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How Late Deinde Fernandez married his lovely wife, Halima in 2003 | + Secret things you don’t know about his marital life

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The Late Alake of Egba Land, Oba Oyebade Lipede honored Chief (Mrs.) Halima Fernandez

Six hours after Asabeafrika broke the story of the recent crisis plaguing the household of late Billionaire Diplomat and Ambassador Plenipotentiary, Chief Antonio Deinde Fernandez as a result of a personality clash between his heiress Abimbola and last wife, Halima Maude, close family sources and friends of the late Chief have confirmed to us that indeed, Chief Deinde Fernandez had a secret marriage with Halima who he profess so much love for in his lifetime.

A source who spoke to us from a northern state in Nigeria described the love between Fernandez and Halima as one that was “beyond emotional exploit”. Halima, Kano born blue blood is said to have been introduced to the late African Chief by his friend and late Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Beyero who passed away on June 5, 2014 at age 80. Fernandez and Bayero were good friends in their life time to the extent that the late emir turbaned the late Baron of Dudley as the “Garsan Fulani Kano” (Champion of the right of the Fulani people of Kano).

His Excellency, Oluwo Ambassador Antonio Deinde Fernandez (1929-2015)
Pretty Halima Fernandez
who hadn’t got it smoothly with women, especially of the Southern part of Nigeria in his early marriages was said to have found a true and genuine love in Halima who was equally a compassionate lover with lot of innocence on her pretty face. “Halima was like his old age consolation as she revived his old memory of love and spur his emotions to live. Don’t forget he was just getting out of a heart wrenching alimony case with another woman he loves but who broke his heart”
The source said the wedding with Halima Fernandez which was low keyed did not only happen in Kano but was also brought to the notice of family members in Lagos. “Of course Halima is a Kano girl from a well trained aristocratic family and she was the chief reason Fernandez decided to live the remainder of his life in Kano since he married her in 2003. His love for her couldn’t make him dishonor her geographical delight”
“This blog gathered that the entire Olumegbon family of Lagos has reached out to Mrs. Fernandez  on the matter  of their son’s estate but were told that she will talk to them very soon in Lagos when she comes for her sixth month prayers”.

Fernandez introduces Heartrob, Halima to Oba Oyebade Lipede, The Late Alake of Egba Land
made Halima to meet some of his great friends and personalities as he was so fond of her humble northern spirit and touch of innocence. The late Isale-Eko, Lagos born Deinde Fernandez attended several editions of the Eko Festival with Halima and even introduced her to the Oba of Lagos, Olowo Eko, Oba (Dr.) Rilwan Osuolale Akiolu who is his brother. They both hail from the famous Olumegbon Royal family of Lagos.

Her Excellency, Lady Halima Fernandez
The Love on the eve of his Death
According to a family source Mr. Chimazuru Oblong Nnamdi who is privy to the ongoing war between Abimbola and Halima, and who equally read the funeral oration at Fernandez’s funeral in Brussels-Belgium, the late Ambassador Plenipotentiary already warned his kids never to disturb his beloved wife, Halima in his absence or in the case of his demise, warning that such action will carry a dire consequence, as he will be fighting such person from his grave.
Using his twitter handle @grandiluminati, Chimazuru revealed how he was invited to have dinner and a drink of  fine Guatemalan Rum with the late Chief Fernandez one evening in Brussels and months before his demise; during the course of dinner,  Chief Fernandez was said to have put a call to his first daughter Chief (Mrs.) Teju Philips and one of the Lagos traditional chiefs in Lagos and that he vividly remembered the conversation between Chief and  his phone guests, because Chief Fernandez had her (Teju Philips) on speaker and what he said to her towards the end was a bit strange. Chimazuru said the late Chief Fernandez warned his first daughter, Chief (Mrs.) Teju Philips that if and whenever he dies, if any of his children disturbs and troubles his wife (Halima) he would hunt them down from the grave.
He said Teju Philips had assured the old man that she will never go against his wish or allow any one to do same. Surprisingly, Chief Fernandez died few months after the strange instruction.

Brand New Bracel her hubby gave her on her birthday
This might not be far from facts and reaction coming to Asabeafrika that indeed, the late Deinde Fernandez married Halima legally and Abimbola his heiress might be set for a shock if eventualities justify her claims to be wrong.  Right now, Abimbola is battling a Lesbian allegation hanging on her personality due to some tweets that emerged between her and some of her friends on her tweeter handle which was said to have equally led to a secret war between her and her departed father.
This blog gathered that the entire Olumegbon family of Lagos has reached out to Mrs. Fernandez  on the matter  of their son’s estate but were told that she will talk to them very soon in Lagos when she comes for her sixth month prayers. That by then, she will submit to them audio and written documents from their late son in front of the family elders. Until then, she is restrained from commenting now.

The Late Baron of Dudley Ambassador Deinde Fernandez introduced His Halima to Lagos Royalty
Meet Fernandez’s Women
Late Deinde Fernandez died at 6.05pm on Tuesday September 1st 2015 in a private hospital in Brussels Belgium at age 86. He is said to have died in the presence of Halima whose relationship with her is twelve years.  
Fernandez married Halima after his strenuous divorce case with Aduke the mother of Abimbola in 2003. Aduke had filed 300 million pounds suits against the African billionaire Diplomat on July 1st 2003. He was asked by Aduke through her counsel, Charles Macnair, QC, to compel Fernandez to pay her a lump sum of 5 Million Pounds and an allowance of 75 thousand Pounds, monthly for 3 years but the case was dismissed by the court for lack of merit and Aduke later suffered cancer affliction in 2013 and died.
Fernandez who owns six private jets and worth $8.7 billion Dollars in his lifetime later married Halima in a quite ceremony in Kano State, Northern Nigeria and decided to live a quite life with her in Kano until his raging battle with blood cancer five years ago which eventually claimed his life in 2015.

The Two Lovers in their best Mood while His Excellency was still here
was one of Africa’s richest men and was always referred to as “His Excellency, Oluwo Anthonio Deinde Fernandez, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. He was Permanent Representative of so many African countries including Central African Republic and was very close to World Leaders like late Nelson Mandella, George Bush Senior, Mobutu Seseseko, Gnassimgbe Eyadema and Kofi Annan. He owned an independent Island called New York Island, a chateau in France (Formerly owned by historical war Lord, Napoleon Bonaparte) a sky scrapper in Scotland and several other properties scattered all around the world.
He was born in Lagos on August 12, 1929, to the famous Olumegbon Royal Family of Isale Eko (Where the present Oba of Lagos, Olowo Eko, Oba (Dr.) Rilwan Osuolale Akiolu hails from)

Halima and her late hubby at the Eko festival
He is survived by 9 children with the first child being Chief (Mrs.) Olateju Philips, the former Commissioner for Special Duties in Lagos State under Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Chief (Mrs.) Teju Philips’s mother is late Princess Ibilola Lipede, the younger sister of late Oba Folorunsho Lipede a former Alake of Egba land.  Chief (Mrs.) Teju Philips’ mother was late Ambassador Fernandez’s first wife.

The Late Alake of Egba Land, Oba Oyebade Lipede honored Chief (Mrs.) Halima Fernandez
Chief Mrs. Teju Philips
is followed by Gbemisola Fernandez and Anthony Fernandez who are children of his late wife, Mrs. Folashade Bankole.
Akin Fernandez, Titi Fernandez and Koye Fernandez are the late Ambassador’s children from his white American wife, Babara Joyce Fernandez who divorced him in 1987, after 25 years of marriage. She also died in 2013.
Antoinette Oyinkansola Fernandez is his child from Erelu Abiola Dosunmu, another of his wife who is a top Lagos society lady and Erelu of Lagos.

Atinuke Fernandez and Abimbola Fernandez are his children from late Mrs. Aduke Olufunmilayo Fernandez who divorced him in July 2003 and also died in 2013.  

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