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How the movie Ti Oluwa Ni Ile was stolen from my dad — Late Oyin Adejobi’s son, Bola | + Baba Wande’s furious reaction

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Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'The Entire Oyin Adejobi family knew Ti Oluwa ni Ile was my father's story'
Bola Oyin Adejobi is one of the scions of Oyin Adejobi the late veteran artiste of the 70s and 80s who ruled the Nigerian theatre industry like a colossus. This handsome and creative dude who is a rare breed from the artistically inclined Oyin Adejobi clan of Oshogbo, Osun State-South West Nigeria is as gifted as his legendary dad. His physique and facial structure would remind you of his dad, while his fair complexion has his maternal ink.

Born Ajibola Gbadegesin Sunday Oyin Adejobi, this IT expert is said to be the only son of the late thespian who saw his dad dying on the hospital bed on May 31st, year 2000 and who equally took into custody some of the final works of his father.
Like his legendary dad, Bola equally started on stage, acting, producing and directing drama productions before branching into music when his burning desire to sing couldn’t be stopped. Of course, music equally runs in their family side by side acting as Pa Oyin Adejobi was not just a theatre practitioner; he was also a singer, songwriter and composer.  Baba in his lifetime dazzled many with his rich deep voice on stage and in the church. He was the National composer, as well as, organist of The Church of the Lord, Aladura, Oke Tabeorah, when his elder brother, Primate Adejobi was the supreme head of the Church. He played same role at All Saints Church and few other denominations at different times of his life. He was always composing songs for their choir and arranging special events for them.
Apparently, Bola, a gospel artiste who is married and blessed with three kids, is a director, actor, singer and composer. He is a core composer who takes the time and pain to compose his own songs.  This Computer Science graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Ede and theatre graduate of Obafemi  Awolowo University, Ile-Ife released a new 7 tracks album titled “GASKIYA” recently. It is his 5th Album since dad passed away in year 2000. He was in Lagos from his Ibadan base penultimate Tuesday evening to honor an appointment with your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika.  For the very first time in history, Bola Oyin Adejobi told this blog the secret of how the famous movie “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” which he alleged to be one of his father’s script was stolen from the old man including several other films like Oduduwa and recently Orogun Adedigba. It is a revealing session that will teach us more about man’s acts to man. Enjoy the excerpts. 

Late Baba, Pa Oyin Adejobi

Can you tell us your full names?
My name is Ajibola Gbadegesin Sunday Oyin-Adejobi.
As one of the sons of the late famous actor and movie legend Oyin Adejobi, how was life growing up under him?
It was quite fun growing up under my dad; you know being a very young and inquisitive son, I asked a lot of questions about everything with my dad and he was gracious enough to give me answers. He was always there for me and he will give me answers to my questions. I will just ask him any foolish question and he will answer me. So, we were very close and he taught me a lot of things and equally told me a lot of stories, many things. I was like his perfect friend. He used to call me ‘My Friend’.

Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'Lots of People came to seek advice from my dad in his life time'

Which number was your mum?
Ah, my mum happens to be one of his youngest wives and an actress in his group. Like I used to say, we referred to all our mothers as our elder sisters. We only have one mother that is Mama Osogbo (Or Iya Oshogbo).
Is she still alive?
She is alive.

Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'Dad & i do engage in arms wrestling'

She is your dad’s eldest wife?
Yes. She is the senior wife; so, every one of us knows only our father and Mama Osogbo as our mother, all other mothers are our sisters.
Which role does your mother play?
She normally plays the role of Bisi in my father’s plays. She is still alive and she is in her 60s approaching 70

“As we are talking like this, my dad might just be scribbling something down and before you know it he has developed a story. Before you know it he has done the casting of the story.  And there is no way anybody could come to my dad in tears and go back the same way”

What you don’t know about my dad
Why do you think your father addresses you as ‘My Friend’?
Because we were friends, anytime I was around we used to play a lot. In fact in his lifetime we had a popular game we used to play then, it is called ‘arms wrestling’ and I used to engage him in this game. I used to tell him that ‘I wont stop playing arms wrestling with you until I win you’ but unfortunately I never won him before he died. He was a master in the game and I learnt quite a lot of things from him.

Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'They stole lots of movies from Dad including Oduduwa, Ti Oluwa Ni Ile & now Orogun Adedigba'

What other things made your father unique?
I saw him as a genius. As we are talking like this, my dad might just be scribbling something down and before you know it he has developed a story. Before you know it he has done the casting of the story.  And there is no way anybody could come to my dad in tears and go back the same way. He will make sure he solves the problem even at his own expense. He will sacrifice his own peace to satisfy your own peace, my dad has solution to virtually all philosophical and moral challenges you bring before him, he will either give you the outright solution or a tip that will lead you to the solution. So, he was a genius. He is an enigma. I could remember in those days when late Hubert Ogunde came to our house like two different times and I was there. He came to see my dad about a song he composed and he was finding it difficult to match some words together or join the lines. And before we knew it, Baba put him through and there was a solution to the challenge. I use to see a lot of well known faces, popular artistes who come to our house on daily basis. Hubert Ogunde, I-Show-Pepper, Ade Love, Akin Ogungbe, Baba Salla, King Sunny Ade, all of them used to visit our home on daily basis to see my dad.
Maybe they were tapping from his wisdom?
I don’t know. They come differently not that they come all at the same time; Ogunde may come today and next tomorrow you see I-Show Pepper, another day you see Baba Salla. They use to come for different reasons best known to them; they come looking for dad. So, our house was like a Mecca of sort. That house was never short of visitations. Our mothers were always in the kitchen, cooking. Especially when we have a (Film) location, it was like a festive period. That was the kind of life we lived in those days.

Bola Oyin-Adejobi

Can you recall some of your father’s memorable stories?
I remember some of the stories. I remember Orogun Adedigba that was his major story which was the story of his life, how he became handicapped. That story taught us so many things especially on the politics of the polygamous home. He also wrote a story titled Kuye and after that he wrote another epic Ekuro-Oloja. This first three were the ones he released as movies before he died. The remaining ones were TV series, stage productions like Akobi-Oloogbe, Ile ti afi ito mo, Opa Afoju, Enu-Orofo and several others like that, there were other stories he wrote, he was not able to stage them or put them on record before he passed away; apart from stories he produced in movies and on stage, my dad’s wardrobe before he died were filled with hundreds of scripts and stories.

“Every one of us in the family, I mean everybody knows that “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” was a stolen story from Baba. There is no member of the large Oyin Adejobi family that does not know that “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” is originally written by Baba Oyin Adejobi”.

Poster of the New Orogun Adedigba Movie that some fraudsters are trying to release without informing the family
Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabe Afrika...'I Learnt so much from my dad'

How Ti Oluwa Ni Ile was stolen?
There is a story that was trending sometimes ago that your Dad actually wrote the famous movie “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” but was produced without his permission. Can you react to this claim?
Yes, it was Baba that wrote Ti Oluwa Ni Ile, it was my dad that wrote Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.
So, how did Baba Wande became the author?
Actually what I know happened then is that Baba used to write all his stories in three folds. Then, he was a very good typist. He has his own typewriter.  He will put cardboard behind the paper, he will produce three copies for each stories; one will be with him, one will be for rehearsals and the other will be with his manager. All his stories were like that, all his stories we produce them in three. One will be inside his wardrobe as safe copy, the other for rehearsals and the other one copy will be for his manager. I think it was one of such thing that happened to the script of “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile”. He gave the script to a manager and the script got into the wrong hand. Even this so called movie “Oduduwa” that was produced years ago, Baba had the complete story. I followed him down to Ile-Ife one day, to go and meet the late Ooni of Ife (Oba Okunade Sijuade—Olubuse II) he said he needed to go and make some enquiries about Oduduwa in order to have a correct episode of the Oduduwa legendary. I think then, Rotary Club was planning to sponsor the movie because he had this proposal with them. I saw the proposal, he sent everything to them but along the line, everything got leaked. When Oduduwa was finally produced he was still alive at the time. When he saw it, Baba was nearly down. He became depressed. He was like ‘How manage?’ He was so down, he felt bad.  Then he was saying “Afi bii Ti Oluwa Nile naa” (It is just like Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’s case). He kept saying it that Oduduwa was equally stolen just like Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.

Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'I asked Dad any stupid question that comes to my head and he will give me an answer without a headache'

Bola Oyin Adejobi Mr. Gaskiya

So, how did he felt when Ti Oluwa Ni Ile was released, did he go to court and did he challenge the production?
No, no, no. Baba was like that, even if you steal from him, he won’t talk. He won’t say anything, he will just be watching. A lot of people have really hurt him in so many ways. They know that he was very permissive. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t take offence. But inside, he will be feeling bad; there was this day, I think somebody did something like that, he sent someone to a marketer here in Lagos, it was one of his aides then, he sent him to Lagos to go and collect hundred thousand naira from a marketer. I think the money was for the sale of either Orogun-Adedigba or Ekuro-Oloja, one of the two movies. The aide came back to tell Baba that thieves collected the money on the way. Baba felt so bad and he just called one of my elder brothers to come and wheel him into his bed room. He didn’t utter a word but he was very depressed. He didn’t say ‘Hey, go and punish that man or go and lock him up’. He has never ordered the arrest or prosecution of anybody since I knew him; on the contrary, if Baba hears that anybody is being arrested by the police; he will go down to the station to rescue that person. I don’t know maybe he has an old experience with the police that he didn’t want anyone to share in such experience.  He was like that; Baba never fought those who offended him with police or law enforcement. 

“Baba was like that, even if you steal from him, he won’t talk. He won’t say anything, he will just be watching. A lot of people have really hurt him in so many ways. They know that he was very permissive. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t take offence. But inside, he will be feeling bad”

Bola Oyin Adejobi explaining points to the GDA
Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'Dad had solutions for every guests that visited him with a problem'

Anytime you see Ti Oluwa Ni Ile being played or you see it on the shelf, as Oyin Adejobi’s kid, how do you feel?
Every one of us in the family, I mean everybody knows that “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” was a stolen story from Baba. There is no member of the large Oyin Adejobi family that does not know that “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” is originally written by Baba Oyin Adejobi. Recently when I was having a discussion with Mama Osogbo, she was shouting on top of her voice and very angry because recently another person tried to re-produce Orogun-Adedigba on CD without the consent of the family. I even have the picture of the banner here with me (Showed us on his smart phone; the banner had the picture of Baba Wande as lead actor), when I saw the banner I took the picture and quickly forwarded it to my elder brother at Ibadan, that I saw Orogun Adedigba poster in Lagos, I was wondering what happened? I even thought they have got across to Baba’s marketer in Ibadan; that is TJ Olaoluwa. But TJ said he was even surprised when he saw it, that he taught maybe it was the family that produced it and we said ‘No, we weren’t aware of it’.  Mama later called me back that she heard that somebody is trying to produce Orogun Adedigba in Lagos and I said “Well, where I saw the banner in Lagos, I asked them, when will the film be out?’ They said the film will soon be out, that they have produced it and it is about to be released. Mama was just soliloquizing that, this was how Ti Oluwa Ni Ile was stolen from us, that was how Oduduwa was stolen, this was how this and that story was stolen; she now started reeling out numbers of stories about four to five that has been stolen from us and I was asking ‘is that the only five you just mentioned?’. She said “Ah, O po repete eee”, “O poo”. She now mentioned a popular name; that the man is the brain behind the stealing of the stories and I said “Well, God will help us face the recovery battle”
So, who is that man stealing the Oyin Adejobi stories?
I wouldn’t like to mention his name but the family is quite aware of his antecedents.

The GDA gets set  to meet Prince Bola Oyin Adejobi for the Interview

But when you saw Baba Wande on the poster of the soon to be released Orogun Adedigba, does that gives you the impression that he might know about the re-production of your father’s Orogunadedigba?
Well, Mama said she called him but he denied knowing anything about it. He said he was only invited to the (faceless) producers.
Are you not thinking of any legal action?
At this level, it is a family affair. We will approach it better and our strategy remains close to us for now. Mama and some of my elder brothers are looking into the matter.

Bola Oyin Adejobi to Asabeafrika...'Dad had a large heart, he never fought anyone who stole his idea but he was always saddened'

(Watch Out for Baba Wande’s Reaction to this story in our second Post shortly on this blog).

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