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How men of God enslave Nigerians — Prophet MKO Tibetan | Says “PMB should gives 70% slot to Diaspora Ministerial nominees

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Prophet MKO Tibetan

Popular Dubin, Republic of Ireland based man of God, Prophet MKO Tibetan of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Nigeria & Europe) has called on Nigerians to stop the culture of blind followership of Men of God and Church denominations without direction for productivity and quality lifestyle.
Speaking to Asabeafrika during an exclusive interview session from his Laquinta Hotel suites, Orlando Florida, USA abode during an evangelical mission to the United States of America, the fiery man of God whose prophecy has come to pass on major national and international issues lamented the rate at which gullible Nigerians have been taken into spiritual-mental slavery and surrendering their productive lives to the whims and caprices of capitalist intensive men of God in the Pentecostal sector of Nigeria’s Christian religion. He warned that if such attitude is not nipped in the bud, there is probability that such Nigerians will live a hopeless life devoid of quality heritage as citizens. The man of God also spoke on the recent demise of the Ooni of Ife, HRM Oba Okunade Sijuade (Olubuse II) and why many things are taking place in the polity. He further urged President Muhammad Buhari to employ his cream of ministers from the Diapora hub in order to give a full action to the CHANGE mantra of the new regime.  Prophet Tibetan who has given several prophecies that has come to pass in Nigeria and several parts of the world also spoke on recent crisis rocking the national assembly and other parts of the polity. Enjoy the excerpts.
President Buhari
Sir, your prophecy on the new regime of General Buhari has started to manifest as corrupt people are now being quizzed and there is probability that most of them might face tougher punishments, what do you see happening again?
I want to start by congratulating Nigerians for being lucky to have gotten this grace to witness His mighty promise of using General Muhammadu Buhari to clean the system. Nigerians should form a shield around the Present regime and must not let it be scuttled. Nigerians should shut their mouths off criticism and engage their hands in creativity. They should remember 1st Thessalonians 3:10 which says “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat’; there is no development without work. Stop criticizing the government, Buhari is not a magician. If you buy a new property, there are certain things you must do to make the house habitable. One is to clean up the spider webs in the entire building while the second one is to pursue all the lizards, rats and other encroach-able (s) out of the building. That is what President Buhari is doing at the moment. He needs to do a lot of cleansing and that is what he is doing at the moment and Nigerians must learn how to be patient and creative
But the president is running the government without a cabinet; don’t you think that is unhealthy?  
If the president should rush into appointing ministers, he will meet his waterloo. As you can see, various screenings carried out on majority of the intending ministers failed as 90% of them have soiled their hands with corruption and that is where the Diaspora benefits come in. The Lord wants President Buhari to make his list from the Diasporas hub of intelligent and knowledgeable Nigerians without blemished record. In appointing ministers, President Buhari should look at the Diaspora crowd and choose from the crowd of intellectuals and technocrats that are yielding societal values in Great Britain, America and the rest of the world. The Diaspora candidates should be 70% while the local ones should be 30% that is how we will effect and manifest that CHANGE mandate the Lord has given to Nigeria through President Buhari.
“They move from Shiloh to Egypt, from Holy Ghost Night to Holy Ghost morning. These men of God have enslaved Nigerians; they fix spiritual programs at productive hours when citizens supposed to be productive. They make them to keep moving from one spiritual event to another at the detriment of their productivity”.

Don’t you think the Diaspora candidates will soon be polluted and corrupted in the system?
The Lord said we should tell the new government to create every avenue to ensure a transparent and clean government. Presently in Alausa the civil service hub of Lagos state, when people leave for Mosque in the afternoon, majority go to their house from the mosque, no commitment to work. That is moral corruption. The government should install clocking machines in all civil service offices across the federation that will clock your hand whenever you are going out and coming in and that will enable people to be productive with their time. The government should equally put secret cameras everywhere in the country to tame bribery and corruption. The secret cameras should be put there without the knowledge of the public officers; it should be a secret agenda. This will monitor everything they do in their offices and it will help government to tame bribery and corruption to a very reasonable level. The change we are talking about must reach every aspect of society.
Bishop Oyedepo
As a respected clergy and minister of the Lord what role do you think the church should play?
Nigerians should leave Oyedepo, Adeboye and Olukoya alone and go find works to do. Till this day, (Pastor) Adeboye collects his salary from two places; he collects as a former lecturer at UNILAG and as G.O of RCCG. Nigerians should wake up and stop moving from one revival to another. They move from Shiloh to Egypt, from Holy Ghost Night to Holy Ghost morning. These men of God have enslaved Nigerians; they fix spiritual programs at productive hours when citizens supposed to be productive. They make them to keep moving from one spiritual event to another at the detriment of their productivity. The Lord said all Nigerians should resist this enslavement and find something doing. Today, most factories are closed down in Nigeria and the churches are buying them over, this business pastors and G.Os takes free offerings and build schools and universities that are so expensive for church members’ children to attend. So, who is fooling who? You attend a church and all you do is drop all sorts of offerings and yet you can’t benefit from the system created from that pool of funds. They call themselves your Daddy and yet you can’t even get an attention with your daddy. If you go to their house to see Daddy G.O and he is eating, they won’t allow you in; they will tell you ‘Daddy is busy’. And even the meal they are eating, if you stumble on it by chance, you will think it is ten people eating at once. The Lord said  Nigerians should wake up, this Christmas, go home and celebrate with your people and don’t listen to any Daddy G.O that is fixing his program for Christmas and New Year to siphon your time and money. They are all business men in cassock, they have missed the point. Today, most Nigerians don’t even have a social life again; it is a triangular life style from home to office to church and back home. The Lord said we should refer all these capitalist Pastors to the book of Ezekiel Chapter 34 verse 10 which says “Behold, I am against the Shepherds, and I will require my flocks at their hand; I will cause them to cease feeding the sheep, and the shepherds shall feed themselves no more; for I will deliver my flocks from their mouth, they may no longer be food for them”.  
“Today, the rich want their kids to marry kids of people in their league and that is why many marriages are breaking because most of these rich kids are spoilt brats. Some of the so called ladies cannot even make a cup of tea; they can’t make eba talk-less of cooking stew. They believe sex and make-up is enough to sustain the relationship, very unproductive and lazy brats”.
Pastor Adeboye

Sir, why are you coming so hard on these men of God?
I am not the one revealing their secret; it is the Lord of host. Nigerians have been taken for a ride for too long and it is high time they get out of the mess or these men in cassock will dress them in ribbon of poverty. Today, Pastors now match-make couples. There is no where in the Bible where it is stated that such things should happen. Redeem want Redeem to marry Redeem, Winners want winners to marry each other, who gave you the license to carry out such indecent activity? If you are doing that, then you are not building bridges you are only creating class and it is equally for the sole purpose of spiritual enslavement. A church is not a place where class struggle is to be enthroned. People should learn how to build bridges; how are we going to have the children of the rich marry those of the humble people if you as a Pastor keeps match making? How will society go round if we are to do it that way? Today, the rich want their kids to marry kids of people in their league and that is why many marriages are breaking because most of these rich kids are spoilt brats. Some of the so called ladies cannot even make a cup of tea; they can’t make eba talk-less of cooking stew. They believe sex and make-up is enough to sustain the relationship, very unproductive and lazy brats. And because the church keep fixing marriages, a lot of incompatible couples are being fixed daily and that is why we are having more single and frustrated ladies in the system. Ladies in their late forties jumping from mountain top to mountain bottom; from Holy Ghost Nights to Holy Ghost Mornings and Holy Ghost evenings yet nothing to show for it because there is no time to even relate with anybody. If you keep jumping in and out of church, when will you get the time to find that man God has prepared for you? This year, things like that must change. People must liberate themselves from the spiritual entanglement of Economic Pastors and move forward because most of these men of God need deliverance themselves and they cannot give you what they don’t have.
TB Joshua
How o you mean that Pastors need deliverance?
How would you define someone who keeps taking and taking and taking from you for his own material growth; that cannot be termed as a good and rewarding relationship; Isaiah 3 verse 10 says “say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruits of their doing”; the next verse (11) says “Woe to the Wicked! It shall be ill with him, for the reward of his hand shall be given him” Isaiah 57 verse 22 says “There is no peace for the Wicked”. These Nigerian men of God have caged their members and the Lord is saying “Release them and let them go” because your fraudulent policy of worship without productivity has made a lot of people to become redundant. They don’t have a life of their own except the “Christian Caged Lifestyle” you created around them, all they do is to jump from one prayer program to the next, from one prayer mountain to another seeking nothing and the Bible says the Lord is not too far from us.  Jeremiah 17 verse 10 says “I the Lord search the heart; I test the mind, even to give every man according to his ways. According to the fruit of his doings” but in verse 9 it says “The heart is deceitful above all things; And desperately wicked” in verse 7 of same chapter it said “Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord”. But today, most Nigerian worshippers believe in Daddy GO, Bishop, Daddy and Pastor and that is why we have all the Jet cruising men of God and enterprise developers milking both the government and the people. The book of same Jeremiah 17 verse 11 says “As a partridge that broods but does not hatch, so is he who gets riches, but not by right: It will leave him in the midst of his days, and at the end he will be a fool”. These Bishops and Pastors buying private jets and giving fake prophesy around should learn from Abacha, Abiola, Adedibu and the rest. Someday, the mighty one will fall. We want Nigerians to be free again like what we have in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Let them go and do agriculture because we can’t access anything from the sky through Holy Ghost Morning programs but from the soil. Stop caging them in prayer halls during productive hours, stop staging prayer crusades in the morning, afternoon and nights. Enough of the spiritual-economic arrangement spree let them be free.
“Fayose is not as strong as King Nebuchadnezzar. He can send ten thousand Afe Babalolas to President Buhari but his time is near.  Even as it is now, Fayose is practically doing nothing as the governor of Ekiti.”

Sir, let’s move a bit away into the economic issue. How do you see the CBN policy on Naira, do you think Nigeria is moving out of the woods?
Godwin Emefiele the new CBN Governor was brought in to come and settle scores; there is no saner society where a bank managing director is called to come and direct the affairs of a central bank. It is a great aberration and because of the rot that went on in the economic sector under Goodluck Jonathan, Emiefele was drafted from Zenith Bank to come and cover their dirty tracks. God says he will disgrace Emefiele before the end of September because he came to CBN to cover up for the looters. All CBN Governors since 1999 have questions to answer, they intentionally destroyed the economy and the Day of Judgment is very near. The CBN need an overhaul. They should reform the CBN and remove it from the northerners’ pocket.
What is your assessment of the new service chiefs?
It is the manifestation of credibility because right now, the fake have been replaced with the original. We need to give kudos to the President for taking such a decision in time and as you know he didn’t appoint them based on relationship but basically on professionalism. The past service chiefs must be probed up to the time of Nureni Yussuf in the Navy because of the kind of looting that took place under their watch. Despite all the knowledge, appointment and riches Augustus Aikhomu and Mike Akigbe got, they looted their offices and the Lord repaid them with loads of cancer which took everything away from them and equally took away their lives. We pray that the Lord will prolong Ibrahim Babangida’s life to see all the great atrocities he committed in all spheres of national life and how it will be solved by the man he sacked. All the gay officers across the police, army, navy and air force, they have been there since 1980 and called themselves military Cabals, the Lord said He will disgrace them. A new era has just begun in the Nigerian Armed forces and the truth will prevail now and more secrets will be revealed on who did what in the previous regimes.
Oba Okunade Sijuade
There have been rumor and counter rumor on the state of the health and life of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade. While the media reported that he is late, his chiefs have continued to deny. Sir, what is the position of the Lord?
Okunade Sijuade is right in the mortuary now. This is the position of the Lord; President Buhari will bury nothing less than 17 Obas before 2020 including the Oba of Benin, Ooni of Ife and some fake emirs. The Lord said the money Sijuade took from Goodluck Jonathan will not be spent by him and that is why He took him away in such a manner. Even the beginning of Sijuade as the Ooni of Ife was fraught with lots of irregularities for those who know about the story. He was not the one who supposed to be there but he bought the throne with money and influenced the process that brought him in; the real person that ought to be there was eliminated. He equally sacrificed his best friend, Doherty from London who had the ill-luck of running into him when he was coming out of the spiritual inner chamber. Sijuade was sponsored and installed by IBB. Now that he is gone, the king makers must really go spiritual so that what happened with Sijuade wont repeat itself. If they don’t do the needful, the next Ooni will die before 12 years. For the entire 35 years reign of Sijuade, there was no development in Ile-Ife; the king makers must ensure this fact is eradicated. The Benin Kingdom too must do the same for their Oba that passed away 6 months ago. They must go spiritual to choose the right person to lead or else development will continue to elude this two major traditional cities.
Ayo Fayose
You predicted that Ayo Fayose the Governor of Ekiti will not end his tenure, how do you see his continued stay in office?
Ayo Fayose will be removed; there is no how Ayo Fayose will finish his tenure. If he jumps July and August, he won’t jump September. There are lots of other challenges in the hands of this government and Fayose is just by the side; there are many ways of killing a rat. Fayose is not as strong as King Nebuchadnezzar. He can send ten thousand Afe Babalolas to President Buhari but his time is near.  Even as it is now, Fayose is practically doing nothing as the governor of Ekiti. So, the Lord has already started the process of disgracing him. The God who disgraced Koro, GEJ and the rest is still there to disgrace Ayo Fayose
What is your opinion on President Buhari probing only immediate past President Jonathan and leaving the rest? 
The President should try to visit other regimes before him especially IBB’s regime. Babangida is more or less a baron, a womanizer, an eccentric person and a deadly tyrant. The probe should start from 1983. You need to come to Dubai and you will see what these politicians used Nigeria’s common wealth to do. Abdulsalami (Abubakar) took almost a life fortune from our reserve. Government should stop their pension because they have already taken more than enough for a life time. They should not carry out  the probe of GEJ alone but extend it to IBB. And for the Senators under Bukola Saraki, the Lord is ready to disgrace them as many of them will not return home with their integrity intact. The Police should do a thorough job on the house rule fraud involving Ekweremadu and other officers. The cleansing must be total. The change must not exempt the National Assembly.
Goodluck Jonathan
What other things has the Lord shown you, sir?
Dangote cannot solve the electricity problem in Lagos, he is only deceiving Governor Akinwunmi Ambode because nemesis is about to catch up with him. He is one of the cabals who never want Nigeria to move forward. This government is not for people of his type. The Lord says we should close in on General TY Danjuma, Tony Anenih and Gabriel Igbinedion. These people are about to go and they have the country’s money with them. TY Danjuma’s days are numbered and the government must move fast to get whatever remains with him and the other two.

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