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The Unpublished story of how Prophet Tibetan Buried Mum in Ode-Aye | …Bits by bits by Asabeafrika

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The Prophet MKO Tibetan, wife, Bosede & Daughter, Temitope Tibetan

Up till this moment, and right from Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos down to Ode-Aye in Okiti-Pupa Local Government Area of Ondo State in South West Nigeria, the talk of how Republic of Ireland based Renowned Prophet and Man of God, Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan buried his 80 years old mother, Late Mother Celestial Funmilayo Maria Tibetan last November is still a talk of town. The man famously called The Nostradamus of our time dragged personalities from all walks of life to Ode-Aye town in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo state where the funeral took place between Thursday November 26th and Friday November 27th. Your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity encounter blog Asabefrika brings you all the snippets you have been dying to read about the one-in-town event which was one of the big events that dotted the last moments of year 2015. Enjoy the full and unpublished snippets from Ode Aye.

BMC prepares Mama's body for Church
How Mama Died
The late mother of the renowned Celestial Church of Christ Prophet, Dr. Marcus Tibetan died in such a way that made many observers both in Lagos and Ode-Aye feel that Mama played a fast one on her first son and his siblings. Prophet Marcus who shared lots of emotion with his mum during her life time had rushed into Nigeria in the Month of August, 2015 when he learnt of his mum’s illness. Those who know the 55 years old Prophets’ schedule know that every end of the year, he returns home to Nigeria to do just two things. One is the anniversary of his Nigeria’s cathedral which often falls into the second week of November every year. Secondly, to launch his yearly prediction book which always falls on the Second or last week of December, and after that the Prophet is back to his base in Dublin (Republic of Ireland)  where his four lovely children are schooling. But 2015’s case was different as Mama’s illness made Prophet Marcus to rush back home unexpected.   
Man of the People Prophet Marcus being serenaded by a crowd of admirers @ the Wake Keep Service for mum
Mama’s dramatic death on Son’s 6th anniversary
For three weeks the Prophet did everything possible to ensure that Mama regains her full health and it was getting to the first week of September when the adult harvest and thanksgiving anniversary service of his Republic of Ireland’s CCC, Elisha Parish was due. Knowing the kind of passion her son has for her, Mama whose second son is an Army Colonel in the Nigeria Army Medical Corps, Kano advised the Prophet to go back to Dublin and observe his Parish’s harvest that she was sound and okay. Dr. Tibetan allegedly left, reluctantly. He left two days to his Sunday 6th September, 2015 6th Adult Harvest Service in Dublin. It was while observing the harvest that the 80 years old Mother Celestial F.M. Tibetan passed away in the early hours of that Sunday September 6th. She died at Yaba Military Hospital where her second son, Colonel Firopo Tibetan of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps, Kano rushed her to. But even though the news reached Dublin few minutes after Mama’s demise, members of Prophet Marcus’ Dublin Parish kept the news away from him in order not to break him down. He got to know about his mother’s demise the second day, Monday 7th of September after taking his breakfast at his Station Street, Balbrigan County home in Dublin. The Prophet was said to have gone emotionally shattered as God kept Mama’s death away from him as he was alleged to be the one that had always pleaded for her long stay on earth due to his love for his mother and he was the one that has kept her on a long medical scheduled in Lagos since she fell sick while leaving in Ode-Aye years back.
Mama's Eldest and Most Successful Children, Prophet Marcus & Colonel Ropo @ Church
Secrets you don’t know about Prophet MKO Tibetan’s mother
The Late Mother Celestial Oluwafunmilayo Maria Tibetan hails from a family that is today responsible for the birth of Christianity in her Ikale Area of Ondo state-South West Nigeria. Mama hails from Igodan-Lisa in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ikale land in Ondo State. She was born on August 26th 1953 and passed away on September 6th, 2015 at the ripe age of 80. She never knew her mother as her mother died when she was at a tender age of 3. Local history has it that her mother died while trying to give birth to her 3rd Child. Mama was her first issue. Her father who is famously known as Balogun Lajuwomi of Igodan-Lisa was the first Ikale man who brought Joseph Ayo Babalola, the Founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) to Ikale land in the mid 1940s; he was equally reputed to be the one who taught the late CAC leader how to eat Pupuru (Cassava flour) which is the most flavored meal of the Ikale people of Ondo state.
Mama was an embodiment of 3 ecclesiastical bodies under the 10 Commandment of God as she cuts across Christ Apostolic Church through her father, Gospel Faith Mission, through her In-law (Late Reverend R.A. George) and Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) through her son (Prophet Marcus). Apart from the fact that her family was responsible for the birth of Christianity, through CAC, in Ikale land, the founder of the Gospel Faith Mission International, Pastor R.A. George was Mama’s in-law. He was married to Mama’s younger sister and he founded the church in Ibadan in 1960. Mama was a top founding member in the Women’s League of GOFAMINT. She later took the church back to Ode-Aye where she played a prominent role in making the church find its feet in Ode-Aye  and neighboring communities and she was equally made “Iya-Ijo” (Mother of The Church) before her son got his divine call to be a Celestial Church Shepherd twenty years ago.
Colonel Firopo Tibetan says 'Mum was my Prayer Warrior'
At the age of 25, Mama got married to her fiancé now husband, Pa Festus Okenola Tibetan, popularly known as Okemudodo, now 95 years old.
Mama was a virtuous woman in her lifetime. She never indulged in gossip or any form of backbiting. She had her own challenges in this world but she died a fulfilled Christian. Mama had 13 children but only 4 survived her; her first son, Prophet (Dr.) Marcus MKO Tibetan aka Nostradamus, Lieutenant Colonel Olufiropo Tibetan of the Nigeria Army, Tomike and Anuoluwapo.
Mama was a hardworking woman who engaged in both farming and petty trading (Proverb 31)
She was a mother to all the children around her house as she loved to dole out her food to them whenever they complained of hunger. In fact at a time, her generosity nearly ran her food business enterprise down as Mama could not take her eyes off hungry and famished friends of her kids who always pay homage to her abode as Mama would always serve them the entire meal free.
Besides her children, Late Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan is survived by her sister Mrs. Eunice Olo Poroye and her husband Pa Festus Okenola Tibetan (95) a retired Engineer with African Timber and Plywood-Sapele, Delta State—South of Nigeria. He worked as a Heavy Duty Mechanical Engineer in the company for over four decades. He is married to two wives and blessed with 25 kids. Mama was his elderly wife and was equally the one who married his second wife for him.
Mama's Body leaving for Church
Prophet Marcus Tibetan
How 2 Churches handled Mama’s Wake Keep Service
The late Mama, Mother Celestial Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan must have made her heavenly hosts green with envy as two separate earthly ecclesiastical organizations among the three that breed her faith (CAC, GOFAMINT & CCC) were responsible for her Wake Keep Service after she left this earth. This blog gathered that even though her first son Prophet Marcus Tibetan is a leader in the Celestial Church of Christ fold, he was raised in his early years at Gospel Faith Mission, Ode-Aye and due to his respect for the leadership of the Church, the Prophet permitted Gospel Faith Mission International, Beautiful Gate Assembly, Ode-Aye to handle all Mama’s homely activities as that was Mama’s traditional church from time immemorial. The First Wake Keep Service which held in Lagos on Friday November 20th took place at CCC, Elisha Parish, Lagos Cathedral by 1-8, Celestial Way, off Zawiyyat Street by Ajegunle off Lagos Abeokuta Express Road and was conducted by a delegation from the Celestial Church of Christ, Nigerian Diocese and led by Reverend M.O. Akinsoji while other activities from Thursday November 26th to Friday 27th was handled by the GOFAMINT Church family in Ode-Aye.
Elder Larry Ogunmusere with a guest
Why Mama’s Casket was imported from California
Not many knew that Mama’s Casket made of finest Maple Woods with attached golden ornaments was imported from California in the United States of America. This was allegedly at the behest of her first son, Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan who insisted that his mum must be buried in the finest casket due to the role she played in his life.  The Prophet is said to be in love with caskets made in the city of California. One funeral Company that handled the importation of the casket and final ceremony of Mama’s funeral is the Charles Bolaji Mendes owned BMC Funerals on Odunlami Street, Lagos; the same funeral company that buried famous Orin-Ekiti born educationist and father of society lady, Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon, Chief Bosede Ajayi in August 2015. Findings by this blog revealed that Mr. Mendes who has since taken a lead on Odunlami street, Lagos after the sudden demise of late Tunji Okusanya of MIC Casket who died in the October 3, 2013 plane crash that killed the casket of former Governor of Ondo state, Segun Agagu and several other Nigerians in Lagos while on a journey to Ondo State for a state burial  holds the Prophet in very high esteem over some great but unmentionable acts he has benefitted from Prophet Marcus in times past and due to this, he decided to give the Prophet and his entire family a 30% rebate on funeral charges. The all-white Maple Wood casket had Mama buried in an all-white robe with a white colored Bible which was her best literature during her life time.
The Sermoner giving his Sermon for the day
Mama’s body in a blaze of glory entry to Ode-Aye
On Wednesday November 25th Prophet Marcus Tibetan led his mother’s casket in a convoy of about 7 cars from Yaba Military Hospital mortuary, Lagos to Ode-Aye in Okitipupa LGA of Ondo State. The 4 hours journey through Ore was filled with fun and side attraction as the Man of God led his Mum famously called “Mama Aye” in her lifetime in company of friends and well-wishers into his family home inside Ladawo Quarters in Ode-Aye while hundreds of market women and elders of the community welcomed Mama’s hearse which slowed down at Ode-Aye new garage on entering the town and snaked into Ladawo Quarters amidst 21 gun salute from the hunter association of the historic town in honor of a heroin of Christ’s gospel in Ode-Aye. On hand to welcome her into town were children, women, young people and elders who chanted “Oluso” (Meaning Shepherd) at the sight of Prophet MKO Tibetan and his siblings.
Colonel Oluwafiropo Tibetan aka Colonel Roy
The fear of Col. Roy
Mama’s second son and younger brother to Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan, Lieutenant Colonel Oluwafiropo Tibetan aka Colonel Roy is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Nigerian Army (Medicals); this Ph-D holder Army Medical Practitioner stole the show at Ode Aye as he stormed town with battalion of soldiers who were stationed at various junctions of the town to protect lives and properties and ensure things went as planned.  There was absolutely no need for Police intervention as gun totting military men held strategic positions in town and took over the entire surroundings of Ladawo Quarters, Ode-Aye to ensure the event went well. Colonel Roy as fondly called is married to Princess Bisola Firopo (Nee Adefarati) first daughter of Dr. Francis Adefarati, the immediate younger brother to late Ondo State Civilian Governor, Adebayo Adefarati who ruled between 1999 and 2003.
Prophet (Dr.) Marcus giving his Vote of Thanks
 GOFAMINT Pastors conducted Mama’s Wake Keep  
Thursday November 26th was a very hectic day for Prophet Marcus and his brother, Colonel Roy as they received several guests from all walks of life who stormed Ode-Aye to honor mama. By 5pm, Mama’s body was laid in the center of the famous Tibetan Family House, Okerisa Street, Ode-Aye as a conglomerate of top GOFAMINT Pastors conducted the Wake Keep Service amidst guests and the public. The event which started with the arrival of Mama’s body led by Prophet Marcus who sat in the 18th Century all white affairs Benz wagon belonging to BMC Funeral in company of other friends and well-wishers lasted for six hours as both Christians faithful of GOFAMINT Church denomination and a crowd of sympathizers throng out to celebrate the life of Mama.
Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan pays last respect to Mum in the glare of the public
Ogun state Billionaire Asiwaju Awosedo storm Ode-Aye for the Tibetans
 Ogun state-South West Nigerian born property merchant cum politician, Asiwaju Emmanuel Olajide Awosedo, the Otun Asiwaju Onigbagbo of Ijebu-land, the Asiwaju Onigbagbo of Okun-Owa, the Aremo of Olowu-Iji of Odolowu Okun-Owa, Jagunmolu 1 of Ibido Sagamu, Otunba Fesogboye of Ibiade Waterside, Otunba Adegbeye of Efire, Otunba Asoludero of Eyinwa, Ijebu, Otunba Obateru of Iwopin, Otunba Bobajolu of Odogbolu and Otunba Fibigboye of Okun-Owa surprised many as he dropped his busy schedule in Ogun state to honor the Tibetans in Ode-Aye for the entire two days. The very dynamic real estate merchant who is alleged to have helped several politicians to achieve their dreams in Ogun State Politics stormed Ode-Aye in the early hours of Thursday November 26th and didn’t leave until the afternoon of Friday November 27th. His convoy of cars and security details took strategic position at the Wake-Keep Service as he was seen supporting Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan and family to mourn the earthly exit of Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan. A close family source who pleaded anonymity confided in this blog that in her lifetime, Asiwaju Awosedo treated Mama Tibetan as his own mother as anytime he visits her son’s yearly prophetic book launch activity in Lagos, he normally visit Mama’s place and ensures he gives her some motherly offerings. Her death is said to have really pained him as he loved her spirit and sense of motherhood. He was one of the Chief Mourners at the event.
Guests at the Church
The Tibetans & The Ogunmuseres
What GOFAMINT Pastors said about Mama
The time for eulogy came when the Wake Keep and Service of Songs for Mama Kick started on Thursday November 26th with the Presence of over 15 Pastors of Gospel Faith Mission International from various districts in Okitipupa LGA. The service of songs which witnessed the singing of GOFAMINT Hymnal songs and four Bible readings and a sermon was led by Pastor F.A. Adenikinju of GOFAMINT, Beautiful Gate Parish-Ode Aye. The Lessons were taken from books of Ecclesiastes 12 from verse 1-7, Psalm 90 from 1-12, John 14 verse 1-6, I Thessalonians 4 verse 13-18 and other relevant Bible passages. Giving a brief of Mama’s life history, Pastor Adenikinju described Mama as a Proverb 31 brand of woman and went into the history of how Mama was very instrumental to the birth of GOFAMINT church in Ode-Aye and how she equally became a Celestial Church member in her later days. The Pastor said GOFAMINT came to Ondo State and was first established at Agbaje town before it came down to Ode-Aye in 1970 courtesy Mama whose junior sister was married to the founder of the church Pastor R.A. George. Pastor Adenikinju said Mama was later baptized in 1996 and afterwards she became so devoted and was a regular comer for the early morning services of the church and for years, she contributed to the development of the church in so many ways. The man of God regretted that at a time, Mama’s husband fell sick and was taken to Lagos by her first son and regained his health. She later fell sick as well and was taken to Lagos to join her husband. Pastor Adenikinju thanked Mama’s first son, Prophet Marcus Tibetan for standing up to take care of Mama and making sure she lived well for several years before she finally passed away. He urged the entire congregation to pray for Prophet Marcus and his siblings as the Prophet proved to be a good ambassador of Christ Jesus. The Man of God said further that despite Prophet Marcus being a Celestial Church member, he displayed a high sense of maturity by allowing GOFAMINT carry out his mother’s final funeral rites.
Prophet Dr. Marcus Tibetan appreciating the Choir of GOFAMINT @ Mama's Wake Keeping Service
Pastor Abraham Olaeso too
Another Man of God who spoke and gave a sermon titled “What is your Life?” at the event was Pastor Abraham Olaeso an Assembly Pastor of GOFAMINT, Beautiful Gate Assembly-Ode Aye. While delivering his sermon, Pastor Olaeso who took excerpts from James 4 verse 13- 15 called the attention of many to the brand of life Mama Tibetan lived, saying “In her lifetime she was always laughing and she eventually died a happy woman”. The Pastor charged Christians in the gathering to be like Mama Tibetan who died a happy woman living behind distinguished children and grand children and a reputable husband. He said “Our life is like a vapor, it will disappear at a time but what will be remembered is our good works and the legacy left behind. Today, Mama’s legacy stares us in the face with her great children, grand children and everyone that came to Ode-Aye because of her”.
Elder @ Lady Larry Ogunmusere
CCC & GOFAMINT Choirs give harmony performance
One of the high moments of the event was when the Gospel Faith Mission, Beautiful Gate Assembly choir and the Choir of CCC, Elisha Parish performed in quick succession. The choirs of the two churches were bound in love and unison as they both shared same podium to honor the memory of the late Mother Celestial Oluwafunmilayo Maria Tibetan mother of Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan and Lieutenant Colonel Firopo Tibetan. Brother Chukwuma David of CCC, Elisha Parish, led the CCC Choristers from Lagos.
Crowd of Mourners @ Mama's Wake Keeping Service
How London Big Boy, Dr. Jay played a big role
One man whose presence was highly felt at Mama Tibetan’s funeral in Ode Aye is London based Doctor of Homeopathy Dr. Johnson Abiodun Olukotun  aka Bumps Doctor. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumps Center International (BCI), London. Dr. Olukotun who has been a long time friend and associate of Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan was everywhere making sure things went the way it ought to go during the Thursday 26th Wake Keep Service and the next day, Friday 27th. A very agile and jovial man in his early 50s, Doctor Olukotun who got his miracle after 20 years of scientific birth suspension in August 2015 courtesy the Prophet’s spiritual intercession with the birth of his 2nd child Arinola Elizabeth was seeing linking up with young people at the venue to ensure lights, sitting arrangement and all the entire event worked fine. The Ilesa-Osun state born ex-Naval officer turned Footballer turned homeopathy expert had taken an entire one month holiday from his UK base to be with the Tibetans in Lagos and Ondo state. He attended Dr. Tibetan’s CCC, Elisha Parish-Nigerian cathedral’s 20th anniversary in Lagos on Sunday November 15, 2015. He was one of the Event managers and the Tibetan family was very grateful to him. Dr. Olukotun’s Bumps International which treats skin diseases like rash, bumps and kelloid  is situated on 23-25 Arklow Road (Astra House) Depford, London.
Colonel Roy appreciating GOFAMINT Choir @ Mama's Wake Keep
Oyin Adejobi’s son releases elpee for Mama Tibetan
Another young Nigerian who showed love to late Mama Olufunmilayo Maria Tibetan at Ode-Aye is the scion of the late playwright and dramatist, Dr. Oyin Adejobi’s dynasty, Bola. Bola Oyin-Adejobi famously known as Gaskiya in the Nigerian entertainment circle recorded an elpee for late Mama Tibetan where he eulogized her good works in both the development of the Church in Ode-Aye, celebrating her support for society and family values. He also recorded the Oriki of the deceased in the one hour, fifteen minutes album which treated the history of the Tibetans in Ode-Aye and how they brought the church to Ode-Aye. The elpee which was shared free was well received by over a thousand people at the funeral.
Colonel Firopo Tibetan with Wife, Princess Bisola (Nee Adefarati)
Colonel Oluwafiropo Tibetan with his Pretty Wife, Princess Bisola Tibetan (Nee Adefarati)
‘I will Miss Mama’s 365 days Prayers for me’- Colonel Roy
One man who nearly broke down but refused to break down due to his military training is mama’s second son, Lieutenant Colonel Firopo Tibetan aka Colonel Roy.  The Army Colonel was given the opportunity to speak about his mum by the organizers of the Thursday, November 26th Christian Wake Keep Service. The Colonel who had attended the event with his fair complexioned wife, Bisola (Nee Adefarati) said his mum was his greatest spiritual asset in her life time “She was a loving mum, my mother didn’t care about our money or position but what mattered most to her was the love we shared among ourselves. While alive, she cared about our presence”. The Army Colonel spoke of his mum and lamented further “I will miss my mum for many things; what really pains me most is her every morning prayer for me. At 6am every morning before I set out, her call will come on my phone and she will pray and pray for me. She did this for 365 days of the year without stopping. I don’t personally pray much but I rely on her prayers. Once she offers her prayers, I go out with confidence and I will say ‘Mum, I am going’ and my mum will say “Ropo, eiye o kin fo, ko foju sogi”. I am an Army Colonel and I can tell you since I joined the Army, I have relied on my mother’s prayers and it has always worked for me. Now, I will need to start praying by myself because my prayer warrior is gone”. On how he received the news of his mum’s death, Colonel Roy said “When I was told about her critical condition, I told my wife, I said I might not meet my mother alive and that is exactly what happened. When I got to the hospital, my aides said ‘Oga, your mother died ten minutes ago’. When I saw my mother on her bed, it was as if she was sleeping. I kissed her and touched her. But yesterday when I went to take her body at the morgue before coming here, I asked them to open her for me, my mum was still looking beautiful and she was just “laughing”. I can tell you that my mum is laughing upstairs”. On how Mama brought love among her kids Colonel Roy stated before the evening congregants “Before she passed away, she solicited for love among her children and today I can say my brother (Prophet Marcus) is not only a brother to me but a father. Yes, sometimes we disagree but I quickly talk to myself and I will say ‘No, you can’t do this to your brother’. He might not be able to call me everyday like my mum but I believe prayers go a long way”.
Brother Chukuma David led the CCC, Elisha Voice to Mama's Wake Keep @ Ode-Aye
Mother Celestial Tibetan shed tears for Mama
If there is one woman who lost her composure and allowed emotion to take a better part of her, she is no other person than Dublin based wife and mother of Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan’s children, Mother Celestial Christine Bosede Tibetan. This fair complexioned lady who stormed Nigeria with her first daughter, Temitope Tibetan aka Elizabeth Pope let her tears gland loose as she shed emotional tears for her late mother-in-law at the Wake Keep Service. At the event, Madam became the Chief Mourner and it was a genuine action of love as she was equally close to Mama in her life time.
(Read the Part 2 of the Prophet Marcus Tibetan Mother’s Funeral tomorrow on this blog)

Elder Larry Ogunmusere eulogizing late Mama Maria Oluwafunmilayo Tibetan's virtues at the Wake Keeping Service
Guests at the Church Service for Mama's funeral

Late Mama FM Tibetan on her way to Church for final rite
Leaders of Celestial Church of Christ @ Mama's Wake Keep @ Ode-Aye
London Big Boy Dr. Johnson Olukotun reacts to an Oriki on him by a local entertainer

Lovely Guests @ Church Service

Mama's body arrives Church courtesy BMC
Mummy & Daddy...Prophet MKO and Lady Christina Tibetan in tete-a-tete

PA to Dr. MKO Tibetan, Honorable Olaoye Fasanya (M) with Guests at Church

Prophet & Mother Celestial Marcus and Christina Abosede Tibetan @ Mama's Wake Keep Service
Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan in last respect to Mum in her final resting place
Prophet Marcus & Colonel Ropo
Prophet Marcus & Wife Bosede with Colonel Ropo & wife, Bisola
Prophet Marcus Tibetan with his Pretty Wife, Lady Christina Abosede Tibetan
Prophet Marcus Tibetan with wife, Lady Christina Abosede Tibetan @ Daughter, Tope Tibetan aka Elizabeth Pope
Prophet MKO Tibetan and his in-law, Mrs. Bisola Tibetan (Nee Adefarati)
Prophet MKO Tibetan with an aide in company of an FRSC traffic official at Mum's Wake Keeping Service
Prophet MKO Tibetan with Ogun Billionaire Real Estate mogul Asiwaju Olajide Awosedo (L) with a guest
Prophet Tibetan sees mum for the last time
Some Elders of the Tibetan family @the Wake Keeping Service
Some Lovely Guests at the Church Service
The Celestial Leaders from Lagos
The Fadeyi Twins; Taiwo Adekanbi & Kehinde Oladapo
The Otun Asiwaju Onigbagbo of Ijebu land, Asiwaju Emmanuel Olajide Awosedo with Prophet MKO Tibetan
The Otunba Fibigboye of Okun-Owa, Asiwaju Emmanuel Olajide Awosedo @ Mama's Wake Keep

The Prophet leads him mum to church in a motorcade

The Tibetan siblings taking offerings for the Service

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