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Awolowo’s wife in heaven; Adeboye lied — Prophet Marcus Tibetan + Why Fela’s mum had to die for OBJ to live

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Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan

Renowned Prophet of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Home & Abroad) Prophet (Dr.) Marcus K.O. Tibetan has for the first time reacted to a statement created to the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye in several newspapers and online platforms that he (Pastor Adeboye) is confident that the late matriarch of the famous Awolowo family of Ikenne in Ogun State-South West Nigeria, Chief Mrs. Hannah Dideolu Awolowo is currently resting in heaven.

Prophet Marcus Tibetan who buried his own mother, Mother Celestial Funmilayo Maria Tibetan (80) at Ode-Aye, Ondo state same week and two days after the Awolowo matriarch was buried in Ikenne reacted to the statement last weekend during his 55th birthday service which held inside his Nigerian cathedral in Ajegunle-Ilo area of Lagos.
The RCCG leader had made the statement few days to HID’s funeral inside Efunyela Hall of the Awolowo’s Ikenne home while holding a private prayer session with the family. He was quoted to have said “By the special grace of God and because of my interaction with Mama, I have no doubt at all that she is in heaven now”. The former University added “Before Mama passed on, she was making a request and I was contacted. I won’t go into details about the request but I was abroad and when I came back I saw her and we had a little discussion before she passed away. As a result of that, I have no doubt that Mama is resting with the Lord”
However, the Republic of Ireland based Prophet Tibetan punctured Adeboye’s contention claiming that the RCCG G.O. is neither a Prophet or a Seer and could not have guaranteed that Awolowo’s wife made heaven. The man of God also revealed the big secret behind late Afro beat legend, Fela Anikulapo’s mother Funmilayo Ransome Kuti’s death in Kalakuta Republic and how her sudden death through the instruments of “Unknown Soldier” saved the life Owu born African statesman, General Olusegun Obasanjo. It is a revealing encounter.
However, all opinion celebrated in this interview is that of the man of God and Prophet of the Living God, Dr. Marcus Tibetan and not of this blog. The man of God can be reached for further consultation through his Republic of Ireland office on 00-9353-8996-09994 or his Nigerian Office on +234-08037171-730. Enjoy the excerpts.
Dr. MKO Tibetan (Nostradamus) with the GDA
You buried your mum the same week late Chief (Mrs.) HID Awolowo was buried in Ikene, Ogun State and even though the Redeemed Christian Church of God leader, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye in a Press interview said he is sure Mama Awolowo made heaven because of certain last minutes encounter between him and her, where do you think your own mum is sitting as a renowned Prophet of God?
You asked several questions in one; number one, you are asking me about the coincidence of that same important week in November. Yes spiritually, when you look at what happened in the book of John 4 from Verse 3-15 Jesus Christ normally take His rest by a particular well of Jacob but on this fateful day, Jesus was asking for few cups of water from the Samaritan woman by the well, maybe she can spare Him some liters of water to drink. But the woman was thinking maybe Jesus is one of those Jews who want to take interest in her for pleasure. She was calling Him ‘Master’ but Jesus said ‘If you knew who is talking to you, you wouldn’t have even spoken to me that way. Yes, having my mother’s funeral the same week with HID Awolowo’s was just a co-incidence. The lord delayed HID Awolowo’s death and gave her a long life so that she can see the bad side of her self.
How do you mean sir?
HID Awolowo is one of the major problems the Yoruba race has. 

“As a cage is full of birds, so their houses are full of deceits. Therefore they have become great and grown rich. They have grown fat, they are sleek; yes, they surpass the deeds of the wicked; they do not plead the cause, the cause of the fatherless; yet they prosper, and the right of the needy they do not defend”

But can we say she made heaven because Pastor Adeboye confessed that the late Mama Awolowo is probably in heaven sitting with father Abraham in the right hand of The Lord?
(Laughs Wryly), brother, you are a journalist; you are not to tinker with the ways of the diseased ones. When you get to the mortuary you are going to pay for the people in the mortuary to keep any of your wasted ones. So, for you to now know the best morgue they will keep your beloved one will be difficult. So, what (Pastor) Adeboye is saying is his own opinion and Adeboye is a carnal person and even the most barbaric side is the fact that he is not a prophet, he is not a seer he does not see more than his four pieces of meat…
(Cuts in) But don’t forget sir that he is a General Overseer?
He can be general of anything because the man who founded that church (Prophet Akindayomi) started spiritually and the church later went carnally. They were tired of spirit so they returned to carnal. Akindayomi is from Ondo state. So, automatically Adeboye is a retired mathematician. So, if he is coming to rob Peter to pay Paul, is it okay? He is not part of us (Prophets); he can have the whole crowd because He said in the book of Jeremiah 5 from verse 27 to 28 or thereabout, that ‘As a cage is full of birds, so their houses are full of deceits. Therefore they have become great and grown rich. They have grown fat, they are sleek; Yes, they surpass the deeds of the wicked; They do not plead the cause, the cause of the fatherless; yet they prosper, and the right of the needy they do not defend” The Lord used Jesus Christ at age 33, there are lot of kings in the Bible that the Lord used at the age of 8. So, why did the Lord stayed for so long to call Adeboye after his retirement? So, automatically these are things you have to go and check. Something is wrong, something is fishing somewhere. Between Adeboye and the wife of Akindayomi go and check but it is only God who can prove that; and when you look at the book of Act of the Apostle 6:1-5, He said ‘can we see any righteous person? Anybody that is trust worthy?, and the lot fell on Stephen; and then look at other elections again in the book of Act of Apostle 1 from verse 16 to the end when they wanted to fill the gap left by Judas Iscariot and the lot fell on Justus and Mathias and the time was not the time of the Lord sent by the Lord to fill somebody in that gap. And when you look at the book of Act of the Apostle 13, it said ‘get Paul and Barnabas for me for the job which I have already called them to come and do. So, Adeboye or no Adeboye because you are even saying he is one of the most reputable people, forget about him.  (Late) Ooni of Ife was so popular, MKO Abiola was so popular but all these people are rogues. The late Ooni of Ife was one the few people who picked up their pen to run down the June 12 election of 1993, he was one of the notable kings who said they should not actualize the election.  Traditionally, we know that kings are peacemakers, is that type of person a peace maker? Look at the issue of Modakeke and Ile-Ife. And look at the other Oba who takes about 7 of his wives to London and they will be taking pictures at various places and sharing it on face book.
Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika
(Cuts in) Are you referring to the Alaafin of Oyo?
Yes, are these people kings? Are these the type of kings we need in Yoruba land? And don’t forget that “Olori Alajo lon pe ni Bank Manager”, the bye-product of Ajo   (Thrift) is the foundation of banking and finance. Then when you look at Olori Awon Omo Onile, Igbeyin Ile tita ati tout ati omo garage lon di kini? Lon di Oba” (The By-product of land grabbing and touting is kingship). A reasonable person who has ACA in accounting will not willingly want to be a king. He will rather go and experiment what he suffered to acquire in the University. It happened in our village around 1947, my grand father was asked to come and become a king and he rejected it and said “No, Ole lon Joba” and that was it, we are presently in court in my village now. Recently, one of his siblings who is lazy wanted to be king and he met the king makers and said he wants to be king and they said to him ‘Hey, your fore-father said ‘Ole lon j’oba’. So, my brother, forget Adeboye with his opinion, they cannot open heavens for him, he should stop fooling Nigerians. About ten years ago, he said “Open Heaven” and recently, this year, he said ‘Flooded Heaven’ or something like that. Where does he see all this heavens? Is it in his dreams or when he’s walking? But he has to misbehave, his big headache is gratuity and he was the one that fixed his salary in Redeem (RCCG), they are paying the wife, they are paying the son, they are paying everybody. They are taking free money, flying in jets just like a governor. He is a life governor; you know when you are a governor you don’t pay for rent, you don’t pay for car you don’t pay for anything, even the pants you are putting on, Nigeria pays for it and that is why Nigerians want to die for politics. It is the same thing with Adeboye, Oyedepo and all these pastors. So, just leave them to their faith.  But the heaven did not open for HID; I cannot even tell you that my mother is going to heaven as a prophet. I have only seen the end here which means my mother died and the book of Ecclesiastes 3, says there is time for everything under heaven, the end has come for HID and she left. The end came for my mother and God allowed her to go  but for me to now come and tell my congregation on Sunday ‘Oh, all church members, help me shout 7 Hallelujah, my mother is now in the right hand of God, sitting comfortably’, no. I am not the one that sends my mother to this world and the expiring date of everybody is at the back of your head and in your palm. So, when the time is come, long prayers cannot save your life; so, tell Adeboye to go and sit down and he should stop fooling Nigerians. We are tired of his dirty talks; that was why the other man was even telling us the other day that whoever votes for Buhari will have hell unleashed on him or her.
Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika
You mean Bishop David Oyedepo? 
Yes, because all these monies stolen from government are in their churches, they stored those monies there. And most of the estates and universities they established everywhere, where do they get the money to set up these universities? They are all opportunists and altar robbers.

“About ten years ago, he said “Open Heaven” and recently, this year, he said ‘Flooded Heaven’ or something like that. Where does he see all this heavens? Is it in his dreams or when he is walking?”

(Cuts in) I think those monies were actually made from tithes and offering…
Forget about offering and tithes, arm robbers give offerings too. Armed robbers can do what they are doing. So, let us wait for God, even when Jesus Christ was alive, how many people did He take free money from? In the book of John 6 from verse 1 to 14 or thereabout He said “It is not good for them to go home on empty stomach; so, he asked Philip “Where shall we get bread that these multitude shall eat?” and with five barley loaves of bread and two small fishes, five thousand crowd were fed, does that say anything to you about the brand of Christianity our men of God practice today? Adeboye at his  church service  will only point into the crowd and say ‘Among these five hundred people sitting here, the Lord has revealed to him that somebody is going to America tomorrow, in the midst of five hundred people, what did he see? Why can’t you pronounce the person by his name or his antecedent? That is the turf of a prophet. Do you remember Primate Olabayo the Babangida prophet of those days; he used the internet and facebook to monitor things going on around the world and will later relate them to evening news papers as his own prophecy.  What is happening in London, they will phone him and tell him because Babangida gave him phone. Then, he will give it as prophecy on the pages of evening newspapers and people were hailing his prophetic prowess. Now, he has been suffering stroke back and front, because he is a normal human being, he is not a prophet. And look at the Ikotun guy (TB Joshua) he is presently in court over the mysterious killing of souls in his church last year September because he was given a license to operate a church not license to operate a hotel. An approval to build just a two storey building suddenly jumped to six storey building and that led to lose of lives, a man that supposed to protect lives is the one now wasting lives and these are people you call your leaders. Look at the man called Lion of Judah in his life time, he was influential, always selling miracle handkerchief at bogus amount of money to the poor but when he died, inside his wardrobe, they sighted human skulls and everything fearful. Are we not tired of all these Pastors?  Why are you mentioning their names? Mathew 7:21 and 22 says ‘Not all that call me Lord; Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of my father in heaven. Many will even say on that judgment day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesized in your name? Cast out demons in your name and even did many wonders in your name? And verse 23 says “And then, I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness”.
When you look at Mathew 15 verse 8 and 9, He said ‘These People draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips. But their heart is far from me. And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandment of men”. Look at the Igbo Pastor at Ajao estate, Rev. Kings that is serving a life jail now, he claimed everything to himself; even look at Guru Maharajj who was a tout at the airport in those days where he was helping them on the conveyor belt to steal perfume and other items, look at what he now calls himself.
I am speechless sir?
Don’t worry my brother, don’t worry. Why are you looking so worried? You know Marcus now; Marcus was a prophet at the age of 8. I served under a Reverend Father. I was a house boy to an influential man. I was a Molue Driver, I was boxer and I worked as a security guard at a company. This is my foundation, this is my story. Now as a seer, no two wives, no series of children out of wedlock, I have been everywhere in the world. Where Adeboye cannot enter, I can enter as a Prophet. So, automatically we have to leave them to their fate. However, HID is not in heaven.
Sir, I must confess that I have been so dazed with your revelation that Mama HID Awolowo might not be seating next to Father Abraham in heaven, what makes you think a 99 years old woman might have missed such a prominent opportunity to sit next to Father Abraham?
(Laughs wryly) We should ask (Pastor) Adeboye where does his father sat? I mean, his biological father, is it left, right or middle seat? I don’t know what he is going to say about his own father because he is not living with HID. Let me tell you what really happened with HID, the Lord prolonged her life so that she can see the rubbish things she created for the Yoruba race.

“Look at the man called Lion of Judah in his life time, he was influential, always selling miracle handkerchief at bogus amount of money to the poor but when he died, inside his wardrobe, they sighted human skulls and everything fearful. Are we not tired of all these Pastors?  Why are you mentioning their names?”

But she was a good woman?
She is not a good woman. Did the Yorubas have a leader when she was going?
No sir.
And when she was alive, the house of her father-in-law (Awolowo’s father) which she used for mortgage to go and study abroad, they couldn’t get the house back. And up till today, the Husband did not succeed. He wanted to be president, he couldn’t make it and it was one of the reasons that led to his eventual demise. The role she played is the same role Fela’s mother, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti played before Obasanjo (allegedly) decided to kill her.
How do you mean sir?
You know Funmilayo Ransome Kuti was a (alleged) Witch woman.
I am not aware, I am only aware that she is the first woman to drive a car in Africa?
(Voice rises) Forget about driving a car or driving a horse.
Oh, sorry sir….
The fact is that they are bad women. They are not good, look at entire Ikenne town. You go and interview them at Ikenne, they cannot have a king in the last couple of years.
Because of these two people, because of Obafemi Awolowo and his wife, they don’t believe in anybody, they believe in themselves. They are living fake life; when all men of influence and state governors go there to talk to HID, has she been to any war college before? Has she been to any theological school before?
No sir?
Has she been to any political academy before?
No sir.
So, what is she advising them to do? Nothing
Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika
So, how did she become so influential?
You know when you are a Rotarian, when you are a secretary you can vie for president but I don’t know why they tag her (HID) to such high level because she is just like a normal human being. They say when Beggars die, there is no comment made, according to Julius Caesar. But it is only the Lord of heaven that blesses the death of the princes and princesses. Some babies die at the age of 8, some die after 8 hours, some die after 20 hours that is how the Lord created them to be. The longevity of someone’s years on earth has nothing to do with going to heaven or not, where do you think the man who founded WOSEM, T.O. Obadare is going to be? Those are people who campaigned everywhere and did a lot of revival and retreats. You see how he suffered before he died? Who knows what is going to end Adeboye? Who knows what is going to end Joshua Temitope? The end will justify. When you look at Jesu Oyingbo, you saw what happened to his empire and today his estate has become a haven for prostitution, all sorts of inanities is going on in that compound. Nobody wants to even proudly claim the name Odumosu now. Look at the way he died…
(Cuts in) They said he only hit his head on a big stone while taking a walk inside his compound one morning
Is that a good death? It is too early to judge anybody for now but for HID she has no role in heaven.
Why did you say these two great historical women Funmilayo Ransome Kuti and HID Awolowo are not good people?
They are of the same group; they are of the same caucus. They are in the same cult. And Obasanjo would not have amounted to anybody if that woman (Funmilayo Ransome Kuti) did not die. You know Obasanjo (allegedly) gave them order to go and throw her down from the 3 storey building in Kalakuta Republic and you could remember the story of Beeni-Beeko, when the man (Reverend Israel Ransome Kuti) travelled abroad and before he returned the woman has put to bed, maybe I am the owner of the baby or not the owner. Boya emi ni mo ni abi kii se emi ni moni. So, these are the dirty things about these women. And in HID’s case, when you look at all Awolowo’s sons, they are all dead. And even when Oluwole his scion wedded the other day, all the gifts given to Oluwole, the woman didn’t allow him to have them. So greedy and so worried about things of the world. I was thinking the grave is going to be about one million feet deep where they are going to put the cooker, the burner and all the gifts Osoba gave to her, all the gifts Babangida gave to her, all the ones late Ooni of Ife gave to her, this was my thinking but it turned out to be six feet. And even they were returning gold to where the gold came from; they said it is gold casket. Where did they dig out the gold? It is from the ground. So, it is going back to where it came from, even when they were burying the husband the other day, they said it was a mausoleum and that it will be opened virtually every three-three months but the Lord said ‘No, this is not my plan, it is dust-to-dust’ and He locked the place up, nobody can open it till now. Why are we faking ourselves? We should try and fear God and know how we throw our mouth. Maybe they have settled Adeboye, maybe they have settled all these people and that is to their head. The only good thing is that her grand daughter is the wife of the Vice President, that’s all. For all Nigerians to move down there only shows that we are all lazy in this country.
And look Awolowo’s life when he was still alive, how she muddled his life and mortgage the political destiny of Awolowo. She went as far as telling Awolowo to mind how he talks to ‘all these dirty people’ that is Ladoke Akintola; and the man took note of it and when he got to power he said ‘kaka ki Kiniun sakapo Ekun, onikaluku ase tie loto’. And today the Yorubas cannot come together in one accord with the trouble we faced from this lady. And when you marry them from the gutter, when they get to your house, you give them a bed room and they will be looking for the antiques and that is what happened in this case.
Your 2016 Prediction Book is on the way, when are you launching it?  
Yes, the Prediction 2016 is ready, it is a 400 pages book but if you ask me anything about it now, I don’t know even a  line because it covers the whole world-the Chinese, people in Australia, people in Venezuela, they are going to have their election soon. Even the story of Buhari and Tinubu everything is there. It is a spiritual revelation; it is not like a book I can put in my brain. It is a spiritual book and Habakkuk 2:2 says “Write the Vision and make it plain on tablet that he may run who read it” it is an insightful book and it will be launched in January.  

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