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How Dupe Jemibewon & Siblings buried Dad, J.B. Ajayi in grand style + What Catholic Priest told Nigerians @ the event

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Baba's Casket arrives for Commendation Service @ Catholic Church of the Ascension, New Bodija Ibadan on August 7th
Chief John Bosede Ajayi, an educationist, business man, author and Roman Catholic Church statesman is currently wearing a big smile as he sits in heaven by the right hand of God.
The reason for Baba, Chief J.B. Ajayi’s good cheer is not far fetched as his 6 children who all made success of their educational and career callings gave him a most befitting and grand burial, the kind that all great fathers always wish for after completing their earthly sojourn between Thursday August 6th and Saturday August 8th 2015.

Chief J.B. Ajayi who died on Monday June 22nd 2015 at his Ikolaba Estate home in Ibadan at the ripe age of 85 was laid to rest within the premises of his Orin Ekiti, Ekiti North, Ekiti state- South West Nigeria Home after series of Soul stirring Christian Services of Songs under the Auspices of the Roman Catholic Church in Ibadan and Orin Ekiti between August 6th and 8th. The final celebration took place at Orin High School Field on the 8th of August with Juju Music Legend turned Evangelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi on the band stand.
Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity encounter blog Asabeafrika was on ground both at Ibadan, Oyo State and Orin Ekiti in Ekiti state for the three days ceremony which had the high and mighty of Nigeria political and social class in attendance. We bring you snippets and pictures you will never read and see anywhere else on this blog today. Get your favorite drink and snack as you enjoy the Part 1 of the excerpts.

Baba JB Ajayi's Conndolence Register signed by over 500 people on August 8th

What you don’t know about Chief J.B. Ajayi
The Late Chief J.B. Ajayi is the father of famous business woman and educationist, Chief (Mrs.) Agnes Modupe  Jemibewon who is the wife of former Governor of the old Western Region and a former Minister of Police Affairs under President Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime, General David Medayese Jemibewon (Rtd). Born on 31st July 1930 as the first of late Baba Raphael Ajayi’s 4 sons and his mother was the late Chief (Mrs.) Mary Aina Ajayi (Iyalode of St. John’s Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti till death). The late Baba Raphael Ajayi according to history was one of the earliest large scale merchants of his time in Ekiti land and he was equally a friend and business partner of Late Chief Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, father of late Igbo war lord and Ezegburugburu, Chief Emeka Ojukwu.  A catholic by birth and blood, Chief J.B. Ajayi was actually the product of the very first marriage in the Orin Ekiti Roman Catholic Church in 1930.
However, the earlier death of his father when he was just 11 years placed an enormous leadership burden upon his shoulders but he was able to rise to the challenge through his large heartedness, love of family and a dogged determination to succeed which was his trait till death. Two things marked out his life trajectory, his career as a travelling teacher and his devotion to the catholic faith which was of high compassion till death. He was the embodiment of a life almost completely immersed in Catholicism and no other religion.
The Highly Decorated Venue of Event
His Education/Career
Baba had his primary school education between 1938 and 1946 at St. John’s School, Orin Ekiti; St George’s, Ado Ekiti and St Joseph’s, Usi-Ekiti. Baba later obtained his Grade II Teacher Training Certificate from St Leo’s Teacher’s training college, Abeokuta, Ogun state in December 1951. He later bagged a B.A. (History) honors degree from the University of Ibadan in June 1965. Baba later experienced a soaring teaching career that took him to great schools like St. Patrick’s Igogo-Ekiti, St. John’s Modern Secondary School, Usi-Ekiti, Notre Dame Grammar School, Usi-Ekiti, Annunciation School, Ikere Ekiti; Olu-Orogbo High School, Ile-Ife, Oke-Ode Grammar School, Oke-Ode, Kwara State, Olivet High School, Oyo and Ijesa Muslim High School, Ilesa among many other institutions. Baba briefly worked with University of Ife (Now OAU) as Bookshop Manager but his love for education was overwhelming as he later returned to his teaching career where he was head teacher in a number of schools. However, his final port of call was St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan from where he retired voluntarily as a Principal in December, 1980. For 7 years (1955-1960) Baba was the Catholic District Supervisor of Schools in Ekiti North and part of the present Kwara State.

Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon taking Holy Communion @ Dad's Commendation Service

 J.B. the T.T.
It was as a result of Baba’s travelling from one school to the other during his days as Catholic District Supervisor of Schools that he acquired the sobriquet T.T. (Travelling Teacher), a nickname by which many fondly  referred to him until he breathed his last on June 22. His selection for such an enormous responsibility at the tender age of 25 was a remarkable achievement. The zeal Baba used in discharging his duties, riding his Triumph Motor-Cycle through the tortuous roads of Ekiti land day and night, in all weather, ensuring that school standard remains at the very highest is a feat that is still being talked about among his peers and many who know him as majority of people in the South West readily affirm till date, that Baba’s effort during this period helped greatly in affording them the qualitative education that ensured their success in life. Baba was a liberal Awoist who shared the philosophy of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo who is the author of free education in the South West. 
Upon his retirement from Public Service in 1980 after some 34 years of meritorious service, Baba founded the Business Group of JB Ajayi & Sons with interest in construction, automobile, distribution and agriculture. He was involved in several developmental projects for the Catholic Church both at Ibadan and his home town Orin Ekiti. Baba was also a great author who wrote several books. He authored the book “St Jude’s and Other Societies in Church of the Ascension, Bodija-Ibadan; 1981-2012”. At the time of his death he was working on the book “A history of the Catholic Church in Orin Ekiti”
The Congregation

The Lying-in-state @ Ikolaba
Baba’s final journey home started with a heroic ceremony of procession/lying-in-state at his No 20, Oyeniyi Street, Ikolaba, Ibadan home around 2pm on Thursday August 6th when his body was led in a BMC white Val Hearse with his body tucked inside a Brown Casket with golden strings and led in by two white horses into the street from UCH Hospital Mortuary where his body was embalmed since June 23rd, 2015. The procession was spiced with blowing of trumpets, beating of drums by a band stirring up dancing spree by his children, well-wishers, family and elders of Ikolaba Community who throng out to welcome the hearse conveying Baba’s body into the street. Baba’s first child, Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon and her siblings led the procession as elderly men and the traditional leadership of Ikolaba community where Baba reigned as the Osi Balogun Baale before his great ascension filed out to dance with Baba’s children and other merry makers who led Baba’s body to his house for a Lying-in-state ceremony. A register was opened which pulled a huge number of signatures before the close of the day. 

Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon, Daughter, Omolola Temidayo with other siblings @ Ikolaba Service of Song, Ibadan

Meet Baba’s 6 Star-studded Kids
You don’t need to be told that the late Adeyelu of Usi-Ekiti and Otun-Mayegun of Ilogbo-Ekiti Chief J.B. Ajayi is a bookworm and super educationist in his lifetime as his 6 kids tells the story better. Their presence at the various funeral ceremonies drawn up for him drew all kinds of patronages and personalities from diverse parts of the world to Ibadan and later Orin Ekiti. Leading the team of the Ajayi kids was foremost business woman and educationist Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon—the Yeye Oge of Ikeja Land and Proprietress, Jemibewon International School, Kabba, Kogi state; a foremost Nigerian surgeon and the first medical doctor from Orin Ekiti, Dr. Dayo Ajayi; a Ph-D holder in Political Science, lecturer and emerging politician, Dr. Tunde Ajayi, a leading USA based Pediatrician and first female Medical Doctor from Orin Ekiti, Dr, (Mrs.) Ajoke Akintade, a Lagos based banker and lawyer, Barrister Abimbola Ajayi and a USA based Pharmacist, Pham (Mrs.) Funmilayo Jegede.

Temidayo Omolola Jemibewon on her way to Mum's town Orin Ekiti with relations
Princess Pelebo Banigo

Pelebo Banigo, Hannah Afolabi, others storm baba’s service of songs
By 5pm of Thursday August 6th, the city of Ibadan was already steaming with the presence of dignitaries from all walks of life who stormed the city to celebrate the fulfilled life of Baba J.B. Ajayi. Some of the big names were friends of Baba’s first child, Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon who all canceled other events in their diaries to be in Ibadan. Leading the cream of top dignitaries to the Service of Songs Ceremony which took place at the ground of Ikolaba High School 1, Ikolaba-Ibadan was Her Royal Majesty, Princess Effiom Bassey Pelebo Banigo, wife of former Federal Minister of Science and Technology and Chairman of defunct All States Trust Bank turned king, HRM King Ebitimi Emmanuel BanigoThe Amanyanabo of Okpoama Kingdom in Bayelsa state. Okpoama Kingdom is the Island that hosts the multi-billion Naira brass LNG project in Bayelsa state. That was Pelebo Banigo’s first major outing in a very long time; sources claimed her friendship with Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon is over 20 years. Others who joined the service of songs were Ibadan High Chief and Media guru, Akogun Lekan Alabi; wife of late minister of internal affairs SM Afolabi, Chief (Mrs.) Hannah Afolabi, Lagos based business woman and CEO, Goldrush Textiles Ltd, Captain Mother Joko Oni, veteran actress Funmi Tijani, Indigenous Knowledge Developer and Ostrich Afrique Magazine Editor, Jumoke Owoola, entertainment consultant, Tessy Alero Yembra and several other dignitaries (Male and Female) too numerous to mention.

Princess Pelebo Banigo with her entourage
Rev. Father Felix Ethapemi consoling Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon

What Catholic Priests said at Baba’s Service of Songs
Baba’s Ibadan service of songs event was not only an avenue to render various soul lifting hymns for the departed soul spiced with several Bible readings by the church choir and priests of Catholic Church of the Ascension, New Bodija but the occasion also turned out to be an avenue for the presiding priests to use their sermon to unleash their displeasure over certain misdemeanors that has taken over today’s society leaving the poor people of Nigeria at the mercy of the rich. The two reverend fathers, Reverend Father Stephen Nwabuike and Reverend Father Felix Ethapemi were very angry at the level of corruption in the Nigerian society.  In his sermon titled “What is Life?” Father Stephen Nwabuike who is the Parish Priest of the Catholic Church of the Ascension, New Bodija started with a C&S song “Ibi Aiye Nlo” which admonishes People about the consciousness of heaven and God’s judgment against the pleasures of the earth. The Reverend Father asked why are people stealing, looting and keeping wealth that won’t join them in their graves. Drawing from the book of Luke 12 verse 13 to 21 “The Parable of the Rich Fool”, Father Nwabuike stated that many people in Nigeria who acquire wealth blindly will be like the Biblical rich fool who lays up treasures for himself in his barn, boasting of a good life of merry afterwards but had his life cut short the very night he was boasting about his gains.

Baba JB Ajayi's children
Temidayo Omolola Jemibewon with a relation

Parable of the Rich Man & the Mad Man
Another story told by Father Stephen Nwabuike at the Ibadan Service of Songs was the story of a rich merchant at Ode-Omu  area of  Osun state who drew up the graph of where he was to be buried at his demise and gave instruction on how his grave should be designed at death but unfortunately, on the day of his funeral one of his sons who is a rascal and wayward chap warned the executors of his father’s grave to stay clear of the site as he had planned to use the place for another project. The Reverend Father who was very upset at the level of corruption in the society also told the story of a rich man who equally died and when it was time for his burial, his grave diggers had started digging his grave to the status of 6 feet when a veteran lunatic in his neighborhood came and urged them to dig the grave deeper and bigger. Taking his word for a prophecy, the diggers dig deeper only for the same lunatic to return a second time urging them to dig deeper, they obeyed. But on a third return, they challenged the lunatic and asked why he was urging them to enlarge the rich man’s grave beyond the 6 feet measure and the lunatic responded “You know he was a very rich man who enjoyed himself to the hilt in his lifetime, you will need to bury along with him his houses, cars and other paraphernalia of enjoyment so that he can continue the spree in heaven” it was at this junction every one got the shocking but philosophical import of the lunatic’s message.  The two stories jolted dignitaries to their feet with mixed reaction on their faces and the import of the vanities of life registered in their mindset. Father Felix Ethapemi in his own word described Baba as a very, very organized man who plans his things ahead of time and hates fire brigade approach. Father Ethapemi who described Baba J.B. Ajayi as his adopted father at the Ibadan Archdiocesan North Deaconry Laity Council of the church where Baba was the pioneer Chairman and life patron and he a member, said the late J.B. Ajayi was a very prayerful person who never took church assignments for granted.  Father Ethapemi warned Baba’s children not to think Baba was only a father to them alone but that, the late Catholic Church statesman was equally a father to many people in the society including his humble self.

Omolola Temidayo Jemibewon with family and well-wishers

The 3 Heavenly places of residence by Father Ethapemi
In his closing remark, Father Felix Ethapemi shocked his listeners when he announced to guests at the Service of Songs that the Catholic Church as a Holy Organization recognizes 3 places as the final resting abode of the dead ones. The Delta State born Father who is very versed with Yoruba idioms and proverbs said the First Place is Heaven; the second place is Hell while the last place is Purgatory. He said although some lucky ones go straight to Heaven while others go to hell but those who go to purgatory are many, stating that the Catholic Church believe they can still be prayed for in order to help them cross over to heaven.  “We must pray for those in purgatory as Christians to see if their iniquities can be forgiven and they can have access to heaven”. Father Ethapemi ended his sermon by urging Nigerians to fervently pray for President Muhammad Buhari on his war against corruption assuring Nigerians that Buhari will deliver the country from the satanic grip of corruption that has turned the country into a den of poverty and misery.

Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon with some in-laws

Tessy Yembra, Funmi Tijani dazzles guests at Baba’s home
Famous dancer and entertainment consultant, Princess Tessy Alero Yembra surprised guests who throng Baba’s No 20 Oyeniyi Street, Ikolaba-Ibadan home after the wake keep service to merry and celebrate into the night before going to bed as she directed the event as Master of Ceremony. Her creative disposition brought live to the evening as Baba’s children served their various guests assorted meals and drink as a large screen in the compound played on some of the event of the early part of the day with guests catching their fun. The event had a highlife band led by an Ibadan based highlife band. Representing Nollywood in the gathering, veteran actress Funmi Tijani added some flavor to the evening as she stood out and rendered some heart lifting songs which earned her huge applauses from the guests who enjoyed all bits of the event before moving into their various hotel suites which has been early booked by Baba’s first child Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon. She was alleged to have booked over 40 rooms across various hotels and guests houses in Ibadan for her guests.

A lady reading the First Lesson at the Commendation Service for Baba @ Church of the Ascension, Ibadan

Why Arch Bishop Abegunrin and Bishop Julius Babatunde Adelakun (Rtd) stormed J.B’s Commendation Service
On Friday August 7th, the entire Ibadan city witnessed a Catholic rush as two prominent Catholic leaders; retired Bishop Julius Babatunde Adelakun and His Grace, Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin (Arch Bishop of Ibadan Diocese) stormed the Catholic Church of the Ascension, New Bodija for Baba’s commendation service. While Bishop Abegunrin presided over the service, Baba Adelakun who is the immediate predecessor of Abegunrin and who is now retired visited as a special guest. What baffled many at the church was how the octogenarian Baba Adelakun arrived the church from his Ilesa abode as early as 7am one hour to the scheduled time. Sources claimed that Baba Adelakun who was also a teacher like J.B. Ajayi was a very close ally of the Baba Egbe of St John’s Catholic Church, Orin Ekiti in his lifetime. The two great leaders and other clergy men like Parish Priest and host, Reverend Father Stephen Nwabuike and Father Felix Ethapemi and junior laities conducted the commendation service which witnessed solemn hymns, Bible Readings and several other activities inside the very big and well decorated cathedral of the church. Baba’s casket was brought into the church by pall bearers at 8:15 am and was put at the center of the church with a Bible adorning it as the service went on.

Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon with daughter, Temidayo Omolola Jemibewon

Celebrities @ Commendation service
Top Nigerians who graced the early hour commendation service at Catholic Church of Ascension, New Bodija on Friday morning includes Princess Pelebo Banigo, wife of King Ebitimi Banigo, the Amanayanabo of Okpoama Kingdom in Bayelsa state. Others are Chief (Mrs.) Hannah Afolabi, Captain Mother Joko Oni, Tessy Alero Yembra, Actress Funmi Tijani, Princess Jumoke Owoola an arts exponent and media consultant, Mrs. Funke Lashma a retired civil servant and long time friend of Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon. Others are Pastor (Mrs.) Jumoke Peters Ayeni and Reverend (Mrs.) Dupe Ositelu, several other dignitaries from all walks of life with Baba’s children and grand kids from USA and the UK were fully in attendance and some of his grand kids read the various Bible readings during the service. 

Some Special Guests from Diplomatic Community

The arrival of Gen. David Jemibewon
When he arrived at 9:35am, his wife, Modupe went on her kneel and offered silent prayers to the Almighty God in the glare of all. General David Medayese Jemibewon came into the cathedral like a hero looking dashing in his brown Agbada and dark sunshade as he took his seat next to his wife and her siblings. General David Jemibewon will naturally come as the hero of that week as two days earlier he conducted the funeral of his first wife, Mrs. Comfort Adunni Jemibewon (Nee Oni) who died on July 22nd exactly a month after Baba J.B. Ajayi passed away. He finished his 1st  wife’s funeral on Thursday August 6th in Lagos and the next day (That very day) he embarked on the journey of celebrating his father-in-law’s last minutes activities in Ibadan and Orin Ekiti. The General is said to share equal love for the two; in as much as he loved his first wife who passed away at age 71, the General is said to have been deeply close to the late Baba J.B. Ajayi, father of his younger wife, Madam Dupe whom he adored so much and it was so much said that Baba adopted “Uncle Dave” as the General is affectionately addressed as his “First Son”. Impeccable source also hinted this blog that the General personally drove himself from Kabba to Ibadan on hearing of Baba’s death and was the first person to see the late scholar in the morgue on June 23rd. 

Lagos big boy, Babatope Olayemi of Goldfire Nigeria Ltd with some of Baba's grand kids

Father Ethapemi’s Sermon
Father Felix Ethapemi who joined the Parish Priest, Father Stephen Nwabuike to conduct the Service of Song a day earlier was the preacher at the commendation service of Friday 7th August and the priest took his time again to flog the high and mighty who attended the ceremony with his sermon; calling their attention to the plights of the poor people in society and equally warned them to stop lusting after material wealth which will perish at the point of death. Father Ethapemi asked the congregation to look at the casket of Baba J.B. Ajayi and draw a message from it saying his death has a message for all to learn from. “Our Baba took nothing with him in death than his good work and grace of God; this casket should remind you that you could be the next candidate. You must be prepared”. “A lot of people today have wealth without conscience and when they die people will start to jubilate that ‘thank God he is gone’ because they were mean with their wealth while alive but good ones like Baba Ajayi leaves and people mourn” Father Ethapemi frowned at rich Nigerians who amass properties, clothes, shoes and all sorts of properties across the world only to die like the man in the book of Luke 12 verse 13-21. Father Ethapemi further appreciated the physical and moral qualities of the deceased “He was tall, very huge; he walks majestically. His yes is yes, his no is no. He is always time conscious in all his doings. He prepares all his assignments ahead of time and was full of grace, he was a man of strong faith” Ethapemi noted. The Priest consoled Baba’s children, he said “Although the Bible said 70 is the age of man but he that is strong will get to 80 but in this case Baba was 85, meaning that he was extra-strong”.

His Grace Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin greets Baba's son Barrister Abimbola Ajayi

The Poor Woman of Bodija
The Father nearly drew everyone to tears when he narrated the story of a financially challenged lady who came into the cathedral to pray sometimes ago “I sighted this woman at an odd hour  of the day praying fervently in this cathedral with a baby fastened to her back.  She was praying with all her zeal, lamenting to God and I came and stood behind her for a while, observing her before I tapped her shoulder. When she turned to me, her eyeballs  were red with water laid on them” “ I asked what the problem could be and she said for the past 3 days her family cant eat in the house and this is a woman that is breastfeeding a baby. She said she was praying for a helper to come to their rescue” The Father said he told the crying woman not to pray further as he is the helper God has decided to send unto her. He went into the vicarage and got her some food stuff but regretted that he didn’t have liquid cash on him that day to add unto the foodstuff. He begged rich Nigerians to take compassion on the poor and rule with the fear of God as the level of poverty in the country is grinding.

General David Medayese Jemibewon in a handshake with His Grace Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin, Arch-Bishop of Ibadan

J.B. Ajayi’s favorite quotation revealed
Unknown to the guests at the occasion, the Parish Priest and Host of Catholic Church of the Ascension New Bodija is one of Baba J.B. Ajayi’s old students at St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan.  Reverend Father Stephen Nwabuike is of the 1978 graduating set. It was after Baba’s second child and first son, Dr. Adedayo Ajayi gave the vote of thanks that Reverend Father Nwabuike announced to the congregation that he is also an alumnus of St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan where Baba taught before his retirement in 1980. His announcement led to a deafening applause by a section of guests in the cathedral who are alumnus of the school. However, Father Nwabuike who said Baba was equally a father to him gave a hint of what makes all St. Patrick Students great in the society. The Principle lies in Baba J.B. Ajayi’s famous quotation. Father Nwabuike noted that before he was made a resident shepherd of the Parish, he had ran into Baba sometimes ago and on recognizing him, he walked up to him and recited a famous phrase “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night” and that when Baba turned back he said “St, Patrick?” and that was it. This great quotation by American born poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is said to be the Baba’s famous quote and biggest philosophy bequeathed to all students and Nigerians who went through him at St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan.

Some Reverend Sisters of Church of the Ascension
Meet the Woman who saw Baba a minute before his demise
She is simply known as Madam Franca L.A. Faweya and she is far advanced in age; this elderly woman was said to be the only soul who was with Baba J.B. Ajayi at his dying hour. Although Madam Faweya has come a long way with the Ajayi family according to close sources who confided in this blog. She was said to be Baba’s first child, Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon’s College mother at Eucharistic College Ibadan during her Secondary school education days. A very reliable source who confided in this blog inside Baba’s Ikolaba home in Ibadan said Mama Faweya who is also a member of Catholic Church of the Ascension was the only guest who was with Baba on that fateful Monday 22nd June evening and when she saw how Baba’s health was reacting, she was said to have held her rosary and started praying saying “Lord, if is your wish, let John depart in peace”. Her prayer was said to have actually worked as Baba snored away in a deep sleep and ascended to his heavenly home.

Ibadan High Chief Akogun Lekan Alabi with Captain Mother Joko Oni of Gold Rush

 How THISDAY Newspaper disappointed Baba’s family
Part of the great act of gratitude displayed by General David Jemibewon to his father in-law was a full page colored advertorial placed inside THISDAY Newspaper edition of that Friday August 7th in honor of Baba JB Ajayi whom he described as “A Great Father-in-law” in the advert. However, all efforts by both the Ajayis and the Jemibewons to get a copy of the THISDAY Newspaper in Ibadan on that day proved abortive as vendors kept saying the paper does not arrive in Ibadan on time until late afternoon. The family nearly blamed their discretion for ever taking such a decision to place their obituary ad in a newspaper that is more pronounced in Abuja than Lagos and other South Western states. Close sources said although, some members of the Ajayi family had preferred THE NATION newspaper as that was Baba’s favorite read in his lifetime but General Jemibewon who controlled the cash opted for THISDAY but THISDAY disappointed all with late publication.

The Priests; (L-R) Father Stephen Nwabuike, Chief Celebrant, His Grace, Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin, Rev. Father Felix Ethapemi with another Priest

Dupe Jemibewon causes stir with Limousine Royale 
The journey into Orin Ekiti started around 11 am exactly one hour after the commendation service at the Catholic Church of the Ascension, New Bodija-Ibadan with Baba’s first child and wife of retired General David Jemibewon leading a convoy of over 30 cars into Orin Ekiti in a white colored American branded Limousine Royale car. The very stylish and highly intelligent Orin Ekiti born educationist and business woman like a movie star rode into her home in a Hollywood manner as her Limo car caused stir at several towns across Ibadan, Osu, Ilesa, Iwaraja, Itawure, Aramoko Ekiti, Ijero Ekiti, Ido-Ekiti up to Orin-Ekiti where the convoy birthed with Baba’s hearse.

The Choir of Catholic Church of the Ascension
The Catholic Church of the Ascension, Bodija mass Choir
Some In-laws of the Ajayis at the event
Princess Tessy Alero Yembra
Late Baba JB Ajayi's Ikolaba, Ibadan Home

His Grace Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin greets Baba's first child Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon
General David Medayese Jemibewon with In-laws at the Commendation Service
Crowd of Catholic Women who came to honor Baba
Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon with her School Mother and Last Person to see her dad pass away, Mama L.A. Faweya
Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon with her Police Details giving an instruction on the convoy
Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon with friends from Abuja
Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Jemibewon sets for  Orin Ekiti in the Comport of her Limousine Royale
Chief (Mrs.) Hannah Afolabi

Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon sets for Orin Ekiti with Friends
Captain Mother Joko Oni, MD & CEO, GoldRush
Baba's son, Barrister Abimbola Ajayi
Baba's Grand Children @ Commendation Service
Baba's first son, Dr. Dayo Ajayi
Baba's Coffin in the Church
Baba's Children listening to Father Felix Ethapemi's Sermon
An elderly guest @ the Service of Song
(L) Professor Tunde Adeniran with guests at the Commendation Service

(Watch out for Part 2 of Baba JB Ajayi’s funeral; The Orin Carnival after this time out)

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