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Drama, Intrigues &banters as Ayo Fayose ran into Fayemi, others @ JB Ajayi’s funeral + How the Jemibewons locked down the town

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Most Reverend Felix Femi Ajakaye uniting Fayose (PDP) Fayemi, Oni and Adebayo (APC)
Today we present you the Part 2 of the celebrated funeral  and celebration of life of late Teacher, Author and Catholic Church Statesman, Chief John Bosede Ajayi, a former Principal of St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan and Father of Famous business woman and wife of former Police Affairs Minister and first Governor of Oyo State, General David Medayese Jemibewon, Agnes Dupe Jemibewon.
The event which has it first leg in Ibadan, Oyo State on Thursday August 6th closed with a two day carnival like activity in Orin Ekiti, Ekiti State between Friday August 7th and Saturday August 8th. Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog Asabeafrika brings you more tales from the memorable event.
 Get into your best relaxation mood as you enjoy more briefs from the carnival like ceremony in Orin Ekiti.
Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon at dad's Orin-Ekiti Wake Keep
Baba’s body received with 21 gun salute
To say late Baba J.B. Ajayi is a man of many parts would be an understatement as traditional leaders both men and women of Orin Ekiti troop out in hundreds to welcome Baba’s body with the heroic 21 gun salute which herald the arrival of the body of a great son of the soil. After a long festivity of dance and obeisance to the arrival of the body of a great hero into Orin town, members of laity of St. John Catholic Church, Orin-Ekiti offered an intercession prayer on Baba’s casket (Body) at the entrance of the church’s cathedral. Baba was the 4th Baba Egbe of the church before his demise. The body was later moved to the ancestral family home, a traditional mud house of over 100 years in the middle of the town.

Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon welcoming Ekiti State Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose to her father's funeral

Macmillan Book MD, Prince Iyiola Adelekan, wife Omolara with an in-law

How Asabeafrika discovered Baba’s heritage
At Baba’s ancestral home in Orin Ekiti where his body was presented to the elders of the house, there it was discovered through a bold inscription on an ancient grave situated besides the building that it was Baba J.B. Ajayi’s household that brought Christianity to Orin Ekiti in 1906. On a status inscribed on the grave situated beside the ancient building it was written in Yoruba language “Pa Daniel Dada, Eni ti o mu Igbabo wo ilu Orin ni 1906 ti o sun ninu Oluwa ni 15-4-1930” (Pa Daniel Dada, the man who brought Christianity to Orin town in 1906 and who slept in the Lord on 15-04-1930). It is quite interesting to note that J.B. Ajayi was born 3 months (July 31st) after the demise of Pa Daniel Dada who is said to be his great ancestor who brought Christianity to Orin-Ekiti. After prayers, exchange of pleasantries between house-hold elders and Baba’s children, Baba’s body was moved to his compound for another service of songs/wake keep to be conducted by St. John Catholic Church.

Pall bearers move JB Ajayi's body to his anceestral home

First Lagos Female Guber Aspirant storm Orin for Baba
As the Jemibewons and the Ajayis were settling down for the Orin Event, more celebrities from Lagos arrived. One of them is first female gubernatorial aspirant in Lagos, Chief (Mrs.) Remi Adikwu Bakare. Her arrival was heralded with great preparations as Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon quickly ordered her aides to go drop Mrs. Remi Adikwu Bakare at a 3 star hotel in Ido Ekiti as all other hotels and guest houses at Orin  has been booked down by Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon.
Lanre Ijaola’s wife storm Orin Ekiti
Elegant lady, Mrs. Nneka Ijaola, wife of Ben TV big boy, Lanre Ijaola aka Ijakoko was also at Orin Ekiti for the Jemibewons. The Umunede, Delta state born CEO of Labase Fashion House, Lagos, is said to have come a long way with Chief Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon with a friendship of over 15 years. She came with four of her friends and didn’t leave until Sunday August 9th.

The Lagos & Orin Crowd dance for Baba
Chief (Mrs.) Remi Adikwu Bakkare (2nd Left) with other celebrities from Lagos

How wife shocked Gen. David Jemibewon
General David Jemibewon, son-in-law extra-ordinary to the late Baba J.B. Ajayi was shocked on getting to Orin Ekiti and Ido Ekiti only to discover that his wife, Madam Dupe Jemibewon had taken over all the major hotels and guest houses in the two major towns. Orin Ekiti is 10 minutes drive to Ido Ekiti where majority of the prime guest houses are situated. The General who left Ibadan immediately after the Commendation Service for his father-in-law at Catholic Church of the Ascension, New Bodija on 7th August was quite shocked when he got to Ido Ekiti only to visit couple of hotels and learnt that his pragmatic wife has taken over those suites since second week of June. The 7th and 8th dates were already booked down by Mrs. Duped Jemibewon. Another source close to the family confessed to Asabeafrika that Madam Modupe Jemibewon actually spent close to a million naira to secure reservations for her guests from all walks of life.

Kogi State Deputy Governor, Chief Yomi Awoniyi with wife, Mrs. Tokunbo Awoniyi

Meet Dupe Jemibewon’s 3 most influential friends of over 4 decades
These three musketeers are like a tripod in the life of Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon and their word is almost like law to her as their friendship which has grown to sisterhood dates back to four decades and a half back. However, the 3 best friends of Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon are not only matured and highly respected women in the Nigerian society but have equally grown to be grandmothers. They are Joko Oni, Dupe Ositelu and Jumoke Peters Ayeni.  A very reliable source told this blog that the four all grew in Ibadan and had become friends when they were still wearing skirts and blouses in school. Reverend (Mrs.) Dupe Oshitelu who is the most senior of them and referred to as “Aunty” by Dupe Jemibewon is the beautiful wife of late Rev. (Dr.) Gideon Ositelu who is a senior brother to the present head of the  Church of the Lord, Aladura Worldwide, His Eminence Rev. (Dr.) Rufus Okikiolakan Ositelu aka The Pope. Both her husband and the present supreme head of the Aladura Church are children of the late founder,  Prophet (Dr.) Josiah Olumowo Ositelu. The second person is Pastor (Mrs.) Jumoke Peters Ayeni, a devoted minister of God who is the next in rank in the long time relationship. The last however, is Captain Mother Joko Oni. She is the rich and fabulous Lagos Textile merchant and owner of Goldrush. Unconfirmed report has it that Joko Oni as a young school girl in Ibadan was one of the “mercenaries” (Alarena) General David Jemibewon aka Uncle Dave used to “catch” the then young, pretty and charming Dupe. The three till date are very inseparable despite the vicissitudes of life that has smitten them on all sides. While Dupe Ositelu and Jumoke Peters Ayeni sat with Dupe Jemibewon in her Limousine ride from Ibadan to Orin-Ekiti, Joko Oni drove by in her 2014 model Prado Jeep with the plate number “GoldRush” 

Most Reverend Felix Femi Ajakaye welcoming Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose to the event

Lagos Big Boy who detailed Mrs. Jemibewon’s activities
 Babatunde Olayemi a top executive with Gold Fire Nigeria Ltd under the Leadership of Mr. Theo John Philips was the man in charge of most of Madam Dupe Jemibewon’s activities in Orin Ekiti. Babatunde Olayemi whose firm is reputed to be Nigeria’s number 1 visual communication company started his brief with Madam at Ibadan. Close sources in the family told this blog that Olayemi who once lived with Mrs. Jemibewon in his early years in Lagos is one of the beneficiaries of Dupe Jemibewon’s philanthropic gesture and that was why he took a week holiday from his boss to honor Madam Dupe Jemibewon. He was at Orin with his wife, Mrs. Olayemi Olayemi who works with Lagos state Primary Health Care Board with their beautiful daughter, Oluwatishe.
Ekiti State Big Girl, Adeparusi too
Highly favored with a spotless fair skin and lovely height, Yetunde Adeparusi Abu was another person who worked closely with Madam Dupe Jemibewon during Baba’s funeral at Orin. In fact, this big girl who works with the office of the Ekiti State Auditor General for Local Government Affairs became Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon’s aide-de-camp for the entire 2 days as she helped Madam to handle most of the packed gift items and other activities that needed urgent attention from Madam during the course of event. Yetunde Adeparusi Abu is married to Nasarawa state born Abu Adamu Lasisi who works with Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Education Sport Council. He hails from Wamba town in Nasarawa state while Madam is from Ekiti state.

Elders of Orin Ekiti welcomes Baba's body with dance

Chief (Mrs.) Jemibewon, her PA with a cousin
Meet Father Assumpta, the Priest JB Ajayi invited to his funeral before death
Reverend Father Peter Assumpta Ajayi (Ph-D) is one of the intellectuals and vocal voices in the Catholic Church family. He is not only a powerful teacher of the word but a researcher per-excellence. Before his death, it was revealed that late Baba J.B. Ajayi asked his children to ensure that Reverend Father Assumpta preside over his Wake-Keep and Service of Song event in Orin Ekiti. And that was exactly what happened; Father Assumpta with other clergies of St. John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti conducted the Service of song for Baba. However, the Reverend father brought a lot of intellectualism into the wake keep service when he delivered a powerful paper on “Baba JB Ajayi, the history of Yoruba race and the Unity of Orin People”. In the 7 pages paper which was delivered to the bewilderment of many, Father Assumpta noted that JB Ajayi already told him in confidence that he was going to die in 2015 as far back as 2013. Hear him “My late mother, Chief (Mrs.) Ester Omoyemi Ajayi, Late Mons Anthony Ogunleye Oguntuyi and Baba JB Ajayi had premonitions about their deaths. Baba JB Ajayi told me in 2013 that he would die in 2015 and here we are, he is dead” “Three Months before he died he said to everyone around him; ‘Father Assumpta must be at my burial’ I am here to honor you Baba” The highly intellectual Father Assumpta who presented his paper amidst the Service of Song  event which was predominantly done in Yoruba language by the laity of St. John Catholic Church, Orin urged all Baba’s children to ensure Baba’s legacy of Unity in Orin does not go down without being achieved. He touched some other sensitive issues like the Chieftaincy title debacles of Apeluwa stool in Orin and other sundry issues on development and social re-engineering of Orin town which late J.B. Ajayi stood and worked for till death.  Father Assumpta is said to be one of the adopted sons of the late philanthropist and Catholic Church statesman, Chief John Bosede Ajayi.
Eminent personalities at the Wake Keep and Service of songs included Professor Tunde Adeniran, a former minister of Education and Nigeria’s envoy to Germany under President Obasanjo, Gen. David Jemibewon, a former minister of Police Affairs under General Obasanjo’s regime (JB Ajayi’s in-law) Captain Mother Joko Oni, Chief (Mrs.) Remi Adiku Bakare, Chief Paul Alabi a former Deputy Governor of Ekiti state among other eminent Nigerians.

Dr. Ore Famure

Late JB Ajayi's younger brothers

What Ekiti Deputy Governor said about J.B. Ajayi
Dr. Paul Alabi a former deputy governor of Ekiti state who spoke about late JB Ajayi at the Service of Songs and Wake Keep in Orin described the late community leader as someone who cherished friendship. The ex- Deputy Governor said he knew Baba since 1965 at Ijesa-Osu when Baba and his elder brother late Chief Oyewole Jegede were friends. He said both were very close friends until his elder brother passed away. He acknowledged the role Baba played when his elder brother passed away; that Baba came looking for him and equally urged him to give his friend a befitting funeral of international standard. He said since his brother, Oyewole Jegede passed away; Baba has kept a watch on his children and siblings and that since he knew Baba, he has never seen him frown or get angry but always laughing and wearing a cool look. The former deputy governor later went begging the children of Baba JB Ajayi and relations to forgive him for not honoring Baba’s last minute invitation; that before Baba passed away in June, Baba had sent for him through his son, Tunde but he delayed in coming only for him to get the rude shock of Baba’s demise. Dr. Paul Alabi who was nearly moved to tears while pleading said he never ever anticipated that “Baba will just leave us like that”. He ended by praying for Baba’s soul to rest in perfect peace. 

Late JB Ajayi's grand daughters

Orin town agog for Baba’s wake keep
The night of Friday 7th August went dawn with several activities by local people of the town to mark the heroic funeral of a great man; at the center of the Ajayi’s compound was a large screen which played series of documentaries of the life and times of Baba JB Ajayi at his various duty posts as a teacher, bookshop manager and business man/church leader. Many groups in Orin Ekiti also came out to celebrate with the Ajayis during the wake keep which lasted into the early hours of the day.

Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon drives into Orin in a Limo Royale

Guests and Baba's children at the Orin Wake Keep

Bishop of Ekiti Diocese delivers homily for Baba
There is no other way to describe the personality of late Baba J.B. Ajayi as a committed catholic leader than attending the last of his three days funeral which had the presence of Most Reverend Felix Femi Ajakaye, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ekiti State who personally delivered the homily on Saturday August 8, 2015. The event which started at 10 am on the field on Orin High School had the presence of three ex-governors of the state, Segun Oni, Kayode Fayemi and Niyi Adebayo. The Governor of Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose and deputy Governor of Kogi state, Yomi Awoniyi with his wife Tokunbo also attended.

Laity of St John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti

The Untold Story of Aba ‘Jari
Most Reverend Felix Femi Ajakaye’s homily was not only interesting and educative but equally instructive as he described Baba JB Ajayi as a committed Catholic Church Leader. Opening his paper with the quote “Life is God’s special gift to a person. On the other hand, a person’s life is the prerequisite for the last judgment after the person’s sojourn on earth” described Aba’Jari (As Baba is fondly addressed in the inner circle of his Catholic Friends due to his tall and huge frame) as a committed and uncompromising Catholic Leader and Teacher. The Bishop said of JB Ajayi whose nickname is Aba ‘Jari “He was a forbearer in the Catholic Church in Orin. Aba ‘Jari was also a writer who believed in documentation. According to his former Parish Priest at Church of the Ascension, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo state, Most Reverend Peter Kayode Odetoyinbo, now Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta ‘even if Baba was going to say hello, he would like to write it and document it.’ Hopefully, these documents will be sorted out and they will not be allowed to rot. This is challenge to Baba’s children” The Bishop continues “Courageously and doggedly, Aba ‘Jari would pursue whatever he believed in. However, at times, once there was no way in that line, he would tactically withdraw, though to re-strategize and he might present the same thing in a new method”. The Bishop equally urged thousands of Nigerians who attended the event to shun the spirit of greed and embrace that of hard work, selfless service and contentment like the late Aba’Jari. Bishop Ajakaye later thanked Baba’s children and other family members for taking good care of their dedicated and caring parents until their call to eternal glory.
Both the young and old throng out for the great man

General David Jemibewon Welcomes Gov. Ayo Fayose to his in-law's event

Ayo Fayose’s heroic arrival

It was some minutes pass 2’ O’ clock and the noise of Oshokomole rented the air as worshippers wondered who was arriving. It later turned out to be the Governor of the state, His Excellency Dr. Peter Ayodele Fayose. The Governor adorning a white Agbada sent a section of the crowd on wild jubilation as they hailed him before he was led to the front seat by church ushers and security aides where he joined his 3 predecessors, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Engineer Segun Oni and Dr. Kayode Fayemi. He had an official handshake with all of them before taking his seat next to his immediate predecessor Dr.  Kayode Fayemi.
The Fayose/Fayemi Drama
Trust Governor Ayodele Fayose, he will always create a room for drama especially when the atmosphere is a “Charged One” like the one of Baba JB Ajayi’s funeral where he had all his 3 predecessors who are now in the opposition sitting with him. In sitting directly next to his immediate predecessor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Ayo Fayose came out with his trait as he “sit-backed”  Kayode Fayemi (O ko eyin si Fayemi)  instead of sitting straight or at par with the later. This deliberate act of “tactical rejection” was visibly noticed by journalists and camera men who took time to snap the mini drama.

Most Reverend Felix Femi Ajakaye, Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese

Bishop Ajaikaiye’s political strategy
Bishop Felix Femi Ajakaiye, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ekiti must have saved the day with his quick strategy. When Ayo Fayose came in, the event was already winding up with Baba’s first child, Madam Dupe Jemibewon giving vote of thanks. Bishop Ajakaiye sensing the danger of Fayose’s arrival and the charged atmosphere with the governor’s supporters welling around the venue quickly applied his native wisdom by first inviting the governor whom he described as “Ogbeni Peter Ayodele Fayose” to the altar to greet him. Mr. Fayose must have thought the Bishop would hand over the Microphone to him to enable him say one or two words to his supporters but he was shocked, though buried the shock in his trademark smile as the Bishop gave him a handshake, took a pose with him and asked him to go and sit down. Those very close to the governor later confided in this blog that Fayose didn’t like the queer treatment. Fayose was later caught giving a shrewd look to Bishop Ajakaiye for “making His Excellency not to speak at such an auspicious gathering”. Political analysts at the event said Bishop Ajakaiye’s action was tactical and deliberate as allowing Governor Fayose to speak while Fayemi, Adebayo and Segun Oni are on seat might degenerate into a political hullabaloo.

Front view of late JB Ajayi's Orin Ekiti ancestral home

Still on Bishop Ajakaye
Bishop Ajakaiye later invited the four politicians (Fayose, Fayemi, Adebayo and Oni) to the podium to have a photo op with him and equally used the opportunity to advise them to shun their individual political differences and work for the development of Ekiti State. Dr. Kayode Fayemi left after the photo op while Fayose, Niyi Adebayo and Segun Oni who came with his wife stayed behind. Although some analysts like Mr. Femi Adagunodo, a veteran photo journalist and creative news expert believed Fayemi’s exit was a calculated strategy as Fayose is allegedly incapable of holding on for too long without making a scapegoat of his imagined enemies. The Governor later left without being allowed to say a word at the event.

Ex-Governors; Kayode Fayemi, Niyi Adebayo and Segun Oni with wife

Why Fayose attended Baba JB’s funeral
Although some local analysts kept on analyzing the reason behind the sudden appearance of the PDP Governor of Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose at the event amidst a house full of APC sympathizers, while some said it was Baba’s second son and third child Dr. Tunde Ajayi that invited the governor to the event others claimed that Baba JB Ajayi was the Governor’s teacher while he was in High school. Although it was evident that Dr. Tunde Ajayi, a Ph-D holder in political science and a lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at the College of Education, Ikere Ekiti was very free with the Governor and ensured his Excellency had the best of time at the occasion, the bigger truth which we later found out at the Ajayis’ family compound in Orin Ekiti was the fact that Baba JB Ajayi taught Governor Ayo Fayose while the later was a student of Olivet High School, Oyo and till date, Ayo Fayose has not forgotten Baba’s impact on his life; the main reason why the Governor was allegedly angry with Bishop Felix Femi Ajakaye for not allowing him to speak at the event which could have given him ample opportunity to say something about his experience with Baba.

Great Women of Orin Ekiti join the JB Ajayi crowd

 Modupe Jemibewon gives vote of Thanks
As if honoring the meaning of her name “Modupe” (I Thank God/You) the organizers of the event entrusted the “Vote of Thanks” to Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon who is Baba’s first child. The woman of valor thanked the Bishop for creating time to come and give the homily for her dad’s funeral. Mrs. Jemibewon said it was a rare honor bestowed upon her family as the Bishop could have ordered a senior officer in the laity to handle the job but he decided to come personally. She also promised the Catholic Church in Orin-Ekiti that she and her siblings have agreed to jointly work hard to complete the millennium cathedral of St. John Catholic Church, Orin, which was one of the projects Baba was passionate about before he was called home. She promised that the family will ensure the cathedral is finished before Baba’s first year anniversary in 2016.  She equally used the opportunity to thank Governor Fayose, ex-Governors Kayode Fayemi, Niyi Adebayo and Segun Oni for honoring the family with their presence. She went ahead to thank the Deputy Governor of Kogi state  her husband’s homestead,  His Excellency  Yomi Awoniyi and his wife, Tokunbo for honoring the family’s invitation. Mrs. Jemibewon thanked the Aguda Church, her grand father’s church, the Iwoye, Ilore, Iyatin and many other families that saw to the spiritual and social growth of her family in Orin. She equally noted with pride that Reverend Mother Mary Emmanuel, the first black Yoruba Reverend Sister in the history of Catholic Church in Nigeria was from Orin Ekiti. On a last note, she said, the family is happy that Baba will be sleeping besides his wife, Chief (Mrs.) Mary Idowu Olawunmi Ajayi (Nee Olayemi) who passed away at age 77 in 2009. She said it was a rare feat for her dad to have his wish in life to burry his wife in Orin and sleep beside her on the last day. Baba’s body was later moved to his compound where he was buried near the grave of his wife and that of his mother, late Chief (Mrs.) Mary Aina Ajayi, late Iyalode of St. John Catholic Church-Orin-Ekiti after some funeral rites by his children and grand children.
(Watch Out for the Concluding Part of the JB Ajayi Funeral in Orin-Ekiti on this blog after this time-out)

Former Ekiti Deputy Governor, Dr. Paul Alabi at the Orin Ekiti Wake Keep
Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon welcomes with a Special Meal by her Age Group in Orin Ekiti
Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon touches dad's coffin before elders of the Ajayi's family
Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon meets elders and children at Father's ancestral home
Catholic Priests praying on Baba's body in presence of children and grand children

Baba's Condolence Register

Baba's Children, others wait for the arrival of his body for an intercession prayer

Baba's body, moving to his ancestral home

Baba's body being pulled out of the hearse

Baba's body arrives his ancestral home

Baba JB Ajayi's hearse by BMC
Baba JB Ajayi's children; Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon, Barrister Abimbola Ajayi, Dr. Dayo Ajayi, Dr. (Mrs.) Ajoke Akintade and Dr. Tunde Ajayi
Age Group gives Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon a token gift on arrival
A cross Section of guests at the Service of Songs in Orin Ekiti
A cross section of grand children

A bold inscription on the hearse by children of the deaceased
(L-R) Ex-Miniter of Education & former Nigerian Envoy to Germany, Professor Tunde Adeniran with Ex-Minister of Police Affairs, Gen. David Medayese Jemibewon
These two lovely women display the great man's picture behind his first child, Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon
Women of St. John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti welcomes Baba's first child, Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon
The Limo Royale with a convoy of over 40 cars that came with it from Ibadan
The Late Great Man in his final state
The entrance of St. John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti
Priests of St. John Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti

Orin Women joins Mrs. Jemibewon to welcome her Dad's body home

Mrs. Nneka Ijaola (R) with friends at Baba's Orin Ekiti Wake Keep
Late Baba JB Ajayi's private library at Orin Ekiti

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