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Exclusive: Pastor gets N10M worth Ford Explorer Jeep from daughters for 70th birthday bash + Pics of the Wonder-on-heels

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'OLD THINGS SHALL PASS AWAY' Pastor Luke Okpuruka alighting from his old Nissan Jeep

Saturday April 16, 2016 will remain a very memorable day in the life of a Nigerian clergy in the person of Pastor Luke Chukwumaeze Madukwem Okpuruka of Redeemed Christian Church of God as his three beautiful daughters, Adaku, Kelechi & Chinasa gave him a brand new Ford Explorer Jeep (2016 Model) on his 70th birthday celebration.
The Obowo, Imo State born man of God who clocked 70 on same day was taken unaware as the August gift was handed over to him at 3:15 PM at The Grace Place Events Center on Evo Road, Port Harcourt GRA, Rivers State (Southern Nigeria).   The ex-NITEL executive turned man of God broke down in tears as the gift was handed over to him in the presence of a large crowd of guests who came from all walks of life to celebrate with him.

Baba & Mama in a historic pose with their daughters & In-laws at the event
Adaku (First daughter) who is married to Pastor Emmanuel Okolo, a top Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor in Bayelsa State. Kelechi (Second daughter) who is married to Engineer Sam Anya, a top Engineer and business man in Rivers State and Chinasa who is married to top business man Mr. Uzoma Iwuagwu, MD/CEO Maconi Engineering and Logistic Company shocked their dad when it was time for guest to give out gifts to celebrant as they announced their gift of a car to dad.  His two last kids Godswill and Favour (boys) who are still in the high school witnessed the memorable event.
'OLD THINGS SHALL PASS AWAY', Baba's old Nissan Jeep Car
Reacting to the gesture by his daughters, Pastor Okpuruka who is an ex-Biafran soldier during the 1967-1970 Nigerian Civil War said what happened to him that day can only be described as one of the most memorable event of his life since he was born on April 16, 1946. Pastor Luke who initially broke down in tears told the audience how his children and in-laws surprised him in a very big way and why he cherished their gesture so much. He narrated to a bewildered audience how he was totally kept in the dark regarding his 70th birthday celebration and the August gift; “When my driver drove me into this venue earlier in the day, I asked him, ‘are you sure we are in the right venue? Are you sure this is not a political meeting venue?”  But my darling wife (Madam Lovina Chile Okpuruka) said ‘Dear we are at the right venue’. I didn’t believe my eyes”.
Baba & Mama with their grand children
 Pa Opuruka who arrived the venue of his birthday celebration at 12:30pm in his old Nissan Jeep said he couldn’t believe his eyes at the level of generosity shown to him by his children. He went ahead to thank them for receiving the training he bestowed upon them as a father and making use of the training. He equally thanked their spouses for making him a successful father-in-law showering prayers of blessings upon them. It was obvious someone had made Papa’s day.
'THE LORD HAS DONE A NEW THING' Baba and Mam leaves in their brand new FORD EXPLORER 2016 Model Jeep
“I will describe him as a great man. I am so happy  to have been a son to him by marrying his daughter, he is a wonderful father, a praying father; he has done so many things for me that I can’t even express. All I wish him is many more years and a longer good time on earth”

Analysts at the event believed that Pastor Luke Okpuruka’s stand with God was responsible for the grace he enjoyed as the gesture finally paid off in the long run. Guests and well-wishers later joined Papa and his family to unveil the new car which was neatly packed outside the venue with a wedding like ribbon strewn across the car with a “Daddy @ 70 Happy Birthday” tag which seated on a green-white-green background which symbolizes Pastor Okpuruka’s statesmanship as a Nigerian.
Speaking to Asabeafrika after the event, Pastor Luke Okpuruka’s 3 son-in-laws told us why they honored their father-in-law with the N10 Million worth Ford Explorer jeep. First to speak with Asabeafrika is Pastor Emanuel Okolo who is married to Baba’s first daughter, Adaku.
Baba & Mama on their Red Carpet Stage
Okolo who is equally a Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor like his father-in-law described Baba like this “He is a great man, why, because he is one person that has encouraged his children and everybody around him to move closer to God. For me, that is greatness”.
On why the Kogi state born clergy married Pastor Luke’s first daughter, he replied “Of course I married her because of her great background, precisely; everyone that want to get married would know that marriage is not a show, it is a serious business. And if you want to marry somebody who will go with you through the thick and thin of life, you have to also look at the family background and make a choice based on God’s direction. So, that Christian background is important and as you can see, the man is 70 today and he is still with his wife, the woman of his youth days. That is a pointer to everybody that he is a great man” the Pastor noted.
'THE LORD SHALL DO A NEW THING' Pastor Luke Okpuruka's brand new Ford Explorer Jeep brought to the venue without Baba's knowledge
 Abia state born Engineer Sam Anya, Baba’s second son-in-laws also gave his views to this blog.  He described his father-in-law as a rare father “I will describe him as a great man. I am so happy  to have been a son to him by marrying his daughter, he is a wonderful father, a praying father; he has done so many things for me that I can’t even express. All I wish him is many more years and a longer good time on earth” on what the Engineer learnt from Baba, he said “His spiritual nature and his way with God”
Imo state born Mr. Uzoma Iwuagwu was next to speak, he told Asabeafrika why Pastor Luke is a great father-in-law “Yeah, well, we thank God for his life, he has lived well and this is one way of saying ‘thank you’ that we have gained a lot from a life well spent by you.  We have more good things that will come his way because he has given a lot to his children whom we are married to and we are also blessed by him. We (Son-in-laws) pray that we will do more and more for him than what you see today” On what other Parents can learn from  his father-in-law, the founder of Maconi Logistic and Engineering Ltd said “Be a support to your children and God will bless you with long life”

(More Reports and Interviews from the event on this blog after this time out)

An Impeccable Gift for an Impeccable Father @ 70
Baba & Mama with their imoeccable Son-in-laws, Pastor, Emmanuel Okolo, Engineer Sam Anya & Mr. Uzoma Iwuagwu
Baba breaks down in tears as one of his daughters held him tight 'Dad, I love you. Dont lose your emotion for this. You gave us the best education and we are returning it to you in this way'

Baba standing behind his Birthday Gift

Baba's in-law, Pastor Emmanuel Okolo to Asabeafrika...'Baba is a genuine Christian'

Baba's son-in-law Engineer Sam Anya to Asabeafrika...'Baba is a rare father to me'

Baba's son-in-law Mr. Uzoma Iwuagwu to Asabeafrika...'This is just a tip of the icerbeg for a great father'

Baba, bewildred @ what Adaku, Kelechi, Chinasa & their spouses did to him. He prayed

Lady Evangelist Lovina Chile Okpuruka alights from husband's old Jeep Car

Pastor Luke Chukwumaeze thankking guests for making his event

Pastor Luke Okpuruka arriving The Grace Place in his old Nissan Jeep on April 16

Pastor Luke Okpuruka goes staright into Seventy with a FORD EXPLORER

Pastor Luke Okpuruka's miracle daughters; R-L; Mrs Kelechi Sam Anya, Mrs. Adaku-Okolo & Mrs. Chinasa Iwuagwu

Pastor Okpuruka; a Blessed Man @ 70

PRAY YOU HAVE THEM AMONG YOUR KIDS; Pastor Luke Okpuruka's miracle daughters; Kelechi, Adaku & Chinasa

The Brand New Jeep for Baba's 70th Birthday Gift by Daughters

The Interior of the Powerful automobile

The lucky man, Pastor Luke Okpuruka with his soul mate, Lady Evangelist Lovina Chile Okpuruka on their happiest day on earth

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