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How a former Head of State buried 500 human heads inside Aso-Rock Villa—Egbeji of Nigeria, HRH Bola Adegunloye | Says “Tinubu might not see 2019 except…”

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HRH Oba (Dr.) Augustine Bola Adegunloye, The Egbeji Oogun of Nigeria
In this second edition of the Exclusive interview with High Chief Augustine Bola Adegunloye (The Egbeji of Nigeria) inside his Ishoru, Ejigbo, Lagos-South West Nigeria Palace last Wednesday 24th of February, 2016, you will find more exciting revelations on the Nigerian polity and politicians and how the use and dump strategy of our high and mighty will always cost them great luck and favor in the long run.
Egbeji of Nigeria is the founder of St. Augustine Healing Home with  numerous  awards and titles given to him among which are; Commander of African Medicine (CAM) which he received in 1990, Supreme Commander of African Medicine (SCAM) which he received in 1991 among other medical and humanitarian titles he received home and abroad.

The gifted seer and veteran traditional medical expert who spent 7 years inside his mother’s womb before birth revealed more about his relationship with Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, former IGP, MD Abubakar and many other Nigerians. He equally revealed why Nigeria’s seat of power, Aso Rock needs an urgent and total spiritual cleansing from the spirit of death.
However, every opinion celebrated on this blog is strictly the opinion of HRH Augustine Bola Adegunloye as shown to him by God Almighty and not the views of Asabeafrika. You can reach The Egbeji via 070-26-8822-75, 080-3352-1102 or via his website Enjoy the excerpts.   

The Egbeji, his PR consultant, Isaac Ekanem (L), Son (2nd R) and Mr. Clement Ebota of Asabeafrika

Sir, why don’t you publish your predictions like some other Nigerian prophets?
I don’t like to be giving out my predictions again because when I go and type it they will take it and give it to other people and they will go and sell it to all these fake pastors. They will give it to Pastors, Pastors of mushrooms. Because they believe they have gone to the University and they are able to cram the entire Bible and they will be shouting “Amen, Amen!” Go around Ejigbo and you will see a lot of churches, what are they doing with religion? They are busy fighting each other. They are burying cows and all sorts of things in their church to draw crowd, it is not the best. I can boast that ‘oh, I am Egbeji of Nigeria, I am good’ but you have to come closer to me and watch me so that you can ascertain the kind of person I am. I cannot be boasting of my abilities without giving you the opportunity to know me better. There are lots of fake pastors in Nigeria but this year will be their end. They will suffer, no be too much, they will die. They will die oo, I only respect (Pastor) Adeboye.
Pastor Adeboye
How Pastor Adeboye duped Jonathan with fake prayer…
Why sir? 
Because he is a very simple person, our person from Ondo is the founder of the church before he took over.
You mean late Pa Akindayomi?
Yes, from there, the man has been so upright. When (Goodluck) Jonathan was pressing him that he should pray for him, he should pray for him. He said ‘Ah’ he prayed for him (Jonathan) with left hand because he is not happy and because Adeboye does not want to be counted with the multitude of fake pastors hovering around Jonathan. The same Jonathan went to the Obas and the Obas were using the tail of their staff to pray for him, they were pointing the tail of their staff at him, which is a curse. But they took money from him because they need money. Na our national cake, I don’t want to do that at all because if I do that, Nigeria Association of Medical Herbalist which I am their Egbeji (Leader) will feel betrayed. I don’t want to betray them.  I don’t want them to lose their integrity in the face of a corrupt system.
So, you mean Pastor Adeboye gave Goodluck Jonathan a fake prayer?
Yes, he did because he does not want to be grouped with all those (fraudulent) Pastors. If you watch the man closely, you will discover that he is a straight forward person who does not want to be grouped with fraudulent pastors. When I went on my trip to Canada, I met several people. I don’t normally go to church but I visited a church because of my grand daughter who went for her child dedication. So, I had to be there. The pastor of that church is a Benin man (Edo State), you need to hear his sermon. I was very happy for his entire sermon, and he did something quite interesting. He came down from the altar and said to me “Daddy, you are blessed”, because I was dressed just like this in my full regalia and they received me the way I came but if it was here in Nigeria, they will not allow you in; they will stop you right from their entrance; the ushers will disallow you but this man accepted me. I also visited Niagra Water Falls at the boundary between Canada and America, if people can be opportune to visit the place, it would be nice. There is water falling from a very far stair down there and all races from the entire world come there to watch and offer prayers. So, I pray there and I saw lot of things with Nigeria. You see, people are very angry with Buhari.
President Buhari
Why Nigerians are angry with President Buhari…
How do you mean, sir? 
They are very angry with him because they are hungry. They are hungry and sad. Those people that helped him to be there are really hungry, it is not his fault but what he could have done is that all those stolen monies he recovered from people he could have used it to create job for all these youths. Again, he should be pragmatic with judgment.  All the people he is taking money from, he should take them to prison not to just take money and keep them waiting. He should take them to prison even if it is six months or one year. That is the most important thing because all these things they are taking money from them without prosecution is baseless. People love him and he must not bungle the goodwill. I personally told Prince Olusi that this man is ordained from God.

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'I told former Inspector General of Police, MD Abubakar what i saw before him but he took me granted until he lost his wife, mum & job'

You mean Mr. President?
That is Buhari. God loves him and they have told him before. So, I worked for him, I worked for him with my entire spirituality. So, when he was sworn in as President they came to give me some mere money. Promising me this and that, that they will do this and they will do that. I said ‘ok, I wont worry’ because I can’t say I am so smart than those who are making the promise. So, I left them. This man (Pointed to his Eldest Son) has been with APC for long time, Aregbesola directed him to Alimosho. I know how much I spent there yet they didn’t give him anything. One of my daughters, they asked her to work with them yet they didn’t give the lady anything. I don’t know why they should do that to me, they didn’t help me o and I am not a bad person, if I were to be so (Laughs Sarcastically) within a day, it will not be sweet for them but I don’t do that. So, I am using this opportunity to tell the Buhari Government and Tinubu that there is a need for me to meet them. There is something I need to say to them face-to-face if I see them because those people who are loyal to Tinubu don’t like him. They envy him; in fact they want to kill him.
Bola Tinubu
Tinubu might not witness 2019…
Are you sure?
Yes! I personally did one (Spiritual) work for him when I travelled to Canada because they want to kill him.
Do you mean Spiritual attack?
Yes, spiritual battle, which people don’t know. They want to remove him but I am afraid people don’t know. But, let me tell you that he is a very nice man, a godly person and a man of the people. He is just a replica of Obafemi Awolowo. He is a very nice person but I am very sorry for him. I am very sorry; he may not know 2019 election.

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'If Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu must see 2019, he needs urgent spiritual cleansing'

You mean who?
That is Tinubu. Yes, a lot of people working under him are working against him.  Tinubu needs urgent spiritual rites because his loyalists are envying him. They don’t love him, I love him personally because of his outstanding achievement and because he has single handedly achieved the dream of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo because by fostering people together and combing everywhere for peace among tribes, to be under one umbrella is a rare achievement but they are envying him, they don’t like him. He has helped many people to eat, people who supposed not to even have shi-shi but they have money, they have millions now but they are now envying him, so, we should pray for him. Like I told him in my earlier predictions, he went to the government and his wife equally went to the government. He shouldn’t have allowed his wife to go into politics. He could have been ironing that thing alone and his wife will be at the background as the backbone, fighting for him. I won’t talk much about the wife but we should do something for him (Tinubu) so that he will witness 2019 election.
What do you see for Governor Aregbesola in Osun State?
In Osun, Governor Aregbesola should tell his party leaders in APC to tell those who are decamping to the party to desist as they can destroy the party in the future.
Are you still very close to Governor Aregbesola since he became the Governor of Osun State?
Like I said, I knew Aregbe when he was Lagos Commissioner for works, and he was the one who invited me to work for their party, from himself to their Oga, Tinubu. When I say I see this and that, whatever I see, so be it, they will say ‘ok, take this amount’ and I will do what I can do to see that the problem I saw is eradicated. I am the person who said he is going to be back to his seat as Governor, but now he doesn’t listen to me. It is an insult to me for my sacrifice of helping them in 8 years for Tinubu and 8 years for Fashola. They didn’t help me, look at my son, he is a graduate. My first daughter is a graduate but they refused to put her in a good place. By now I supposed to be able to refer people to places for appointments and placements, if you help people to reach their destinations in life, there should be an act of reciprocation. That is what I was  telling you earlier about Isaac Ekanem (Baba’s Publicist) the first time he discovered me and saw the truth, he started talking much about me and I prayed for him, I said ‘my friend, I wont give you common soap to bath.

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'If Aso Rock is not cleaned in time, one more President will still die in Aso Rock Villa'

But fervently, no attack can come to you by your family or anybody because any attack that comes to a person, it is from his own family. Somebody cannot come from outside and begin dey worry you, if this door is not open, somebody can not enter. And I pray for him (Isaac Ekanem) because he respect elders and I am telling other journalists to emulate him. Whatever you do in your life, try to be plain in all what you do. I don’t dupe people because that is the only way you can have peace, if people come to me, what I can do is what I will actually do. 

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Turai Yar Adua had sinister plan with the death of her husband in power'

So, like I said, they should tell APC people to warn Aregbesola so that he could be upright in dealing with people if not he will make APC to lose Osun in the near future because he has done lots of things that is not making them happy. First of all, Aregbe is not paying their teachers there and Aregbe is surrounded with fake pastors, those who praise him when he gives them hundred naira, they will shout ‘Oooh, Baba ooo’. I don’t do that, I tell him what I see for him. I am the first person to eat at Okefia (Government House, Oshogbo). I was pointing to the fish I will like to eat. The Chef (A robust man) made Amala for me and my son. Immediately my son carried the ritual to Alekuwodo, after returning from Alekuwodo he had a serious headache. I said ‘no problem’. After touching his head with my hand, the headache left him. Knowing what Oyinlola (Olagunsoye) did in that place (Government House) we had to do a total cleansing.

“Immediately my son carried the ritual to Alekuwodo, after returning from Alekuwodo he had a serious headache. I said ‘no problem’. After touching his head with my hand, the headache left him. Knowing what Oyinlola (Olagunsoye) did in that place (Government House) we had to do a total cleansing”.

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Mr. President has to placate the people or else their curses will have a repercution on him'

(Cuts in) We even learnt some human heads were even buried in the place which you exhumed?
There are lots of things we found but I won’t say it here because me as a Babalawo, we don’t reveal things we encounter in cases like that but there were lots of things we found out which I cannot even say now. But he knows, I was with him and he gave me my own little respect. When he was winning the case, he said “Hee! Egbeji of Africa” (Showed us the letter Aregbesola wrote to thank him after the spiritual exercise that enabled him win the Osun tribunal) that is the letter he wrote to me for appreciation

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'I was the one who asked Ribadu to leave EFCC or he would have been killed'

I am seeing another letter from late President Yar Adua here, did he equally wrote you?
Yes, Yar Adua’s wife (Turai) wants the husband to die in active service so that she can pack some money away. (Showed us letter of warning to Jonathan, Ogbulafor & Yar Adua) this is my warning letter to Jonathan and there is one I wrote to Ogbulafor there. This is my third letter to Yar Adua and the fourth which I wrote to Saudi Arabia when the wife was shielding him from the public. (Showed us everything)
Can we say Yar Adua’s illness was equally a spiritual attack?
My brother, it was a spiritual attack, you know most of these big men don’t believe in the things we do and they don’t do spiritual cleansing.
You have equally been hammering the need for Spiritual Cleansing of Aso Rock Presidential Villa, why?
Yes, we need to clear Aso Rock of Spiritual death. Aso Rock has 500 human heads buried under the place
Who buried those heads there?
That is Abacha, because Abacha wanted to become life president. So, there is a need for cleansing. That is why I said the place is evil, this man Buhari, it is only God that have saved him so far. He is a man of God; not that he is a very righteous person o, but he is chosen by God to be there because when I saw him I personally wrote to Prince Olusi that I will be helping him, when he won they brought money for me, mere money ooo, and they said they are going to do this and that and they didn’t do anything for me again and they didn’t even ask me for anything again. So, they should clean Aso Rock so that it will not be claiming Presidents  or their wives and it is one of the reasons why every one that goes in there is always missing it; they don’t think straight again once they move in; and today, we have witnessed two presidents dying there. We had Abacha and Yar Adua who died there.  And I can tell you that Aso Rock is still going to take one more president.
Are you sure?
Yes! Another President is going to die. Not that they offended people or something but that is the spirit in Aso Rock and unless something is done people will keep dying.

Baba Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'When Jonathan pestered Adeboye to pray for him at all cost, the man raised his left hand to pray against Jonathan which is a bad sign'

Nigeria Needs a Spiritual Council….
Should they break it down and re-build or what?
Aaaah! Just mere prayer will do it; we could even do something without going there physically. There are lots of things we need to do to cleanse Aso Rock.  Our President should believe and create a Spiritual Council which they have in our western countries, like in London; they have their Spiritual Council which guides them on things to do for nationhood. Queen Elizabeth cannot just wake up one day and start talking about tomorrow. No, no, no; she will consult the Spiritual Council there and after that, she will say something. But in Nigeria, they will just do something wuru-wuru-wuru, it is not the best. Now, look at all those medical cases they are taking to overseas, Oyinbo people will laugh at them and chop their money and they will die. Oyinbo cannot treat anything about witchcraft because the witchcraft has followed them from their family. When I see things I write to people to draw their attention to it. I once wrote to the former IGP, MD Abubakar but he ignored my warnings. Because I was a former Police officer before I came into this profession, I am always passionate about the police when I see things for them. This is the letter I wrote to MD Abubakar when he was the Commissioner of Police, I wrote him as the Commissioner of Police in Lagos, I equally wrote him as the IGP but he ignored all the letters (Showed these blog copies of the letters). He had a (Spiritual) Problem, he lost his wife, he lost his mother and he lost his job. He sent somebody here to verify, I had to show them all my certificates and the person said “Ehen, we think say na 419” he is going to come but he didn’t come o. Our people are full of ignorance.
You mean MD Abubakar too, took you for granted?
Yes, ah, ah, I called him, I wrote letters to him and I know him when he was a commissioner. Even Frank Mba his man at that time knows me; he is now a big man, because like I said, being an ex-police man, espirit-de-corps will not let me see any bad thing coming their way, I will reach out, so I had to reach out to him.

The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Aso Rock Villa is spiritually conterminated'

But why do you think our people don’t believe traditional people like yourself can solve their problem?
Ignorance, like I usually say,  there is a need for a National Traditional Medicine Council and we should also have a National traditional hospital where we will train people from all the tribes of Nigeria, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo and the rest. They have been doing this thing before the birth of orthodox medicine and we have good examples in India, Brazil, South Africa and America. They blend their traditional medicine together with orthodox to do their fine job. Just go to Cotonou (Benin Republic) there, go to their Pharmacy stores and you will see traditional medications side by side orthodox medicine. Those are the people who understand the value of traditional medicine. Look at what they are doing with NAFDAC, NAFDAC is not the best. During her life time I challenged Dora Akunyili of blessed memory that what she is giving to the producers of local content was not a solid guarantee. I equally advised her to fight her battle with drug barons with bits of diplomacy. But she will go to China and frustrate her people but see what happened to her, she died. The way she died is a miraculous way.
Nuhu Ribadu
But a lot of people loved Dora Akunyili for her anti-corruption posture at NAFDAC, so, where did she go wrong?
(Laughs) Yes, what she is doing was right but the Yoruba says “Ta ba ran ni nise eru, aa fi je tomo” when one is sent a message of a servant, you will go there and carry it out with the knowledge of a freeborn.
So, how do you think she should have handled it?
She should have handled it with low feather; she didn’t handle it with low feather, she was too harsh on people. I was the one who instructed Ribadu to leave EFCC at that time (During the era of Yar Adua). I wrote him personally, I said if he did not leave that place, he will die. He believed me; maybe he has knowledge than the others. He is a very active person but all what they are doing at the time was mere witch-hunting. They are all Jaga-Jaga people because they are not doing their work right, they are taking bribe and I think most of them have been arrested.  Look at Larmode who was their head, he was accused, so, we can’t trust this people. 

(Watch Out for the Concluding Part of the Egbeji of Nigeria’s Exclusive on what will befall IBB, Patience Jonathan, Diezani, Iweala, Ooni of Ife & Others on this blog after this time out)

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