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Where is Morality and Education in Chief Ohuabunwa

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Chief Mao Ohuabunwa

With profound respect to my close friends from Arochukwu L.G.A, who are currently keen supporters and contributors of Mao Ohuabunwa’s Senatorial bid, Yes!  we know and respect the Ohuabunwas, but it was most unbelievably disappointing that a man we all used to hold at high esteem perhaps because of his family background, could behave in a way that has formulated some divergent and adverse opinions about that name OHUABUNWA, among the intellectual and integrity class not only in Abia North also in Abia State, Nigeria and indeed the whole wide world given the manner and pace at which news disseminate round the world at this digital age.

Indeed it was most unexpected that the person of Chief Mao Ohuabunwa could descend so low to behave in such a deviant, demeaning and dissenting way engaging in a malicious, iniquitous and falsehood public frontal, verbal attack with fairytales fabricated by him against a distinguished personality like Dr. Orji UzorKalu who in spite of his unequal- weight has never oppressed anybody politically, this shows that Dr. Kalu’s political ideology is entrenched in a truly modernized democracy and civility.
Where is Mao’s education if he is still in a state of nature where life is nasty, brutish, poor, solitary and short like Thomas Hobbes said in the Leviathan, we expected some levels of civility from Mao, if not for any other thing an educated personality ought to have known what the use of words especially on the negative can cost, like Oliver Wendel Holmes, a renowned justice of the supreme court in America once said “…. Words are the Devil.” and according to Lord Denning the British Master of the Rolls (1982) “The reason why words are so important is because words are the vehicle of thought…. Obscurity in thought inexplicably leads to obscurity in language” and we all know that people are products of their thought, could it be said that, this is the level of personality of Ohuabunwa yet he was and still want to continue to be our senator?  With this I ask where is that education in Ohuabunwa?
Ipso facto, the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria provides under section 39(1) every person shall be entitled to hold opinions and to receive and impact ideas and information without interference. This means freedom of expression is a fundamental right of every citizen which is guaranteed and protected by the constitution. Nevertheless there are restrictions and derogations from this right, this right is never absolute. Here in Nigeria the constitution and the law of defamation, including other laws, graphically restrict this right. The law seeks to protect a person’s reputation from unjustified attack either by the written or spoken words of others, like the type from Chief Ohuabunwa. Section 375 of the criminal code which is applicable within the concerned jurisdiction criminalizes defamation hence it is a criminal offence to commit same.
Let me also with utmost regard remind Chief Mao that the 2010 electoral act as amended provides under section 95(1) a political campaign or slogan shall not be tainted with abusive language directly or indirectly likely to injure religious, ethnic, tribal or sectional feelings also (2) Abusive, intemperate, slanderous or base language or insinuations or innuendoes designed or likely to provoke violent reactions shall not be employed or used in political campaigns. The law is apposite on this under section 95(7) any person who contravenes any of the provisions of this section commits an offence and is liable on conviction-(a) in the case of an individual to a maximum fine of N1, 000,000.00 or imprisonment for the term of 12 months, I know he has team of sound learned counsels who may advise him further.
Now what if Dr. Kalu decides to seek redress in the court of competent jurisdiction over the above legal issues already formulated which off course the law is unambiguous over them. I ask again where is that education in Ohuabunwa?
Where is morality? I read among the statements credited to Mao talking about the wealth of Chief T.A.Orji, we are all aware that T.A.Orji was a humble civil servant and in the Nigerian context we all can without blinking our eyes sum up his life earnings from the date on his appointment letter as an employee of the government till the date he became the governor of Abia State under PPA which Dr. Kalu single handedly sponsored, Mao may not know this in details because as at then he did not know T.A.Orji in person and did not even want to hear his name as he was very busy working for Chief Onyema  Ugochukwu of PDP to become the governor against T.A.Orji of the PPA.
Now the issues for determination here are (1) how T.A.Orji suddenly became rich to the extent of being richer than the person that sponsored his governorship campaign till the last grain of rice that was eaten during that campaign? (2) What were the assets and liabilities of Chief T.A.Orji at the eve of his swearing in and what were his assets and liabilities when he finished his tenure as a governor? (3) Are all these sincerely in the public domain as provided by our laws?
We are all aware how humbly, Chief T.A. Orji served Dr. Kalu, he could not have been richer than Dr. Kalu all those years. The questions are how come he is suddenly rating among the richest past governors in Nigeria as Ohuabunwa informed Abians?Where did T.A.Orji get that type of money from? Abians need to know this for the sake of records, with due respect,I call on Chief Mao to furnish us with this information.
Many Abians have been alleging that the tenure of Chief Orji was a money looting spree in Abia and sequel to that he has become very rich and I had always maintained that the gentleman T.A.Orji was a civil servant and does not have that whooping money, now that his close ally and confidant has impliedly concurred and substantiated the allegation from his statements, am inclined to aligning myself with the other side of the argument? Could it be said that there was truly lootings, diversions and conversions of Abia state funds under Chief Orji? And the government did not pay salaries? God forbid!  Public monies meant for human and infrastructural developments, should this turn out to be the true situation, then that is tantamount to criminality embedded in impunity, one may now ask, why should Chief Mao boast over such an ungodly behavior? Where is morality in him? Now that our eyes are open through Mao Ohuabunwa’s statements. This is a very serious issue which Abians must challenge through the relevant authorities. And if eventually there were lootings, diversions and conversions, could it be said that Chief Mao either by any act of omission or commission was part of the system? God forbid! Where is morality? But if not, how come he was so sure in his utterances about the wealth of T.A.Orji?  Like our people assert proverbially, that only the person who goes to the lavatory at night knows the unsleeping Houseflies.
Chief Ohuabunwa should better desist from campaign of calumny and grievous bitterness, the civilized world has gone beyond this stage and by our tradition and religion, it is immoral to do so. It is immoral to employ the Machiavellian ideology just to be a senator less we destroy ourselves.
Let wise counsel prevail.
Noble Agbaeze – Abuja

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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