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No prayer can save IBB from death again—Egbeji of Nigeria, HRH Bola Adegunloye | Says, “Pray for Patience Jonathan, Diezani, Iweala & Ooni of Ife”

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Egbeji of Nigeria to Asabeafrika...'Obateru Akinrutan is a very dubious and arrogant man. Government should jail him'
In this concluding part of the Exclusive interview with High Chief Augustine Bola Adegunloye (The Egbeji of Nigeria) inside his Ishoru, Ejigbo, Lagos-South West Nigeria Palace last Wednesday 24th of February, 2016, you will discover why Nigerians need to pray for top politicians like former President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, former first Lady Patience Jonathan, former Coordinating minster of the economy, Okonjo Iweala, former Petroleum minister Diezani Alison Madueke and the newly sworn in Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II).  

Egbeji of Nigeria is the founder of St. Augustine Healing Home with  numerous  awards and titles given to him among which are; Commander of African Medicine (CAM) which he received in 1990, Supreme Commander of African Medicine (SCAM) which he received in 1991 among other medical and humanitarian titles he received home and abroad.
The gifted seer and veteran traditional medical expert who spent 7 years inside his mother’s womb before birth revealed more about the dirty activities of Nigerian Men of God and what is likely to befall Senate President Bukola Saraki before his the end of his tenure.
However, every opinion celebrated on this blog is strictly the opinion of HRH Augustine Bola Adegunloye as shown to him by God Almighty and not the views of Asabeafrika. You can reach The Egbeji via 070-26-8822-75, 080-3352-1102 or via his website Enjoy the excerpts.   

The Egbeji of Nigeria with GDA of Asabeafrika
Sir, in a country where poverty is affecting over 70%, you still find Pastors using free offerings from worshippers to establish Universities and majority of their worshippers can’t enroll their children in such institutions. As a humanist and seer, do you think this is right?
FG must tax churches… 
It is not good for humanity, even I want to tell the government that those Pastors should be paying tax, they need to be taxed because they are cheating the nation. Later they will go to anybody in authority and talk bla-bla-bla-bla and take money, where are they taking all this monies to? Little did they know that they don’t spend money in heaven and they all want to have a good name, they will say ‘my church is the best etc’, your church is not the best. Your practice is not the best. If you watch this people, their children might inherit so much money but their end will not be fine. I wont talk about some people but I know some of them, their children have run mad and become Jaga-jaga in overseas countries, they are taking drugs and you even see men of God killing themselves over power in church and all that. It is not the best thing but people are gullible.
Egbeji of Nigeria to Asabeafrika...'Nothing can stop death from visiting Patience Jonathan, Okonjo Iweala and Diezani Madueke'
Do you have a word for someone like Bishop David Oyedepo?   
Bishop Oyedepo, I won’t talk about him because we are humanist, we don’t condemn people, you can’t condemn me and you can’t even say I am the best. But little did they know that whatever they are doing, God is seeing them eye-to-eye. God will take care of everything but my advice to people like that is that they should step down about looking for money. It is too much for them, this one has university, air craft, kini-kan-kini-kan. It is not the best; materialism is not good for spirituality. 

Babangida! Eeeh! Let’s pray for him. Very soon, the man will pass away, the man will pass away because he is having some serious ailments and the ailment cannot be cured by anybody. No Pastor, no spiritual master or Muslim cleric can do it except God”

Egbeji of Nigeria to Asabe Afrika...Today, Nigerian churches have turned society upside down with their preaching and survival strategy'
What do you see happening to churches this year, especially mega churches that built schools and charged exorbitantly to enroll only the children of the rich in those schools which the churches of the olden days didn’t do?
(Cuts in) I was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and my baptismal name is Augustine, my confirmation name is Ambrose and I can tell you that church was not an expensive venture in those days. However, what I have for them (Churches) firstly, is that what they are preaching to their congregation is very wrong. Now, without wearing my full regalia, just putting this bead alone in my hand and entering a bus together with a church person, they will say ‘Ah, na devil people’ whereas it is my culture. Nobody who doesn’t know that beads is part of fashion for some people but they will say ‘Oh, na devil o, na devil ooo’. I used to put something outside my estate here and that thing was for general security of the people, since I have been here, no thieves ever come to this area. But do you know that these Pastors will go and break the pot, they said ‘Na devil’ and I will be looking at them and will be laughing. But because I had to fight with them and report to the police and the police know me, they will say ‘Ah, Baba, you wey be former Police officer dey do this? Journalists must not hear o’. So, I wont talk, I will remove the remnant of what I put there but I am doing it for the safety of the entire people in the estate but they don’t believe. They are preaching wrong things, they should warn them to preach correctly to people. What Pastors are preaching in Nigeria has made Nigeria to be upside down now. Now, somebody will tell you ‘I am Amen o, I belong to this denomination or that’. But you are all Christians, you are Redeem, he is Fire and you are Mountain because you don’t love each other, why? And you are the same Christian family, which is wrong. I know what happened to this Fire Mountain (MFM) man. I won’t talk much about him but we are the people that make him to have a child…
You mean, Dr. D.K. Olukoya who had his first child after 11 years of marriage?
Yes, he didn’t have child for many years but later he started having children through the boy that I work for who started working for him. So, all these things, they will be claiming I am this; I am that, it is not the best. I only trust that Baba Adeboye because he is a graduate and a learned person and he has been treating people fairly but when you see a Christian and a Christian who cannot co-habit because you are Mountain and I am Fire so we cannot unite.
(Cuts in) Or Christ Embassy
Can you imagine that kind of character?, he has lots of problem. The wife has divorced him now, when he kept having ten to hundred concubines and he is not Solomon, in a church, that is shame now. Imagine a Pastor who started dressing his head like a small baby, having jerry curl, Ehen? It is not the best but nobody to tell them.
Egbeji of Nigeria to Asabeafrika...'IBB is going soon, no amount of prayer can save him'
And on every 31st of December he collects a thousand naira from all worshippers in order to experience the Cross over Service?
That one is simple, if you go to Oyedepo he will say ‘put hundred thousand naira here’ and you will see people holding bale of hundred thousand naira and they will start to shake wule-wule-wule. He will say ‘you here, you there bring hundred thousand by tomorrow you see hundred million’ it is not the best. All those things Government should take note of them and stop it.  But the Police are afraid of them, they don’t have any power, they cannot do you anything, they should scrutinize and hold them and make sure they are paying tax. They should do everything to them and that is why I am urging (President) Buhari, Buhari is ordained by God, even what he has done now, his predecessors couldn’t do half before they make coup and kill them but God is with him, his father is a very powerful person which I know. All the Hausa people call me Seriki n Magani because we held an exhibition where I came first, the first ever National Exhibition on Alternative Medicine in Nigeria.  I have lots of crowns, nine good towns combined together to make me Egbeji and that is why they gave me the award, Commander of African Medicine. We have letters of commendation from Lagos state Government and from the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. (Showed us the commendation letters from the state and federal Government) and we also had one from the Institute of strategic Management, Ghana.
Clement Ebota of Asabeafrika with The Egbeji Ogun of Nigeria
OBJ should go and rest….
Sir, what do you have for General Olusegun Obasanjo who has been a watchful leader for Nigeria since 1976?
The man should go and seat down and relax. I told him that time that there is something we need to do but he didn’t listen and he later lost the wife (Stella Obasanjo) but now, as an elder statesman, he supposed to go and sit down in a place. If there is anything they want to come and ask from him, they will seek his wisdom and ask him. He has got lots of money today, what is he doing with money? Even if we want to use his naira to build house, we could use it to mould a house. But did he (OBJ) know that he cannot spend money in the heaven? He did one great thing for Nigeria; he is the one who made us to get GSM. That is one thing he did that everyone is very aware of, and it is a great thing because he will be remembered for that alone. At this age, he should be assisting Buhari for this probe; after they arrest any Army Officer for fraud, they should jail them; so that their generation will not become anything in Nigeria again. They should jail them even if it is for a year. In Canada, somebody embezzled only Five Thousand Dollars, family were ready to pay the money but they said he must spend a month behind bars to serve as deterrent to others. So, in Canada nobody can embezzle money but here we keep shouting we don’t have money, we don’t have money yet we have lots of money. Imagine someone hiding a million dollars under the soak-away; they have law in Canada to deter people from stealing public funds. Buhari should make a serious law that whenever any head of government or public department steals, he will go to jail and you will see people behave.
Egbeji of Nigeria to Asabeafrika...'The New Ooni of Ife may not last on his throne. I dont see him leaving long on that seat'
There are even agitations that public servants should be allowed to swear with traditional items instead of Bible or Quran. What do you think sir?
That is the best thing that will happen. Even if they can swear with water, no amount of quantity is too small. They can bring a bottle of EVA water to swear with it and when they swear with water, they will be happy but if they go against the swear, Ayelala ma’a pa won ni, they will die. Osa nla oseremagbo, o ma pa won ni. So, gbogbo awon to ja le omi lo ma ba won ja. If you watch, if you enter an aero plane, you can not take water to a certain quantity because as the plane flies, it is communicating with the sea people, you must not take much water in the reserve so that it will be free flying. No aero plane flies without communicating with the principalities of the sea, even some of the airplanes are designed like fish. And you cannot take water into the plane because that is their law. They should make law to jail people who embezzle money for a year in jail. This collection of money from them is not the best. I congratulate Buhari for the progress he made so far in his anti-corruption war but he should be very careful. And as I am telling him now, he should have another forces around him.  If I happen to see him, I will tell him what he will need to do.
Nobody can save IBB from death…
What is your prediction for General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida? Do you see him surviving this year?   
Babangida! Eeeh! Let’s pray for him. Very soon, the man will pass away, the man will pass away because he is having some serious ailments and the ailment cannot be cured by anybody. No Pastor, no spiritual master or Muslim cleric can do it except God. It is only God that can come down and pray for him.
Why sir?  
You know for any action, there must definitely be an equal reaction. For anything one does in life, there is a serious repercussion for what the person has done apart from what God will judge him with. I wont judge him by saying he did this or he did that but during his time I was okay, I was alright and I thank God for the benefits from his government at the time but this is beyond human capacity.
The Egbeji after the encounter with the GDA
Is there a prediction for Senate President Bukola Saraki, a lot of people feel he is a wrong candidate for that exalted position?
Saraki is so powerful, he is spiritually powerful but later, they will still drive him away from that place. And those people that are taking side with him, that act will make them to lose their position in the government circle. I already told Saraki that he cannot make it; they will actually unseat him very soon. He cannot be the president of the senate to the end of this tenure.  I don’t want him to come to me but I know what we can do and everything will be alright.
Patience Jonathan
Patience Jonathan, two others are going…
What do you have for Patience Jonathan, the immediate past first lady of Nigeria?
Patience Jonathan, Very soon the woman is going to pass away because she is having a problem. Not only her, this minister of Petroleum before…what is her name?
You mean Alison Madueke?
Yes, she is going to pass away; she will die. The other one that used to tie headgear too…
(Cuts in) You mean Okonjo Iweala?
Okonjo Iweala is going to die. Okonjo Iweala would have died since but the father is a very high, powerful royal father, who is still going all about because of the daughter. But apart from that, she will have problem.
Why do you think people take your prophecies for granted?
Ignorance, it is ignorance, total ignorance. When you tell them to do something in Lagos, they will go and call their marabouts. Somebody who started this job at Elegushi, they will say they are this, they are that; whereas when I was in Maroko some of those people were killing fish, they don’t know anything. I know of Kehinde Elegushi who is my friend, I know Elegushi, all of them knows me; when they had problem and landed in Kiri-kiri I was in the Kiri-kiri with them to release them.  So, I helped him to come out of the Kiri-kiri that time, but now they are coming out to boast about the knowledge they don’t have, they are doing a wrong thing. They make male fowl to come and worship Ifa and they make female fowl to come and worship Esu which is wrong. It is male fowl for Esu, female fowl for Ifa; and all those people that are gathering around calling themselves associations, they are the ones misleading Lagos State. When they give them stipends to do something, they will say ‘Ah, Baba o’ and they start doing Jaga-jaga. Where did they learn their medicine, what do they know? They don’t know anything; all those funny people calling themselves Elegusi or Opelolu or something are useless people, they don’t know anything, they should go to their chieftaincy title because they are Obas, they should not tamper with traditional medicine or metaphysics.
L-R; Mr. Isaac Ekanem (PR Consultant to the Egbeji Ogun of Nigeria) GDA of Asabeafrika, The Egbeji of Nigeria, his Son, Victor and Clement Ebota of Asabeafrika
I don’t like challenging people but if I challenge people, anybody that wants to challenge me, God will challenge him. Those 7 years I spent in my mother’s womb will make them to be dying one by one.  When Baba Lambo was living he couldn’t do without having me around him; but when I started saying ‘I am praying for this Baba who is old enough to be my father? So, why should I even be praying for him? I stopped it, the year I stopped it, he died. I will be killing ram for him in his house at Shoguntere before he changed it to Joseph Lambo. When Lambo died, everybody came out, I am this, I am that, I am Babalawo; I looked at these people and I discovered they are very useless people, they are very yeye people, the person who want to buy  clothe for you, you must first assess what he is wearing. So, fake pastors, fake spiritualists are too much in Nigeria that is why I don’t say anything to Lagos State. The first man who walked on the sea after Jesus Christ, I am the one. When I left Maroko I was in Ijegun in Ikotun and I was invited overseas. Before I returned majority of the Babalawos around conspired and put fire in my shrine, the entire house got burnt and the (Spiritual) carpet I used to put in the junction to walk on the sea, everything was gone.  And most the people who did that thing are dead now. So, I respect my profession, even up to the Oba of Ikotun, I was the one who told him that he will become an Oba. When he shook somebody’s hand in Ogboni, his hand was having problem and I was the one who helped him to do it and he was okay. But he wanted me to come and be paying homage and saying ‘Ah, Kabiyesi ooo’, what do I need that for? I may not be fabulously rich but what I want to eat in my house is not my problem. So, I just leave them alone.
T.B. Joshua
TB Joshua is a good man…
What message do you have for Prophet TB Joshua?
TB Joshua? I will not judge that man ooo, I think he is one of the best pastors. Why? He is remembering poor people; there was a woman that died in Rivers State, they said it she died as a result of witchcraft attack, do you know TB Joshua arranged Police to go to Rivers, they buried the woman and brought her children to Lagos and TB Joshua gave all of them scholarships. So, he is a man, whatever he does, I won’t judge him. He is the best among all these pastors and spiritualists in Lagos as at now.
You mean this same TB Joshua?
Yes, he is helping people ooo, helping people seriously. He will call them together in the church and ask ‘Why are you homeless, why don’t you have a job?’ and he will give them money. Even though he is collecting it from people, but he is trying to help people and make people happy. Yes, he is a Godly person, I can tell you.
What do you see for Biafra?
There is nothing like Biafra, Biafra is long dead. They should just call that young man and warn him. Except the Ibos want to suffer loss again, they should leave that man (Nnamdi Kanu) because he is a young man, he is naïve. They should release Nnamdi Kanu, I am sure he has learnt his lesson. They should just let him go home because he is fighting for a dead course.
Obateru Akinrutan should be jailed…
What do you see for Dr. Obateru Akinrutan, the Olugbo of Ugboland?
Akinrutan is not the right choice that supposed to be the Oba, they did lots of terrible things and killed the Oba that supposed to be there because in Ilaje  (Ondo State) area, they used to chose from their church, Zion. The leader of Zion is going to be their Oba, that is how they do it; but now he forcefully put himself there and the man is very proud, even proud to the Oba of Ife (New Ooni), we don’t like him, we are very close to him there but he cannot come to Ondo and be talking bla-bla-bla. They don’t like him, now he is accused of shadow business by the EFCC, they should even jail him to teach lesson to other Obas who are fraudulent. The only thing I have for the Oba of Ife is…
New Ooni might not last…
(Cuts in) You mean New Ooni, Oba Ogunwusi?
Yes, it is not good for him to be doing all those things he is doing because he has not properly grown to that level.
You mean the visitations?
Yes, he has not acquired that power, though he has been given the staff of office but he should be doing something secretly to upgrade his power. The former Ooni was very powerful.
You mean Olubuse?
Haa! Olubuse was Ogbologbo. So, but this man is just busy visiting people all around, saying he is on a peaceful mission. Those people are just doing like this (Draws his nose sarcastically) after he has left. You don’t know Owu, even other Obas fears Olowu. So, what Ooni is doing is not the rightful thing. I don’t see him reigning long on that throne. He cannot reign for long, I don’t pray for that ooo, but what I am seeing is what I am telling you. So, that is what I have for all of them.
GDA, Egbeji & Clement Ebota of Asabeafrika

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