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6 things PEAK Milk can do to your kid’s brain + Hear what experts said about PEAK 4-5-6

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Members of the Peak Nutrition Forum in a rare pose with Arts Jan Triest (CMO) Professor Ngozi Nnam and Mrs. Fadairo from Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs...all posing with PEAK 4-5-6
It is becoming increasingly obvious that efforts to stimulate growth and advance the cause of development in the life of the Nigerian Child basically lies in a conscientious effort of giving him  adequate nutrition  from the first week of delivery down to the first one thousand days of adolescence.
This was the theme of discuss by a team of experts at the Wednesday, June 15, 2016 PEAK Nutrition Forum organized by leading Nigerian Diary Producer, FrieslandCampina the producers of the PEAK and Three Crown dairy brands in Lagos. The event which took place on the 2nd floor of the Prestigious Oriental Hotel, Lekki; Lagos-South West Nigeria had experts and stakeholders in the nutrition and mind health development sector of the country tackling the issue of poor nutrition in Nigeria.

The event also witnessed the launching of a brand new PEAK milk brand, PEAK   4 5 6 which is scientifically produced for the growth and development of children between age 4 to 6 years. Recall that PEAK already had the PEAK 1 2 3 for children of ages 1 to 3. With PEAK 4 5 6, it appears FrieslandCampina is taking her nutrition security plan a step further to give comprehensive care to the Nigerian child from  cradle to year 6.

The PEAK Nutrition Forum is an annual event which brings up topical issues in the health and nutrition sector with the invitation of experts from diverse disciplines in the health sector to deliberate and set agenda for government at both local and national level on how to use nutrition as a weapon to develop the human capital sector of the country.
This year’s edition was on ‘the Power of milk for the brain of a child in his or her formative years’ and the speakers for the 2016 edition seems to know more than the organizers on the issue of using milk to develop the brain and giving nutrition security to the Nigerian child.
Apparently tired of seeing the Nigerian child slide deeper into the pit of intellectual paralysis with grave danger for tomorrow’s leadership, many of the discussants at the forum appear to be giving themselves conscientiously to reversing the ugly trend. Their resolve to facilitate the retrieval of the brain of the Nigerian child from the stinking and humiliating gutters of intellectual paralysis is seen to steam the heart of the theme.

L-R; Prof. Ngozi Nnam, Mr. Aart Jan Van Triest, Dr. Adegboyega Ogunwale, Mrs. Alaba Fadairo (Lagos Ministry of Women Affairs) and Mr Tarang Gupta

Moderating the discuss was Dr. Adegboyega Ogunwale, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta, Ogun State-South West Nigeria. Guests, journalists, nutritionists and other invited stakeholders at the forum wondered why FrieslandCampina would have a Psychiatrist moderate and proffer solution to issues relating to human nutrition. But it was soon discovered that FrieslandCampina’s strategy is a novelty as many cases of mental retardation and mental health destruction actually began with poor nutritional regimes between the ages of 4 to 7 years which are the most critical years of a child’s brain.
The need for a Psychiatrist to tell the story of ‘how vulnerable the mind is if not well fed was appreciated.

Professor Ignatius Onimawo....'70% of brain development takes place in the womb'

Co-discussants are; Prof Ignatius Onimawo a PhD holder in human nutrition and specialist in human energy balance. Professor Onimawo who attended the event with his beautiful wife, Mrs. Jane Onimawo is presently the Vice Chancellor of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma-Edo State—South-South Nigeria.

Dr. Akintunde Okeniyi....'There is need for Government at the Center to subsidize milk for all Nigerian children of school age'

Dr. John Akintunde Okeniyi the second discussant is a human physiologist and a consultant pediatric cardiologist with interests in neonatal care. He is presently a lecturer (associate professor) in pediatrics and child health with over 40 academic publications at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,-Osun State-South West Nigeria. The father of 4 lovely kids stormed the event with his son, Oluwatobiloba.
Mrs. Tolulope Owolabi a Certified Chattered Accountant and Mother of two was the only female on the panel while Mr. Tarang Gupta, the Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina and father of one sat on the panel as a member.
Opening the discus, Dr. Adegboyega Ogunwale, who is a musician, psychiatrist, writer, lawyer and mental health expert alerted stakeholders  in the nutrition community that his ‘team of four help finders’ were more than intelligent and capable enough to re-invent Nigeria with their suggestions. Ogunwale who is also gifted with the wit of language and literature mesmerized his listeners with his conscientious quotations from various philosophers on the marriage of nutrition, nurture and nature. The mental health specialist quoted philosopher Socrates in his opening remarks saying that ‘Let your food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be your food’. He opened the forum with pomp and nostalgia.

Dr. Akintunde Okeniyi....'A brain given enough milk today will grow to fend for the future'

What the experts said about Milk….  
 First to speak was Dr. Akintunde Okeniyi. He blamed the Nigerian government his opening remarks, for taking a back seat in the simple task of using milk to develop the brain of the average child. He noted that Britain, after the Second World War made it a compulsory effort to deliver milk to the door steps of every home around the country and later sustained it as a national exercise.  The human physiologist said that single gesture of giving her citizens milk is the reason why Britain became Great Britain. The Doctor noted with pain that majority of Nigerian children today are not getting the best desired nutrition which has made about 30% of Nigerian children stunted physically because of lack of requisite energy to develop their brains and bones. Okeniyi noted that “children between ages 4 and 5 are the worst hit as they suffer malnutrition in most cases and by age 5 when they need the adequate nutrient to grow, they become weak and become victims of stunted growth because their system lacks the requisite energy”.

Dr. Adegboyega Ogunwale....'The Issue of nutrient is the primary problem that causes psychiatric challenges'

Professor Ignatius Onimawo in his opening remarks took his allegation directly to the child in the womb. The Professor of human nutrition and human energy balance believed that 70% of Nigerian children lost their intellectual and physical balance right from the womb. “If a Pregnant mother is adequately nourished the child in her womb will develop well up to 4kg at birth and it will affect the child’s brain”. The Prof stated further, “70% of brain developments take place in the womb. And when the child is born, all the critical nutrients the child needs for growth are already situated in the breast milk and for 6 months, you are to feed that child with undiluted breast milk but after that you need complementary nutrient. For those who cannot feed their babies beyond 6 months, the critical nutrients are Maize, Sorghum, Millet and others, that will stimulate brain development and physical activity”.

Mr. Tarang Gupta.....'Our major aim is to nourish Nigerian families with quality dairy'

 The Vice Chancellor of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma however regretted that there is no awareness on the part of government coupled with lack of effort at ensuring that mothers give their wards adequate nutrients that will stimulate brain development and physical growth before age 7. “Even, most of the Pap (Ogi) we give these children contains less than 2 percent of protein. This can lead to poor brain development”. Onimawo pointed out.  The nutrition expert said parent could add milk to pap prepared for their kids in order to boost their brain immune system and facilitate growth. He noted that a specially designed product like PEAK 4 5 6 can support the child’s nutrient demands which could lead to his general health and growth especially during the important development period of 3 to 6 years. He noted that about 90% of the child’s brain growth takes place by the time the child is 5 years old. He said the DHA (An Omega-3 fatty acid which is a major structural fat found in the brain and retina of the eyes) in PEAK 4 5 6 could act as a complimentary factor that will aid growth and development of the child in a longer period. The Prof, looking sad and angry went into statistics to reveal dirty numbers of child mortality rates in Nigeria comparable to a country like Sweden “In 2014, the World Health Organization put our Under 5 year’s mortality rate at 128 to a thousand children. Meaning that, for a thousand children born in Nigeria, a whooping 128 dies by age 5; in 2015, it went down to 109 to a thousand born. But in a country like Sweden, it is 2 kids to a thousand births. It simply means that a maximum of 2 kids die at age 5 in a thousand births. We need to take note of this statistic and not to toy with the reality. Age 4 is the critical age when a child starts playing with his limbs; he plays with fingers and legs and such a child at this junction of his or her life need a concentrated kind of nutrient to promote the desired energy. The Child must be adequately nourished”

L-R;Mr. Tarang Gupta, Prof. Ngozi Nnam, Dr. Adegboyega Ogunwale, Mrs. Alaba Fadairo (of Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs) Mr. Aart Jan Van Triest, and Professor Ignatius Onimawo

Mrs. Tolulope Owolabi a Chartered Accountant and mother of two gave her own side of the milk-for-child’s-brain development story “For me, I have two daughters. One likes to corporate with me when it comes to eating but the other one is choosy and has a poor eating habit”. Mrs. Owolabi gave her strategy out “Sensing that I have to give her the necessary nutrients at her formative years, coupled with the fact that she is a difficult consumer, I apply my strategy which is to mix those things I need to give her with her regular food and ensure she consumes them because nobody want to have dullard at the end of the day” Mrs. Owolabi noted that in most cases, mothers who have the means to give their kids the required nutrients to grow end up having difficult children who do not like to eat or choosy with their meals. She advised mothers to ensure such children are brought out of their low consumption situation by adding milk to their favorite cereals to enable them have a balanced diet that will promote the growth of their brains and bones. She praised FrieslandCampina for taking the initiatives to produce the PEAK 4 5 6 which will help many working mothers to make the right meal decision for their kids.

Mrs. Tolulope Owolabi....'You must design the best strategy to feed your child with quality nutrients'

Tarang Gupta the Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina in his opening remarks said it was not a mistake for his company to have gone back to the drawing board to produce the PEAK 4 5 6 brand. The very versatile multi-linguist Marketing guru said “It was necessary for us to create a specialized nutrition product like PEAK 4 5 6 to alleviate the anxieties of Nigerian Parents”. Gupta noted that as a father, he is filled with anxieties on what his child could turn out to be in the future and while coping with her studies “We looked at the fear that is driving parents in our society and we looked back at science and we discovered that no child will ever go wrong with milk. Milk is the easiest meal to take and digest and the multiplying effect on the brain is quite huge. So, we look at the three cycles of nurture, nature and nutrient and we discovered that even though nature cannot be cheated but we need to nurture the culture of a good nutrient regime for our children in order for them to grow healthy and productive in life”.

Mrs. Tolulope Bankole....'Feeding your child with quality nutrients is the biggest achievement in life'

In his round off remarks, Dr. Okeniyi advised the Federal Government to embrace a ‘Milk-for-all-kids’ culture in order to create the desired future leaders and citizens. He said milk should be subsidized for kids in school. The cardiologist said there is no better policy as subsidizing milk for children of school age “A mind that drinks enough milk in the formative years of life can withstand any situation in the future. I don’t see why government is subsidizing oil and subsidizing travels to the holy land. What they need to do is to subsidize milk in their new food-for-schools programs, if they subsidized milk; they will naturally develop a crop of great leaders who will take the country to a greater height. I grew up drinking milk after the Nigerian civil war but today we don’t have such programs again. Great Britain became “great” because she was feeding her citizens with milk after the war. Every home must get a tin of milk at their door step every morning, it was a sustained national policy and today Britain is one of the greatest countries in the world. Nigeria can learn from Britain”

Professor Ignatius Onimawo.....'The race is neither for the smart of the swift but for the milk-oriented'

Professor Onimawo in his closing remarks said “we are in a world of competition and if you fail to develop your child in time you might miss out in the end. Some of us did well in our adult years because our mothers gave us enough breasts feeding of up to two full years and the result of that is a strong brain and good physical health but the story has changed today. That is why products like PEAK 4 5 6 are good for our children. It is a specialized kind of milk which will nourish the brain from age 4 to 6. By age 7, the child is already strong to face the challenges of life. He is strong physically and mentally and by extension, the country will benefit. But the secret is a good milk feeding culture from the first one thousand days of the child’s life”
In her closing remarks, Mrs. Tolulope Owolabi encouraged Nigerian mothers to see the time they spent in feeding their kids with the right nutrient as the best investment “Nothing can be good like an intelligent child. You must find a way to feed your child with the desired nutrient in his or her formative years. You will surely reap the benefit later in life”.

Mr. Tarang Gupta....'At FrieslandCampina WAMCO, we have a cradle-to-death nutrient plan for families'

Tarang Gupta, the Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina assured parents that his company will continue to churn out growth desired nutrition products that will aid the well being of their children “We are known for quality in the business of nutrition and the only thing we have going for us is that our company pays premium attention on family values, intelligence and growth. A Japanese proverbs says ‘The strength of a building to hold any sort of calamity is its foundation’; our company has its foundation in families, from 1871 when we started we have been carried by families and not factories. We believe that if we build the family the family will build the society. We have a cradle to death nutrition plan for families and we have adhered strictly to our principles in the last 60 years of PEAK”.  
PEAK 456 was later unveiled by Professor (Mrs.) Ngozi Nnam (FNSN) a professor of Public Health Nutrition and President, Nutrition Society of Nigeria. She was joined by other eminent dignitaries like Mr. Aart Jan Triest, the global Chief Marketing Officer, FrieslandCampina-Netherlands and representative of Lagos State Government.

The Perfect Moderator Dr. Adegboyega Ogunwale....'We need to set agenda for quality nutrition'

Speaking to Asabeafrika after unveiling the new product, Professor Ngozi Nnam salute the courage of FrieslandCampina at creating PEAK 4 5 6 for kids of the age 4 to 6 age bracket.  “I think it is a clever way of intervening to address the issue of malnutrition in Nigeria” Nnam noted. She spoke further “A close look at PEAK 4 5 6 shows that it contains a lot of nutrients that are good for growth and development, especially for that period, 4, 5 to 6 years. It contains a lot of iron and DHA which is very essential for brain development. It might interest us to know that from conception through the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth years of a child, the child is still growing and the brain is developing. And this important nutrient DHA is very essential for adequate development of the brain so that the child will grow and actualize his or her potentials in life and contribute meaningfully to national development.  So, I think it is a very great development to introduce a milk brand that is specific for that age group to meet their specific nutrition requirement”

Peak Nutrition Forum 2016 being moderated by Neuropsychiatric Doctor Adegboyega Ogunwale

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