Thursday, 17 September 2015

As Buhari Collates Men And Women With Clean Hands

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President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerians and political watchers across the globe had rested their anxiety over the unveiling of President Muhammadu Buhari’s full cabinet few weeks after he was sworn-in when he later opened up in July while in the United States of America as guest of President Barack Obama.
President Buhari had attributed the delayed in the formation of his cabinet to scarcity of men and women of integrity. He said choosing his ministers is taking too much time because a number of knowledgeable people have been compromised. All the appropriate government agencies, especially security operatives are having hectic time screening batches of nominees for various political offices as the search for men and women with ‘clean hands’ is intensified by the administration.

Obviously there is a paradigm shift in the polity as the change campaign which was used to ouster the Peoples Democratic Party from the centre is steadily manifesting itself in the country right from May 29, when Buhari declared “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody.”  Buhari had sent a signal, he who have ear let him hear. One would have expected that all the nominees of money bag politicians and the political gladiators who supported his aspiration to power and sponsored his campaign hugely will be appointed yours truly but it may not be so if such nominees’ hands are unclean. It is important to commend the President on the criteria he used to select the service chiefs, none of them if they had dreamt of attaining their present position had thought it will be so soon since they have superior officers before now but their good record of diligent and honesty had made it so. It was interesting when I saw the Chief of Army Staff, Major-General Tukur Buratai, doing a press-up with platoon of soldiers when he visited them in their camp to boost their moral as they work harder to flush out the insurgency that is ravaging the North-East because I didn’t see or hear of such about his predecessors in recent time, the President had just put the round peg in the round hole. And, for the rest of us this is a lesson that no matter worth there is a reward for everything, Buhari had skipped their superiors because they were found wanting according to investigation.
Buhari knew that Nigerians accepted his candidature and voted for him due to his record of integrity, discipline, and perceived sincerity of purpose despite his opponent’s ploy to discredit his person with all sorts of campaign, but he cannot do it alone, he need honest and dedicated individuals to execute the ‘Project Rebuild Nigeria’. Who are those that the President should be allowed to make his list?
He had echoed it repeatedly that no unclean hand will work with him! They should be men and women of integrity laden with commitment to his course and be ready to take responsibility; they should be personalities that will match their behaviour with values and are prepared to take correction because often time’s failure leads to success.  Buhari’s men should be people who can initiate good ideas that will better our lots and work with time because we can no longer wait to see, feel and enjoy this moment of ‘Change’. Buhari and his team must be purposeful, focused administrators who are ready to frown for Nigerians to smile.
By now, going by the President's assurance on September the nomination, selection, screening and collation process should be over by now, for how long will Nigerians have to wait? He should be cautious, he needs to weigh is options and priorities, fifth columnist are singing songs of discrimination already, we can’t forget in a hurry all the gimmicks, back-stabbing, betrayer of trust and sell-out that played up during the election of principal officers during the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly but thank God for wisdom and pragmatic crisis solution approach that were used to douse the tension as the rest is now history. “You will know them by their fruit” (Matt. 7: 15), says the holy bible. The game is on, the task is set and expectation is high, in as much as the President is trying to be sensitive to the constitution and his effort to adhere to democratic principles being a former military ruler he also need to do more and help his party, the All Progressives Congress to avoid a repeat of what played out in the National Assembly.  A Yoruba adage says ‘the source of the white pap is the black pot’, he should not be compromised by enemies of progress to destroy the party for their selfish ulterior motives. As he continues with his search for good men, he should note that part of the attributes of excellence is flexibility that was I Jesus Christ told the man that called him a good man that “... No one is good-except God alone.” Luke 18: 19.

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