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Pastors who tax members aside tithe are not Christ-like — Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede | Says “Buhari should not trust his aides” | + The 4 things that can destroy a man of God

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Baba Ago with the GDA

In this concluding part of the Silver Jubilee exclusive (We earlier ran Part 1& Part 2 on this blog) with great man of God, Prophet (Dr.) Titus Adeniyi Jegede, founder of Christ Apostolic Church, Ago Adura Nla Ti Gbogbo Eniyan, the man of God came out strong with his rebuke for men of God in today’s society who have turned the vineyard of God into a money-minting enterprise, sucking dry their congregants on all sides. Baba Ago describes them as men who are not Christ-like in nature because they lack mercy. The founder of the Ago Adura Nla Ti Gbogbo Eniyan whose church will be celebrating her Silver jubilee anniversary this Sunday, April 24th in Lagos equally gave his mind on the crisis of reputation rocking the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) and spoke on the four things that can ruin the calling of a man of God. The Ilesha-Osun State born seer equally gave President Muhammad Buhari a Yuan advice. Let’s read on Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika. Enjoy!
Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede to Asabeafrika...'Men of God who tax their congregation beside tithe are not Christlike'
Sir, let me take you a bit off track. Your church Ago Adura seems to cater for the poor, sir, what is your opinion on Capitalists Pastors who use both tithes and offerings given to them by worshipers to build schools and other investments that does not benefits the lives of their members?
That is the only way you will know that those whom God anointed for the solution of people’s problems are not many. If you have been following my ministry you will see that we don’t promote capitalist Christian policies here, I once sponsored some people who wanted to earn doctorate degree in theology. I sponsored and paid for their scholarship because I knew they couldn’t afford the cost of study and they were many. So, that is how God send us, it is not about snatching wealth off people. God anointed me under a spirit of mercy. There are some people if they bring sick people here or they bring mad people for deliverance, I will even give them food from my pocket because the person that brought the mad person has spent a fortune and is broke; so, I will spend for the sick and ill, I will give them food till they are okay and leave. That is how God has sent me. But for me to now establish schools and people can’t send their children to such schools because of the cost of payment, I don’t think that is good enough for a Christian. Yes, they are looking for money but my own God is a merciful God. He didn’t send me with such assignment. Even go and look at my prayer books, the costliest one among my publication is N200. Everything I charge on my literatures is to be able to even re-print more and keeps that aspect of the ministry going if not; I would have even made it free.  If I pray for you and you are blessed, you can give me money offering, I will take because I will pray for you and you will get victory. Maybe you are being owed money for a long time, you will get your money and you will bring your tithe here that is my own gratification. 
Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede to Asabeafrika...'President Buhari must keep secrets from his aides and do what his mind tells him'
The role of Tithe in the Church….
Sir, let’s talk about the tithe you just mentioned. This tithe of a thing, what did God say you men of God should do with it, because a lot of people got tithes only to buy private jets and build expensive schools, what is the real objective of tithe in the church? 
Tithe is simply for the development of the church; here I don’t like to say ‘go and bring money or you bring thirty or forty thousand’ no, it is from the tithe everyone pays that we run the affairs of the church, that is what I used to build this cathedral (His Ile-Epo Cathedral where the interview took place), I didn’t ask congregants to sponsor any project, I used tithes to erect this structure, go and find out. Even at Eruku where I am now which is now Head Quarter, near Abeokuta, I built it with tithe and free offering. It is what my congregation gives me as their priest that I use, I have faith in the efficacy of tithe, I don’t disturb my congregants. At times, I can even say I want to cook for everybody (Luke 6:30-34) the moment I have the money I will cook for all. So, I don’t believe in putting people under the yoke of economic pressure in the name of serving Christ.

 “I didn’t ask congregants to sponsor any project, I used tithes to erect this structure, go and find out. Even at Eruku where I am now which is now Head Quarter, near Abeokuta, I built it with tithe and free offering. It is what my congregation gives me as their priest that I use; I have faith in the efficacy of tithe. I don’t disturb my congregants”

Pastors who charge members arbitrarily are not merciful…
Some Pastors will ask ten people to rise up and make covenant payment of N1million each, some N2million and all sorts of monies until they get both the highest and lowest denomination?
(Cuts in) Those ones are not genuine men of God, just watch their life pattern and you will be able to deduce what they stand for. You see Jesus Christ, the ministry of Jesus Christ in the Bible, if you read it thoroughly; it is a ministry of mercy. Jesus is a genuine merciful father. He does not want pain for anybody, His own is mercy and possibilities. Don’t fight people, don’t disturb people, and don’t make life difficult for people. Those are the qualities of Jesus Christ and those are the qualities of any good Christian leader in the vineyard. It is as simple as that. By their fruits you shall know them.
The GDA by Baba Ago's official Car
If you are to be given the chance to speak to some of these fraudulent pastors, what will you tell them to do?
What I will just ask them is this ‘Can that humongous wealth take you to the kingdom of God?’ that is my question. Can God write it in His book that they did well with this kind of Christianity? These monies they are asking for, is that the greatness of ministerial work? Or that the people should turn away from their iniquities and be saved? An armed robber who decided to stop robbing after listening to your sermon is the greatest joy of a dedicated minister of God, you can ask for all the monies in the world and a 419 or armed robbers will even give you more money and because you are blind by your desires you won’t be able to tell the 419 and the armed robber the truth. 
Front view of Ago Adura Nla Church
In fact, sir, a jerry curl wearing Pastor in Oregun area of Lagos state will always collect N1000 each from his congregant every 31st of December before they can be allowed in, is that Christ-like?
You know, Nigerians, may God let us know the truth because a lot of Nigerians don’t even want to hear the truth. If the preacher is saying the truth, some people will get so angry but once you can lie to them, they will be happy. But as for me, since the day God called me, I said truth will be it. Anyone that will stay should stay and anyone that wants to leave should leave. Truth is sacred and that is what God send me to declare. Declare truth and truth will set you free. 
The GDA display a poster of the 25th anniversary behind Baba Ago's official car
Secret of Ago Adura…
Your church, CAC Ago Adura Nla Gbogbo Eniyan is so popular, what is the secret of your popularity?
It is like when the star of Jesus appeared and the three wise men went in search of it. If your calling is clear, the wise ones, the educated ones and the intelligent ones of this world will seek you. If you say you are in a secret society, and you see Baba Ago, you will know God is light and that truly He sent me to do His work. And if I write a prayer book and I start declaring those prophetic prayers, no matter how intelligent you are; there is no herbalist or seer that want to pass, he must pass through my word before he can get his miracle. Because it is the Bible that put together all words and I am now putting them together in my book in our own native language in Nigeria, for mass readership and this is the reason a lot of people buy my prayer book to pray with and share for gospel work. The book is not an ordinary book, it gives miracle. Some people sleep with it and they get their miracle, some will read it in water to drink and bath and they get their miracle healing. In fact, Muslims are the ones who come here most. You will see a lot of them with their head tie, they came to pray.
(Cuts in) Yes, we saw some among your guests today?
Yes, they came to pray because the calling is of God. Alhajis will come, Alhajas will come, even members of Celestial Church will come and we will pray and call God to heal and intervene in their matter. Everybody will come; I don’t discriminate because the work God gave me is not just for Christians alone; it is for the whole world.
Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede to Asabeafrika...'Rich men who brought wealth into the church are the bane of the multi-pastoralist wars in the churches'
I said I am going to ask you this; you are one Man of God who does not put his wife’s picture with his on crusade posters? Why, because a lot of men of God these days will put their wives pictures with theirs in any program bulletin and poster?
Can both of them die same day? That is the question you should ask such a pastor when you see such. Ask him that ‘Sir, if you want to die, can you take your wife along?’ is it the same calling God gave them? It is he who God calls that He calls nobody shares a divine mandate with the bearer. Leave your wife and children out of church affairs; your wife can cook your food for you and take care of the home front but when it comes to gospel work, there are categories of gospel works a woman can do if you don’t want to put yourself in trouble.
Sir, what is your advice for men of God who add juju (Charm) to their callings, some buried live human beings under their church building and some even buried babies on their altars; what do you have for them?
You see, anybody who dies, we on this planet earth cannot see him weather he is in hell or heaven, we can’t contact such people again but the good thing is that those on earth should stand on the truth. Don’t add juju to your calling. Stay at the level of your anointing; don’t add any funny thing to your anointing. What God did not ask you to unravel, don’t force yourself to unravel it. Some men of God are given the grace of one talent but they want to multiply the talent and in doing that they now go after herbalists or sorcerers to make charms for them, that is totally out of it. 
Anytime you hear on radio or you read in the newspapers that a man of God is caught for Juju or ritual scandal, how do you feel as a man of God?
You know the Bible has already said it, that we will always have people like that in the community of Christians. We will always see them, we can’t do without seeing such because majority of these pastors are not called. They only decided to invest in church business as business. So, in taking it as business they can use anything, they can use Juju, they can kill people and they are good in fornication. Some Pastors have six concubines with their wives. We have such people who are famous with big-big churches here and there. But if you are watching him on Youtube, you will think he is a good man. So, such stealthy personalities will always be around but he who God sent should always stand with God. 

“You see Jesus Christ, the ministry of Jesus Christ in the Bible, if you read it thoroughly; it is a ministry of mercy. Jesus is a genuine merciful father. He does not want pain for anybody, His own is mercy and possibilities. Don’t fight people, don’t disturb people, and don’t make life difficult for people”

Prophet (Dr.) T. A. Jegede to Asabeafrika...'At Ago Nla, we believe in the power and eficacy of the Psalms because it aide prayers to acceptance'
Why CAC crisis cannot stop…
Sir, the Christ Apostolic Church is one great Church that has given birth to many families which Ago Adura is one of them. But one unfortunate scenario with the church is the fact that the church is presently divided into two factions, sir, what do you think is responsible for this and how do we solve the crisis?
The reason for all these fights is one, money. The second one is position. Everyone wants to hold the position of authority; that is all. If you say you want to eradicate all these, it could be difficult. I told them like 8 years ago, that this fight can never end. That was before our faction’s president, Ogunlade died. I said the end of the rift might come but you elders should pray that it should happen in your life time because you can’t appease death. I said all the elders will die; they won’t get to Canaan Land because they are full of mistrust for each other which mean this man does not want to stoop low and the other man wants to be in position of authority. So, even if the fight ends, they will be looking for whom to make the head because the fundamentals have gone wrong. There is war and mistrust in the leadership cadre of the church and no good leadership can come out of mistrust; except God takes all these elders away and we now have a cream of young people that will get to Canaan land.
Why I sacked my Pastors….
How do you really think multi-pastoralist tendencies can stop in the church, what is your own strategy in Ago Adura?
Ah! My brother, my aides here will testify to it; I send away like 5 pastors sometimes ago. After that episode, I sent away another set of 5 pastors when I saw this kind of thing (Beef for Power) rearing among my pastors.  Secondly, I also sent away all my elders, why? They will destabilize the church. What really fuels this kind of crisis in the church is when these people see rich men, they will start to run after them and the rich man does not know anything, the rich man is driven by the craze of his money, rich men will always think money is the ultimate and that is why these elders keep running after them, and because the church now derails a bit by appointing these rich people as Baba Ijo, as elders, as Pastors etc; except the church stop these nonsense and consult the Holy Spirit to give direction on who to appoint to position of authority. That is the only way multi-pastoralist tendency can stop in the church.
What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in 25 years of running a big church like Ago Adura?
The first one is ‘don’t be proud’. Anyone that wants to lead a tribe of people should humble himself because of the needy ones. A church leader must not be arrogant, don’t start creating some ambiguous budgets that ‘oh, you want to build some big cathedrals or you want to organize an event that does not tally with people’s challenges’. Don’t say ‘Oh, we need hundred million naira to do this and that’ always say ‘If God permits’. Don’t go and be borrowing money to do God’s work.  A shepherd is there to guide his sheep not to hurt or milk them. Imagine someone like me who relates with the poor people now saying I want to start using a Private jet, it can’t be possible. Let us be moderate in whatever we do, if it is water we can afford to drink during an event, let us drink the water, we don’t have money for minerals. That is how I behave. If I want to buy a car worth N7million, I will say ‘please get me a second hand value’. I will say ‘I can’t buy the brand new because the money for this brand new can buy two’ except you buy the car yourself and give it to me. But for me to dip hand in church’s purse and go buy one exotic car, no, no, no. That is not me.

“Yes, because if they do small Juju today, tomorrow they want to do a bigger version of the Juju and that is the beginning of getting addicted to Juju and from there their calling will be destroyed by the devil”.

Baba Ago to Asabeafrika...'I dont need a Private jet because that is not the immediate need of my congregation'
I don’t want a Private Jet…
Sir, if you are given a private jet, would you now reject it?
Where am I taking the private jet to? Where am I parking it?
I mean, you can just park it at the airport and pay for the space?
What do I want to be doing with it at the airport? My brother, an aero plane is not important to me. It is not a priority; my ministry caters for a whole lot of people. If you bring money that is ok but aero plane is not important to us; in fact, it is a vehicle of arrogance.
Can you tell us your favorite Bible verse?
You know, anyone that is adept with praying, he must be familiar with the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. There is no verse we can’t use to pray, I cannot say this is my favorite verse in the Bible because I have interpreted the entire Bible from the beginning to the end. That is it.
Why Psalm is Powerful…
Your prayer books always emphasize on reading of Psalms, what is the secret of praying with Psalm?
Psalm is a conglomerate of covenant words written by spiritual people who lived in times past. Majority of them wrote it under various divine influences, some under condition of poverty while some wrote theirs under the atmosphere of praise. The words used in writing those lines are so powerful in today’s world. That is the reason why Psalm is so powerful. It is the word of God and those who wrote Psalms wrote it under serious conditions. If you read it, it drives away evil spirit and we encourage Christians to use Psalms to support their prayer life because those words are covenant words.
Sir, in the last election, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was seen to have supported the ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and in the course of doing that, the leadership of CAN became partisan and lost her reputation. What is your advice for CAN? 
What I will tell CAN is that they should stand on the dictates of the Holy Spirit, ‘this is what God says’ is the most powerful weapon of Christianity. The Holy Spirit is the real messenger of God not the physical body. If God did not manifest through the Holy Spirit, they should not manifest or prophesy it. But some people didn’t see anything, yet they want the politicians to believe that they saw. Some even went to collect money behind. So, all I can advise CAN leadership is to forego all acts of fraud and manipulation. They should be holy because our Lord, the one who send us is holy.
Who is your role model in Church Leadership?
You see, anyone that is doing the kind of job I am doing can only have one role model which is Jesus Christ our Lord. You must not say this person is my father, no. There is nothing like that in the Bible; anyone called a prophet, we don’t believe somebody is bigger than us or carry your bag and follow you behind, never! We don’t prostrate for people; a real prophet does not wear cap. If I am in front of a king I must not prostrate for the king. I will say ‘Kabiyesi’ and he will return the greeting, that’s all. So, will I now say someone is my role model? No; no one called me but the living God. I don’t have any master but God. I don’t have any role model but Jesus Christ.
Buhari must not trust his aides…
If you see President Buhari today, what is going to be your advice to him on how to run this great nation; especially as regards the bad economic situation?
The GDA meets Prophet (Dr.) Titus Adeniyi Jegede aka Baba Ago
My advise is that President Buhari should not trust those that are around him, he should be wary of them, that thing that thing that is inside him, that he wants to do, he should continue with his gesture. He should also be wary of those who predict, but he should ask for the truthful ones. There are many truthful people in the country who can give him genuine advise and direction on where and how to go about his life. People who can help him with prayers; the first thing, is for him not to trust those he has around him so that they won’t destroy his government. Among the people he has in his government, those who can destroy his government are there; people who don’t want things to work well for him. He should be careful with his aides and ministers; that is all I can say to him.
Some Prophets do release their yearly prophecies, why are you not doing so?
You see, some people want to be known; that is the strategy. But for me, it is God that sent me and it is only God that can promote my ministry.
Yes, because this is the first time you are even talking in the last one decade, why are you scarce?
My people know me, if I stand before them; there is nothing I can’t do with prayer but for me to be showing myself in the public, never. I don’t believe in it, God called me and He alone can exhibit my talent. Yes, there are people who predict and forecast that one is different from revelation. There is a difference between revelation and prediction. Some people will just look at the trend and after studying the trend very well; they will predict and give a forecast. But revelation is “Thus says the Lord of host”. So, those who are predicting are only forecasting and that is why you won’t see it come to pass.
How do you start your day as a Church Leader?
The Right Wing of the Ago Adura Nla Cathedral
Ah, ah! You see, there are lots of secrets with a Prophet. I don’t have a particular daily routine. I can just wake up by 2am and the day has broken for me. I can also stand up by 3am and that is it. You know all the Prayer books I write are done under divine inspiration; it could come in the middle of the night. I can even put off the entire light and just light on the charger to write it. Even if the fan is making noise, I will put it off that is why you can’t see any air condition in my office, I dislike it. So, I don’t have a daily routine. Even here in the church you can’t find me in the office, because people will bring water for me to pray over and I have to do all sorts of spiritual activities. You can’t see me in the office, I don’t have an office because I don’t have time for pleasure, I am always on my leg walking and working.
The four things that can ruin a man of God…
In 25 years, what are the things you find out that can ruin the life of a man of God?
The first thing is that they should be wary of women. Because when I started my ministry, it was with men, it was the men I asked to be coming to the night vigil but those who fail to understand or who lack knowledge in the things of God, they will not understand that women can scatter things in the ministry. Secondly, they should be very careful with money, the love of money is evil. It is not bad for you to be rich but to now have the love of money in your heart could be slightly dangerous. A man of God should not be too conscious about money, that you must look for money at all cost, it is evil in the sight of God. The third one is Juju (Ogun) they must stop using Juju to influence God’s work. They should not use anything Juju; they must run away from it so that they won’t be destroyed.
So, Juju can ruin the life of a man of God?
Another side of the church
Yes, because if they do small Juju today, tomorrow they want to do a bigger version of the Juju and that is the beginning of getting addicted to Juju and from there their calling will be destroyed by the devil. Another one is that they should not have friends; a genuine man of God does not keep friends. A man of God who has friends or committee of friends will never be faithful to his call.
The GDA with Prophet (Dr.) T.A. Jegede after the encounter
Lastly, kindly give your silver jubilee advice to Nigerians
Our people must be lenient with Government. People talk too much in this country, you see some people talk on television and such a person could have authority on his tongue, he is not a Pastor o but when he speaks that his English, what he  said will just come to pass. So, this debate and debate exercise is too much, even when our footballers are performing, they have not gotten to second half, you see them saying all sorts of things, casting and binding the team already. So, we must reduce all these confusion, we must be knowledgeable like the snake and have a peaceful nature like the dove. This is what the white people use and they are successful. They don’t reveal their secrets. Look at Boko Haram, the military will come out and say this, other security forces will come out and say another thing and the press will publish their strategies. Stop revealing your secrets. God is secret and anyone that wants to work with God must be secretive. Like President Buhari is now, he must have secret. He must be secretive, not that they will be monitoring him and be saying all what he is doing here and there, he ate Eba yesterday in Lagos and he is going to eat Tuwo tomorrow in Kano, we don’t need all that. We are not secretive in this nation and that is why we lost it in many things that we do in this country. We must be careful and learn to keep secrets.

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