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Untold story of my divorce scandal – Peter Obafemi

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One-on-One with Dr. Peter Obafemi at Orin Ekiti
My relationship with Dr. Peter Obafemi dates back to my FAME Weekly days. It started with my coverage of the airport beat in Lagos under a column I initiated called “Arrival-Departures Brief”. It was an adventurous column that gave me all the pleasures in the world to cover activities within the local and international wing of the Lagos based Murthala Mohammed International Airport.
Every Tuesday I was at the local wing while Thursday Evenings was for the International Wing. It was one of the most revealing experiences for me in journalism as it exposed me to the mannerism of our celebrities at arrival or departure moments in the airport. It could be the madness of a big man who came earlier than his driver arrived or the eccentrics of a big celebrity who arrived so late for a flight and could only rush to catch up in his or her ‘ruffled bigness’ with the flight. The airport was and still a very busy and interesting hub for a daring reporter. However, I equally became engulfed with the politics of the Airport; the politics of FAAN, NCAA, NACA and the rest of the agencies.

Dr. Peter Obafemi to Asabeafrika....'I dont marry every year. I only remaried in 2013'
To cut the story short, Dr. Peter Obafemi’s airline Ritetime Airways became a victim of a very big aviation scandal which I and other aviation correspondents feasted upon for our reportorial leisure and pleasure. My own case was peculiar because I wrote for FAME and FAME was the biggest brand among the soft sell magazines of that era. I remembered the then Senator for Lagos Central and later Lagos West, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi who is equally my old buddy coming in between FAME Magazine and Peter Obafemi  to break peace. The witty and friendly senator personally brought Dr. Peter Obafemi to meet Mr. Afolabi Odeyemi, out editor at out 16, Eleruwa Street, Wemabod Estate office in Ikeja at the time. Mr. Odeyemi later introduced Dr. Obafemi to the board of editors at FAME Weekly and even though the scandal eventually consumed his aviation empire, Peter Obafemi remained a friend with FAME on one hand and my humble self on the other hand. On several occasion, he invited me to his Parkview, Ikoyi-Lagos home and it was always a refreshing moment. We also travelled to Accra, Republic of Ghana  on several other occasions with Ovation Publisher, Bashorun Dele Momodu and other big boys like Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi, Gbenga Olunloyo, Segun Fatoye, Kojo Williams and many others  in that creamy click of extra-ordinary people.
Dr. Peter Obafemi being welcomed to the Orin Event by Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon.
When he was planning to contest for the governorship of his state, Ekiti in South West Nigeria, I was one of the few journalists allowed unfretted access into his Parkview, Ikoyi-Lagos home. He is such a huge, jovial and lovely fellow. He is equally a generous giver. During a particular Christmas season in 2009, he gave me a carton of a rare brand of Champagne from Paris and he put me in a cab from Island to mainland Lagos due to the inconveniency of the gift. I dashed out the entire 12 bottles of Champagne to elderly people in my neighborhood as I was not too familiar with the taste of that wine brand. Every soul that got a bottle of that wine brand from me was full of gratitude with a rare excitement that made me feel like a hero in my neighborhood. That is the kind of friendship, brotherhood and relationship that existed between me and Dr. Peter Obafemi. He is a bundle of humility with grace and when I ran into him at Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon’s father’s funeral (Late Chief JB Ajayi) in Orin Ekiti on Saturday 8th of August; it was like re-union party. And it was on that basis I got him to talk to your Africa’s number One Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika. I got him talking immediately he finished throwing banters with some his big friends at the party. The topic is not a palatable one for Peter Obafemi but he had no way of saying “NO” to an old buddy. It was the story of his recent divorce with his wife and socialite, Lolade Iruka. Although Obafemi tactically refused to mention his lady’s name during the short but punchy encounter, the aviation expert used all sorts of innuendoes to react to our direct questions but it was too obvious that he was referring to no other person than  Lolade Iruka the woman he married in 2013 after his first marriage crashed. The woman is widely alleged on blogs, to have earned the business man’s sack letter over her dalliance with an automobile dealer, one Victor Adelakun aka Ade Lexus who is said to be her ex boyfriend.  Lola Iruka has a son named Olamiposi for Dr. Peter Obafemi. He told Asabeafrika a lot but not without announcing his plan to return to aviation business.
Dr. Peter Peter Obafemi welcoming the GDA during one of our numerous visits to his Parkview, Ikoyi home
The Excerpts
What has been happening to Peter Obafemi?
Peter Obafemi has been so busy, trying to put himself together.
Can you expatiate further?
I want to revive my business empire again, big time.
Dr. Peter Obafemi...a roller coaster celebrity
The biggest story trending on you in the social media is that you have separated from your wife?
I don’t understand the wife you are talking about. I am still with my wife and my wife is still living with me, we are happily married.
So, where did the information emerge from?
From haters
How would you describe your wife?
She is a beautiful, gorgeous, fearful and indispensable wife. In terms of character, she is a kind of woman a man will want to die for. We are always together, she would have come with me to this event but she couldn’t make it because of her house-hold engagements.
Tell us her name, please?
My wife
“My wife knows that I love her and she knows that she means a lot to me. She is the mother of my child and you don’t see her outside anymore because we want to separate marriage from public life”.
The Doctor & his Woman

I mean her full names?
Her name is my wife; I mean the press knows my wife. So, they cannot be asking me what the name of my wife is all over again. You know who my wife is; she is a society woman, we go out all the time and for you to now be asking me my wife’s name, that shouldn’t be the issue.
But it is well known that you re-married recently and that is why it is necessary to know the name of the new woman?
I just married about two, three years ago; can I marry again or would I be marrying every year? No, I still have my wife with me
Dr. Peter Obafemi; A passionate Lover
But I don’t know her name and I want you to tell me if you truly love her?
My wife knows that I love her and she knows that she means a lot to me. She is the mother of my child and you don’t see her outside anymore because we want to separate marriage from public life. Right now, our private life is our private life. When we are in public, our public life remains our public life. Right now, you ask me about my wife and I have just told you about her position.
Dr. Peter Obafemi preparing for the encounter with the GDA
On two occasions you attempted to contest for the post of the executive Governor of Ekiti State, are you still nursing that ambition?
I don’t want to be anything except by God. I cannot tell you I will be this or I will be that. I will be whatever He wants me to be.
Dr. Peter Obafemi with eldest son of Juju Music Maestro, Evengelist (Dr.) Ebenezer Obey, Lanre Obey
But did you ever regret not being the governor in the long run?
No, Governor Ayo Fayose is my friend. How can I regret that I have a friend of mine on the throne as Governor of Ekiti. That is impossible; as a matter of fact, we are giving him more support for him to be a successful Governor.
You said you are launching back your aviation business?
It is in the making. It is even very high on our priority right now. We will return very big and better. Life is all about business and I can assure you that for us, nobody can do it better.
Dr. Peter Obafemi explaining a point to the GDA
 Relationship with JB Ajayi
Can you define Pa JB Ajayi, the man whose life we are celebrating today?
We have lost a great man but the good part of it is that he left behind some wonderful children that will be able to set into his big shoe and continue from where Baba stopped. I was close to Baba in his life time through a very special relationship with Baba’s great son who happened to be the Director General of my Campaign, Dr. Babatunde Ajayi. He is a very fantastic man, well trained, well brought up and highly focused. He is an indispensable man that God has brought us together through politics but after politics we have remained brothers. With his sister and Baba’s first child, Aunty Dupe Jemibewon who is my big sister and I can say through them, Baba touched us in so many ways because his legacy is directly seen in his children.
Dr.  Peter Obafemi to Asabeafrika 'My dream to rule Ekiti State does not mean i dont recognize that my best friend, Ayo Fayose is on seat'
But what really prompted your holiday from social life?
Well, when you are trying to make something happen, you have to remain constant and remain focus. If by now you cannot be focused and try to put something of the magnitude that we are putting together, then you are writing a letter to failure. So, for me I will advice every young business man like you to be focused, to concentrate and to remain determined for success.
Dr. Peter Obafemi, Founder & CEO Ritetime Airways
Dr. Peter Obafemi, an affectionate lover.
Dr. Peter Obafemi with admirers
Dr. Peter Obafemi tells Asabeafrika the real position of his marriage @ Orin Ekiti
Dr. Obafemi, a man of Affection for the Opposite Sex
The GDA meet The Doctor @ Orin

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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