Olufunke Sodimu Jones; Philips Olufemi Sodimu-Jones and Mr. Oluwadamilola Craig. We also have Mrs. Jojololaoluwa Sharon Craig, Master Boluwatife A. Shopade, Miss Precious O. Sodimu, Miss May Sodimu, Master Adam Sodimu,; Master Pipelayomi J. Olanrewaju, Master Pipeloore C. Olanrewaju; Miss Pipelewa K. Olanrewaju, Miss Pipelebun K. Olanrewaju; Miss Pipelola J. Olanrewaju; Miss Oyinade Adeagbo and Miss Victory T. Shodimu.
His 4 great grand kids are Master Obaloluwa Bridge Keeney, Master Oluwatishe Junecup Keeney and Master Ayomikun Owoeye. 25 days to his demise, Baba got Miss Alicia Oluwanifise Abdul as his latest great grand child. Although he never saw her eyeball-to-eyeball but he got the news on phone as the tot was delivered abroad.
Pall bearers arrives with late Pa Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu's casket
The Minister-of-the-Lord Jesus Christ delivering his sermon at the church service
The Church Service
As early as 9 am top dignitaries from all walks of life who arrived Abeokuta on June 19 converged at the African Church Cathedral Idi-Ape, Abeokuta for the Saturday June 20 event as Baba’s body arrived in a white casket by TFC Funeral, an Abeokuta, Ogun state based leading funeral company. Baba’s body was transported to the venue in a grey colored Mercedes Benz Wagon car and put at a strategic place in the front row of the church as the event began at exactly 10am with over 7 clergies led by the cathedral’s chief priests The Reverend Johnson Sanyaolu and The Reverend Dayo Akiode under the instructions of the cathedral provost, The Venerable S.A. Adeyemi (BA. ED; M.ED)
The church which is one of Abeokuta’s oldest cathedrals is under the Egba diocesan Bishop, The Rt. Rev. J.O. Akinsanya (M.ED), supporting the clergies were Bro. S.S Sofusi (Choir Master) Brother Bunmi Dipeolu (Assistant Organist) Brother Deinde Odeyemi (Verger) and Brother Kayode Falola (Provost Warden). Otunba Akinola Banjo (JP) is the Cathedral Warden.
Guests at the Church Service
Dr. Quincy Ayodele reading General Olusegun Obasanjo's condolense letter
Ex-Chief of Naval Staff lead top Nigerians to the event    
Dignitaries from all walks of life stormed the Church leg of the funeral, leading the team of very important Nigerians who arrived early for the church event was former Chief of Naval Staff under General Sani Abacha and General Abdulsalami Abubakar, Rear Admiral Jubril Ayinla who led other top Nigerians to Chief Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu’s church funeral at Idi-Ape. Rear Admiral Jubril Ayinla who is also the Aare Gbadeniyi of Egba land is said to be an in-law of the Sodimus as his wife, Madam Bimbo Ayinla is a big sister to Dr. Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele and from same family line.  Despite his being a Muslim, the ex-Naval top brass who also wore the family’s Aso Ebi sang all the Christian hymn songs during the service with passion and total concentration. This aspect of him is said to have been tapped from his wife who is said to be a Catholic by birth before she voluntarily changed to Islam. Other dignitaries at the church are; Chief Segun Oyekunle, MD/CEO Abuja Films Village international who is said to be a cousin to Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele, Quincy’s husband. Mr. Michael Olatunji Dada of Eko Shopping Plaza also stormed the event with his beautiful wife, Bola. One of the Oloris of the Alake of Egba land, Oba (Dr.) Adedotun Gbadebo (Okukenu IV) Olori Titilola Gbadebo represented the highly revered Oba as culture forbids the Alake to attend a funeral event. Others are Chief Godwin Abayomi and Chief Diko George Taylor among many other dignitaries who defied the early morning rainfall on June 20th to attend the church service.
The Sodimu sister, Dr. Flora & Dr. Quincy
Dr. Tobi Ayodele Keeney, COO, Quincy Herbals
Best Kept Secret of Quincy’s husband
It is not all the time some women get the luck of having a great father and a great husband in a life time and that is why this blog feels Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele is double lucky to have the rare opportunity of having greatness embedded in both her late father and her husband. For those who don’t know a bit about the very gentle man behind the famous herbal slimming expert, Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele, let us help run a bit of his hidden profile that many don’t know.
Engineer John Oladipupo Ayodele is probably one of Nigeria’s and if not Africa’s most sought after power engineering expert who has contributed so much to the development of power generation in Nigeria with his versatility reaching up to the United States of America. A close source who knows him very well divulged to Asabeafrika that Engineer Ayodele started his career as a Pupil Engineer at National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) and was one of the very few engineers who built majority of the electrical power sub-stations across Nigeria. “You could see him going jeje, and you could see him looking janjala, but when it comes to the history of Nigeria’s electrical power distribution, he is one of the few ones who saw the beginning, the middle times and the present times because he was able to serve for complete 35 years” squealed a family source who pleaded we don’t name him as the Engineer could be offended.
Madam S.O. Olufunke Sodimu & Mrs. Christianah Toyosi Sodimu
Dr. Flora Titilayo Shopade with Dr. Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele with 2nd grand son, Tishe Junecup Keeney
Engineer John Oladipupo Ayodele
was said to have reached his peak in NEPA as Executive Director, Distribution Services and retired after three decades of meritorious service. But his experience as a sub-station engineer is said to be very scarce in the power sector and that is why he is being contracted on many occasion by government to handle very sensitive assignments for the country at various ministries. Apart from working to develop power redistribution network in Nigeria, Engineer Ayodele is one of the few in Africa that is a special contractor to USAID and Georgia Power Corporation in the United States of America. The recent power stabilization under General Muhammad Buhari is said to have his input as one of the papers he wrote on how to address gas problem is what the new regime of President Muhammad Buhari is putting to practice which has equally worked for  the country as power is now regular in major cities of Nigeria. He was once kidnapped in year 2010 while on a sensitive national assignment for government in Abuja but the then President, late Alhaji Umar Yar Adua ensured he was promptly searched for by the security agencies and rescued from his abductors within 10 days as his service was said to be too important for the government of the day.
Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Ayodele...still shocked over Dad's demise
Mr. Michael Olatunji Dada of Eko Shopping Plaza with his pretty wife, Madam Titilayo Dada
His Career at Large
Engineer Ayodele attended St Kizito College, Isanlu, Kogi state between 1968 and 1973 for his Higher School Certificate and later got his B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in Kaduna State between 1975 and 1978
On graduation in 1979 he was invited by the Federal Government of Nigeria to work with National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) as a trainee Engineer  and between 1979 and 1985, he rose to the post of a director and later travelled to acquire more knowledge in Sub-Station Engineering in 1988. He enrolled at General Electric Union College, Schenectady, USA for a year course in Power Redistribution/Sub-Station technology and returned to NEPA in 1989. At his exit from NEPA in 2009 he was Executive Director, Distribution under the newly formed Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)
But he was not allowed to go away by the government of General Olusegun Obasanjo even though he wanted to retire at the time into private service but the Federal Government seconded him to the Federal Ministry of Power from 2009 to 2011 where he was made a Director and contributed hugely to several reforms that took place in the power sector.
That was not the first time Engineer Ayodele will be seconded to a ministry to effect his dynamic reforms in areas his service is needed. At a time, he was said to have been redeployed to act as a Director at the Telecoms Postal Services arm of the Federal Ministry of Communication and Technology, Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja as his knowledge is said to have helped several government reforms in the ministry.
Today, the man, John Oladipo Ayodele is a fellow of several professional bodies like Nigerian Society of Engineers; Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers and Nigerian Institute of Management to mention few.
(L-R); Barrister Marita Abdul, Engineer Trevor Keeney & Dr. Tobi Keeney
Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele
The Keeney boys show
They were the cynosure of all eyes at the church service but on one grand. The two American boys, Obaloluwa and Oluwatishe Keeney, sons of Dr. Quincy Ayodele’s  first daughter, Dr. Tobi Keeney  refused to stay with either their mum or their American dad, Engineer Trevor Keeney. Instead, they stayed with their maternal grand dad, Engineer John Oladapo Ayodele at the front row. Sensing that grand ma, Dr. Quincy Ayodele was still in a sober mood, the very interesting boys choose to give gradpa a dose of their action filled Tom and Jerry culture. It was thrilling and interesting as Engineer John Ayodele managed the pressure amidst a barrage of camera shots from photo journalists and greetings from well-wishers and condolence givers.
Very Important Guests from Lagos
Baba's 3rd daughter, Mrs. Omolara Oluwalogbon Taiwo with her kids during the church service
Baba’s latest great grand kid in first outing
Not many knew how emotional the late Chief Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu was to both his direct children, grand children and great grand children. He was said to have ensured all of them got his attention one month to his death as he travelled round Europe and America meeting them with their parents and taking pictures with them all but one person he never saw with his two eyes was Alicia Oluwanifise Abdul who was born 25 days to Baba’s demise. Alicia is the first child of Barrister Marita Abdul, second daughter of Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Ayodele. Despite the fact that Baba was the singular mentor and influencer of Marita’s law education as he lamented that none of his children studied law and he wouldn’t want his law books to waste away as there must be an inheritor. He was said to have even followed Marita to the Nigerian Law School on the day she was called to the Nigerian bar as he saw her career as his passion. Family sources said Baba had spoken to Marita and her mum on phone after she delivered in the USA but Baba couldn’t sight the beautiful tot but on this day in Abeokuta, during Baba’s funeral, Alicia stormed her great grand father’s funeral with mum, Barrister Marita Abdul and Dad Prince Adekunle Abdul.
Dr. (Mrs.) Flora Titilayo Shopade
Former Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Jubril Ayinla
Quincy’s moving tribute for dad
In the event brochure, some of Baba’s children and grand children rendered some moving tributes about the late Baba Amos Babalola Oluwole Shodimu, however, Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Ayodele’s own tribute was the most emotional one as she narrated an incident that brought lot of tears to faces especially fathers who stood in the congregation. In the one page tribute, Quincy recalled an incident that involved her father making a heavy sacrifice for her as a young girl “You were a father and a mother to me and all of our children through out your life time. You suffered a lot to father and mother me from when you collected me from my grand mother in the village upon your arrival from London till God made me to fulfill destiny in your presence” Quincy narrated in the 6th paragraph of her tribute.  She continued “I remember when I graduated from high school (Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro) in flying colors and the school wasn’t going to release my result because we owed school fees. You went to borrow the money from Sabo. You were 7 days late to pay back (the loan) and the consequence was to beat you with Koboko for number of the default days and in my presence (Tears in my eyes), you were beaten for my sake in order to give me education. After that and still in poverty, you sent me to London to further my education. You always told us that “Education is the key to success”. You always told us that you will do all you can to give us good education at home and abroad and you struggled to give that to all of us. Thank you Daddy, you impacted good legacies also on all your grand children as you chose their careers with them”. “Because you were a lawyer, you ensured that one of my children-Barrister Marita Oluwatola Abdul read law both at home and in the USA in order to “inherit your books”. I remember days you will go looking for what we would eat and you would come back home with only Gari and sugar, or just tomatoes….Days you will go on empty stomach so that we can eat. You thought us to be happy in all these situations and we were all happy with our step mother who weathered the storms with all of your children...etc.”
Baba's heir apparent, Dr. Babatunde Sodimu with in-law, Engineer John Oladipo Ayodele
Some guests @ the church
Other Children who rendered tribute for Baba are Dr. (Mrs.) Flora Titilayo Shopade, Mrs. Omolara Oluwalogbon Taiwo Sodimu, Dr. Babatunde Sodimu, Mr. Oluwole Sodimu and many grandchildren.
What Gen. Obasanjo said about Pa. Sodimu
It was at exactly 11:45 am after the sermon and offerings that Baba’s star daughter, Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele was invited by the Church Authority to come out and read a condolence  letter sent in by former Nigerian Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Mathew Aremu Okikiolakan Olusegun Obasanjo before the congregation. A day before the church service and few hours to Baba’s Christian Wake Keep at his Gbokoniyi Cottage-Onikolobo-Iyana Oloke-Abeokuta, General Obasanjo was said to have specifically invited some of Baba’s elder children to his Hilltop Mansion, Abeokuta home as he personally pleaded with them that he will be having an emergency outing the next day and that his wife, Madam Bola Obasanjo will be representing him at the occasion. It was after this, according to our source, that Baba handed a condolence letter personally signed by him to Baba’s eldest children who include Dr. (Mrs.) Flora Titilayo Shopade and Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele and Baba’s heir apparent Dr. Babatunde Shodimu. It was Dr. Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele who read the letter personally signed by the African elder statesman. In the letter Obasanjo extolled Chief Amos Babalola Oluwole Sodimu’s virtues of philanthropy, love, kindness, generosity and life of service to Nigeria and the Egba nation.  Obasanjo noted that Sodimu was one of the earliest men of his age and era who gave a thought to entrepreneurship and equally promoted it in Egba land. Obasanjo described Sodimu as a man ahead of his time.
Dr. (Mrs.) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele, Founder & CEO, Quincy Herbal Slimmers
Unknown to many, Pa Shodimu was Chief Obasanjo’s senior at Baptist Boy’s High School Owu and they also bonded together on many fronts later in life and even shared idea in family upbringing, friendship and communal fraternity.  For instance, a very close source to the family said when Quincy and her siblings were so young in the 70s, Baba used to take them to General Obasanjo’s house every Sunday after church; a situation which often warrant them to eat rice & Stew at the General’s house and that for one, made the children always anticipate to visit the Owu chief’s place every Sunday after church as that will automatically give them the license to eat rice and stew which was not an everyday meal in those good old days.  Obasanjo was one of the very few elites of Egba society at the time due to his position in the army. Till date, Obasanjo sees Pa Sodimu’s children as his own children as well.
Dr. Babatunde Sodimu with wife, Mrs. Oluwatobi Sodimu
Chief Godwin Abayomi, Chief Diko George Taylor and Chief Segun Oyekunle
(Get ready to read Part 2 of the Quincy Father’s funeral on this blog after this time out)

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