Monday, 15 February 2016

RULE 67: Get Someone To Do The Stuff You Can’t

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Lagos APC Stalwart, Cardinal Omolaja Odunmbaku aka Cardinal Eto with his PDP stalwart wife and Ondo state Commissioner for Women Affairs, Lady Sinmi Odunmbaku

I have money mentors because there is loads of stuff to do with business and making money that I know nothing about. There are also loads of things which have to be done which I don’t know how to do. I could learn, but it isn’t where my talents lie.
So why go learning how to do things when there are eminently more suitable people out there who can do them? Do what you are good at and get others to do the things you can’t. Simple! Pick really good people, and let them get on with the job of making you really prosperous.

Now there are ten rules to making sure you (a) get the right people and (b) keep the right people.
1. Know exactly what it is you want done and who you want to do it.
2. Be very clear about what you want them to do for you and how much you will pay and what guidelines you will give them.
3. Care about them - they are human and mustn’t become a mere tool.
4. Keep them informed and motivated - inspire loyalty.
5. Tell them your long-term strategy - they too have a stake in your/their future.
6. If they muck up - and they will from time to time, we all do (even you Mr. Ternplar? Well, maybe not me) - then correct it and move on. Forgiveness is a good thing.
7 Praise them constantly - nothing inspires rnore than praise (oh, yes, and money of course). 
8 Set realistic targets but don’t expect the impossible.
9 Set a good example - be someone they can respect and look up to (no one likes working for a jerk) -and set high standards and live up to them yourself.
10 Remember you’re the boss, not their friend. Try to maintain dignity, distance and authority.
“All this stuff is adaptable and entirely up to you. Just make sure you treat your people well and have fun.Don’t be an insensitive bossy boss - as if!”

That should do it. There may be other things you will try, adapt, implement and use. All this stuff is adaptable and entirely up to you. Just make sure you treat your people well and have fun.
Don’t be an insensitive bossy boss - as if!
At the moment I have a wonderful accounts person. She sighs a lot as I’m always trying to find ways to ensure I’m not paying more tax than I need to - don’t we all? But all I do is ask her questions. The rest I leave entirely up to her and the relationship works. Apart from the sighing that is.

From The Book; The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar
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