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Last Interview with Late Dr. Wole Bamiduro, Man who discovered TB Joshua + Untold story of his life

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Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro on a One-on-One with the GDA in his lifetime

It was actually sometime in the early part of  year 2014 that this blog met late Prophet (Dr.) Wole Bamiduro  the late founder of Lion of Judah Church of Christ, a spiritual church situated on 5/7,  Wole Bamiduro Street by Ahmadiyya Bus Stop, Ojokoro LCDA who died on January 4, 2016 and was buried last Friday January 8.
 The late Prophet who is equally famous with his gift of healing was in his best mood on that Thursday Morning and it was obvious. One secret that has lived with this man of God for two decades was the secret of how he discovered the world famous Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua who is the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Handlers of the famous prophet’s biography have not for once mentioned Wole Bamiduro or the role of his church in connection with TB Joshua’s success and that was the reason why we decided to seek out for this great man of God since 2013 in order to establish fact and make the truth known to the world. Some processes and schedules went into persuading Prophet Bamiduro to grant interview and reveal facts behind the story.
Getting him to talk was like trying to milk water out of a stone. Very intelligent, enlightened and well informed, the man of God would prefer to choose a time to respond to questions put across to him as he wouldn’t like to be quoted out of facts.
 When his aides finally agreed to grant us audience, on that Thursday morning it was like a dream come true as we razed down to his Ahmadiyya Bus stop, off Lagos Abeokuta Express way sprawling church situated on NO 5/7 Wole Bamiduro street. On getting there one of his aides informed us that ‘Daddy was attending to some people’ and we had to wait for another two hours before the interview kick started. Prophet Bamiduro who was initially putting on a green Ankara dress on sighting our team  jokingly said he wouldn’t like to be captured half measured “I have to wear my prayer garment rather than a circular clothe so that your people will know that I am a prophet, not a pastor” he said as guests and aides burst into laughter. By the time the man of God returned after seven minutes, history was made as we met face to face with the man widely acclaimed as the man whom Pastor TB Joshua got his spiritual tutelage from before becoming a success story globally. Although Prophet Bamiduro hates to take the credit for discovering a great Man of God like TB Joshua but he equally agreed that God showed him that “Tope” as he fondly addresses him will be great someday.
Today we present you the first part of the exclusive interview granted to Asabeafrika by Prophet (Dr.) Wole Bamiduro who passed away last Monday January 4 during his sleep at the age of 62. Enjoy the excerpts. .
The GDA showing the late Prophet a publication article in one of the leading magazines
We are very grateful for the privilege of meeting you at last after 3 months of trials. We will like to first and foremost know who Prophet (Dr.) Wole Bamiduro is, as one of the great prophets in Nigeria, what is your antecedent like?
I am a prophet by virtue, I can’t call myself a Pastor because a Pastor’s role is to guide the flocks through preaching and pacification but a prophet will give a revelation and will also conduct a miracle. That is the work of a prophet, a prophet can do anything either with water or with sand or anything; a prophet can use it. That is the work of a prophet.
Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika....'I Stopped publishing my early year Prediction book because bad occurrence happens simultaneously these days'
Sir, how were you called, from what we gathered from your profile, you have been a prophet for 50 years now how did you get the calling?
What I noticed is that when I was in the boarding school, I lived in the boarding house. And every now and then when I was on my bed in the night, I saw people; about three people will appear to me in white attire. I thought they were dead people and each time I run home to go tell my father that this is what I always see when sleeping, because, physically I will be looking at them; they will stay by my bed. So, my dad prepared a medicine for me because dad was an herbalist. He prepared some medications and did a mark on my head; just like a cross. When he marked my head, that very day when I got to the school I started seeing seven-seven people whom I now discovered were angels, not human beings. These seven-Seven angels will come to my bed. Until one day when I went to the farm to  go and read because we always read inside the farm then; as I was sleeping, I saw them again; they were with me and I had to run back to my father to say ‘sir, I still continue to see these dead people o’. The entire episode went on until a particular day I went for a vigil at a church in my town and they just put the photograph of JESUS in my heart. I can tell you that I started this ministry when I was young. Very, very young, so, when I got to Lagos state I joined a church, Cherubim and Seraphim. From there I became the choir master and I continued to see these same angels, they will always visit me. From there I entered the Celestial Church of Christ; when I became a member of the Celestial Church of Christ, an angel came to me when I was sleeping; this particular angel woke me up and started talking to me that this is what I am going to become, this is what I am going to do. He said, this is how to go about it and at the end of the day, it materialized. I saw the Holy Spirit that very night and from that moment I became a prophet. I can tell you that I don’t know this job before but it is as a result of the act of God. That is why I told you that a prophet must be a prophet. You can use ordinary stone to kill; you can use ordinary sand to kill. You can even use ordinary word of mouth or any other object just to implement the work of Christ Jesus. This is very different from the calling of a pastor which is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not that a Prophet can not preach the gospel, the Prophets are preachers too but they preach from the perspective of what they see. So, you command, condemn and intercede because you can see things ordinary eyes can not see.  Before now, I use to do what I call “The Vision of the Year” book for Nigeria but I stopped it few years ago.
Prophet Wole Bamiduro being lowered into his final resting place
Why did you stop the book?
Because these days, what you are looking at is more than the vision. You are seeing the evil in the land rising to a monumental level, Boko Haram is killing millions of people; people are dying as a result of job search through the Immigration Services, a government body that suppose to protect them. So, what are you going to tell Government to do again, when Government itself has lost her bearing, what are you going to see. A lot of bad events are happening. Nowadays, you see a prophet saying he is seeing vision for Nigeria, he is seeing nothing. He is only forecasting. What he supposed to see is already happening.  You see men of God saying they are doing miracles, yes you may say you are doing it in the name of Jesus Christ but I can tell you that there are some borrowed miracles that are not worthy of being shown in the public.
Late Prophet (Dr.) Jacob Oluwole Bamiduro....'Today's Christian Leaders have destoyed the essense of salvation by commercializing it'
Do you call it “Borrowed Miracles” why?
Yes, borrowed miracles. They happen in the society for the sake of getting something to eat. Let me explain to you, in other situation where you say you are healing a blind man, I mean somebody that has been blind from the youth and then you heal that person. At the end of the day you bring that person to the auditorium, coming to the auditorium you raise the person’s hand and ask ‘what is this color?’ and the person answers you ‘oh, it is black or it is white or it is pink’. How did he know that it is black, pink or white? A blind person from child birth  can not suddenly know the color of a cloth because he is not even familiar with the names of the colors in the first instance. Or you are healing a lame man, a lame man that can not walk; somebody who can not walk is a lame man, now you are healing a lame man and you bring this same lame person to your podium and you raise him and the next thing is for him to start running around but you know it is an aberration, it is a fake miracle. That is not a miracle. Me, that I am sitting here, I have done lots of miracles that you yourself know about it (referring to this blogger), I heal many sick people, I heal mad people and you can see that all the cases were gradual. You start from the beginning. Not just for you to say you are healing a lame man and the person continues jumping around, he can not be jumping because the signs of the lameness will still manifest in the few moments of his miracle. It is not magic. The signs of the mad man will still manifest for a few moment and not just that he will spontaneously recover his senses. So, if you want to do miracle, you must do it in the act of Jesus Christ.  You know in some churches today, you see them start rolling on the floor, which simply means that it is a miracle that has been paid for.
Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I am a Prophet not a Pastor'
You can easily contact somebody to come to the altar and say to the church ‘I am a witch, I have killed and destroyed lives and here I am, I am giving my life to Christ”, it is simply a bargained miracle. A miracle that has been purchased, if you see a real witch craft that is confessing, you will know that this one is a real one, nobody will tell you. Today, you see a witch confessing with her composure intact. No witch will confess with her composure intact, never. Like the other time you were here, you saw the way that woman that was brought by her children confessed and kept running her mouths for days before she was delivered by God.  The story was published in Alaroye Newspaper, (Years back) we didn’t torment her, she was brought here and she confessed out of her own volition which must have been induced by God’s power. That is exactly how a witch confesses, no staging of fake drama. Not that you are going to contact a person, giving him or her money to come and disgrace his or her family for the sake of your own self-glorification.  In Nigeria of today, we have so many churches that you will think we are more religious than the Romans, you have both the mega and mini churches yet crime is still on the high rise. Why is our country still in crisis? we are in a state of pandemonium in Nigeria, that is what I want us to know. If churches are genuine in their callings, if they are preaching the real word and doing the work of salvation, Nigeria will not be as bad as this. Today, if you read the papers, half of the stories are linked to Pastors who indulges in all acts of fraudulence. Pastors who are cheat, dupers, armed robbers; in fact the name “Pastor” has come to an all time low in the Christian lexicon. Our Pastors are now looking for riches and comfort and so they become epitome of evil. They join all sorts of societies because they want to be great. Well, you can be greater toady in the eyes of men but tomorrow you will be small in the presence of Jesus Christ. That is what you ought to know.
Late Prophet (Dr.) Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'I Used to see strange beings when I was a kid'
Sir, are you now saying that Nigerians have lost their moral value as a result of the disheartenment of the Church system?
You see Nigerians are not bad but we religious leaders, Christians and Muslims are the ones contributing to the downfall of this country. Because as we pray in the church, the Muslims also pray in the Mosque and those working at our various houses of assemblies, those working with our governors and those working with the president and condemning the president are all Christians or Muslims. So, what they are supposed to do, they don’t do. See how they are killing children under the pretense that they are Muslims. See how they are destroying Nigeria, we are in a confused state. So, when the Preachers are talking now, they will be telling you that the end time has come. I will tell you that the end time has not come.
Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro...'It is we religious leaders who destroyed the fabrics of religion'
Why do you say that, sir?
If the end time has come, nobody will remain in Nigeria. When the end time comes, nobody will tell you. Because Jesus Christ said that He himself didn’t know the particular time the end will come. But we people that are bad; we are as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah, we are as bad as all the early people of the Bible. Can you understand? We are not even building good image for our children coming behind. We are not doing that, we Pastors, we Evangelists, we Prophets, we Bishops, we are not giving hope to the hopeless. We are only giving hope to ourselves. We are building bigger churches for our own children to inherit. In the olden days, when the likes of Anglican Church built their churches, they will build the structure for more than twenty years. And the church will never be complete in ten years; other generation will come and build upon it. But what do we see today? Capitalists building stadium as churches, the work of salvation has been turned into the work of self-glorification. We build stadiums, we build bigger schools. The school that you build, no ordinary person can afford to send their children to the school. Even majority of your members can not send their children to that school, so where is your work of salvation? Who owns the money you used in erecting such an edifice and who owns it? Free will, offerings and tithes brought about the whole thing and yet you converted it to something for yourself and your family.
Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika....'Most of the miracles performed today are borrowed miracles'
It appears to me that you are referring to people like Bishop David Oyedepo and their likes who built very expensive schools at the expense of God’s calling?
Let me tell you something, I am not mentioning names and I am not interested in mentioning names. I am just telling you how Christianity has been bastardized in Nigeria. They know themselves and their heart can scrutinize them because the simple work of the church is to reform and give salvation. It was like when the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi came, he could see the evil going on in the banking sector and he went ahead to correct it. Banks were using their might as money holders to do other business that were to be done by the people. For instance, there was universal banking and all that which seeks to take off every other business that an average loan seeker could do and the very intelligent Sanusi came and stopped it; that the paramount job of a bank or a banker is to lend. You take money from Mr. A and give to Mr. B or C. Lending, arbitrate or sort out money matters between the lender and the keeper that is the job of a bank. And since then professionalism has returned to the banks. The job of a church is salvation not business transactions; and if there is enough fund to throw around just like Jesus and his disciple saved twelve baskets of bread and fish after feeding five thousand crowd with two fishes and five loaves of Bread, all you still spend it on is salvation, salvation and salvation. Trough cheap education you can save lots of souls.
Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika...'Today's Pastors & Bishops have stopped giving hope to the hopeless'
For you an Evangelist, a Pastor or a Bishop to build a school and your fees is the only one that is so exorbitant in the society, under the pretense that you are a pastor and none of the children of the poor that the Bible asked you to cater for can afford the fee to attend your school, is that the work of God?. Is that your brief as a man of God? Did God ask you to extort money from the society at all cost? Are you an armed robber? You built a university and none of your worshippers can benefit from it. Some of us even send our kids abroad because of the outrageous amount being asked by these capitalists, because the white man is more considerate in the things that edify humanity.  Education is even cheaper there than among our men of God here. What I am saying in essence is that the church in our society has lost their primary value, which is salvation. The church is a body of Christ and if we must see it that way, we must endeavor to redeem the image of the church in the eyes of the people. A church should endeavor to build a legacy that people can benefit from and remember in the future. We still remember the CMS (Christian Missionary Schools), we still remember the Anglican, we remember the Catholic we remember the CAC (Christ Apostolic Church) and their virtues of selflessness. But today, even those schools we are talking about, to enter them you have to throw bribe at the pastor.  I as a person started from CAC Primary school, I went to CAC Modern School, I finished at CAC Modern School, I went to a Muslim school, ANSAR-DEEN Grammar School to finish my O’level, all at very affordable prices. I still have the tellers and receipts with me.  So, what are they doing today, you are charging a million, two million because you want to give people education and yet some of these children come out of school with nothing to do; some become Okada riders, some become drivers and some just wander about with nothing doing. So, what is the essence of your ambiguous education? We need to open our eyes and ask valid question because it is only the truth that can set you free. Nigeria need to change.
Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika....'The only great and sincere Pastor in Nigeria is Pastor Tunde Bakare
Why I love Pastor Tunde Bakare.
Sir, who is to blame the political or religious elites?
You can’t compare political things with ecclesiastical things. Politics is politics while church is the act of God with preference for building morals.  Before you become a church leader, you must learn how to motivate people but if you join the politicians as a man of God, you are to behave like a man of God. Let me give you an example, Pastor Tunde Bakare is a man of God and a church leader before he was called to the soap box. He joined politics and it was the best decision he took. I can tell you, and I tell you right away that Jesus Christ is a politician. Jesus is a politician; when he saw the multitude, he started preaching in order to convert them to God; he preached to them and he gave them a new lifeline. So, any one that is against Tunde Bakare now is against God because Jesus Christ himself preached to the multitude before he was able to get converts for God. See how he was able to get Peter also known as Simon off his fish trade for salvation work. See what he did to get his disciples together, he persuade them from working for themselves to working for Him; so if Bakare now decides to go into politics, it is the act of God. I love the man, although we have never met before but I love him because he is trying to say the truth and people don’t like him for that. See, when the government gave him Christmas cow, he publicly rejected it and made it clear that it was not in his tradition to take such a gift. Look at this National Confab issue, some people are there just because of the money. Some people are there for the sake of what they are going to earn not for patriotism, imagine someone being paid Four Million Naira per month. Four million times three is twelve million naira; you are doing this when some people are hungry; majority of your people are jobless and someone will receive a salary of four million naira in a month and for that three months, he will take twelve million naira home. Here we talk of average Nigerians who can not even afford to pay their children’s school fees talk-less of feeding themselves. Our hospitals are in bad shape, the electricity is epileptic. Our federal roads are more or less death traps. In the olden days, if I want to drive to Ibadan, I always drive on that road for forty-five minutes and I am in Ibadan to enjoy myself and play with my friends. But nowadays, before you get to Ibadan, the night has fallen.  Let alone go to Ondo state or any other far destination, now the money they are supposed to aggregate for such purpose is now paid to feed stomachs. Why are they not paying those (Confab attendees) ten thousand naira per seating? And in a month you can pay this people forty thousand or thirty thousand naira. Do you know whatever they are going to eat there is free? So, our leadership system is very bad.
Late Prophet Wole Bamiduro to Asabeafrika....'Nobody should Commercialize Christianity'
(Read Part 2 of last exclusive interview with the Late Dr. Wole Bamiduro titled “How I Discovered TB Joshua” on this blog tomorrow).

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