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In 2016, many Mechanics will be fortunate to marry graduate Ladies — Lagos Prophet | Says “Many Churches will face probe this year”

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Prophet MKO Tibetan...'Nigerians need to Open their eyes wide in 2016'

Last year 2015, Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan of Celestial Church of Christ, (CCC) Elisha Parish (Europe & Nigeria) won many hearts with his accurate prophecies which came to pass in both local and international sphere. The very gifted Ode-Aye, Ondo State born renowned Prophet of God was the only Nigerian Prophet who predicted correctly that the 2015 Presidential election will take place without any hassle and that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan was going to lose gallantly to new President Muhammad Buhari. The Prediction came to pass.

On Friday, December 12, 2014, Prophet Marcus equally predicted during a World Press Conference in his Lagos cathedral, that the Lagos election will be between Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of APC and Mr. Jimi Agbaje of PDP and that Ambode will win. By January of 2015 when the Primary held, Jimmy Agbaje trounced Musiliu Obanikoro in PDP Primaries and faced Ambode in the main election of April 11 and eventually lost it to Ambode. The Prophet also predicted the fall from grace to grass of ex-Petroleum minister and first OPEC female President, Diezani Alison Maduekwe among many other Prophecies that came to pass published his new Prediction book for year 2016 last weekend. In the book, he gave prophetic messages to many political individuals, nations and establishments.  During a World Press conference in honor of his Prediction 2016 book launch in Lagos, the well travelled man of God spoke extensively on things to expect in year 2016. Africa’s Number One Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika was there was there. Enjoy the excerpts. 
Prophet Marcus Tibetan in from of his Church, CCC, Elisha Parish
Sir, let’s start by saying Happy New Year to the Man of God, you are aware that the Nigerian budget has already been given to the Senate for deliberation, what is God telling you about year 2016?
There is no New Year in Heaven and there is no New Year on earth. I have been telling you this, times without number. We only change the numbers on the calendar. The very house you are living is where you are still living. This clothe on you was made last year, even the Sultana I have on me now, must have been done in 2010 but I am still wearing it till date. So, there is nothing like New Year. There are two titles under heaven that is very, very terrible; the poor and the rich. There is nothing like New Year because the season of hardship continues. Nigerians take pleasure in hardship; we are all paupers in this country. Poor, down to earth, even all the rich people you claim are rich, they are not rich; they are poor because it is that poverty that is aggravating their stealing tendencies. Had it been they can work and they have a good plan for themselves, they will have a good plan for the country as well. So, don’t ask me about New Year because there is no New Year. It is like asking ‘How do you enjoy last night?’ Two angels visit us every night we sleep, one to confirm if we have expired and the other one to confirm if we are still feat to live. You can’t even pick your telephone number in your dream or number of cars in your garage. Every night you sleep, you are getting closer to your casket. So, there is no New Year my brother. The new thing is that the hardship is getting harder and harder. More people are dropping dead by the hour. I have received more than 30 telephone calls from December 2015 till this January, thirty people have died. ‘Oh, where are you?’ ‘Sir, I have just lost my father now, I have just lost my brother now. I have just lost my wife now’ and that is what (Pastor) Adeboye (of RCCG) said in his own prophecy that this year, the gate of heaven will be what? Flooded, because that is what he saw in his own kingdom.
The Nostradamos answering a question from Asabeafrika
What inspire you to start giving Prophecy every year? 
When you look at Jeremiah 1 verse 5, it said ‘Ever before you were formed in the womb, I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordain you a Prophet to the nations’. Then, Deuteronomy 18:18 said ‘I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brethren, and I will put My word in his mouth and he shall speak to them all that I command him” and Deuteronomy 29:29 says “The Secret Things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of the law’. So, automatically, nothing inspired me because I am not the one that chooses me. 1st Corinthians 12 verse 4 says “There are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit” and verse 5 says “There are differences of ministries but the same Lord. If you look at verse 6 to 7, it says “There are diversities of activities but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to each one for the profit of all”. So, the gift is not by me but by the one who called me for the benefit of all.
Prophet MKO Tibetan...'There is Nothing like New Year, we only have dates changed on Calenders'
What is the difference between Prophecy and Prediction?
(Pastor) Adeboye can predict, your father can predict and even you can predict. If you look at how hot the sun is today, you can even tell people to go and wash their clothes because the sun upstairs can still dry the clothes. But prophecy is when I foresee last night, that today, by three o’clock, the rain will come. That is vision. So, there is a different between Prediction and vision. Habakkuk 2:2 says “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it” and verse 3 says “For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end, it will speak and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”.
How do you think Nigeria can get out of her predicaments?
It is in my new Prediction book, Revelation 2016 that the biggest blunder the British did was calling Nigeria one. The amalgamation night was the world’s Witch Day and it was meant to harm this good country.
You mean that date was cursed?
Yes, even October 1, the day we got our independence is a bad day as well. It was a bad day, the reigning queen of England at the time knew about it. Ibo and Yorubas are not the same, Hausas and Ibos are not the same. So, automatically, how do you want me to marry someone I don’t understand her language and culture? And now our government is now going out of mind, saying they are going to give major infrastructural contracts in Nigeria to Chinese people, do you remember Deuteronomy 28 verse 47, 49 50, it said when the time comes, when you fail to worship me as God and to accord me my respect, I will surely battle and fight you, it said “The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies, a nation which language you will not understand, a nation of fierce countenance, which does not respect the elderly nor show favor to the young and they wont leave you until they have destroyed you’. The time has come; they have brought the people (China) in now. Or can you speak Chinese? No! And they want to employ you to work with them on the road. So, they will kill some Nigerians before we can even understand their language, they will hit hammer on your head because that is where the crux of the matter lies. That is what happened in Genesis 11 when they wanted to establish a tower to heaven, the Lord scattered their brain and they couldn’t even reason together for the project and they stopped it there because the started speaking different languages. So, for Nigeria to go now and search for Chinese people to fix our rail way and roads, it is a terrible reality. It is a gateway to new industrial slavery.
Prophet MKO Tibetan...'This Year, Mechanics will be fortunate to marry graduate ladies in accordance with Isaiah 4'
Sir, you are reputed to have told a British Media Organization years back that most of Nigerian General Overseers need deliverance and after that the American Pastor Benny Hinn also came to Nigeria and said Nigerian Pastors needs deliverance, how many of these GOs are you referring to?
If you go back to the (British) Paper you will see it there. Because they asked me then that what about Enoch Adejare Adeboye, I said he is Number 1. Do we have General Overseers in Nigeria? We only have Charge and Bail Churches. They are just charge and bail denominations. When late (Reverend SBJ Oschoffa of CCC) was leaving the forest in those days, you know Celestial is one of the best churches in the world but people don’t take note. They said when Papa left the place, he first saw a serpent then, later, he moved forward and he saw a monkey eating fruit and throwing fruits down from a tree. Then, when he was about getting home, he saw a Peacock (Eye Okin) and now look at what we are facing now. Every Nigerian Christian is just jumping around.
(Cuts in) Are you saying we are in a Monkey era?
Big time, even Adeboye is in the monkey era, Abiara is in the monkey era, when people hear something is happening in Ota, you see every lady looking for husband running helter-skelter and moving down there, to Shiloh. Jumping like a monkey. And after they finish the one week program, you see them again in the Badagry in the hand of Gbenga Dan Asabe releasing his own power into them. Then the next moment you see them again in Ajah, in the hand of Paul Ukpabio doing his own thing with them. The same people saying ‘Oh, miracle is happening here today, there is no miracle anywhere, it is the very day you pick up a cheque of a hundred million and your company is flourishing. That is when you have a breakthrough and that is when your heaven has opened. Heaven will never open for generality of people. Let anybody who tells you that heaven is opening this year go and sleep. Stop jumping from Holy Ghost Nights to Holy Ghost Mornings and the rest. Face reality and work hard in 2016.
Sir, in your new book you said Government should probe Pentecostal churches, why?
Yes sir, I have predicted that before, they should do it. Look at Bimbo Odukoya the lady that dropped and died in Portharcourt many years ago, when they checked her account they found a whooping sum, billions of naira in her account. The government was embarrassed because they hide all the money there and Government had the intelligence. Look at the other guy that normally share handkerchief he removed from the casket, Ayorinde he is now down, back from Europe because they have taught him a hard lesson. Nobody will follow him again because what happened to Ajanaku and Lion of Judah has taught them a lesson. They are of same cartel.
You also challenged men of God who operates big  and expensive schools?
I say politicians keep money in their churches. How much do you think we are making here now that will make me to go and buy jet? Or I want to use church members for rituals? They are keeping government monies in their accounts. That is their share; even most of the jets does not belong to them they only wrote their names on it, that is the reason why we need a revolution my brother. I pity you people anytime I see you, I ask ‘how can this people make it?’ when your earnings is just under a hundred thousand naira per month and before another 30 days ends, you are broke. Even at times, you wont even remember to iron your clothe.
The Man of God explaining a point to his guests
So what should people do differently in 2016?
2016, my advise to Nigerians is that everybody should go back to the village and engage in mechanized farming. If you can’t make money from mechanized farming, go and do peasant farming. Go and plant cassava, go and plant maize, go and plant all the things that can sustain your family because the government don’t have plan for us. Number two, cut your coat according to your size and pick the pieces. Before now, you can cut the size of your coat and leave the pieces with the tailor, no. now, collect it because you can be going to Oshodi and you seat on a nail in the Danfo bus and the new clothe is torn. For it not to pain you, get your pieces out and stitch it. Number three, I pity the female ones in Nigeria because they don’t have hope again, their hope is dead. They cause the problem they are facing now.
If you see a lady looking for husbands now at the age of 37, she lost her virginity at the age of 12 or the age of 13. Why were you in a hurry then? Now, you now hit the bridge nobody is ready to take you as a wife, unless you will be paying salary to your husband. This year, many mechanics would be fortunate to marry graduate. According to Isaiah 4 verse 1 He said “And in that day, seven women shall take hold of one man, saying; only let us be called by your name to take away our reproach” that is what is going to happen in 2016. In 2016, Nigeria should stop this Yahoo-Yahoo boys, it is killing them a lot. Many of them are dying and there are many young Nigerians languishing in jail in London and Germany. This year, government should stop private schools that are cheating Nigerians and most of these schools should be probed. Government should probe the source of funds to most of the churches including Adeboye’s Redeem. How are the monies coming in and who is putting what through whom, they can get it. Stop the private schools from cheating Nigerians.
Prophet Marcus Tibetan with some of the Media Executives after the chat
But they said the Public schools are not good enough?
But they write the same JAMB don’t they? It is the Private Schools that finished the Public Schools; is there any private JAMB, is there private WAEC? Even the same Expo Centers we are talking about today were formed by all these Redeemed people; they are the ones behind it. Now, if they scrap the Private school or scrutinize them, the Public school will get it glory back. In the Public school, if you fail you will repeat because government has the facility but the private schools don’t have it, you have to go. They will push you either you are brilliant or not. They don’t want to lose their pupils or the money. And by doing this, they are not helping matters. They are breeding a generation of unintelligent Nigerians.  In the Nigerian movies industry, there is going to be plenty divorce this year and they are going to do a lot of ritual killings too. 
How about the Chibok Girls? Shall we find them again?
There is no missing Chibok Girls; these people are in the hands of the government. Those ladies are not in the forest, they are in the house of one of the millionaire in that state. The Governor of that state knew about those girls, they are not in the forest. They are going to do deal before they release those girls it is not with bullet. They are not in that forest they are talking about. They are kept for a purpose.
The Prophet Marcus Meets Journalist in Lagos
Do you think this government will get them off?
They are going to settle them, you know they settled the Niger-Delta militants too, they are going to settle them, and they cannot win that war with bullet. Boko Haram started during Gowon and Babangida regime. You know when they said Adekunle Fajuyi died for his Igbo friend-Aguyi Ironsi, it is a lie; they were going to kill all of them.  So, the Boko Haram started during Gowon era and became prominent under IBB’s regime.
On a business level, MTN has just sued Federal Government over the N780 billion they are asked to pay as fine, what do you see happening to MTN?
MTN will lose the case and 2016 will be a terrible year for MTN because automatically they are wicked. All the masts they spread around in people’s houses and streets, 300 people leaving around those masts or the area the masts are installed already contact cancer and it is only 10 out of that 300 that can survive cancer in years to come.
(To get a Copy of Prophet Marcus’ Revelation 2016 book, call the following numbers; +234(0)080-37171-730, 080-57070-783 & 090-9786-1617 (Nigeria) 009353899-609994, +44796-1714893, +44740-5426336 (Europe)

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