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How I stopped T.B. Joshua’s ambition of becoming a Photographer—Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro, Man who discovered T.B. Joshua | Reveals how TB Joshua got his mysterious power

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Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I got the gift to cure mad people from my prophetic group in Celestial Church'

In this last episode of a red exclusive encounter Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika had with renowned Prophet Doctor Jacob Oluwole Bamiduro, founder of Lion of Judah Church of Christ, Ahmaddiyya-Ojokoro-Lagos weeks before his sudden death on Monday January 4, 2016 in his sleep, the great Ikare-Akoko-Ondo State- South West Nigeria born prophet and Church leader told this blog the story of how he discovered and raised the now famous and globally recognized Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) in his early days. Even though there had been subtle efforts by the media department of SCOAN to dispel facts that Prophet Wole Bamiduro discovered and at a time raised Prophet TB Joshua, the last interview by Prophet Bamiduro  in his life time is standing as a compelling fact that indeed, Prophet TB Joshua passed through the tutelage of Prophet Wole Bamiduro aka Founder who died on the first Monday of year 2016 at age 62.

Prophet Bamiduro who predicted his own death in his last sermon of Sunday January 3rd 2016 before he passed away around 7 am on Monday 4th after conducing an early morning mass in his church, gave strong warnings to his family not to either take his body to a mortuary or burry him with a casket. He equally warned that on no account should his body be taken home to Ikare-Akoko for burial. He was buried in front of his Lagos cathedral on Friday January 8 at No 5/7, Wole Bamiduro Street by Ahmaddiyya, Ojokoro off Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road after a funeral service organized in his honor by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ojokoro-Ijaiye division.
This is what can be termed his very last interview on earth. Enjoy!

Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro on a One-on-One with the GDA in his lifetime

Sir, let’s go to the heart of the matter, we actually came here knowing your pedigree as a great prophet of God. But the big story is that you are the man who discovered Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations and that he actually birthed here in this church immediately he left Arigidi, Ondo state before he got his calling? Can you expatiate on this rumor?
Well, when you kept coming here to ask for the interview and made mention of the issue of the person you just mentioned his name, I tried to see how I could correct your notion on some issues you raised in your questionnaire. And I think I will just do that right away, I am really from Ondo state, I am from Ikare, the boy (TB Joshua) is from Arigidi. We are family friend right from the beginning. Nobody can give power to another person; power is directly from God. God gives power and authority to his people. You can see now that he (TB Joshua) has a lot of people working with him, he has both the whites and Caucasians working for him; it is the power of God. God discovers his people; no man in this world can discover anybody. Even you can not discover your own child talk-less of discovering another person and say ‘oh, this man is going to be a great prophet or someone with influence etc’, or that you are the one that gave this person power to do miracles and achieve fame. You that you are saying it, can you look at yourself first? 

“I am a brother to him, he is a brother to me I know him very well. He is very useful to me I am very useful to him. Now, that he is a famous man of God, people are saying ‘he is the one that discovered him, he is the one that gave him that power’, no it is God that gave him power not me”.

Look at the generosity of God upon your life as well; for him (TB Joshua) to have gotten his power, do you know how many days he suffered?  Do you know how many things that have happened to his life? He is not from a rich home but Temitope Joshua discovered himself and God ordained him. I am a brother to him, he is a brother to me I know him very well. He is very useful to me I am very useful to him. Now, that he is a famous man of God, people are saying ‘he is the one that discovered him, he is the one that gave him that power’, no it is God that gave him power not me. He and his brother (Segun) were all with me, we are a family of Godly people with the gift of prophecy. So, to see him as a successful pastor in Nigeria today is the act of God. I can’t even call him a Pastor, to me, I can’t call Temitope, a pastor he is a Prophet.

Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I cant lay claim to TB Joshua's glory in leadership even though he passed through me'

Why TB Joshua is very powerful
Not only Temitope Balogun left your church and became great, we learnt many great prophets like F.E Bamiduro of Iye Ni Oro Naa and even Evangelist Akin Adebayo famously known as Imole Ayo were said to have left your church before they became great. Why do you think TB Joshua’s own is extra-ordinary among the lot?
Well, Temitope Joshua is a call. He is a called Prophet, not a pastor. He is a called prophet. When he was young, there were lots of bad things that happened to him that supposed to have taken his life but he didn’t die. Even when a stone fell from the rooftop of his mother’s house as a result of a raging storm and fell on baby Joshua, he didn’t die. In stead for the heavy stone to fall directly on him, it fell beside him. That is why I said he has been called from the womb, just like God told Prophet Jeremiah ‘I knew thee when your mother conceived thee’. ‘Olorun ti pee lati kekere, Olorun kii peyan ti baba e lowo o. Kii de pe eyan ti Baba e je millionaire o. Awon Omo atapa dide ni olorun ma npe (God has anointed him from a baby; God does not call the child of the rich, he is not interested in the child of a millionaire, he will rather call the child of a pauper and send him on a glorious errand). You can see that today in Nigeria, it is God that called TB Joshua, no pastor called him, no prophet called him. That I know him or he knew me does not mean that I gave him power.  Do you understand? Of course there are many people that have stayed her under my tutelage, why didn’t they become like Tope? There are lots of people that went through this place, why are they not like him?. Even among his siblings, who is like him? He is the one God called and I am learning a lot of lessons from his own idea and principle because he didn’t allow people to stray into his calling. If he allows a man to stray into his calling, man will destroy his calling. I hope you understand what I am telling you? He is using his own calling and anointing, not the calling or anointing of Wole Bamiduro. Wole Bamiduro’s call is unique; TB Joshua’s call is unique. Even one of his senior brothers built a Celestial church, his call is equally different.
T.B. Joahua

Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'Today's Pastors & Bishops have stopped giving hope to the hopeless'

What is his senior brother’s name?
Segun. So, TB Joshua’s call is unique. God has said ‘this boy, at a particular time, he will grow and become big in spirit and he will use his spiritual gift to deliver mankind from evil. That he will feed nations; and today TB Joshua is feeding nations, I hope you know that as a journalist. He will share Rice, share money and give out to legions of people. He will travel to nations and bless them with numerous things. At least we have some Pastors who used their own offerings to build schools, build universities and after building it, they made admission for the poor very difficult but TB Joshua didn’t do that. He will give his money to the poor, give them food, and give scholarship to children of the poor. He has legion of ordinary children studying at Universities across the country right now. But you that couldn’t cater for the children of the poor and even went to the extent of using free offerings to build schools that ordinary people including your members can not afford, they are many. And that is why they hate Temitope Joshua.   

“Very meek person, there was a time he brought a camera here and said to me ‘Daddy, I want to learn to be a camera man’. He brought the camera from Egbe and I took the camera off him. I knew then as a prophet, that in future God is going to use him”.
Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'It is only God that can give someone power not a mortal'

And they will continue to hate him; the reason why they will never love Temitope Joshua is first of all, Temitope Joshua is an iron man that lives with the truth and the faith in God. It is not education that took him to that level, we have men of God who studied Ph-D, masters and all sorts of academic certificate but TB Joshua is a master in the act of God. And there is no how you and I will be in the same market, I am a veteran and you a novice and yet your ware is moving than mine; I can never be happy with you. I will shout and say ‘ah, this man is selling ghost wares’, ‘he brings them from mortuary’. I will de-market you just because my own ware is not moving again. Or how will you have hundred churches in a particular area, and this new church came that offers you gift of food, money and philanthropy at large, and you expect people to keep going to other churches that take, take and take from their worshippers but this one gives, not just spiritual value but other good things of life. If you recall, when Jesus Christ was feeding the multitude, they asked him a question, they said ‘Rabbi, when are you coming here again?’ So TB Joshua is doing the same thing, he feeds them with both natural and spiritual food. That is the man in synagogue for you. He is my good son; he is someone I am very familiar with. I am from Ikare, he is from Arigidi. Arigidi and Ikare we are one. He is my very good brother and he can never deny our acquaintance.  The truth of the matter is that Akoko is noted for the birth of great prophets. People like Oladunnni, people like St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase. People like Prophet Luke, people like the man we are talking about, the man in the synagogue. We still have many, many people from that lineage. People like us; we are from Ondo state, Ikare-Akoko.

Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I cant lay claim to giving TB Joshua his power but God did'

Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I cant say i am the best Prophet in town but God gave me the gift of acurate Prophecy'

Why People call me “Eyin-Ejo” (Snake’s Tooth)
You are famously called and addressed as Eyin-Ejo (Snake’s teeth?), why do people call you that name? 
Well, the Eyin-Ejo name came when I was young and in the Celestial Church of Christ fold. There was someone that had mental challenge and we went to his place to pray for him. As we were doing the prayer I had a vision for one of the relatives of the mad man who is a driver, I said ‘Mr. Man go and pray very well if not you might be involved in a fatal accident that will make your vehicle kill somebody’ but the man took the prophecy for a joke. He didn’t pray on it. So, around 6am the next day, the man used a trailer that he uses to ferry goods to the northern part of the country to kill a man at Mongoro Bus stop, here in Lagos. And crowd burnt the trailer down, that was around 1977 or there about. So, when he ran down to the church he was shouting “Ah, mi o mo pe eyin ejo ni  bobo yi o; aaah, O lagbara o” (I didn’t know this boy is a snake teeth o, he is so powerful o) and that was how the name struck. And then when I was in the Celestial Church many people were running after me not for anything else but for accurate prophecy. I won’t say I am a good prophet but God has given me the gift of hitting it on point. When they come, they get accurate vision and that was how the name stood till date. Now, it is about thirty something years ago and the name continue to ring. There was a time I was very angry and was quarreling about the name, I didn’t want people to call me by that name but later I just allowed it since there was nothing I could do to stop them.

The GDA shows the Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro an article about himself in City People Magazine

Why I don’t see TB Joshua Often
What is your relationship now with Prophet Temitope Joshua, is it still cordial?
We are not so cordial and again we are cordial. Why I said so is simple; he is a busy man, I am a busy man. You know he is a very popular figure, if people see him come here now, they might say he is coming here to take spiritual power. Not knowing that we are family friends. I can come over to his place and greet him and he is free to come to this place. But we are not having interaction as before. I am sure it is because of his busy schedule. People will always talk; ‘won a ni Oga e ni lai mo pe Olorun loga’ (They will say I am his boss not knowing that God is the ultimate boss). So, his schedule and mine schedule has not permitted us to be too close. Of course I do call him at times, in most cases he is busy, his aides will pick the call and I will just say let him be.

“We are not so cordial and again we are cordial. Why I said so is simple; he is a busy man, I am a busy man. You know he is a very popular figure, if people see him come here now, they might say he is coming here to take spiritual power. Not knowing that we are family friends. I can come over to his place and greet him and he is free to come to this place”

Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I have raised a lot of Prophets and Men of God but only God can explain why TB Joshua is extra-ordinary among them all'

How I foiled TB Joshua’s ambition of becoming a photographer.
When he was living here, how would you describe his character, was he humble or arrogant?
Hmmmn! Tope arrogant? If he is here from morning till evening, you can’t know he is there. Otutu! O quite! O gentle, gbogbo awon egbon e naa lo ri bee (he is meek, he is quite, he is gentle. All his siblings are like that). They don’t fight, even in those days when he comes from his sister in Egbe (Ikotun area of Lagos) to greet us here, he can sit here for hours and you won’t even know he is around. Very meek person, there was a time he brought a camera here and said to me ‘Daddy, I want to learn to be a camera man’. He brought the camera from Egbe and I took the camera off him. I knew then as a prophet, that in future God is going to use him. The only thing was that I don’t know how God is going to use him but I was quite sure that God was preparing him for something great but I didn’t know how it will turn up. And how God is now using him is a very big surprise to many people including myself. 

Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'You cant determine the call of your own child talkless of someone else. TB Joshua studied here but God ordained him for exploits'

Yes, I heal mad people.
You are also revered for healing lunatics, how did you come by the power, Is it also a calling?
I inherited the gift. I was a member of the Celestial Church of Christ before; we had a group that always prays for mad people in the night. Wherever these mad people are kept, we will go and pray for them but we didn’t know that the power has been transferred unto us. So, when we inherited the power, a time came when I started my own ministry and I will just see people bringing in mad people. And I will take care of them and they will be okay.  Nowadays, I don’t even chain them again; if I just raise my hand, they will be okay. I will say ‘remove his chain and let him or her in’ and the madness will leave them instantly.  Before, I had to chain them but now I just need to say a word and the madness disappear. The numbers of mad people that have received their miracles here are almost three hundred. And God manifest Himself even if you have diabetes, stroke or hypertension and other ailments we cure all here. I don’t believe in advertising what we do, instead the work will advertise itself. If you look from Ahmadiyya Bus stop down here (Wole Bamiduro Street) I don’t even have a Sign Board but the name is already known. That is God for you. God is the chief Advertiser. So, it is not me that am treating all the ailments but a spirit that has been assigned to me through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It is God that does everything and to Him we return all the glory.

Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'My linage in Akoko has the Pedigree of raising Prophets'

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