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Prophet Tibetan’s Mother’s funeral (Part 2) | How Tinubu’s aide, Toyin Kolade, others Storm Ode Aye for the Tibetans

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The Press meets Prophet Marcus

This is the last and concluding part of the funeral rites of late Mama, Mother Celestial Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan, mother of the renowned Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Dublin and Nigeria) in Ode-Aye between November 26th and 27th of November 2015. In this second part, you will find the role many top Nigerians played in the burial of the great woman and how celebrities stormed the event from all walks of life. Enjoy the Excerpts on your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter Blog Asabeafrika. Enjoy.

The Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan with Asabeafrika's GDA
Prophet Marcus hosts Guests to Asun Night @ Country Home
Late into the night after the Thursday 26th Wake Keep and Christian Song service, lot of dignitaries and VIPs were driven to Ladawo Quarters Ode-Aye where Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan hosted his guests to sumptuous meal and drinks. The entire area was cordoned by gun wielding military officers courtesy Lieutenant Colonel Firopo Tibetan. Ladawo Quarters is where Prophet Marcus and his younger brother Colonel Firopo had their country homes and one of the VIPs who stormed Oladawo Quarters is Ogun state real estate magnate Asiwaju Emmanuel Olajide Awosedo. It was another carnival of sort as the Prophet asked his aides to slaughter a goat for his guests for the popular Asun feast. Guests kept coming in one after the other to take their meal before leaving for their various hotels and guest houses in Ode-Aye and Okitipupa.
The Tibetans at the entrance of GOFAMINT, Beautiful Gate Parish, Ode-Aye
How the Tibetans drove tourism to Okitipupa
Okitipupa town is 10 minutes drive from Ode Aye but the town equally felt the vibes of the Tibetans as major hotels and Guest Houses in town were taken over by the Prophet and his younger brother Colonel Roy for their guests.  Prophet Marcus Tibetan practically paid for all the over forty rooms of Coastal Hotel, a three star hotel with best of facilities at Coastal Royal Estate, Okitipupa and equally made available security vehicles and other vehicles to transport guests to and fro the hotel. Okitipupa is one of Ondo state’s rich towns with richest natural resources deposited for economic gains (It is the Headquarter of the famous Oluwa Glass). However, in the last one year, the Government of Ondo  State under Dr. Segun Mimiko has not deem it fit to give electricity or instruct the Gencos to supply light to both Okitipupa and 5 other communities (Ode-Aye inclusive) in Ondo state. Shame!
Prophet MKO Tibetan, Wife and Daughter with Oba P.A. Akinsola, the Olu of Igodan Lisa who attended Mama's funeral in the Church
The Friday Funeral
Only few People could schedule their mother’s funeral for a Friday and the patronage will still be high. That was what the Tibetans achieved with their November 27th date as more guests stormed Ode Aye from all walks of life to celebrate the life of Mama Olufunmilayo Maria Tibetan. The event kick started with a snake drive of motorcade amidst convoy of other exotic cars from the center of town to Gospel Faith Mission International Beautiful Gate Assembly, by 18, Lapoki Street, Ode-Aye where a conglomerate of Pastors and Evangelists received the body. The BMC funeral executives were at their very best as they added drama and style to the carriage with dance and blowing of trumpets to the admiration of onlookers and passer-byes. The Okada motor cyclist also made fortune as there was traffic of legs from Ladawo Quarters to Lapoki Street.
Colonel Roy with wife and Military Friends from Lagos
Final honor for Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan by BMC in Sultana
Why BMC dressed Celestial for Mama
Unlike in other funeral events where traditional attires or suits are worn to honor the dead in Africa, which at times is a reflection of the person’s profession while alive, the funeral company BMC dressed in Celestial Church of Christ attire for Mama Maria Tibetan. The twelve BMC officials who handled her funeral activity were dressed in the Onibode (Usher) classic attire of the Celestial Church of Christ. Close sources who work with Prophet MKO Tibetan told this blog that it was the Prophet himself who ordered that his mum’s funeral should be given a Celestial treatment by the Bolaji Mendes Charles’ BMC funerals.
Lowering Mama into her last place as children watches
Celestial Church & GOFAMINT celebrates Mama
The peak of the event was when top Gospel Faith Mission International clergies from various assemblies in Okitipupa LGA of Ondo State joined a team of Celestial Church leaders to give Mama her final honor. They jointly welcomed her corpse into the GOFAMINT, Beautiful Gate Assembly auditorium amidst pomp and celebration. Leading a number of top Celestial leaders from Lagos was Reverend Akinsoji of the CCC, Nigerian diocese; they stormed Ode-Aye to honor Prophet Marcus Tibetan. The GOFAMINT family was led by Pastor (Dr.) Adesoji R.O (Area Pastor), with him are; Pastor Adenikinju F.A. (Host Pastor), Pastor J.A. Akinola (Zonal Pastor), Pastor E.O. Adepoju (Zonal Pastor), Pastor Abraham Olaeso (Assembly Pastor), Pastor A.O. Akinnubi (Assembly Pastor). Others are Assistant Pastor Emmanuel Akintomowo, Elder Asogbon J.A. (Chief Usher), Elder Akinibi Ephraim, Elder Akinnubi Solomon and Deacon Otebehe Victor.
Crowd of Nigerians who came to say 'Goodbye' to Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan aka Mama Aye
Colonel Firopo Tibetan with In-laws the Adefaratis
How Mama’s Children handled Church event
Mama’s eldest children Prophet Marcus and Colonel Ropo were invited to take part in the church program alongside some men of God. The first lesson was read by Pastor A.O. Akinnubi one of the Assembly Pastors who took his words from 1st Corinthians 15 verse 50-57. Colonel Roy, Mama’s second son read second lesson of 1st Thessalonians 4 verse 13-18 while Prophet Marcus Tibetan as the eldest child of the deceased was saddled with the responsibility of reading Mama’s history to the congregation and giving of vote of thanks. Word of God was delivered by Pastor Adelekojo, a guest Pastor titled “There remains a rest for the People of God” with Bible quotations from Hebrew 4 verse 9-12, 1st Corinthian 6 verse 9-10, Act 3 verse 19. The Choir of Beautiful Gate Assembly were at their best as they rendered a special number “I am living in the Glory” to the memory of Mama Tibetan amidst other hymnal songs.
Colonel Firopo and wife, Princess Bisola and his In-law
GOFAMINT Founder’s only sister storm event
Her name is Deaconess Esther Balogun, this octogenarian woman of God is the last born and junior sister to late Founder of Gospel Faith Mission International, late Pastor R.A. George. She came with her family to give last honor to Mama Maria Funmilayo Tibetan and she was recognized by the leadership of GOFAMINT, Beautiful Gate Assembly and Prophet Marcus Tibetan while giving his Vote of Thanks.
Prophet MKO Tibetan & Wife with ASP Victor Adeyemi Coker
How Prophet Tibetan cracked ribs at church
While he was called to give the vote of thanks, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan used the good opportunity to do two things; to offer what he calls his 3 best songs and to equally go memory lane to recall how he and his siblings were raised at GOFAMINT, Beautiful Gate Assembly in the late 60s towards early 70s. He declared “This is my church and I cannot forget what you people passed unto me as a kid and till date I am still standing on those principles. I have just only a wife”. The famous Prophet nearly broke guests’ jaws when he rendered what he tagged his “3 Best Songs”. But before that, Prophet Marcus recognized his Sunday School Teacher of the 70s Pastor Akinnubi A.O. who was among the officiating ministers, thanking him for instilling some Christian principles in him and his siblings. He later sang his 3 best songs one of which is “Iwo ni mo wa Gbega” which he sang in concert with the church choir to the delight of the congregation. His second song drew laughter and applause from guests and worshippers, the Prophet said that particular song is only sang anytime he owes his wife a heavy amount of money and she begins to trouble him for payback. “If I see that she is disturbing me and I cant sustain the heat, I will put on my white garment and lie on the bed and start singing “Ao pami lara da, ao de mi lade ogo, ao si gbemi niyawo nile ogo lodo baba”. His gesture got many reeling with laughter. His last song “Oya ninu Ogo” electrified the congregation. The Prophet thanked all and prayed for their save return home.
Mummy and Daddy Tibetan arrives for Reception
The Woman Prophet Tibetan raised her husband came
Her name is Faith Okogwu, this lanky lady from Delta State stormed Ode-Aye for Prophet Marcus. She is one of the few Nigerians the Prophet has touched their lives. For Mrs. Faith Okogwu who spoke with this blog “Prophet Marcus is a true Prophet of the Living God”. The Prophet is said to have raised her husband from death many years ago. The man who had passed on without writing his will was said to have been taken to the Prophet in great confusion and once the Prophet seek a private praying session with his corpse, he later came out asking his wife to go give him water to drink to the bewilderment of confused family members. Everyone was surprised. The man was said to have lived additional 10 years before he finally passed away at an advanced age few years ago. Since then, Mrs. Okogwu has been grateful and that was her reason for storming the occasion. She was both at the church and the reception.
Dr. MKO Tibetan with his two friends from the UK, Dr. Johnson Abiodun Olukotun (Standing) with Dr. Obafemi Aboluwodi
The Fadeyi Twins too
This two beautiful sisters from Ibadan stormed Ode-Aye for Prophet Marcus. They are Taiwo and Kehinde Fadeyi now Taiwo Adekanbi and Kehinde Oladapo (USA based); they both made the event and didn’t only stormed the church but equally came to the reception. The two lovely sisters who strikingly look alike were in their best of mood and wore same outfit. Kehinde Oladapo who is based in the US is a good family friend of the Prophet and they are said to have equally lost their mum in recent time and shared Prophet Marcus’s grief.
ASP Bode Ojajuni (Leader MOPOL Squadron 16, Abeokuta) with the GDA & Mr. Lara Steve of BCI International
 Ogun Police anti-bomb Squad head storm Ode-Aye for the Tibetans
He is one of the top cops and most respected in Ogun State Police Command, his name is Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Victor Adeniyi Coker. He is the head of the Police Anti-Bomb Section. He stormed Ode-Aye with some of his aides and made for the church where he listened to the sermon, had Photo Ops with the Tibetans and later spent thirty minutes at the Reception which took place at CMS Playing Ground, Irokin, Ode-Aye before he left for his base.
Colonel Firopo Tibetan and his pretty wife, Princess Bisola Tibetan with their security details
….And the Prophet cried  
It must have been his most challenging moment and like Jesus Wept at the tomb of Lazarus, Prophet Marcus equally wept at the tomb of his mum at No 3, Ladawo Street, Ode Aye where Mama’s interment took place. The Prophet who has kept a bold and courageous face in the last 3 days suddenly lost emotion and burst into heavy tears as he watched his mum being lowered into the grave. Prophet Marcus remained inconsolable and the crowd of guests, photo journalists and shepherds of GOFAMINT took their turn to pacify the prophet who felt deeply pained that his lovely mum was being lowered into the soil even at age 80. Both Prophet Marcus and his siblings including Colonel Roy were later led into the ambience of their octogenarian father, the 95 years old Pa Festus Okenola Tibetan inside the living room of the house.  Pa Tibetan calmed all nerves and preached to his children to take their mum’s exits as the act of God. The entire atmosphere was that of a sober moment as Mama’s kids spent another 30 minutes with their father before heading for the reception.
The GDA meets Princess Toyin Kolade @ Ode Aye
Prophet MKO Tibetan welcomes Princess Toyin Kolade to Mum's funeral at Ode-Aye
Why Dublin based Elizabeth Pope couldn’t go for Reception
Her social name is Elizabeth Pope but her native name is Tope Tibetan. She is the beautiful and intelligent first child of Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan. This Accounting undergraduate of a leading University in Dublin-Republic of Ireland was late Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan’s closest grand child and that was one of the reasons Tope broke down at the sight of seeing her grand ma being lowered down to her final resting place. The beautiful Tope Tibetan aka Elizabeth Pope who took time among all her siblings to travel from her Dublin base to Nigeria to witness Mama’s last journey on earth quickly left Ode-Aye for Lagos after Mama’s interment at 3, Ladawo Street, Ode-Aye and from Lagos, she proceeded back to her base in Dublin as she couldn’t bear the irreparable loss of losing such a compassionate Grand Mother.
Patriarch of the Tibetan Dynasty, Ode-Aye consoling his children after the burial of their mum
Tinubu’s Physiotherapist, Dr. Gaji came
His name is Dr. Bolaji Gaji and he is the Physiotherapist to the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He stormed the event with some other big boys from Lagos for Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo’s funeral. He was the cynosure of all eyes and one of the celebrities who pulled weight at the event.
Leader of Mobile Police Sqadron 16, Abeokuta ASP Bode Ojajuni with the GDA
Band Leader Brother Chukwuma David leads the Second Band at the event
 Big Boys at the Party
Other big boys at the party are Business man and real estate developer Elder Larry Ogunmusere who is an Uncle to Prophet Marcus and Colonel Ropo. Others are Dr. Obafemi Oluwodi a Child Education Expert from the United Kingdom and Dr. Oluwole Oseyemi a pharmacist from Baltimore-USA. Others are Dr. Francis Adefarati (Father In-Law to Colonel Roy and immediate younger brother to former Ondo state Governor, Adebayo Adefarati) and Dr. Femi Adefila and numerous other VIPS. They all stormed the reception to honor the Tibetans.
Colonel Oluwafiropo Tibetan with wife, Princess Bisola Tibetan (Nee Adefarati)
Prophet MKO Tibetan with his Security detail
CSP Bode Ojajuni storms Ode-Aye with heavy mobile Police presence
Former Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer now Chief Superintendent of Police Bode Ojajuni was one of the big personalities who stormed the Friday November 27th event at Ode-Aye. CSP Bode Ojajuni who despite the attempt to keep a low profile became the cynosure of all eyes was at the time the Commandant of Mobile Police Force Unit, Squadron 31 Asaba-Delta State and he came in full force with all his men who equally took strategic positions on the field with Colonel Roy’s men.  Bode Ojajuni is equally loved by the locals in Ode-Aye as his own town Igbotako is a distant town from Ode-Aye. This blog just learnt that CSP Bode Ojajuni has been redeployed to Mobile Police Force Unit, Squadron 16 Abeokuta in Ogun state early in the year as the Commandant. He spent only 60 minutes at the event before he returned to his base in Asaba

Dr. MKO Tibetan with Guests
Dr. Johnson Abiodun Olukotun with Princess Bisola Tibetan (Nee Adefarati)
How Princess Toyin Kolade brought Lagos to Ode-Aye
This lovely and delightful Lagos business woman Princess Toyin Kolade stole more attention with her arrival at the event at exactly 4pm in her black Hummer Jeep. Princess Toyin Kolade who is the founding Chairman of Fisolak Group of Companies and the Iyalaje of Apapa Land in Lagos made many of the musicians who were on the field to battle for her attention as she went and danced with Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan and his wife Madam Bosede Christina Tibetan on arrival before she made a second round outing to dance with Colonel Firopo and his wife, Bisola (Nee Adefarati). Princess Toyin Kolade equally brought the Lagos party spirit to Ode-Aye as she did not only shared gifts of soap, spaghetti, cream and other valuables at the event but she equally brought a loaded bus of varieties of meals like Amala & Gbegiri, Fried and Jollof Rice, Pounded Yam and verities of exotic drinks of various brands and labels to the party. Her arrival instantly changed the mood of the party as every one wanted to meet Princess Toyin Kolade. 
Colonel Ropo Tibetan and wife in the gig mood
Why the Party was Successful
The Ode-Aye Reception for Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan was largely successful because of the kind of love exhibited between her elderly kids, Prophet Marcus Tibetan and Lieutenant Colonel Oluwafiropo Tibetan aka Colonel Roy. For instance the two largest tents on the CMS School Playing Ground, Irokin- Ode-Aye were that of both Colonel Roy and Prophet Marcus. For instance on Prophet Marcus’s tent, the inscription “Oluso” which signifies his position as a shepherd was put on the tent. (Oluso means Shepherd) while Colonel Ropo’s tent has “Colonel Roy” inscribed on it. Each of them equally had their distinguished guests seated comfortably. While Colonel Roy’s guests are majorly of Military intelligentsias who don’t fraternize with the press, Prophet Marcus’s guests are of the Lagos social circle, business people, academia and clergy. The two musicians who played equally played for both Colonel Roy and Prophet Marcus as there was no discrimination and no attempt by one to torpedo the other in form of brandishing of ego. For instance, proper military escort was given to Prophet Marcus by his brother Colonel Roy and you wouldn’t know whose guests is who as their guests were served by same food vendor. Colonel Roy took his dance with his own crowd of invited guests immediately after his brother, Prophet Marcus danced and each of them equally went to spray each other not minding who is bigger or smaller. This attitude according to Elder Larry Ogunmusere, an uncle to Prophet Marcus and Captain Roy is one of the legacies Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan enshrined in her children before she departed the world in September 6th, 2015. 
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A young couple at the event
A Young Ikale Youth showcasing Late Mama Tibetan's T-Shirt
Another fleet of cars at the event
Dr. MKO Tibetan with Scion of Oyin Adejobi dynasty, Bola Oyin Adejobi aka Mr. Gaskiya

Dublin based big Girl, Elizabeth Pope (R) with a Cousin
Dust-to-Dust by Mama's Kids led by first born, Prophet MKO Tibetan
Guests having fun time at Mama's Reception
Lieutenant Colonel Firopo Tibetan with some of his top friends at the event
Mama's Age-Grade in Ode-Aye who came to salute a leader among women
Mama's two surviving daughters, Tomike & Anuoluwapo (R) with a Guest (R)
Members of Ode-Aye Market Association at the Reception
Ode-Aye Women Association in a Pose with Prophet MKO Tibetan
People's Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan in the midst of his admirers
Princess Bisola Tibetan (Nee Adefarati)
Princess Bisola wife of Colonel Roy
Princess Toyin Kolade and others in a pose with Prophet MKO Tibetan and wife, Lady Abosede Tibetan
Prophet Marcus in a jolly mood at Mum's Reception party
Prophet Marcus with some of his Guests
Prophet MKO Tibetan take a pose with late Mum's age group in Ode-Aye
Prophet MKO Tibetan with Guests from Lagos
Prophet MKO Tibetan with the Fadeyi twins and other guests
Prophet MKO Tibetan with top Officials of Ondo State Government
Prophet MKO Tibetan with wife, Lady Christina Abosede Tibetan step on stage at the party
Some Guests at Mama's Reception
Some Top Military Brass in Mufti for Colonel Roy
The Chief Entertainer, Emperor Band from Lagos

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