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Mama M. O Tibetan goes home @ 80

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Prophet MKO Tibetan with Late Mum, Mother Celestial Maria Olufunmilayo Tibetan during the launching of his 2015 Prediction Book and 54th birthday last December 20th

The death has been announced of Mother Celestial Maria Olufunmilalyo Tibetan who passed away on Sunday September 6th of 2015 after a brief illness. Mama was 80. Mother Celestial Maria Olufunmilayo Tibetan is the mother of famous Republic of Ireland based man of God and leader of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Elisha Parish, Nigeria and Europe.

Findings by Asabeafrika revealed that Mama passed away at exactly 7:35 am (Nigerian Time) at the Military hospital, Yaba in Lagos South West Nigeria. Ironically, it was the same time her first son, Prophet Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan aka Nostradamus was inaugurating the service for the 6th years Adult Harvest and Anniversary of his CCC, Elisha Parish- Dublin in Republic of Ireland that Mama was called home. That morning, according to source, a huge crowd of worshippers from London, Italy, Canada, America and other parts of the world had congregated at the 15, Station Street, Balbrigan-Republic of Ireland Cathedral of the church for the harvest tagged “Harvest of actualization of destiny” and it was while the activities leading to the service which was to start by 10 am was going on that mama passed away in Lagos.
“When I was a teenager, she was a mother to all my friends and acquaintances, she fed every one. In fact, her food business nearly went down because I will bring everyone around and Mama will serve them and in most cases it was charity because she assumed they were her own children”

The Man of God who was in Nigeria sometimes in late August for a special assignment in Lagos and Abuja was said to have treated his mum for 7 days when he realized her fragile health. He was alleged to have equally prayed for Mama whom he held dear to his heart and nearly missed his return flight to Ireland on Thursday September 3rd for his church harvest which was billed for Sunday September 6th but for his mum who pleaded with him to leave,  assuring him that she was okay and out of her illness. The Prophet had left when Mama passed away four days later which turned out to be during the early hour program leading to his church’s 6th year adult harvest in Dublin.
Prophet MKO Tibetan

What you don’t know about Mama Tibetan
Speaking to Asabeafrika, a very close aide of the man famously called “The Nostradamus” who works with CCC, Elisha Parish; Nigerian’s library gave us a hint of Mama’s profile. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source described Mama as a woman blessed with the gift of leadership in her lifetime. “I can tell you that Mama’s history is very interesting. She hails from a family that is responsible for the birth of Christianity in her Ikale area of Ondo State. Mama hails from Igodan-Lisa in Ikale Local Government Area of Okitipupa in Ondo state. She was born on August 26 1935 from available records and passed away on September 6th 2015. She was 80. She never knew her mother as her mother died when she was at a tender age. History has it that her mum died when Mama was 3. She died while trying to give birth to her 3rd child as Mama was her 1st issue. But her father who is famously known as Balogun Lajuwomi of Igodan-Lisa was the man who brought Joseph Ayo Babalola the founder of Christ Apostolic Church to Ikale land in the 1940s. He was equally reputed to be the one who taught the Late CAC leader how to eat Pupuru (Cassava Flour) which is the most expensive meal of the Ikale People”
The Source who gave further insights into Mama’s trajectory described her as an embodiment of three ecclesiastical bodies under the ten commandment of God as she cut across Christ Apostolic Church through her father, Gospel Faith Mission, through her in-law and Celestial Church of Christ through her son “Apart from the fact that her family was responsible for the birth Christianity through CAC in Ikale land, the founder of Gospel Faith Mission, Pastor RA George was Mama’s in-law. He was married to Mama’s younger sister and he founded the church in Ibadan in 1960. Mama was a top founding member in the women’s league. She later took the church back to Ode-Aiye where she played a prominent role in making the church find its feet in Ode-Aiye and she was equally made “Iya-Ijo” (Mother of The Church) before her son got his call to be a Celestial Church shepherd twenty years ago”
My Mother’s Life by Prophet MKO Tibetan
This blog put several calls to the man of God early in the week at his Dublin, Republic of Ireland base but aides claimed he was very busy not until the third attempt that we got the man of God who appears courageous though laced with strained emotions for the departure of a loving mother, Prophet MKO Tibetan thanked Asabeafrika for making time to sympathize with the family “Thank you for calling to find out. It is not easy losing a dearest mother but I think my mother fought a great battle and today, God has accepted her to His right hand. I was in Nigeria with mama few days to her death. I had to rush down to Nigeria to first take care of my mother and secondly, make consultation for some Nigerians in Abuja. Mama had some old age challenges but God healed her and I returned for our harvest here”. Did the Nostradamus have the premonition that his mum was going to die? “I don’t think any child will like to even assume it if he had such a premonition. If you know my mother, you will understand the kind of emotion I attached to her. I think she had the premonition because I nearly missed my Dublin harvest because of her; she suddenly got well and told me to leave for my harvest that she is okay. My plan was to leave, have the harvest and return to meet her on Monday 7th.  I left and never knew she played a fast one on me. I was later told she passed away at exactly 7:35 am on Sunday morning while we were preparing for our harvest here in Dublin”
The Man of God with one of his Church's Elders and his Mum's Confidant during the launch of his Prediction 2015

On how the news of his mum’s death reached him, Prophet Marcus said nobody informed him until Monday “My aides in Nigeria kept the news away from me; probably they thought it will affect my program in Dublin as regards our harvest. Few people in the harvest already heard the news of my mother’s passage but there was a diplomatic conspiracy to keep it away from me. The news was broken to me at exactly 11am Monday morning; that is 7th of September”
Talking on Mama’s life, the Prophet described her as a woman who came, saw and conquered “My mum was a virtuous woman in her life time. She never indulged in gossip or any form of backbiting. She had her own challenge in this world but she died a fulfilled Christian. She had 13 of us but four of us survived. My mother had nine men four women but today we have four of us living. Her father was one the greatest men who brought Christianity to Ikale land in Ondo State. He was the one that brought late Joseph Ayo Babalola to Ikale land in the 1940s. I knew him to be a very strict and a tough man; he was a prayer warrior who never joked with his Bible both day and night. Very strict and roughed man, I think I share some of his traits. He was the Balogun Lajuwomi of Igodan-lisa and he died at age 100. My mother’s in-law is also the founder of GOFAMINT (Gospel Faith Mission), the church was founded in Ibadan in 1960 but mum took it back home to Igodan-Lisa in Ikale and because of that she was given a high role in the church as Iya Ijo but because her son she joined the Celestial Church. Between 2003 and 2004 I founded Trinity Saint Church of Christ before the lord asked me to go back to Celestial Church of Christ. I did that because of all the dirty things going on in the Celestial Church at the time but that ministry only lasted 48 months before the Lord asked me to return back to CCC as He still need my imput in the leadership of the church and because of that, Mama became a Celestial faithful and she died as a Mother Celestial which is a remarkable rank in the Church”.  “When I was a teenager, she was a mother to all my friends and acquaintances, she fed every one. In fact, her food business nearly went down because I will bring everyone around and Mama will serve them and in most cases it was charity because she assumed they were her own children. My mother was a hard working mother (Proverbs 31) who minds her business, she was not a talkative. My father married her when she was 25 and today my father is 95 years old”
The Late Mother Celestial Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan is survived by her husband Pa Festus Okenola Tibetan, 95 a retired Engineer with African Timber and Plywood- Sapele, Delta state. He worked as Heavy duty mechanical engineer in the German company for 50 active years. He is married to two wives and blessed with 25 kids. Mama was his first wife and she is equally survived by two sons and two daughters among which is her first son, Prophet MKO Tibetan aka Nostradamus and Lieutenant Colonel Oluropo Tibetan of the Nigerian Army.
Her funeral rites and final burial is likely to take place in November as the Tibetan family are said to be waiting on her first son and her younger sister Madam Eunice Poroye (nee Lajuwomi) who resides in Owoh, Ondo state for further activities.

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  1. She was a lively woman. She used to call me "oko mi" (my husband), a sign of respected given to husband's people, despite the fact that she had children that are older than me,