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Oschoffa anointed me at 7 against my father’s wish to become an Engineer—Dr. Omololu Oladosu + Why Catholic Pope, John Paul II consulted Oschoffa in 1984

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Dr. Omololu Oladosu

Dr. Omololu Oladosu is an internationally acclaimed Bible Teacher, a renowned educationist, a chattered theologian, a professional counselor, a world crusader and one of the rare leaders of the Celestial Church of Christ. He is the first man to earn a doctorate of theology in the entire Celestial Church fold and till date he remains one of the formidable bridges between the Celestial Church of Christ and other denominations who see him more as an asset than a liability.
Funny enough, Dr. Omololu Oladosu who started the real crusading evangelism in Celestial Church of Christ some 30 years ago at the exit of the Pastor/Founder was initially resisted by the hierarchy of his  denomination as they saw him not only as a liability who has come to break down the walls of conservatism in the four walls of the church. But he was equally seen as a rebel who was using his new found way of Christianity to relegate the dictates and ethics of the church. But today, the author cum motivation speaker who has authored over 50 books has escaped several ills of persecution including two assassination attempts on his life by some unfaithful souls in the hierarchy of his church.  For more than two decades, the founder of Maranatha Ministries has been a part of the current charismatic renaissance sweeping through the world and in particular on the African continent through Celestial Church of Christ where he grew as the son of a Church shepherd. Famously addressed as “The Faith Practitioner” with his faith and covenant based teachings transforming many lives, Dr. Omololu is a reservoir of God’s words and how it can be applied to any situation.
Last year, Dr. Omololu who is the visioner of Maranatha Pavilion Ministries International was given an award for “Transformative Leadership” by the Christian Association of Nigeria. The founder of the Maranatha Bible University  was a special guest of a 7 Wednesdays Christian Program by Celestial Church of Christ, Calvary Parish 1, Aguda-Ogba-Lagos under the leadership of Venerable Superior Evangelist Ebenezer Bodunrin Mobiyina Osofa (Oschoffa) second son of the Pastor Founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Reverend Pastor Founder Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa. The event which had several speakers and prayer ministers congregating at the church from the first Wednesday of the year down to the last Wednesday on February 17 had Dr. Oladosu rounding up the event. Your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika who was at the event met and had an exclusive encounter with the Maranatha founder who flew into the event from the United Kingdom a day earlier. It is a loaded encounter with many revelations. Enjoy the excerpts. 
SBJ Oschoffa
Sir, you mentioned something about the leadership of celestial church while delivering your sermon today. What do you think is the problem with the church?
Celestial Church is a great church there is no doubt about that; The Lord has blessed this church; we have all the gifts all the talents we can talk about but we have a structural problem and once you have that it will be difficult for you to harness all the resources but despite that, the church is thriving without the structure but if we can have a structure we will be greater and I can say we are getting there.
What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the Celestial Church’s crisis and how can it help to bring solution? 
 The Holy Spirit has spoken to us; we are the ones messing up the work of the Holy Spirit. Like I said in my sermon today, Celestial Church is blessed with the Holy Spirit but when the Holy Spirit speaks we do not listen, the Holy Spirit said God will appoint you a Pastor and you do not listen to the Holy Spirit, so, what do you want the Holy Spirit to do? The bible said when the Holy Spirit shall come; He will teach you all things and lead you into the truth. So, when the Holy Spirit is ministering, you don’t have any other option than to obey. Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa is an embodiment of the Holy Spirit; He speaks and coughs and eats the Holy Spirit. And the man said ‘this is what the Lord asked me to do with the Church and we violated all that. , So, we have relegated the role of the Holy Spirit and that is why God is not happy with us.
Sir, is there any solution in sight?
Simple, we must go back to the Holy Spirit, and then we submit and allow the Holy Spirit to lead.
You equally mentioned the great secret behind Pope John Paul II’s visit to late Papa Samuel Bilewu Oschoffa in 1984 which you said your theological research revealed to be in tandem with the liberation of the state of Israel. Can you give us a hint of this memorable visit which took place on Nigerian soil?
I can tell you that the meeting came as a result of a prophetic insight in 1945 that a great power was to be released into the world. That was 1945 and Celestial Church came in 1947 and like I highlighted in my thesis, the Nation of Israel wouldn’t have been restored to her present state by the United Nations in 1948 if Celestial Church did not come into being in 1947. Celestial came in 1947 to usher in Israel back in 1948, it is a great revelation and it is in the scriptures. Because the Lord said in Jeremiah that He will bring them back to their land from all over the world where they have been scattered and that happened in 1948 but before that there must be a sort of gathering that will usher them back into the land but the insight came in 1945 and they taught it will be from Italy because Rome happens to be the last Empire and they were thinking that Roman Empire will be the one to restore the dignity of Israel not knowing that it was Celestial. God used Oschoffa
“That was the genesis of Celestial Church of Christ.  And what Americans and other nations of the world were expecting to happen in Rome happened in Africa. It was the turn of Africa through the Celestial Church of Christ to transform the world and that was the chief reason the Pope of Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II travelled down to Nigeria to see Pa Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa some years later when it was finally discovered that the vibration was coming from Africa”

 Pope, John Paul II
At the time when Rome was leading in ecclesiastical prominence there was renaissance in Italy could you say Celestial Church also brought renaissance to Africa?
Yes, Oschoffa revolutionized Christianity, he brought Praise and Worship to Christianity; you can’t take that away from Celestial.  He introduced satellite branches into Christianity in Africa, he brought prophecy. We actually activated the Holy Spirit in church ministration; Celestial brought that to limelight no church can take that away from us.  So, in 1945, there was the revelation and the Americans and the entire world knew that whenever there is a manifestation of the rainbow sign in the sky, there was always a release of power in a particular direction of the world, there was always a power that will accompany such heavenly manifestation and they were looking out for the power to manifest in Rome because they taught the Roman Empire was the hope of the world and that Rome will redeem the nation of Israel. But that didn’t happen. The power fell on one man who was in a thick forest back here in Africa (Agange in Port-Novo) looking for Mahogany tree for his carpentry work. The man had seated to study his Bible after the cutting of the tree and suddenly something happened and he was transformed and from that end, the story began. That was the genesis of Celestial Church of Christ.  And what Americans and other nations of the world were expecting to happen in Rome happened in Africa. It was the turn of Africa through the Celestial Church of Christ to transform the world and that was the chief reason the Pope of Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II travelled down to Nigeria to see Pa Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa some years later when it was finally discovered that the vibration was coming from Africa. He came to say, ‘Oh, so this grace fell on a black man?’He was very amazed. And the point of their meeting was actually marked as the point between the Old Church (Catholic) and the New Church (Celestial); the old boat and the new boat. It is a very deep insight and I think I carried out this research for several years and got to this point recently. It is the greatest theological revelation in recent time. It is a very long story but this is what I can tell you for now.
How would you describe your host, Venerable Superior Evangelist Ebenezer Bodunrin Osofa who is Papa’s 2nd son?
If you listen to my introduction of him in the church then you will appreciate his personality. For like ten to fifteen minutes I gave an introduction of him and I did not mince my word that is still my position. Such a wonderful man of God and I tell you why I respect him a lot, he is one of the few hierarchy that wants the church to grow. He is a great man.
Your Maranathar ministry has become a sort of revolution boat in the Christendom both in the White Garment sector of Christianity and even the Pentecostal, and last year you became the first Celestial Church leader to be so honored with a Pentecostal title by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) How did you receive that honor?  
They have always been doing that for me; since 1985 when I came fully into gospel, I deal with the Pentecostal World. It was late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa that first invited me to Benin when he heard of what I was doing in the Christian world and I loved him so much.  He was such a great man of God.
You mean Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa?
Yeah, he embraced me, he embraced the gospel he embraced Celestial Church. Idahosa embraced Celestial Church of Christ, he never told me for one day that I should leave. And he encouraged us and he gave us the exposure. , the likes of Bishop Oyedepo, Oritsejafor and me; we all got our exposure through Idahosa. It is the fact. So, I have always been there but I was accused of importing Pentecostalism into Celestial Church of Christ. That was the sin I committed. For over 30 years, it is the sin I committed that till today Celestial has not forgiven me, that I brought Pentecostalism and I exposed the church to crusading evangelism, I started staging crusades in defiance to the authority. So, I moved to every nook and cranny and they will come and pack and disrupt my stage on the crusade ground until the late Reverend Pastor Bada embraced me.  And I want to tell the world that he supported me; when he found the truth and he located the truth, we all moved together and when we started the seminary it was beautiful.
Can you tell me the story of your encounter with the man SBJ Oschoffa himself, how did it happen and what did he tell you before his demise?
I grew up under Papa Oschoffa’s feet. My father was a shepherd and that was the connection. Papa will always come to my father’s church for harvest. But why we got interested in Papa as kids was because anytime he visits he will give us 50K notes brand new in those days. So, we were always happy to see him around and we will all say ‘Hey, Papa is coming to see us, Papa is coming to visit us’ but I can say Papa has such a humble lifestyle. He was a great but very humble man, highly spirit-filled man who sees the future before it approaches.  So full of the spirit and very knowledgeable in the things of God and we grew up under his feet, we understudied him. Two things I learnt from him, number one, I have not seen him carrying candles anywhere and his crusades were always spirit filled. We attended Papa’s crusades at Road Park and Stadium and so many places; he will minister and after the preaching of the word, miracles will begin to happen. So, I said I wanted to be like him.
(Cuts in) And it is happening to you now?
To the glory of God; and number two, when I wanted to step into the gospel fully he was the one. Let me tell you the truth today, when I was age 7, it was Papa that put 4 Corner (Sultana gown) on me and ordained me as a Prophet. I was one of the few that could minister at that tender age and Papa said to my dad “Eleyi Wooli ni” (This one is a prophet), meanwhile God has told my mum when my pregnancy was three months old that the baby she was carrying would be a prophet and a prophet to the nation and especially for Celestians. So, when I was 7 Papa came and said what God has told my parent about me is what he has come to perfect. So, he put the four corners (Sultana) on me and I started prophesying. When I was age 12, there was a prophecy that I am going to be well read and that I am going to minister in all the nook and crannies of the Celestial world. When I was age 15, Papa came back to my dad and told my dad that he must not dissuade me from the call of God which my father wanted to do at that time because he wanted me to study Engineering. So, I was fully grown, God equipped me, I followed my heart, followed the spirit and in 1985 it was ripe for me to come into the system and I went to Papa for blessing. I met him March 3rd 1985. So, it was then he told me I should not take rank, I should not fight for position, and that he would have loved to see my days in the ministry but that he would have been gone. And today, that is what I am doing all over the world, ministering to the Celestial World.
But why are you so scarce to get? You are quite expensive and elusive?
Because I am busy.
Your Theology School gives scholarships to a lot of Christians; I want you to air your views on the kind of money Christian Universities takes as school fees today?
Well, for me, my father was a Shepherd. Although my father retired from British Telecommunications (GE Telecoms) as a Logistic Director, he retired from that height into God’s work. So, as a son of a Shepherd, my growing to this status is grace. We didn’t have a support; it was a taboo to tell anybody that you read the Bible in Cele in those days. I was the first Doctoral Degree Holder in Theology in the entire Celestial World, go and investigate that. And to the glory of God, I said to myself, as many that want to read the Bible, for the first one year, it will be tuition fee. And that is what I have been doing and like I have done here today, I have give scholarship to 50 of them for a year (50 members of workers of CCC, Calvary Parish). And even if they are more, they will be studying without paying a dime for one year. They will only pay for their certificates. But that you want to earn your theology at Maranatha Bible University, you are getting your one year diploma in theology free. That is my own commitment to the development of Biblical education in the Celestial Church of Christ. And that one year is enough to equip them and get them back to work in this church. Before Baba (Ven-Sup-Evang. EB-Osofa) got here, he met my products on ground and that gave me joy. If I haven’t produced them ahead of his coming, he wouldn’t have met them on ground to work with.  And that is what Maranatha has done and is still doing all over, we are in 10 states across Nigeria at the moment with campuses and we are still opening more campuses and we will continue to do more for the glory of God.
You have not really spoken on the arbitrary charges by Christian established universities in Nigeria, does it says much about humanity?
Well, they need the money to equip the school. Education is expensive, it is the truth. We are surviving by His grace and one of the reasons why we are surviving is because God has blessed us with some individuals. People like me and some other people who will pick the bills.  Mind you, I have to pay my lecturers. Even if you are not paying tuition fees I still have to pay my lecturers. Yeah, so, that is a challenge we must factor in; education is expensive but ignorance is more expensive because it will damage you. It is only education that will redeem you.
Where do you get the inspiration to write powerful books, some of your books are just too insightful?
How many have you read?
At least I am reading “Pursuit of Prosperity” and I have found some of your books in Very Important People’s Libraries?
Wait until you read like ten of my books then you will know I write from the divinity. So many of the General Overseers in Nigeria buy my books for intellectual nourishment and ministry growth, Baba (EB Osofa) has read my books; the very first book Baba (EB Osofa) read, he said ‘Doctor, where do you get the inspiration to write your books?’, the same question you asked because I write from different perspectives. I allow the Holy Spirit to induce me, in order to write differently from how others have written. That is what the Holy Spirit has done for me. I want to write differently from what others have been writing and that is what the Holy Spirit has been doing for me. I am writing a book now titled “Being Born Again”, what people don’t understand about me is that I write from different perspectives; that is the way I write. I want to write from different angles and I want the Holy Spirit to expose that angle to me. It helps your readers to appreciate your sense of research and presentation.  So that when you pick my book, you will know that this is not like the others.
Before I round up this interview session with you, I want you to clarify this issue about Celestial Church. Fundamentally, it is spiritually agreed that a Shepherd must  be able to conduct some Spiritual Exercise like chasing out demonic spirits through spiritual baths with candle and soaps but with your own kind of approach, it seems you are kicking against the fundamentals. But Jesus said he didn’t come to destroy the Law of Moses but replenish it. Are you here to replenish the call of Oschoffa and how?
My people perish because of their lack of knowledge; this is Baba (EB Osofa). I was here some weeks back and he was counseling a woman here. I am giving you a typical example of a shepherd with the word of God.  They brought the spiritual message of the woman on a message scroll. What I want to tell you is very rare; and I sat with him and he took the message scroll and started marking down some aspects of the message, he marked item one and two and he asked the woman a question and said ‘This, I won’t do for you except you bring your husband.  I am going to cancel this’ etc; it is called spiritual discernment. What is the correlation between carrying out a spiritual deliverance work of Emere  (Ogbanje) and ‘Mu Omi Oju Ina’ (spiritual water for the killing of dream food poison), what is “Mu Omi Oju Ina?” What is the purpose of Omi Oju Ina and what is the purpose of Spiritual Deliverance for Emere Work? They are two different things but a Shepherd without discernment will merge it together but Baba discerned it and I stood and saluted his sense of discernment as the shepherd of a church. It was rare, it was great and it was knowledgeable for him to understand how this things work in the Celestial Church.  I said ‘Daddy, you are a shepherd’. Ask him; that is true shepherding. I am not saying people should not go to the stream for deliverance work (If your case permits) if you want to go to stream hundred times; it is your head-ache.  See, If you want to go to Ibadan, you can pass through the Highway to Ibadan but if you chose to pass through Igbo-Ora and Odeda, it is your choice. But I am teaching you a better ways to receive God’s blessings, just like what I taught here today, you are looking for blessings and you don’t pay tithe, you don’t pay offerings, you don’t give and you come and go then you came with spiritual items that you want the shepherd or any of the Levites to pray for you, how will God bless you? When you walk according to the dictates of God, you won’t need to go to the stream before you are delivered.  I am telling you, when you live according to the word of God and the word of God is in you, you won’t go to the bush and that is what I am teaching  Celestial. To know how to use the word, the blood, the name that God has given to us. The Devil took away those things; blind folded us and sent us to the bush.  So, he took us into ceremonial world abandoning the gospel world. So, how are we going to cleanse the word? By soap, by sponge or by the word of God, and we don’t know it. We don’t know the word. So, Dr. Omololu is not changing Celestial, Dr. Omololu is getting Celestial back on track and that is the truth and that is my message all over the world and that is what I preach. I don’t owe anybody an apology for that. To the glory of God, people are embracing me. Let me quickly give you this. The time I came in, I wouldn’t say it was a wrong time. There was no gospel, I started it. But you know that definitely I will meet a brick-wall. I met a strict adherence to religious procedures and just like Jesus came to usher in the gospel and they challenged him and they said no; they killed Jesus because they said he was changing the rules and dictates of the old religion. They would have killed me too.
Did they make any attempt on your life?
Twice they sent Hired Assassins after me.
How did you escape?
God just saved me, they met me and they told me, we are sent here to kill you that you are disturbing the hierarchy of this church (CCC) but we didn’t know you are such a young man, twice.  And they left me. But to the glory of God, I am what I am today; just by God’s grace but today, they are embracing the gospel. We are known everywhere now for the gospel and people are yearning for the gospel and the situation has changed unlike the time of the old.
You have travelled across the globe, which country do you think Celestial Faith is more prominent?
Nigeria, Celestial is better off in Nigeria than in America than in Europe. We all travelled over Europe and we can say they too are embracing the gospel. We know that God will usher in the dispensation where the gospel will thrive in the system and I must commend the efforts of all other colleagues of mine like Kunle Hamilton, Ekunola Davies, Benson Aiyegbusi and the likes of them.  They have really tried to sustain the gospel, God would bless them.
Lastly, a message for Nigerians in 2016, they year has been so hostile in the area of personal economy, how do you think Nigerians can survive 2016?
Nigerians should be patient. It will take time to re-construct what has been destroyed. They should be patient with (President) Buhari. Buhari mean well for Nigeria, he means well for the economy, he is sincere with what he is doing and all we need to do is to support him and Nigeria will be better for it, we only need this year to cross into our years of abundance. I said it in my 2016 Prophecy, that it is a year of enthronement. Nigeria is going to be enthroned in the end of the year but in the beginning of the year, it is going to be strenuous. After the first six months we will see that Nigeria will begin to take shape and everything will be better for it. Nigerians needs endurance, long suffering and we will get there. Nigeria will be great again.
Thanks for opening up to us Dr. Omololu.
Thanks and God bless you, Gbenga. 

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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  1. God bless this mission,and help the Celestial church to embrace the word rather than nonsense added unknowingly in to the doctrines of the church IJN(Amen).