Friday, 23 October 2015

Tokunbo Durosaro weds Akin George-Taylor

By on 17:30
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Tokunbo Durosaro

Lagos big babe, Tokunbo Durosaro has remarried. She used to be married to city big boy, Dele Babade but the marriage ended and she hooked up with former top executive at GTBank, Akin George-Taylor the father of her son.
Thereafter, her appearance on the social scene took a back burner coupled with her high flying job as an Executive Director at Oando Oil PLC. Her sudden lack of interest to socialize didn’t in any way diminish the media scrutiny on her as her life has been the subject of social discourse over the years.
After many years of cohabiting with banker Akin, Tokunbo has legalized her relationship with him, thus severing the last ties with both their exes. The nuptials took place two weeks ago at Ibadan. It was an exclusive one and only had in attendance close friends and family members of both Tokunbo and Akin.

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