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A Honest President without School Cert is better than a fraudulent one with a Doctorate degree —Princess Bunmi Jegede

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Princess Bunmi Jegede

“Buhari is a sincere leader. Buhari is an epitome of transparency. Buhari is a very honest statesman, so what is this noise about him having a secondary school certificate or not?” This are the questions an Abuja (Nigeria’s FederalCapital city) based international business woman and fabric merchant, Princess Bunmi Jegede threw up early in the week  over the raging allegation that President Muhammad Buhari has no WASC School Leaving Certificate which is said to be a basic neccessity in the constituion for anybody aimimg to rule Nigeria.  The case which was instituted by a lawyer, Nnamdi  Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe was droped some 48 hours ago but the heat generated by the suit has continued un-abated.

The Iwaraja-Ilesa-Osun State (South Western Nigeria) born Princess Bunmi Jegede expressed her disatisfaction over the inability of Nigerians to see the goodness in President Buhari’s leadership atributes rather than certificate. Speaking  to a group of business women who visited her Asokoro Abuja residence early in the week Princess Jegede said “I think it is the heigh of insensitivity for someone to start harrassing Mr. President over one useless certificate issue that does not amount to capacity building or anything near good leadership skills. What is in a certificate compared to Mr. President’s good intention and leadership ability?” Princess Jegede asked.
President Buhari
The founder of Honey Bee Textiles Ltd warned Nigerians not to make the mistake of using a small portion of fart to mess up the beauty of their buttocks “I want to tell  Nigerians that we are very lucky to have President Mohammad Buhari leading this country at this material time and we must be grateful to God for this opportunity. Buhari has been a responsible statesman and soldier in the last 5 decades of his life. He has managed bigger positions and very rigorious assignments and he didn’t falter. He was a former Governor of the Northern Eastern States of Nigeria; he was a former minister of Petroleum resources in this country. And history has it that it was during his tenure as minister of petroleum  that Nigeria took the good decision to build three refineries. Did he do that with the intellect of a school leaving certificate or with that of a talented administrator?” Princess Jegede asked. 

“Durimg his campaign, we told you that even if President Buhari presents a toilet paper as his certificate, we will vote for him. If he presents just his NEPA bill, we will vote hm and that is what we did. So, what is the stress all about?”

She spoke further on the good qualities of President Buhari “I am sure we all know that this man has no any other credibility than his spartan virtues and his deep hatred for corruption. Between 1983 and 1985, he tranformed the national psyche of Nigerians with his War Against Indiscipline concept. He and his partner, the late General Tunde Idiagbon did a transformation that was second to none in the history of Nigeria. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, we had people behaved well and conducted themselves transparently. Did he achieve that with a school leaving certificate? Somebody should answer that question. Today he is back, not by his own power but by the power of God. He has successfu help Nigeria to retrieve a large portion of our stolen wealth from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria and he is taking bold steps to retrieve the ones abroad. President Buhari  has taken a deep passion in returning normalcy to public life. Can you imagine the level of atrocities commited by people in government during the last regime of President Jonathan? A minster of Petroleum stole our wealth so blind to the extent that we are hearing that she has returned N90 billion naira. Do you know what N90 billion can do to our education sector alone? Do you know what N90 billion will do to skills arquisition program and employement schemes across States? I think those who are asking for Mr. President’s school leaving certificate at this critical moment of our history are confused”
Princess Bunmi Jedege who has a degree in Sociology from the University of Abuja listed some of the reasons why Nigerians must allow President Buhari to continue “I think Nigerians should go and start studying their leaders. A man who  does not have School Certificate and wouln’t steal your common wealth is better than a man who has doctorate degree and will loot your common wealth with reckless abandon. The last man who ruled us was a doctorate degree holder but see the way he used his degree to loot and stole Nigeria’s common wealth. He nearly sold our country off to the winds if not for the miracle of March 28, 2015 when Nigerians jointly said NO to his regime of mass loot. So, if we have appointed a man who can change our destiny for good, why do we start castigating him over an irrelevant issue like school leaving certificate?. Our people make laugh at times; is good leadership about school leaving certificates? What certificate did Moses posses in the Bible before he could lead the israelites out of Egypt? Did anyone asked Moses for his certificate to be able to take the Israelites across the red sea? I think people raising issue on this School Cert thing are blind and hungry. You know it is a double trajedy to be blind and at the same time hungry. It is never a good experience”
The International business woman and enthusiast of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) urged Nigerians to continue to support President Buhari as his leadership promises great reward for Nigeria and Nigerians in the long run “He (Buhari) is the only leader that can help us regain our sanity and that he is doing gradually. With him I can see a new  Nigeria filled with great hope and opportunities; a Nigeria that will be socially and economically stable as the United States of America where the young ones are catered for through several welfare schemes and senior citizens through several pension schemes that will make them live longer. Under Goodluck Jonathan, a civil servant (Maina) looted billions of senior citizen’s pension and ran away with it yet Jonathan has a doctorate degree but a man who does not have a doctorate degree is now chassing the looters and recovering our loots and yet we are raising dust over one useless paper called WASC or whatever  you call it. Durimg his campaign, we told you that even if President Buhari presents a toilet paper as his certificate, we will vote for him. If he presents just his NEPA bill, we will vote hm and that is what we did. So, what is the stress all about?”

“ I don’t want to say Nigerians are ungrateful people because I am equally a Nigerian but all I will say is that we should mind our emotions.  Things could be worse for the economy now, but tell me, how do you change something without that thing going through the process of change?. Even if you want to lose a mass of weight from your body you will go through some tough moments before you can achieve good health. Nigeria as a country is shedding her old weight of corruption and bad governance and that is the reason why we are moaning. Trust me, President Buhari has more than enough capacity to change the fortune of this country. He has the right sense of leadership. He has the right team to work with. He has the sheer determination to see things change and with his present reforms in the political sector, his anti-corrupton war, we have no reason to panic as the future is bright for Nigerians”.

Princess Jegede gave a final word to Nigerian women “I encourage all women in Nigeria, no matter the hardship in the land, please, pray for this president. You might not have this opportunity again in a very long while. Since we have it now, let us protect it. Let us value it. Let us admire it. Let us cherish it and Nigeria will be a great nation again. Not for us alone but for our children and entire household” Jegede concluded.

Gbenga Dan Asabe

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  1. Good talk and submissions by Princess Jegede. I would have loved the case challenging PMB on his WASC to be determined by the court instead of the instituter withdrawing the suit prematurely. The case was dead on arrival! Someone with equivalent of Masters from the United States being accused of not possessing school certificate is the height of idiotic politics.

    1. According to you, that's the opinion of the both of you and we all know that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. A president is not above the law and if the constitution states that he must have a certificate to become president, so to become one without showing the evidence of this bare minimum of requirements is fraudulent and your wasting your time trying to justify it because you're just making yourself look stupid.

    2. Defend the other part of the story. That corruption one.

    3. Corruption my ass. You mean fighting political enemies. There are people in his kitchen cabinet who are more corrupt than those he's persecuting. Even his wife cannot travel to America due to her thievery. Let him prosecute her first, then we will know that he's definitely fighting corruption. He spent six months regurgitating on who to appoint but still appointed mainly corrupt northern opportunists with no brain.

  2. May the good Lord return Nigeria back to her lost glory during president Buhari's regime.He is a of peace to humanity and masses

    1. This is an igbo man

    2. U r a fool for saying this is an igbó man... Irrespective of tribe the truth is pure and factual... Definitely obvious

  3. May the good Lord return Nigeria back to her lost glory during president Buhari's regime.He is a sign of peace to humanity and masses

  4. Glory be to God! Jesus is Lord and Master of the Universe. If you are not born again, no matter your religion, you are wasting your time. Power and loot will expire but the Lordship of Jesus is for Eternity

  5. I'm amazed at the reactions and comments of some people about president Buhari. I now understand why our country is the way it is. Some people do not mind the looting of the treasury and the hardship provided it's perpetuated by someone they owed allegece to. I wonder if their children will be so generous.

  6. I'm amazed at the reactions and comments of some people about president Buhari. I now understand why our country is the way it is. Some people do not mind the looting of the treasury and the hardship provided it's perpetuated by someone they owed allegece to. I wonder if their children will be so generous.

  7. God hard answered the prayers of the oppressed people in Nigeria and gave us Buhari the honest and incorruptible person as our President, this is a special favour God has done to Nigerians, shall we not be grateful to God for this favour? Majority of us actually did, God we thank you for this special favour we are not ungrateful guide and protect Buhari for us .

  8. We deserve the kind of leadership we have always had. We dont deserve PMB.

  9. Well! Mam. The issue is not about the honesty thing. Here we're talking about a decided proof of minimum academic qualification. Yet you wonder why someone supposedly honest could fail to provide it but court affidavit instead. And when pressured by the court provide it he provided hired SANs instead. Which one is more costly?: hiring highly placed lawyers with tax payers money or walking into your room and bring out the certificate you insist you have? I mean if he honestly has the certificate would he have let just one insignificant lawyer drag him to such international disgrace like it happened to the Toronto Chief Legislator we once had during OBJ's time. Why must even lawyers be hired for mere certificate presentation.

    Mam, Buhari is not truly an honest man for claiming in an affidavit that he has certificate of he really doesn't have one. He is a fraud, and should resign as a sign that he is serious about his noisy fight corruption.

    And for you who claim Buhari has an equivalence of masters; it will interest you to know that several times fellows have been stripped off of even their PhD upon discovery of their faulty secondary school credentials. Any way, no one even needed his masters equivalence cert. It's been secondary school cert. QED!

    One cannot be honest in one area of life and be dishonest in others and still be revered as an HONEST PERSON.

    Now I conclude by asking these:
    *Why is Saraki molested for allegedly not giving true declaration of his assets, and yet it doesn't matter if Buhari did not even declare as much and could not even provide ordinary certificate?

    *Why are Saraki and his Deputy squized for an alleged forgery of Senate document when what Buhari seems to present to INEC isn't any of different status of the alleged fraudulent case against the duo?


    1. Igbo man go to your shop please or go carry gun join your brothers becourse you have proved the level of your ignouracy,their is no need to exchange works with you mumu ojuku brother

    2. You are only a stupid PDP loyalist. What did ur bastard Jonathan with PhD in thieferyoffered us other than poverty.bastard.

    3. @stinge not stink, at least he has a shop, what do you have? At least he's not roaming the streets begging upandan or coming back from Friday night's owanbe. Lazy asswipe .

    4. Sincerely I find all these hilarious. What is all about this certificate rubbish when we have more serious issues confronting us like hunger and corruption? We want the right thing done shikenah. As for saraki and co who want to high jack our democracy, I think they deserve what they are getting because its a daylight coup.

  10. Buhari provided his statement of his wasc result, just dt some people said it is fake. The onus is therefore on d accusers to proof there point. Until then Buhari has got no case to answer.

  11. Right on point, Princess. Looking up the interpretation of 'School Certicate' in the 1999 Constitution would tell anyone that PMB has always qualified to be President of Nigeria.

  12. May the lord guide a d direct PMB in his endeavors. May God Grant him wisdom and good conscience to work effectively and efficiently. May Nigeria prosper and regain her glory under him. All those wishing him dead will be disappointed at last.
    May God direct him in such a manner that he will use all the mo money be has recovered from looter to the benefits of NigerianS. Long live Mr president, long live the FRN

  13. We loose documents all the time! So I cannot provide my birth certificate, does that mean I am not born? 😀 and I cannot provide an affidavit to that effect? Please stop being sentimental man.

  14. We loose documents all the time! So I cannot provide my birth certificate, does that mean I am not born? 😀 and I cannot provide an affidavit to that effect? Please stop being sentimental man.

  15. Chasing opposition members is different from fighting corruption,and I sincerely believe Buhari will win the hearts of many Nigerians if he changes his style of going about trapping down corrupt leaders.You don't allow the likes of Tinubu,Ameachi,OBJ,Atiku to be walking freely and tells us that you fighting corruption.It shouldn't be one sided thing,let Buhari take such campaign beyond chasing only those in PDP,then,we will embrace his gesture.Again,this woman ought to know that civilian rule is not military dispensation where the constitutional laid down rules are skpped,or kept under the carpet simply because the man in charge is honest.The constitution is a fundamental principle that must be respected.It is not meant to be disrespected as the president is currently doing.You don't disobey court order if you are honest,you don't neglect certain regions of the country if you are honest.Let's all reason beyond the mentality of this market woman

    1. But why are you people continue to complain of one sided corruption fight? I think most of you are educated. Is Buhari a military president that can go into the street to arrest anybody? How many of you have submitted a petition against any of these people and they did not treat it? If you have anything against Tinubu, Atiku etc, pls put it in a petition, submit it and publicize it.

      The current situation is clear. It is a common sense thing. It is only 1 office that is still been probe now (NSA) that all the people under arrest were taken, do you think when Dasuki was sharing that money for election he will share people from main opposition? The answer is no except a small party that can declare allegiance for their party that can share from such loot.

      If we are not wicked, we should remember all the soldiers that were sentenced for running from a battle, we should remember those that were killed when the terrorist were carrying a more sophisticated weapon than them. Some idiots then sat at Abuja inside AC sharing the money that was meant to buy Ammunition. We have to put sentiment aside and think of what will the future be for our children and coming generations. What we are ripping today is the handiwork of our fathers, they couldn't fix Nigeria before they left, some even spoilt time more, so today we are putting pressure on the man in power to do magic in one year.

      Remember the Libyan, they were swimming in plenty but someone somewhere instigated them to resist the the long years being spent by Gadaffi, we know where they are today and some of us can guess what the future have for them. They are just starting... I pray Nigeria case will not be like that.

  16. Even if he lost his certificate,why lie to say that it was with the military board? That's not a sign of integrity for someone who ran on the platform of "Mr integrity ". To then compound the whole thing, he went to his home state's principal to forge a very unconvincing certificate. He lied about his assets. He lied about making his assets public.
    In fact how his praise singers can keep a straight face whilst doing so is inconceivable.

    What happened to federal character?
    What happened to innocence until?proven guilty?
    What happened to law and order?
    What happened to the fastest growing economy in Africa?
    What happened to the emerging economy that was on a par with Brazil and India upto about a year ago?

    Don't even bring up the stupid argument about fall in oil prices.
    Oil prices have been lower than this and people still flourished.

    I understand that people are selling their children now in order to buy commodities.

    If people are honest, they will admit that we've never had it so bad.

  17. Your core submission is indisputable.It was catastrophic during the term of the last administration. A big shame.

  18. When u read comments lashing out at "our prayer answered president" such comments can't come from any other ppl or group other than those whose portfolio related to finance during the ladt administration of GEJ. Their case is like that of a child in arm who is being breast fed. At weaning, there's always noise. They have been stopped from further looting of our commonwealth. Thats their grudge. God has been exceedingly kind to Nigerians that sent them parking from power.
    My main grudge with this set of ppl is that instead of weeping & wailing for the disgrace their brother (looters) caused them, they are talking witch-hunting. What a shameless race. I thank God for my descend.

    1. Very stupid assumption but then looking at your name, I'm not surprised. Nothing good ever comes from your ilk as we're witnessing.
      Are you aware that people are using their children as surety to secure their daily meal? I guess you don't know?
      Empty brain, just like your president

    2. @stinge the snake, at least he has a shop. What do you have? Either you're on the streets begging upandan or your just returning from your owanbe from Friday. Lazy asswipe.

    3. @stinge the snake, at least he has a shop. What do you have? Either you're on the streets begging upandan or your just returning from your owanbe from Friday. Lazy asswipe.

  19. Some people are not ready to learn, someone who was a general in the Nigeria army and at the same time a president of this country was not asked about his certificate it is now that they remember, hmmm all those making noise were not given birth then, so let them air their view

  20. Some people are not ready to learn, someone who was a general in the Nigeria army and at the same time a president of this country was not asked about his certificate it is now that they remember, hmmm all those making noise were not given birth then, so let them air their view

  21. Whether PMB is bad or good leader is not the issue. Most people read their papers upside down in Nigeria. What is it these Nigerians don't understand? Buhari cheated to become Nigeria president. He never satisfy the constitution to become president. If INEC had done a good job he should have been disqualified. Buhari is good man, is a transparent man is not the issue

  22. Whether PMB is bad or good leader is not the issue. Most people read their papers upside down in Nigeria. What is it these Nigerians don't understand? Buhari cheated to become Nigeria president. He never satisfy the constitution to become president. If INEC had done a good job he should have been disqualified. Buhari is good man, is a transparent man is not the issue

  23. PMB,the Saint and fighter of corruption with corrupt leaders in his cabinet. Justice should be strongly uphold to. If the President does not have his SSCE according to the Nigerians constitution, then that is fraudulent. Afterall, all the promises he promised us during his campaigns were all 419.

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    They need to look inwards otherwise they will continuously remain colonized and lose their place in history.

    Pls forward this until it goes round the continent of Africa.

    We all need to learn our lessons quick and build our Nation.

  25. "I am the way, the TRUTH and the life..... .."-Jesus. How can anyone be truthful without Him?

  26. "I am the way, the TRUTH and the life..... .."-Jesus. How can anyone be truthful without Him?

  27. The so called Princess Jegede can defend PMB because all this write is not hers, she can't even spell her name correctly, somebody has been paid to do this because she's a stark illiterate, let her defend her university of Abuja certificate, let her do love or recorded interview, blogs & magazine owners should not be doing things without integrity, money is not everything, Bunmi is an illiterate & which royal family is she from? She's somebody that I know very well & she lacks personality.

  28. It is rather appalling that people prey on their perceived or supposed enemies on the social media. The comment above is one such example. We may not agree on issues but the beauty of democracy is that everyone has his own views.
    How anyone can use such language as the one in the comment above is beyond me. It smirks of personal vedetta and hate. What do you really have Princess Bunmi Jegede to print such lies? Princess Jegede we know in the church, Anglican Church Asokoro is a woman of astute character. She is an accomplished achiever, an amiable Christian, a mother per-excellence and a virtuous wife. To say she is an illiterate means you don't know the real definition of illiterate. How can you call a woman who graduated from the University of Abuja an illiterate. Princess Jegede is a go-getter and a determined woman who built her business from scratch into an empire. Why are you driven by so much hate or is it envy? If I may advice you, pls purge yourself of such wickedness because this person whose character you have set out to assassinate is a Godly woman. I do not think you know her. It is obvious you do not know her at all. Sleep tonight and pray for repentance.

  29. the bunmi jegede i know? wonder woman!!, i doubt she did write this, gbenga the blogger is perhaps her publicist, im aware of her political ambition, she is trying to get recognition, or raise awareness for herself via social platform, she was never married, single mother of a lousy son, not a princess, she may have a Bsc, maybe recently, but definitely not to her credit, she cant be that patient to get schooled. she must have paid her way through, yeah she's a christian, "political christian". she is so boastful and obsessed with recognition, this is not about hate nor envy, but we all need to stop deceiving ourselves, true change begins with me and you all, bunmi jegede i know cannot complete a good sentence in english, not to talk of writing a column, she lives a fake life!! challenge her for an interview. the likes of bunmi jegede will disunite APC. she is a parasite , she's got no sincere intention other than her own gains, she's not even 60yrs yet but she looks like 80 already

  30. From which office bumming Kebede is speaking from, I want to know her office. Jegede your a big fool for you to have made such statement. Why did you obtain your first degree at the University of Abuja for the first time. Does it mean a country of over one hundred and seventy millions people are illiterate that some body who fail weac three times will come and rules us, besides that looks at the economic hardship he has thrown Nigeria into because he lacks sense of belonging. Come home and hear the crys of your people on daily basis.

  31. She looks 80, what did she buy from you that is eating you up so much with hate. How come you know her so much to her house, her son, her husband etc. My man it just shows there's a personal grievance to grind with this woman. If she offended you so much, why don't you be man enough to unmask your self and face her man to man or in this case man to woman. It is cowardice to come here under an anonymous alias as rubbish the image someone has built over the years through hard work. Perhaps the Princess Jegede you know is quite different from the one I know at St. James Anglican church Asokoro. You even play God to know who is a Christian and who is not. It is such a pity that you are so full of hate. She bought her certificate? You have not only maligned the name of a good woman, you also dare disrespute one of Nigeria's reverred institutions. My guy, what exactly do you have against this woman? It takes a lot of respect, honesty, standing in society to influence journalists, since you say she paid the author of this blog, who by the way is a respected Nigerian journalist and not a mere blogger as you affirm. My guy (you sound like a very jealous friend, so I would assume you are a miserable, failure and a woman) stop all this nonsense. Stop spreading hate. It is very apparent, very glaring that you have a personal score to settle with Princess Jegede.

    1. Mr anonymus the Princess defender.

      She will still slap you one day when she does that you will realise she doesn't pay you enough to do this shit... this jegede lady your defending and I say this with all the love I can muster in my heart is batch.. she's an astute illitrate, a mean person and she's definitely not God fearing... everything you've put here is crap... And if u think the other person is being anonymus is because she's not worth the stress..

    2. Sir, with all due respects, I have read your verbal abuse of this woman and I am amused. Like the other writer said, I don't think you know her at all...or did one woman slap you and you are so bitter you think all women are slappers and must be abused? Hmm, I am surprised o, the Princess Jegede I know, we call her 'HoneyBee' in Abuja because that's her business which she built into a thriving biz from nothing. The one I know is a beautiful very intelligent woman who is admired for her youthfulness. Infact she still looks 40. Abeg sir, if something is eating you up, pls direct ur venom in another direction. Princess Jegede is well loved by all she has touched and they are in their thousands. Stop being a worm Abeg. Nigerians sef!!! Go and face the woman that turned you into a woman hater, Abeg sir.

    3. obvious you are paid to do your job mr, but stop fooling nigerians, i would have exposed her on this platform already if ive got that much hatred for her, it's not about her or PMB, it's about the deceits and lies people like you jingle around. y r u laying much emphases on her degree and how she grew her biz-honeyb fabrics and her religious role, when did she become an APC enthusiast?
      i know her too well, her biz, her hometown, dont make me mention things i shouldnt say here, u need call a spade it's name, stop deceiving people

  32. God bless you mama.
    What else do you expect from those savages but a backlash.
    I pray God transform their lives the way their so-called PhD older transformed Nigeria.
    Under his mumu watch, a female minister opened an illicit account with her housemaid's identity and launder billion of naira through it and you expect us to continue with such nonsense just because he his a Christian, he his from an oil producing state and he has "PhD"?!
    You've got to be kidding me!


  33. # The WAEC Cert.
    I don't know why we are so concerned about whether he has certificate or not. If there is anyone who doubts that he has certificate such individual can visit the WAEC office like i said, for confirmation. It is not a debating issue at all!

    # Some said that he has always opted for using affidavits in the previous election. If that is true why the issue didnt come up in his previous attempts. I have no doubt that the issue was brought up because PDP already knew that they were about to lose the power to APC. So therefore they devised so many means to discredit PMB in order to shield the atrocities they have committed. But they could not succeed.

    # Some also said that baba is being selective in prosecuting people. Let me ask you this question sir. Those that have been indicted so far, has anyone of them been proved innocent? Are they not hiding our money in the foreign accounts, sockaway and their maids' accounts? In as much as the fight is not against the innocents, it can start from anywhere.

    I don't care about who is being first prosecuted, in as much as they are found guilty. I support "no hiding place for the Looters".

    # We should all remember that before the prosecution commenced Mr. President opened door for people to quietly and respectfully return whatsoever they have wrongly taken from the government treasury. Some honored the call while some ignored it.

    # There is no doubt that some of the people currently working in his government are in one way in the past or currently corrupt. The good news is that this administration has no room for anyone to be treated as sacred cows. Whoever is found guilty will be disgraced appropriately.

    # Economic Hardship
    It is true that Nigeria is facing economic challenges which is quite unfortunate. Nigeria has been misruled, mismanaged and our leaders had never planned for rainy days.

    Nigerians have been living a fake live. It is now we need to face reality. The little resources that the masses have been scavenging are the fall-offs from the pockets of our greedy leaders who have milked this country to the bone. God forbid we listen to them again- rent seekers
    No process of change that has ever come easy. "We shall overcome"

    My message to everyone in Nigeria is that our future is bright, we can go through this hardship. It is true that cost of living has skyrocketed. It is affecting everyone. But before we start blaming Mr. President let's look at the factors that are responsible for our economic problem.
    Corruption, Poor governance and Insecurity. These are the major factors that are responsible for our plight. unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, poor medical system, poor education system etc are the symptoms. Nigeria is sick, Baba has equivocally said it in many occasions. He believes together with him we can fix our country.

    Every individual, home, society and group should come together and collectively say "nah" to corruption. Let us banish it from our communities. Corruption is evil and deadly. Nigeria is our Home. Let us support Mr. President to bring a credible change to our nation!

    If we can be patient and sincere enough we shall eat the fruit of this land! God bless Nigeria and everyone else!

    I don't Mrs Jegede, but I believe that Mr. President deserves everybody's support just has Mrs Jegede is supporting him. I believe she is very intelligent and she desires progress for our nation

  34. Anyway, for you haters, sorry for your self misfortune. Princess Bunmi Jegede is a well mannered and very enlightened Nigerian. She speaks good English and she has done her fabric business for 3 decades. She take her stocks from Switzerland, Austria and Italy. That means she deals with educated people. Her business was built from Alade Market in Lagos in the late 1980s until she was invited over to Abuja in 1999 at the dawn of Nigeria's de.ocratic season to start selling at Abuja. Why? Because Honey sells quality. Yes, apart from that, she has memtored many young people in fabric and jewelry business in Lagos and Abuja up to Osun state, her state of origin. She is not an illitrate. She is a Role Model. No illitrate will build a brand and water that brand for 30 years. Dont let us bad mouth what is good. I am coming here because of the several calls i got from well meaning Nigerians who felt i should reat to the matter. On Asabeafrika, opinions are free facts are sacred. Some of you came here to say we collected money to put Princess Jegede on our platform. Please, stop that crap. We didn't a dime from anybody. We only celebrated an opinion. We loved to celebrate opinion. We dont believe that opinions are to be stunted. No. If anyone has one, let him or she share the opinion. The purpose of her interview is clear. We are all human. We have heard the level of corruption that took place under the former regime. The corruption level is highly highly unbelievable. So, why cant we think? Is it a sin to be a black in color? I dont think it is bad to be black. But it is terribly black not to think. We need to think. WE MUST THINK STRAIGHT or else we are not better than animals in the desert. The woman said "An honest President without School Cert is better than a fraudulent one with a doctorate degree". That is her opinion. It doesnt mean President Buhari does not have a school cert. And it does not also mean that President Buhari is an angel or a magic wand. He has come to change the way government is being run. Yes, we know people are hungry. Yes, we know the economy is bitting. But you knwo why, "when the foundation is bad, the righteous suffers" Changing that foundation is never easy.So, we must change that foundation. General Buhari must work it out and we must support him. That is what is happening. Please, i have known HONEY BEE since 6 years from now.She is a very decent Nigerian women.A mentor to many and a Role Model to many, many other. It is not even about her certificate as a SOCIOLOGIST that matters to me but her high sense of diplomacy and native intelligence is what we can hardly find in today's world. So, please, stop this campaign of jealousy and calumny. It wont work. Her private life is nobody's business. The Princess does not entertain Gigolos and she is a very dilligent Woman of hard work, probity and capability. Thanks for reading...

  35. PMB, God bless you for us. People have the right to say all kind of things but God Himself has brought you forth for us. I strongly believe in what you have to do tomorrow than what I am seeing today. People who are still having the country money in their possession are likely to be responsible for that step. And shallow minded individuals with hatred for better future, love for their religion and ethnicity will wish you short-lived as the country president but God will shall be done regardless of what people think in Jesus name.
    Live long God Chosen Man. Live long My President. Live long PMB.
    God bless you Sir