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Why I didn’t do spiritual work for Jonathan—Egbeji of Nigeria, HRH Bola Adegunloye | Says “Mimiko is going to die like Agagu after his reign”

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The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Gov. Mimiko of Ondo State is going to go the way of his predecessors'
Meeting His Royal Highness, High Chief Augustine Bola Adegunloye (The Egbeji of Nigeria) inside his Ishoru, Ejigbo, Lagos-South West Nigeria Palace last Wednesday 24th of February, 2016 was not an easy task as the very busy High Chief who is always in high demand among several people of the world just returned from a trip to Canada and the United State of America where he went to witness the Church dedication of one of his grand children. Since early January, this blog have made several efforts to meet the veteran alternative medicine practitioner who is equally a gifted seer who spent seven years inside his mother’s womb before he was born some sixty six years ago.

Fondly called “Baba Egbeji” as a result of his traditional title, Egbeji of Nigeria, the founder of St. Augustine Healing Home is one of the strong men and living legends in the four corners of Nigeria as the high and mighty of the society holds him in high esteem as a result of his gift of prophecy, astrology and traditional medicine. Among his  numerous titles are; Commander of African Medicine (CAM) which he received in 1990, Supreme Commander of African Medicine (SCAM) which he received in 1991 among other medical and humanitarian titles he received home and abroad.
The very gifted Seer and trado-medical expert who have predicted so many things that has come to pass revealed in this encounter with Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika reasons behind his rise in prophecy and why many politicians including the former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan took him for granted. He spoke on his relationship with the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) through former Lagos State Commissioner for Works turned Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola. It is one encounter you will find very interesting.
However, every opinion celebrated on this blog is strictly the opinion of HRH Augustine Bola Adegunloye as shown to him by God Almighty and not the views of Asabeafrika. You can reach The Egbeji via 070-26-8822-75, 080-3352-1102 or via his website Enjoy the excerpts.   

HRH Augustine Bola Adegunloye, The Egbeji Oogun of Nigeria

We are quite happy to be with your Royal Highness this morning here in Ejigbo, we sincerely believe that God has a purpose for us to meet you and hear from you some new revelations for year 2016. First and foremost, kindly tell our readers a bit about the Egbeji?
Thank you very much, brother. I am HRH Augustine Bola Adegunloye, the Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria. My birth was a great mystery. I spent 7 years in my mother’s womb before I was born.  That is a mystery and I started this job after my experience with secular profession. I had my early degree in Telecommunications through City and Guild certificate of London in those days before I joined the Nigeria Police as a Cadet Inspector and I resigned as an Assistant Superintendent of police (ASP). I was with the Police for several years but my dad kicked against it, so, I left the police and had to start on my own. I started with Celestial Church of Christ and everybody knew me there. That was where I gave birth to my children and a lot of good things happened. I later helped a 52 years old woman who was barren and she conceived and gave birth to a child. After that experience, the woman and her husband sponsored my trip to India where I enrolled and studied at Rovins Science School in Bombay. From there somebody helped me to the Ayurvedic University in India where I studied Voodoo. Voodoo is a straight religion on witch-craft and sorcerer. It is the Primary side we practice in Nigeria where people worship Ifa and all sorts of religion under it. So, I studied metaphysics and spirituality. When I returned I started practicing the job and it was while practicing that I was invited to NTA2 Channel 5, then, there was an allegation that those who studied Voodoo are bad people so, I had to change the orientation. They created a program for me called “Reflection”. Reflection as a program helped so many people to get delivered from Witchcraft, Ogbanje and even how to keep an Ogbanje child if you have one. 
We also enlightened people about witchcraft because witchcraft has been practiced for ages even before the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Egbeji meets the GDA

But unfortunately, our law does not recognize that witchcraft can derail a person or destroy a person but reality says otherwise. I was on NTA 2 Channel 5 for 3 years. I brought a lot of education on Cultural Reflection and the importance of comprehensive trado-medical medicine. I was the one who promoted the idea that there is need for Nigeria to amalgamate traditional medicine with orthodox but unfortunately they make a big mistake in Nigeria by putting the medical doctors ahead of us which is not good for quality life. A doctor could prescribe medications and treat a person for an ailment but when we talk about witchcraft, we the traditionalists can take care of that and they don’t believe but that is the reality. There are lots of people they brought for me from the hospital and the doctor confirmed they were going to spend few days and die and after taking care of them, whatever is worrying them will go and they are living. There is a particular brand of water we do here; we call it “Power Water”. Nobody visits me here, no matter how challenging the problem is, after taking the water, the problem will go.
The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'I told Aregbesola thah he will get out of predicament on the third day and he never believed until it happened'
Then, when I was in Maroko (In the 80s) I was treating madness and getting mad people healed but later I was advised to stop it because of my children and grand children. I had to stop it and that is the only one I stopped. Other ones, no. so, in the entire journey, God has been so great to me. It is only in Africa here that we don’t respect the value of our traditional medicine and metaphysical values. I have been practicing since 1980s. Before the demolition of Maroko where I initially had my practice venue, people come to me for solutions to their problem. (Ibrahim) Babangida’s wife (Maryam) was with me, Mrs. Ndubuisi Kanu was with me, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu was with me, and many of those people were with me.  Agnes Ekanem was a bank manager at UBA at the time; many people came to me for consultation at the time including Gideon Orkar who was the mastermind of the 1992 aborted Coup. He sends his men to me at the time and I told them the project cannot be possible, that they will arrest them and they will lose. But mere seeing them around Maroko, Babangida was not happy and that led to his decision to destroy Maroko.

The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Maryam Babangida exonerated me from the Orka Coup'

How IBB’s wife saved me…
What exactly did you tell Orka when he came searching to know if he could succeed with his coup?
I told him it was not going to succeed, that it will engulf his own life. That was what I saw and Maroko was destroyed at the time because it was a suburb that was very close to the seat of power at Dodan Barrack. They believe criminals have infiltrated the area and military intelligence combed the entire area and even searched my own house at the time and nothing was found on me. General Babangida’s wife (Maryam) asked them not to touch me that I was a friend of the government, she really intervened. And they left me and didn’t harm me. But, in all sense I knew at the time that the coup plot would not work for Orka and I didn’t work for them.

“Won kii fe forogbo bo sango, won ki fee fi Obi bo Esu, garan-garan lon soro Orita, Imo won daru…etc” (burst the heat into the air) I just blew the thing through the window. I said to him ‘Aregbe, by next tomorrow I will not meet you here’, he said ‘well, let us see’. So, by the third day when I got there, they said ‘You didn’t see your friend? Your friend is back at Alausa”.

Was the Government of General Babangida thinking that you backed the Orka boys?
Of course government combed the entire area and when you see my house in Maroko then, it was so big and auspicious with all the attendant drawings. People were thinking maybe ‘this is their godfather’ but when they searched the entire building and didn’t find anything on me, they left me alone.

The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Jonathan Promised to give me N5billion but i declined'

How would you describe IBB as a person, a lot of opinion about him is that he institutionalized corruption during his reign?
He is a nice man; I won’t say he is not a nice man. Of course, during his reign was when we got all the 419 guys down to Yahoo Boys and the public lost and gained from those vices. I won’t say that is a good thing but IBB as a person is a nice person.  The direction IBB was showing us at the time was nice but when you have a military government in place, you will have a lot of dissidents who will work from within against the government and from there they will have problem. I can’t say IBB is not a nice man, he is a nice man to me o, because I gained a lot through him. He doesn’t personally give me money but through his government at the time I got some compensation because I lost 5 houses in Maroko in those days and I was given one house in Obalende area which I didn’t like. So, I sold it.
Goodluck Jonathan
How Jonathan tried to bribe me…
You were one of the first seers in Nigeria who kept warning former President Goodluck Jonathan that he needs spiritual cleansing or else he would lose the election. You started warning him in 2014, what did you see that made you to start warning the ex-president?
I saw that the party (PDP) was going to crash. I wrote to Ogbulafor (Former PDP Chairman) the entire letters are here (Showed us copies of his several letters to PDP and the Presidency), I wrote to him that the party is going to have a big problem. I said Jonathan must not accept a second term in office but they ignored me because of the marabouts around them and they actually had suspicion for me because I equally worked for people in APC. They thought I will betray them but I don’t do that. We are like doctors.
But, did Jonathan respond after all these warning letters?
Jonathan was here, he was telling me that he will give me N5 billion and all sorts of gratifications but I said ‘No, because I cant see you winning’. I don’t see you winning. He sent people to me to do things for him but I stood my ground. And when I told those people he sent to me that he was going to lose, they were not happy for what I told them. There was one lawyer from Rivers State, Osi Olisa, he was sick from South Africa and I promised to treat him from here which I did. He later came to me and he wanted to make me get through to Jonathan’s wife but I said ‘Sir, they cannot win, they will have lot of problem and many people will die and you will cause crisis in Nigeria’. So, they became afraid and started staying away from me.
How I rescued Aregbesola from OBJ’s bondage…
You said you also worked for APC, how did you fall in love with the party?
Yes, I have been working for APC when Aregbesola was a commissioner in Lagos state and as at that time, he was soliciting to become the governor of Osun state. So, he travelled to Osun-Oshogbo event and Obasanjo passed a decree that they should arrest him and he was arrested. One day I was calling him, I said ‘Where are you Aregbesola?’ and he said he is at Panti.  And I said ‘Ah, I was Inspector D3 for Panti, I will come’ (Laughs). So, I went there, when I went there, we did lots of things and through me, the Assistant Commissioner of Police at the time was the same person that used to guide Babangida’s wife to my place in those days. So, he knows me and he said ‘Ok, what can we do for you, sir?’ and I said ‘This person is a person that can help you’ and he said ‘Ok, he knows what to do’.  He said Aregesola should pretend as if he is seriously ill and he indeed pretended. So, they took him to Crystal Hospital (Egbeda). So, when they took him to Crystal Hospital, I went there again and I saw battalion of police men and all sorts of security people guiding him. I said I wanted to see him that I am the physician for his health, and I was allowed to see him. When he saw me he was speechless.
Through that place, there are lots of things we could do, like all these people that have cases I will not make them to say ‘I am returning suspects to prison’. But there are lots of things we can do for somebody that has serious problems to make him get out of the problem. So, (Went into Incantations) “Won kii fe forogbo bo sango, won ki fee fi Obi bo Esu, garan-garan lon soro Orita, Imo won daru…etc” (burst the heat into the air) I just blew the thing through the window. I said to him ‘Aregbe, by next tomorrow I will not meet you here’, he said ‘well, let us see’. So, by the third day when I got there, they said ‘You didn’t see your friend? Your friend is back at Alausa’. So, I went down to Alausa and when I saw him, he was elated and he said “Yes, you are not Egbeji of Nigeria; you are now Egbeji of Africa. You are very powerful” and from there we became friends and we moved to his tribunal case and they said the election will be done again in Osun and I said ‘Never’. I said ‘They will give you back your mandate and you will be the Governor by the Grace of Almighty God and today he is the Governor of Osun state. So, I was with him, I wont say much about him.
Mimiko’s end will be terrible…
We can see you have a prediction on Governor, Segun Mimiko of Ondo State, what is the crystal ball showing about him?
The man (Mimiko) has derailed. What happened to his predecessors will happen to him, I went to Adefarati, I met him face-to-face, and I met Agagu face to face but they told me to forget about it, you know they believe Ondo state is imbued with (Spiritual) power. Everybody knows they have power but I told them they are going to have problem and they all had problems. Agagu said ‘Oh, I am going to Ilase Odo, I wont have time with you now’, you all know what happened to him in 2012. Now, I could have decided to tell Mimiko what is lying ahead of him but he is very proud. He is highly proud and I am an elder, he is a very small boy, I know him when he was going to the University of Ife. All my brothers at Awosika Street are his mate, though he tarred our place and did lots of things in Awosika but that is not a big deal, he is so proud, he doesn’t want to see people or take advice from others except people controlled by him. That is why I don’t want to see him.

The Egbeji showed some classified documents to the GDA'

What is going to happen to him?
After his tenure, he is going to die like his predecessors. Because right now, half of Ondo people are cursing him and you know Ondo people are very patriotic. He (Mimiko) is not mainly an Ondo person but we only permitted him.
How do you mean, sir?
He is from Igbira, he is a Kogi person but he has benefited so much from Ondo because the mother is from Ondo. So, we just gather him together. He is very proud and that is why I don’t want to speak with him. But let me give you his prophecy now, Mimiko will end up like his predecessors as he has violated the rules of the spirit world. This is how I warned Adefarati and he failed. We know all what happened to him, I warned Agagu, Agagu failed and his embarrassing death is common knowledge to all and I wrote to (Olu) Falae one time, that something is going to befall him, he did not reply, he lost his son in that plane crash. I predicted the victory of Mimiko in Newswatch of those days but he is just an ordinary person.

The Egbeji & The GDA

He is said to have betrayed Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu who sponsored his victory at the tribunal and today he is even supporting former Governor Ali-Modu Sheriff of Borno State as new PDP Chairman despite rejection from party leadership?
He is a bad person. Now, the PDP will this time go down and they will not hear about them again. I am only sorry for Tinubu, he is a man of the people, and he is the one who is a replica of Awolowo because he tries to bridge tribes together. All tribes are together under him, they are under one umbrella. He is a very good traditionalist, very nice man. When he was in Lagos, Lagos was not like this; later Fashola took after him but this man that is there he doesn’t listen to people. I have written to him but he ignores.

The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'God reveals things to me about people and i tell and solve it for them'

Ambode might not make 2nd term…
You mean Akiwunmi Ambode?
Yes, Ambode, he doesn’t listen and look at what is happening to people in Lagos now. He is demolishing markets and shops, killing the means to people’s survival, all these things have repercussion. It is very bad and it will affect him and his family after power. This Ambode of a man did not follow his predecessors.
How do you mean, sir?
He did not listen to traditionalists. During the time of Tinubu and Fashola, during the Muslim festival, they will send a ram, bag of rice and lot of things to me, not just me alone but every traditional chief in the entire Lagos State. But this man has neglected everybody, very arrogant and a small boy. I wrote to him twice, I gave the letter to Prince Tajudeen Olusi and Prince Olusi endorsed the letter and sent it to him and they kept posting, they will say ‘come today, come tomorrow’ me? I say he should do something so that trouble will not happen in Lagos, cant you see what is happening in Lagos now? See, what is happening in Lekki now, children are dying of measles. Lots of things are happening. Even some boys are saying they are “Awawa” in Agege. When Fashola was there, nobody could make ‘peke’. He was the one who destabilized the whole bad people at Oshodi but this man is just trying to be breaking shops and sending people out of business which is not the best thing. What he is doing is not for the sake of his party or whatever, but when the repercussion comes, they will treat him and his family very soon. Yes, he will not end well. His Governorship role will not end well.
Gov. Ambode
So, in Lagos, Governor Ambode is warned to stop demolishing markets because of his personal household. Ambode should also perform some urgent rituals rites for him to have a peaceful tenure and also make Lagos become crime free. It is confirmed in the spirit world that if he fails to do the spiritual work urgently, he might regret being a governor. I did same thing during Tinubu’s second term and for Fashola’s first and second term consequently. I have written him (Ambode) through Chief of Staff, Olakunle Ojo but he failed to deliver the letter to Ambode. I equally wrote him through Prince Olusi, through Tunji Bello (SSG) and up till now, he has not responded. So, Governor Ambode should recognize the role of the traditionalists so that he can enjoy what his predecessors enjoyed.

The Egbeji to Asabeafrika...'Gov. Ambode has failed to tow the path of his predecessors and what i see happening to him is bad'

Maybe Mr. Ambode is a born again Christian and he might not believe your religion?
Nigerians like fake things, some people are carrying white hair on their heads as a Pastor and they are still telling lies, which is wrong. You know what they did to Jonathan, they took him to a place in Israel where he knocked his head on the stone but nothing still came out of it. I was the one who told him he can never win and he asked me why but I am not actually the one saying it, when I want to predict, I will be alone and I will hear the voice in my hear which I will interpret to people which I have been doing for years. When people come to me, after they have paid their consultation fees, they will fill a form and I will be writing cabalistic magic writing. In that cabalistic magic writing I will tell them what is their problem, what make them to be there and why they are suffering. So, they know me. When I say something, so be it because God reign supreme in all His gifts.

(Watch out for Part 2 of Baba Egbeji’s Exclusive tagged “How Aregbesola betrayed me” & “Why Tinubu might not see 2019 Election” after this time out)

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