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Nigeria & Africa must rise to the cause of Cancer Patients – Sammie Peters

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Sammie Peters..'Nigeria's elites need to be humane to ordinary People'

Wife of Afro Juju Music creator, Sir Shina Akanbi Peters, Mrs. Sammie Ayoka Peters has expressed her deepest regret as to why African leaders and Nigerian elites totally neglected the masses of people to the ruins of cancer, a deadly terminal disease that is ravaging lives across the world.
Speaking to Asabeafrika in her first media outing after she returned from an 18 months cancer treatment regime in the United States of America, Sammie who was looking trim and trendy in a white top on a black leggies broke down in tears when she was asked to express her mind on how government can help cancer patients get free medical care in Nigeria.

The educationist and Proprietress of Intellect Stars College, Lagos who clocked 56 on Monday January 11, 2016 and celebrated with friends, family and well wishers in her Iju, Lagos home regretted the attitude of rich politicians and political leaders who abandoned the ordinary people to their own fate and often run to London, America, Germany and other medically expensive countries to seek medical help in the face of challenges for selves and family.
Sammie who confessed that cancer treatment is very expensive urged African leaders including Nigeria’s President Muhammad Buhari to seek an urgent way out to create a standard Cancer Awareness and Remedy Center that will help both the poor and the rich treat the deadly disease which she says is a disease that does not distinguish the rich from the poor.

Refreshed Mrs. Sammie Ayoka Peters with the GDA

When Asabeafrika asked what she feels about ordinary people who are not as rich and privileged as her who are equally victims of cancer, the mother of four burst into tears and had to excuse the interviewer before regaining her composure “This question brings sadness to me (Sobs). In Africa, we are orphans. That is the sad truth, we are orphans. We have no parents to carter for us and it is sad, really, really sad because we have rich people here; for us not to have a good Cancer Center is sad. Terribly sad, it is horribly sad. The situation is heartbreaking. In America where I had my treatment, the poor ones are the ones enjoying the government. Do you believe that? In America, if you are a poor citizen and you don’t have money for medical treatment, you will go to the hospital that President Obama uses and they will give you free medical treatment”.
Mrs. Peters lamented further “I don’t get it, you mentioned President Buhari, it is not just a Nigerian thing it is an African thing. Our politicians travel, they see things and they know what is going on, they travel a lot and some even schooled abroad yet they can’t implement what they see happening elsewhere in their own country. Africa, why? Which way Africa? Why are we callous to ourselves? Look at Diezani, she got cancer and ran to London, what about other unknown people? What happens to them? So, if an average Nigeria got cancer that should be a death sentence to him or her? No, we must respect our humanity. We must cherish souls.  That is why I am praying to God to help me because I am starting a foundation where we can raise money to raise awareness and alleviate the challenges of cancer through proactive remedy”.

“In Africa, we are orphans. That is the sad truth, we are orphans. We have no parents to carter for us and it is sad, really, really sad because we have rich people here; for us not to have a good Cancer Center is sad”.

On the cost of her 18 months challenge in the cancer theatre in the US, Sammie recalled the experience “Look, if Government does not help people to survive this disease lot of people will die because the cost of treatment is expensive. Let me tell you my own experience; there is this drug called Nopogin the drug cost $800 per drip, if I do my Kimo (Chemotherapy) on say Monday, the second day which is Tuesday, I would have to use 5 drips. I am not talking of Kimo here, which is equally expensive. I am talking of just one drip, it is $800 per one and I have to take 5 for my various stages of Kimo (Chemotherapy) because Doctors broke the Kimo into sessions. So, this kind of illness is expensive and complex in terms of cure. I just pray you won’t find out. I will take this injection for 5 consecutive days during the Kimo treatment because the essence of the injection is to help you revive good cells. In the course of treatment, Kimo does not know the good cells from the bad cells, so, it kills both the good cells together with the bad cells. So, this Nopogin wakes your good cells up again, it is like a revival medicine which goes into your system to re-awaken your good cells. So, as an ordinary, poor Nigerian victim, if you cannot take that, what will happen? The Person will simply die”.

Mrs. Sammie Ayoka Peters

“I am begging that government should intervene in citizen’s health matters. Not just government alone let me tell you something, actresses over there (America) who have gone through this challenge put money down for health organizations to do research. Some hospitals in America are even named after those actresses or those millionaires that have already contributed to cancer research. But your wife died of cancer; you put your hands down, what of tomorrow? You don’t know if it is your child or another family member? Why don’t you support this cause? That is the big question because cancer is a leveler ‘Ko yo olowo ko yo otoshi”, Presidents die of it, governors die of it, even if you have the whole money in the entire universe, you might be a victim. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs died of cancer. So, our government should make it a priority to subsidize citizens’ health in this country with priority on cancer”.
(Watch out for the full Interview titled The Untold Story of My Cancer Experience” by Sammie Peters on this blog after this time out)

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