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President Buhari needs urgent Spiritual cleansing—HRM Bola Adegunloye | Says ‘His Soul is in danger’

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HRM Oba Augustine Bola Adegunloye ....'What we saw of the President's demise is terrible'

For the umpteenth time, a famous Nigerian seer and trado-medicine expert, His Royal Highness Oba (Dr.) Augustine Bola Adegunloye (The Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria) has warned President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently carry out what he terms ‘spiritual cleansing’ on his soul in order to be able to finish his present anti-corruption war which has seen many prominent Nigerians including top military brass and politicians put behind bars since he came to power in May, 29, 2015.
The seer who has given several prophecies that came to pass in the last 4 decades said the Nigerian leader need to carry out the sacrifice urgently in order to be able to finish his four years tenure successfully and equally record success on his anti-corruption war project.

Speaking with Asabeafrika over the weekend, Dr. Bola Adegunloye said “Mr. President is facing several battles right now and the voice of wisdom demands that he carries out emergency spiritual cleansing for his soul. We are not praying to witness what happened to Nigeria on May 5, 2010 again. If it happens this time around, we might have a revolution that will sweep away a lot of prominent people”
On what the 69 years old seer meant by ‘revolution’ he explained further “This is not a time to toy with issues of spiritual matter at all. We are in very interesting times in this country. If Mr. President collapse today, the oracle shows that there will be a revolution that will lead to the death of prominent Nigerians in this country. It won’t be like the Yar-Adua Jonathan issue. I am not the one saying it, it is what God has shown me and I will never say it if I didn’t see it. All powers on earth and in heaven belong to God. I pray we won’t have to blame ourselves in this country when it finally happens. What I am seeing is not what can be imagined at all”

President Buhari

Dr. Adegunloye  who is also a veteran trado medical expert had severally warned that Aso Rock, Nigeria’s seat of power in Abuja needs urgent spiritual cleansing, alleging that the former military head of state, General Sani Abacha burried lots of human heads under a part of the foundation of the building during his self succession efforts between 1997 and 1998. Abacha later died in a very mysterious manner on Monday June 8, 1998. The Egbeji Oloogun warned that the spirits of the souls allegedly killed for the Abacha-must-stay-for-ever sacrifice are hunting the occupants of Aso Rock and the spiritual implication is prone to take souls of occupants or their spouses from time to time.

Prophet Tibetan...'I see the President surviving this year but next year will be tough'

Why the President’s soul needs Spiritual Cleansing
Speaking further on the urgency of the need to salvage the soul of the President, HRH Dr. Bola Adegunloye said the need to carry out an urgent spiritual cleansing for the soul of President Muhammad Buhari is critical as several of the corrupt people he is fighting are not sitting down idle. Hear Egbeji They are fighting him through many forces and this has been revealed by Ifa. It is not a small battle. We just finished a special prayer for him and what we saw is very, very baffling. It is not something that is good at all. He needs an urgent spiritual cleansing for the sake of his soul. If anything happens to him today, there is likely to be a revolution and what Ifa is saying is that, many of the elites would be killed. They will be chased and killed. What happened in 1965 will be a child’s play to what will happen. I want us to take this very serious because Mr. President means well for Nigeria but his soul is in great danger”.  “They are not only planning to attack him alone, they are equally planning to attack his wife and his children. This is what is shown to us; Mr. President and his family need spiritual cleansing urgently”. Adegunloye hinted.

“They are fighting him through many forces and this has been revealed by Ifa. It is not a small battle. We just finished a special prayer for him and what we saw is very, very baffling. It is not something that is good at all. He needs an urgent spiritual cleansing for the sake of his soul”.

HRM Adegunloye in recent media interviews gave spiritual revelations on prominent Nigerians like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Dame Patience Jonathan, Chief Rasak Akanni Okoya and new Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) among many other prominent Nigerians. However, the medicine man and gifted seer has warned on the need for Mr. President to have a spiritual cleansing of his soul in order to forestall sudden death.

HRM Oba Bola Adegunloye....'Mr. President needs urgent Spiritual Cleansing'

Like Adegunloye, like Tibetan….
In his own Prediction book, Revelation 2016, famous Republic of Ireland based man of God, Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Tibetan equally warned President Muhammad Buhari on the need to be mindful of his action and get closer to God in order to escape enemies’ wrath between the Month of April and July, 2016. On page 158 of the book, the Prophet warned “If you want to do something, always say ‘if God permits (In-sha-Allah) or say ‘Allah will do it”. The Prophet urged the President to “Pray against maternal death because something terrible will happen between the months of April and July”
Prophet Tibetan in his book encouraged President Buhari to be very courageous with his anti-corruption war. Hear him “List the names of fraudsters and looters who stole Nigeria’s money”. He gave further spiritual warnings; “Some States will be wiped away by flood’; address the nation every 3rd Saturday. Invest more in Agriculture”.
The book which was launched in January also predicted that the activities of the Niger-Delta militants will rise after President Muhammad Buhari might have nipped Boko Haram in the bud.

HRM Oba Bola Adegunloye....'President Buhari meant well for Nigeria but forces against his soul are too numerous'

On page 160 of the book, Tibetan warned Buhari not to ever bring in Chinese investors to Nigeria or borrow money from IMF by giving political implications for such action “Beware of Chinese Investors because they don’t have any good plan for the nation. You will borrow from IMF but you will not be able to pay back. Please, do not put Nigeria in bondage. Do not borrow”.
When this blog put a call to Prophet Marcus Tibetan in Dublin last Weekend, the Prophet who just returned from an Evangelical tour of ten cities in America including Florida, Minnesota and New Jersey among other cities confirmed that President Buhari needs prayer to finish his tenure and that even though the President has this year, 2017 might be terrible “Yes, Mr. President will succeed with his anti-corruption war. For this year he will try but next year will be tough. We need to pray hard that he will survive next year”.

Prophet Marcus Tibetan...'Mr. President Needs Prayer to survive to the end'

Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II)...'He is advised to sit more at home and be regal'

A message for the Ooni of Ife
Meanwhile, this weekend, another spiritual message from the annual Oke-Itase festival in Ile-Ife- Osun State (South West Nigeria) allegedly warned the new Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) to restrict his numerous visits to the homes of various Nigerians home and abroad and concentrate on his royal duties as such activities could be dangerous to his soul. The young and agile Ooni was allegedly warned to be mindful of the power of the throne he is occupying as it is not ‘a wandering heritage that should be dragged around or about with unwarranted visitations to the private homes of individuals’. A very close source to the Oke Itase festival organizers said the message to the Ooni was a very strong one and was meant to call his attention to the excesses of his visitations outside the throne of Ile-Ife. Another revelation from the festival also warned that Nigeria as a country might witness a revolution and that an urgent sacrifice should be carried out to forestall such misfortune on the nation.
(For further consultations; the Egbeji can be reached on his web address www.egbejiologun.com or +234-80-33-52-11-07, 070-2688-2275, 081-7809-1557)

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